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Are you looking for free Kundli from expert astrologers? Then InstaAstro is the right place to get it. The online free kundali available on InstaAstro is a 100% free and authentic free Kundli. The making is only after consulting more than 50 expert astrologers on board. This Kundli Free Online gives you a glimpse into various parts of your life, such as your career, love life, lagan kundli, and much more. The online Kundli designed by the free Kundali software here is no less than any traditional Kundli. It is used for purposes like matching making, kundali matching for marriage, or simply making future predictions.

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Get Your Kundli by Date of Birth: Online Free Kundli For Future Predictions

Are Kundli true predictions of the future? The Kundli of a person is the most sought aspect of astrology. A Kundali details the positions of stars and planets at birth. And further predictions are made about different aspects of one's life like love, career, kundli, health, business, finance, and even marriage. So Kundli making is necessary for any individual and is likely to improve their decision-making capabilities over time gradually.

A Janam Kundli is prepared after studying the exact position of planets when you were born and based on one's Sun sign, Moon sign, and other astrological aspects. The Kundali is a co-existence of charts and predictions that help the astrologer learn about your future, the times you will have to grind harder, and the times when luck will be by your side in abundance.

Just like a physical Kundli is designed by Vedic astrologers and pandits. Similarly, an online Kundli is prepared per astrological predictions by astrologers. So what changes is only the medium of sharing that information with you, i.e., digital? Kundli's digitalization only allows more benefits like data available in multiple languages.

Significance of houses

The houses in a Kundli signify various aspects of a person's life.

  • First House I : Physical traits, personality
  • Second House II : Wealth, family, knowledge
  • Third House III : Skills, efforts, younger siblings
  • Fourth House IV : Happiness, mother, property, vehicle
  • Fifth House V : Creativity, love and affair, life experiences
  • Sixth House VI : Debt, possessions, diseases, enemies
  • Seventh House VII : Marriage, spouse, relationships
  • Eighth House VIII : Longevity, research
  • Ninth House IX : Luck, father, religion
  • Tenth House X : Career, profession, karma
  • Eleventh House XI : Ambitions, income, elder siblings
  • Twelfth House XII : Expenditure

how to read kundli (the planets in your Kundli)

Your Janam Kundli has a pictorial representation of the position of planets and constellations. To understand a Kundli, you first have to understand the planets.

  • Sun (Su) : Ruler, masculine nature, source of energy
  • Moon (Mo) : Mind, feminine spirit, fertility, good memory
  • Mercury (Me) : Speech, communication, intellect
  • Mars (Ma) : Courage, strength, anger
  • Venus (Ve) : Love, romance, marriage, art, friendships
  • Jupiter (Ju) : Spirituality, career
  • Saturn (Sa) : Land, property, misfortune, fame
  • Rahu (Ra) : Theft, alcoholism, health issues, gambling
  • Ketu (Ke) : Superstitions, spirituality

Frequently Asked Questions

Kundli is a chart drafted in astrology depending on a person's precise date, place, and time of birth. It is the placement of all the planets, along with the Sun and Moon, at the time of your birth or the kundli varshphal. Along with all this, it also reveals the other astrological aspects and information about a kundli of a new born baby. Astrologers can calculate your ascendant status and rising sign with all these details. It also provides a diligent insight into 'how I will be as a person,' 'how would I do in my life—future, ' and 'how my life's scenario is at present' or ' Is there a child yog in my kundli?'
A sign is divided into ten uniform parts to create the D10 chart in astrology. The Dasamsa chart is prepared to rely upon the 10th distribution of the zodiac sign. If the Kundli study is done using the Dasamsa chart, it lets you look into your professional accomplishments and success with the most significant detail.
Dasha is a crucial phase of a planet in a person's life. And according to astrology, there are around 43 different types of Dasha systems. When the planet is strong or settled in its exaltation sign, the Dasha is known as the Poorna Dasha. However, if it is powerless or in poor condition, the Dasha is identified as the Rikta Dasha.
Yogas are the positive/negative impacts of the planets present in an individual's horoscope or birth chart. It could be both auspicious and inauspicious. The inauspicious ones are the Dosha and generally negatively impact the person's life.