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The free online Kundli available on InstaAstro has been created after consulting with many professional astrologers.Our free Kundli online tool gives you effective astrology predictions and is important in horoscope making.

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To generate your Kundli, enter your birth date & time, and birthplace in the form below.

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Kundli helps you get predictions about many aspects of your life, including your business, marriage, love life, job, and much more. The online Kundli making by InstaAstro's free Kundli program is equal to any traditional Hindu astrology Kundli. It is constantly in use for match-making or marriage compatibility. It also makes predictions such as Hindu or Vedic astrology predictions and Kundli predictions.

The Kundali that InstaAstro provides you considers all the nine planets' movements throughout the person's life. This Janma Kundali also notes every specific planetary period whose motion and speed are continually influencing activities on Earth. Here, we can also learn about astrology, horoscopes, astrology charts, astrology reading, Indian astrology, free astrology, and even live astrology. The online Kundli, or astrology Patrika, might thus be your saviour if you are confused about life. Therefore, give the free online InstaAstro Kundli a try, and let us know your thoughts.

If you've been searching for a foolproof Kundli finder website or tool, or if you want to get Kundali online that creates your Kundali in just a click, then InstaAstro is the answer for your search! Your online FREE Kundali by InstaAstro is carefully designed, keeping in mind the astrological details of your birth. Furthermore, your details are completely safe with us. We have a genuine Kundali or Janma Kundli that is no different from a traditional Kundali birth chart. Our free Kundli software works by analysing these factors and presents you with results related to you. So, without any further delay, head over to the best app for Kundali and get your free Janam Kundali analysis today.

What is a Kundali or Janma Kundli?

A Kundli or Janmapatri is the details about an individual. This unique Kundali chart in Astrology consists of elements regarding the placement of heavenly bodies, that is, the planets or Navagrahas and constellations or Nakshatras. An accurate Kundali is made after considering these elements, and accordingly, insights are produced. These Janam Kundali predictions or insights are based on various aspects of the new born baby Kundali, including the Houses, the placement of Nakshatras, the influence of planets, and the associated Rashis.

Each element has its distinct role, and varied combinations of planets affect individuals differently. Astrologers create astrology Kundli by thoroughly reading the crucial aspects of a person's birth details, such as their date, time and place of birth, along with the position of planets and Nakshatras when they are born. For example, favourable combinations of planets in your Janm Kundali will result in promising results. Unfavourable conjunctions of planets will result in inauspicious results. However, in modern times, there are also free Kundli software that can help you get your Kundli in a fraction of a second.

Although a Janam Kundali by date of birth, made by an astrologer, is often the first choice of people, an online Kundli is no different compared to it. Head over to InstaAstro’s website, contact any of our professional astrologers and get your Janam Kundali by date of birth and time. In addition, you can also get in touch with our professionals to generate online jataka or check jataka without any hassle.

Features of Online Janam Kundli Software

Understanding Kundli is not just for reading future insights but also for planning a roadmap for your life. The free online Kundali is a software carefully made to assist you in various areas of your journey as an individual. But trust us, creating it online is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to our Kundali software and fill in the required information, and there you are, with all the necessary details of your life right in front of you.

By discussing the results with the best astrologers, you can further have a deep understanding of the free online Kundali that you just created. Right from your physical features and educational interests to your career preferences, everything is being looked at with care. When you click on different options present - Basis, Kundli, Divisional Chart and Free Reports, you get a thorough idea about your past, present and likely future. Have a Kundli free download today.

Get a rough idea of each of these options below, present in our Online Kundli software or online Kundali maker. Also, check out our Free Kundli Matchmaking to check compatibilities between two individuals further.


This is the first button that you will see when you give the required details about your birth. Under this, you will find your Birth details and Panchang details added to your already given information. There is a reason we call this section - basis. This is because these details will form the basis of all the upcoming insights and predictions that you will find as you go on to the next sections.


The next section is called Kundli. Here, you will find necessary charts and tables that will be used to give you further insights. This section comprises the Ascendant/ D1 Chart/Lagna Kundali chart, the Navamsa Chart, the detailed position of the planets, and a Dasha table. All these charts and tables reveal deep insights into different aspects of your life, be it love, luck, marriage, career or finance.

Divisional Chart

The next section is the divisional chart. Here, further analysis of your kundli is done by dividing it into several separate Kundli charts based on various planetary factors. The charts presented here are - Chalit Chart, Sun Chart, Moon chart, Hora (D-2), Drekkana (D-3), Chaturthamsa (D-4), Saptamsa (D-7), Dasamsa (D-10), Shodasamsa (D-16), Vimsamsa (D-20), D30 Chart, D40 Chart, D45 Chart and D60 Chart.

Free Reports

The free Reports section contains detailed information, astrological insights, predictions and physical traits of the native based on different astrology charts related to their birth. Following are the columns that the ‘free reports’ section shows.

  • Ascendant: This talks about ‘the self’ or your lagna kundali chart, which is your rising sign. It reveals your personality traits, behavioural patterns, attitude and various other characteristics.
  • Nakshatra: Based on the Nakshatra present in your horoscope, astrological insights and predictions on general day-to-day events, education, profession, family life and physical features are revealed. Then, a brief on your characteristics depending on the nakshatra you belong to is stated.
  • Planetary: The planetary column contains a detailed description of each planet’s position in your birth chart. It has information about each of the nine planets' influence on your life stated in order.
  • Manglik: The Manglik column tells you if you have a Manglik dosha in your kundli or not. To check manglik by date of birth is necessary to take astrological remedies in advance against the malefic effects of planet Mars.

