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In the world of Fake friends, our friendship calculator will help you know who your real friend is. If you wish to know about the strength and sustainability of your friendship, enter your details in our FREE Friendship Calculator. This tool will help you identify your true friendship and pick your real friends. This calculator will analyse your details and provide you with your friendship compatibility percentage.

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What Is Friendship Calculator?

Our friendship calculator by date of birth tests your friendship's potential and acts as a friendship meter, helping you find out if you and your friend are meant to be together forever! In addition, the best friend calculator will help you know if you should be as invested in your friendship as you are.

Finally, it provides reliable results for finding out if the person you're hanging out and spending time with is worth your time and effort. The friendship calculator by zodiac and date of birth analyses a friendship's trust, loyalty, and love level. Through a friendship calculator by names and date of birth, a person can make an impact on you and become your forever friend.

How does the Friendship Calculator work?

The friendship calculator percentage assesses the friendship between two individuals and predicts the likelihood of a strong friendship. It analyses the percentage of friendships based on astrological calculations, which work by filling in the two provided names and birth details.

The Friendship Calculator tool will test your bond and compatibility by asking you to enter your and your friend's names. This tool is the best way to find a genuine friendship between two friends. Let us have a look at how to use the Friendship calculator. This is as follows:

  • In order to use the Friendship calculator, you will need to have some information.
  • This includes your and your friend’s name, date of birth, gender, and zodiac sign.
  • After this, you'll need to enter this information into the calculator.
  • After you do so, you need to click submit. And then you wait for a few seconds.
  • In just a few seconds, the calculator will present you with your friendship compatibility test score based on your friendship compatibility by date of birth.

Which is the House of Friendship in Astrology?

The Eleventh House is the ultimate house of friendship, also known as the house of companionship in astrology. Aquarius governs this house, and its natural ruling planet is Saturn. This house determines all forms of associations, interactions and relationships. It looks after how individuals communicate and form friends in their social surroundings.

This is also the house of gains and is responsible for numerous benefits, profits, and advantages in your life. The eleventh house speaks to our destiny and dreams. It highlights the creative vision and sparks innovation. When we work with friends towards a philanthropic cause to improve society's condition, our manifestations become more effective and real.

Which Planets Affect Friendship?

Other determining planets like the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu impacting this house lead to either the formation of new friendships or cause fallout in friendships. Therefore, the presence of these planets in the eleventh house in an individual's birth chart plays a significant role in their friendships.

Planet Sun

Its presence will provide you with friends associated with the government or involved in politics. Moreover, bureaucrats and other corporate workers are also included in the list. These friends may think highly of themselves, so it is best to be on the same wavelength as them. Natives of Sun in the 11th house are perfectionists and highly compassionate individuals.

They empathise with others and always fight for humanitarian causes. They form charitable groups and try to give back to society as much as possible. According to them, humans are innately good, making them lovable and kind. They enjoy being extroverted and like to attend frequent social gatherings.

Planet Mars

The presence of this planet in your birth chart ensures the formation of a huge friend circle. You may have friends who are involved in a sport. Moreover, you are advised not to get into unnecessary arguments with these friends as it might affect your friendship. Apart from the social circle, natives who have the presence of this planet in their 11th house also witness an impact on their creative vision.

They start to experience more profits and become more ambitious. And they are highly motivated and goal-oriented. This helps them make more money and succeed in their professional careers. Their friend circle is likely to expand due to the advances in their professional life. They are passionate, capable and knowledgeable beings. However, their friendships might be affected due to their superficial needs and unnecessary wants.

Planet Saturn

The powerful planet Saturn will provide you with friends who have strong personalities. Sometimes, these friends might try to fool and take advantage of you. However, please don't give in; form relationships with them wisely. They might demand your time and energy, so invest carefully. The presence of this planet in the 11th house is reflected in an individual's close friendships, income and marriage.

