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Introduction To Secret Crush Calculator

Having a crush on someone is something that all of us experience at least once in our lives. We often find ourselves matching our names with theirs, looking for hints of their reciprocation, wondering if they love us as we do, and daydreaming about our compatibility with our secret crush.

Free Online Secret Crush Calculator

Enter your details in the FREE online secret crush calculator to get your compatibility level with your hot crush!

Get in touch with an Astrologer through Call or Chat, and get accurate predictions.

If you, too, are consumed by a secret attraction or infatuation over someone, then use our FREE online secret crush calculator to know how much love exists between you and them! Fill in your details in our secret crush calculator tool and wait for a 'hot' result!

Everybody wishes to know what their crush feels for them and if they love them as they do or not. According to astrology, compatibility between two individuals can be analysed by closely calculating their names and dates of birth. Furthermore, these feelings can last for months or even years, depending upon the severity of the feelings involved.

Therefore, confessing your feelings to your secret love is always advised because what if they feel the same about you?

With this crush compatibility calculator, you can match your name with your crush and know if your crush feels for you too. In addition, the InstaAstro love crush calculator by date of birth is a calculator by crush name. This means that this “how much does my crush like me calculator” will analyse you and your crush’s name and birth details and give you results on the basis of your astrology details.

If you wish to know if your secret crush feels as you feel for them, fill in your name, your crush name, and your dates of birth in our online secret crush calculator and feel the universe working in your favour!

What is a Crush?

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach when you look at that one person you just can't seem to get out of your mind? Do your hands get a little clammy and your cheeks a little flushed? Does it feel like your heart might jump out of your chest? Don't worry, and it's not anything alarming. You seem to have developed a crush. So what exactly is a crush? It's that word school children giggle and stumble over, and it's that fantastic feeling that makes you want to see a person all the time.

A crush is a feeling, an emotion, and a desire to be involved with a person romantically (more often than not). You might find this person extremely attractive physically or might be completely head over heels for their personality. Liking someone is a beautiful reminder of the complexities that make us human and the feelings that set us apart on this planet. You can develop a crush on anyone, but you might not always act on it, and it may just become a beautiful memory. There is also a difference between infatuation and love. Having a crush on someone is the primary phase of liking a person for a lifetime.

Crushes can be as light as finding someone on the bus ride home very cute or as intense as pining over someone in your life for months. Crushes are dizzying and make you giddy. Sometimes it can be great motivation to show up at a certain place just because you know that the one person you desire will also be there. An attraction is a beautiful feeling almost everyone in this world has and will experience. It is one of the best parts of falling in love and having emotions. Crushes can be of different intensities. They may not always be romantically motivated as well.

You may have a 'friend crush' on someone you would love to have a good conversation with, and nothing more. Platonic crushes are lovely emotions because they reflect how sometimes our desires are not just romantic. They can be motivated by wanting good company and friendships in life. You may even develop a secret attraction to someone you admire. Maybe you feel very intensely about the projects a particular celebrity undertakes and always show your full support.

This feeling of admiration for someone you look upto is just another beautiful facade of a crush. You might really look up to a senior at school or your workplace who's accomplished inspiring things. This admiration is also a minor crush. You may develop passing crushes on people you see in public who you may never see again. But the most typical and mind-occupying is the romantic crush. You just might like someone and want to be with them romantically. Romantic crushes are the most intimate, dizzying, fun, and beautiful. Here at InstaAstro, you can find ways to navigate these crushes and discover all their beautiful aspects!

Why Do You Get A Crush?

A secret infatuation usually refers to and means romantic feelings for that one special person that go unexpressed as one side loves pain, but that doesn't always have to be the case! One easy way to confess to someone is first to get assured of their intentions towards you. Now the question that arises is, why do we get crushes?

There's no definitive answer for why we develop crushes, but there are a lot of things that secret crush astrology can reveal. It's just a very natural and beautiful feeling all of us experience. Sometimes, you may develop romantic feelings without even consciously realising that you are attracted to a certain person. Sometimes crushes develop over time, even years.