How To Create Kundali Online?

To create Kundli according to your birth details, you must go to InstaAstro’s Online Kundali Tool and feed in your necessary information. Professional astrologers or Kundli Jyotish have specially prepared our online free Kundli tool after serious analysis, discussion, and brainstorming. Let us know the details one by one:

  • The aim of online kundali maker is to give you your online Kundli, your free Kundli reading, and online access to your Janam Kundali in English.
  • Kundli or Bhavishya Kundali predictions are mainly based on the transits (forward movement) and retrogrades (backward movement) of planets during your time of birth.
  • When the activities of planets are watched, the constellations or Nakshatras’ positions are also noticed along the way.
  • You can use our tool even to get your free Hindu Kundali analysis for marriage, career, relationship, education, family life, or health. These calculations are made based on the analysis of the Kundli software.
  • Furthermore, if you already have a Kundali but are looking to create your new born baby Kundali by date of birth and time, then our Kundali finder or Kundali calculator tool will do that for you without any hassle.
  • All you have to do is enter your child's birth details and let us create magic for you using our Kundli software.
  • Moreover, most of us don't know many details surrounding our birth. So, if you find yourself looking for a tool that will calculate your Kundali by date of birth only, then the InstaAstro FREE online Janam Kundali Calculator will help you in this regard.

What Are The Different Types Of Janam Kundali?

In a Hindu Kundali, there are nine planets, twelve houses, and twelve astrological signs or Rashis. While these elements are constant, various other systems of Kundli by date of birth are followed in India. Here are the three main types of Janma Kundli by date of birth:

North Indian System

The North Indian System of Birth Kundali also called the diamond birth chart, believes that the Houses in a Kundli are constant or fixed. This means the Twelve Houses available in astrology do not change their positions. However, the astrological signs or Rashis change depending on the Rising Ascendant Sign or Lagna. Therefore, the Lagna or Rising Ascendant is present in the First House in a Janm Kundli, and all other Rashis are positioned according to their order in the Zodiac. Here, the Astrological signs are present on the left-hand side of the Kundli.

South Indian System

Unlike the North Indian System of Kundali, the South Indian System of birth Kundali or birth chart believes that the Astrological signs are constant. In this, the Houses keep changing their positions, and the Ascendant can be placed anywhere in the Janam Kundali. This birth chart is drawn in the shape of a square divided into twelve different boxes. The House in which the Lagna is present is dissected into parts with two diagonal lines. Astrological Houses are present on the right side of the Ascendant, and the number of signs is not mentioned.

East Indian System

Lastly, the East Indian System of Janam Kundli, by date of birth and time, is a mix of both the North Indian System and the South Indian System of Janam Kundali by date of birth. However, the look of the East Indian Kundali is entirely different from the Kundli prepared by the former two systems. While the Astrological Signs are fixed in this system of Kundali like the South Indian System, the Signs are written from the left-hand side like the North Indian System. Also, the Houses change according to the Ascendant.

What is the significance of a Kundali by date of birth?

A Janam Kundli is necessary to help you be aware of the aspects of your existence. Be it Kundali dosh by date of birth, favourable Yogas, the presence of malefic or promising planets, or a combination of confusing constellations. You can know everything imaginable through a Janam Kundali and its predictions. Moreover, an online Kundali is accessible within moments and can be downloaded. This can be further shown to astrologers to receive their professional analysis, which will also clarify that it is original.

Nowadays, online Kundali making has become one of the most popular branches of astrology and is quite sought-after. People like you and us regularly explore an array of websites in search of the right tool that will not only provide us with our free Kundli but also give us a free Kundli reading. Thus, a free Janam Kundli or Bhavishya Kundali becomes necessary. This is a Rashi chart that helps in matchmaking, strengthening your relationship, working on your career or profession, aiding your academics and education, and enabling you to live your best life possible. Thus, online kundali making becomes easy to approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

A professional astrologer can help with malefic combinations of planets and constellations and Doshas in your Kundali with our Janampatri online check. So head over to our website to get in touch with esteemed astrologers who will answer all your queries and get your rashi Kundali by date of birth.
A Kundali can predict love marriage, and Rahu-Moon and Mercury-Moon combinations indicate marriage. A Kundali check or a Janampatri online check is considered essential before two individuals get married. Click on kundli free download now.
The InstaAstro Free Online Kundli tool is highly accurate and will generate Kundli with the date of birth only and without any additional details. It is known to be the most accurate and best Kundali software.
Dasha, in kundli analysis, specifies the duration in which a particular planet stays in your life, bringing its influence to you. It happens for all nine planets, and each planet's dasha period and its impacts differ.
A Kundali is made after analysing the position of planets and stars, astrological signs, and astrological Houses. A Kundali is made, which begins from the birth of the native and ends at their death. For Kundali check, there is Kundali making by name and Kundali by date of birth and time.
Kundli is a crucial aspect of astrology that holds high importance in matchmaking, career prospects, academic opportunities, and elements of health. Moreover, through this astrology Patrika, you can find your Kundali dosh by date of birth.
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