As Saturn symbolises patience, those with this planet in this house will gradually receive gains per their income. Moreover, they may detach themselves from worldly desires and follow one path in life. In friend circles, their friends and peers look up to them and are known for their right choices. However, in friendships, they try to establish authority over others, often leading to fights and misunderstandings.

Planet Rahu

The presence of Rahu brings exciting friends who get a lot of adventure and fascination into your life. You also want to be like them and try to imitate their personality. However, remember to be yourself and discuss things with your friends. This will strengthen your relationship and make your friendship last for a lifetime. Natives who have this planet in their 11th house desire for a social position.

They can easily get impressed and attracted to those who are part of bigger and elite social groups. Due to this, you may form wicked friends and get involved in false friendships. They like to form friendships with influential people and like to accumulate wealth and money. On the other side, the presence of this planet can cause a bad relationship between you and your father. Thus leading to unhappy family dynamics.

Planet Ketu

The presence of this planet does not often mean all good things. Ketu's presence alone is compelling and implies that your material wealth might be reduced in number. This planet will bring a friend who might encourage you to make unsuitable decisions for your finances. Thus, weigh all the cons and then decide on everything.

The presence of this planet in the 11th house will lead to benefits in their investments and wealth. Moreover, they are likely to reap material benefits and indulge in good friendships. Unfortunately, the natives might become reckless due to the presence of Ketu and make inappropriate decisions regarding love and friendship.

What are the Types of Friendship?

With different friends, we have our separate equations. Moreover, these equations can be of several types:

Lifelong Friends

The friends we form for a lifetime and stay with us throughout are our lifelong friends. We might not see them or hang out with them every day, but we wish each other well and know they will always be there for us.

Some might believe that lifelong friends do not exist, but they do. These friends don't talk every day but know that their friend is at peace and when they have to be there for their friend.

Best Friends

These are friends we see daily and spend most of our time with. They live our life events with us and know our stories better than us. Having a best friend gives one a lot of comfort and belongingness. Moreover, a best friend is dependable and the most loyal person in an individual's life.

They know when to empathise with us and when to question us about something. Having an optimistic, positive and confident best friend has a contagion effect on us. Thus, we also tend to use their positive traits and qualities.

Close Friends

They are friends we do not see daily but with whom we share a great relationship. We like to hang out and celebrate occasions with them. Some of our close friends might also be our family friends who we have known for a long time.

These might also be old classmates or colleagues who have come closer over time. Moreover, you don't fear judgment from these friends, and you speak your mind. They make you feel at ease and at home. Thus, such friends make you feel better about yourself.

Acquaintances (Familiarity)

These might be people we see at work, our neighbours or random people we come across frequently. We might share a cordial relationship with them and often greet each other. Our acquaintances don't need to become our friends.

They might speak to us occasionally, but we don't share an equation of friendship with them. Moreover, we cannot trust them the way we trust ourselves. However, if compatibility and willingness exist, two acquaintances can become close friends.

Disclaimer: These are general predictions and are subject to change based on the planetary positions in a kundli of individuals. To get more in-depth predictions, consult our astrologers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Friendship Calculator by date of birth helps you assess the level of your friendship and the percentage of your bond. Thus, this is the solution to all your questions.
Sagittarians have outgoing personalities and optimistic viewpoints, making them more fun to be around. They are also highly approachable and talk to people easily. Therefore, it is the most friendly zodiac.
Mercury is the planet responsible for all kinds of friendships and social interactions. It takes care of all our everyday interactions, even virtual interactions. Therefore, the presence of this planet in your birth chart determines how well you deal with your relationships.
In astrology, the eleventh house is known as the house of companions. It represents friendship, groups and other collective relationships. If an individual has one or more planets in this house, this becomes the driving force in their lives.
Our Friendship Compatibility Calculator is the best tool to test your friendship level and provides results as your friendship percentage.
Friendship compatibility ensures that two individuals are comfortable and peaceful around each other. They share similar interests and opinions on various things.
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