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According to secret crush astrology, compatibility between two individuals can be analysed by closely calculating their names and dates of birth. If you, too, are consumed by a secret attraction towards someone, then use our FREE online secret crush calculator to know how much love exists between you and your love interest! Fill in your details in our secret crush calculator tool and check the level of chemistry with your crush.

Free Online Secret Crush Calculator

Enter your details in the FREE online secret crush calculator to get your compatibility level with your hot crush!

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What is a Crush?

A crush is a feeling, an emotion, and a desire to be involved with a person romantically. You might find this person extremely attractive physically or might be fascinated by their intellect and sense of humour or other qualities. Liking someone is a beautiful reminder of the complexities that make us human and the feelings that set us apart on this planet. You can develop a crush on anyone, but you might not always act on it, and it may just become a beautiful memory. When a feeling of crush is left unexpressed, it takes the form of a Secret Crush.

Crushes can be of different intensities. Crushes can be as simple as finding someone on the bus ride home very cute or as intense as thinking about someone in your life for months. Sometimes, it can be great motivation to show up at a certain place just because you know that the one person you desire will also be there. You may even develop a secret attraction to someone you admire. Maybe you feel very intensely about the projects a particular celebrity undertakes and always show your full support. An attraction is a beautiful feeling almost everyone in this world has and will experience.

Signs that You Have a Crush on Someone

The feeling of having butterflies beat around in your stomach when you see your crush is one of the most typical indicators of being in love! When you think about a person constantly, and they even give you motivation in your busy routines, it means you are falling hard! A crush is not something to be shy or feel bad about! On the contrary, it is a beautiful feeling that should be cherished while it lasts. Thus, the signs you have a crush on a guy or a girl are:

  • If you feel shy around a particular person and wish to win their approval in all your tasks, then, believe it or not, you have a massive attraction to them.
  • You wish to protect them from harm.
  • You feel jealous if they grow oblivious to your presence.
  • You feel the need to impress them at all times.
  • They make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. In other words, you get butterflies in your stomach when you're around them!
  • You're quick to blush around them.
  • They make you happier than anyone else.
  • You feel safe and content in your particular person's company.

What Traits Do You Like In A Crush?

You develop crushes because of a few common traits in a person and how they treat you. These may be:

  • You like someone because of their acts of kindness towards you. They may be extra nice to you and go out of their way to help you (hey, maybe they have a crush on you, too!).
  • They are respectful, gentle, and compassionate towards you and even others. Their kind and loving personality may be one of your most attractive qualities.
  • They don't fear expressing their feelings to you. They are open about their emotions and consider you a trustworthy person. Their trust encourages these feelings in you and makes them someone trustworthy in your eyes.
  • You feel happy around them. Spending idle hours with them feels like the best thing in the world. You don't need to be a "social battery" to hang out with them. Use our secret crush finder today to know if you have a crush on that person.
  • They make you laugh. Humour is one of the most significant factors in developing feelings. Use our love crush calculator to know if the person you are currently spending fun time with is your secret crush.
  • You are attracted to someone’s physical traits, such as their shining smile or warm eyes. For example, you might find someone stunning to look at, and as you get to know them, your feelings intensify.

How is A Crush Different From Love?

A Crush is quite different from love. However, some people still confuse themselves between both terms. Love is the involvement of deep emotions with someone where you know the person and can possibly think of a marriage with them. On the other hand, Crush is a brief period of attraction that you feel towards a person but is usually left unexpressed. It can be said that having a crush is one of the first steps of love, but it is far from developing serious feelings towards someone. Moreover, the crush percentage that gets revealed will help you know your chances of interacting with your crush in future.

When you calculate your score on the crush meter, the percentage displayed indicates the level of physical attraction you have towards a person. This attraction, also called infatuation, can develop through the way someone speaks and treats others or on the basis of how someone looks.

This is nowhere close to the feeling of love, as in the case of a crush, you just admire the person from afar. There is no physical intimacy involved. For example, you can have a crush on an actor you watched in films. If you recently feel the need to express your liking to a crush in your friend circle, use our crush meter today.

Why Choose Our Secret Crush Calculator?

Our astrologers promise to provide you with the answer to “Do you have a crush?” with the best tools and astrological and spiritual guidance for all your life situations.

The Love Crush Calculator game will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It will help you determine and calculate the relationship between the difference between crush and like.
  • Moreover, it will give you the strength to confess to your particular person.
  • The secret crush finder will tell you about your compatibility with your significant other.
  • It lessens your stress regarding your crush's feelings for you.
  • Thus, your results will enable you to decide and take the next step.

How Does the Secret Crush Calculator Work?

The secret crush calculator tends to tell you about the compatibility between you and your crush. Thus, it helps if you can imagine a future with him or her. To use the calculator, follow the steps below. These are as follows:

  1. Firstly, you'll need to fill in your and your crush’s names in the crush love calculator.
  2. After filling in the name, all you need to do is click submit.
  3. The calculator will then analyse the compatibility between the names of these individuals and will further present you with your compatibility score.
  4. Now, the score obtained in this crush name compatibility test can be further taken to an astrologer to receive in-depth insights.


A secret infatuation usually refers to romantic feelings for that one special person that goes unexpressed. Everybody wishes to know what their crush feels for them and if they love them as they do or not. Using the secret crush astrology, you can match your name with your crush and know if your crush feels for you, too. The astrological study of you and your crush’s name

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to approach the one you love is through initiating a conversation. Ask them if they are comfortable talking about the feelings and relationship shared between you two, and just go for it.
Know that your value doesn't decrease because of someone's lack of feeling for you. Cherish the friendship and dynamic relationship shared between you and them. The fact that you can find the courage to admit your feelings is admirable!
Compatibility reveals itself through conversation and time spent together! However, You can find out if you and your person are made for each other through the delicate study of astrology. We have many experts who can help with such questions using astrological methods like our crush calculator or tarot!
Your feelings are the best judge of this. Do you think about them constantly? Do they just cross your mind once in a while? These are some studies about crush meaning in love that can help you realise the intensity of your budding lovey-dovey emotions.
Rest assured that our tool is accurate and true. It will give you an honest answer and help you defeat all your doubts regarding your feelings. Our astrologers are committed to providing you with the best tools for all your life situations.
The secret crush calculator tends to check the compatibility between an individual and their crush. Based on the astrological study of your name and your crush’s name, a crush percentage score is revealed.
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