A person you may not have liked two years ago might start looking appealing. A crush is a very human and natural thing. There's no right or wrong answer here. But usually, you develop crushes because of a few common traits in a person and how they treat you. These may be:

  • You like someone because of their acts of kindness towards you. They may be extra nice to you and go out of their way to help you (hey, maybe they have a crush on you too!)
  • They are respectful, gentle, and compassionate towards you and even others. Their kind and loving personality may be one of your most attractive qualities.
  • They don't fear expressing their feelings to you. They are open about their emotions and consider you a trustworthy person. Their trust encourages these feelings in you and makes them someone trustworthy in your eyes.
  • You feel happy around them. Spending idle hours with them feels like the best thing in the world. You don't require a 'social battery' to hang out with them because they make the time fly.
  • They make you laugh and help you in all aspects of your life. Humour is one of the most significant factors in developing feelings. Someone who makes you laugh and smile daily is a person you want to spend more time with.
  • You are attracted to a physical aspect such as their dazzling smile or warm eyes! Physical attractiveness is usually the start of most passing crushes. For example, you might find someone stunning to look at, and as you get to know them, your feelings intensify and turn into a full-blown head-over-heels crush.
  • They consider you as a close confidante. Someone who trusts you is usually someone you can also put your trust into. Being a trustworthy friend in a person's life is one of the best and makes you look at them in a different light.
  • You can always act like yourself when around them. Someone who encourages you to let down your filters and be yourself is the best kind of person to be around!

What are the Signs that You Have got a Crush on Someone?

The feeling of having butterflies flutter around in your stomach when you see your crush is one of the most typical indicators of being in love! When you want to show the best possible version of yourself to a certain somebody, it usually means you admire them and have a crush on them! Flushed cheeks, nervous giggles and, more often than not, being aware of yourself are some physical manifestations of a crush.

When you think about a person constantly, and they even give you motivation in your mundane routines, it means you are falling hard! A crush is not something to be shy or feel bad about! On the contrary, it is a beautiful feeling that should be cherished while it lasts. Thus, the signs you have a crush on a guy or a girl are:

  • If you feel shy around a particular person and wish to win their approval in all your tasks, then, believe it or not, you have a massive attraction to them.
  • You wish to protect them from harm.
  • You feel jealous if they grow oblivious to your presence.
  • You feel the need to impress them at all times.
  • They make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. In other words, you get butterflies in your stomach when you're around them!
  • You're quick to blush around them.
  • They make you happier than anyone else.
  • You feel safe and content in your particular person's company.

Why Choose Our Secret Crush Calculator?

The love crush calculator game will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It will help you determine and calculate the relationship between the difference between crush and like.
  • Moreover, it will give you the strength to confess to your particular person.
  • The calculator will tell you about your compatibility with your significant other.
  • It lessens your stress regarding your crush's feelings for you.
  • Thus, your results will enable you to decide and take the next step.

InstaAstro vows to provide you with the answer to do you have a crush with the best tools and astrological and spiritual guidance for all your life situations.

How Does the Secret Crush Calculator Work?

The secret crush calculator tends to tell you about the compatibility between you and your crush. Thus, it helps that if you can imagine a future with him or her. In order to use the calculator, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. These are as follows:

  • Firstly you'll need to fill in your and your crush’s name in the crush love calculator.
  • After filling in the name, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The calculator will then analyse the compatibility between the names of these individuals and will further present you with your compatibility score.
  • As the calculator takes under consideration the names of both individuals, it can also be called a crush name compatibility test.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to approach the one you love is through consensual conversation. Ask them if they are comfortable talking about the feelings and relationship shared between you two, and just go for it! Tell them how much you value them and their presence in your life. Make them feel loved and essential, and you're good to go! Regardless of your confession, admitting to a crush is a beautiful feeling, and as long as it is respectful and considers the other person's comfort, it can be a great experience!
Know that your value doesn't decrease because of someone's lack of feeling for you. Cherish the friendship and dynamic relationship shared between you and them. The important part is to be happy with them, even if it is just as friends! The fact that you can find the courage to admit your feelings is admirable!
Don't let self-doubt hold you back. We're all humans on a floating rock in an endless space, and a one-sided attraction would not be the end of this world! Clearing the air from your perspective can make your relationship more enriched!
Compatibility reveals itself through conversation and time spent together! So find excuses to spend a little one-on-one time with your special person and see for yourself if they are someone you'd like to dedicate your feelings to. Another great way of finding compatibility is through astrology, as it will provide you with genuine answers on how much your crush loves you!
You can find out if you and your person are made for each other through the delicate study of astrology. We have many experts at InstaAstro who can help with such questions using astrological methods like our crush calculator or tarot!
Your feelings are the best judge of this. Do you think about them constantly? Do they just cross your mind once in a while? These are some introspections about crush meaning in love that can help you realise the intensity of your budding lovey-dovey emotions and can also tell if someone has a secret crush on you. Moreover, it can also come around to be a crush name finder.
Rest assured that our tool is accurate and true. It will give you an honest answer and help you conquer all your inhibitions regarding your feelings. Here at InstaAstro, we are committed to providing you with the best tools for all your life situations.
The secret crush calculator tends to check the compatibility between an individual and their crush. It tells by checking the compatibility if the match is possible or not.
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