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There’s an age-old saying - “Matches are made in heaven”. Representing a firm belief in these words, the Hindu culture depicts marriage as a pure and everlasting bond between two individuals. Today, this in-person process has been shifted to Online Kundali Matching.

For kundali matching, enter the birth details of the boy and girl in the tool below. The result is on the ashta Kuta system, calculating compatibility out of 36 points.

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According to Vedic scriptures, marriage is a divine union; one of life's most lovely experiences is getting married. Everybody desires an excellent partner to share joyful times and make fond memories with. Since selecting the right life partner is crucial in life, marriage is a significant factor. Keeping this in mind, Kundli matching for marriage is an important process in India. For quick results, match kundali online has become a go-to option for people today.

Moreover, most Indian marriages take place after Kundali matching by name and date of birth. This act allows both parties to know if they’re compatible with each other. Thus, Kundali matching for marriage is crucial when it comes to finding an ideal partner. Hinduism matches the horoscopes or Kundlis of the boy and the girl to solve any adverse impacts of marriage. Families looking for a good online marriage matching tool for their children must try our tool today.

What is Kundli Matchmaking

Kundali matching for marriage is a horoscope matching for marriage, where the marriage compatibility chart is analysed, and an astro match is made for a happy union. Moreover, it also provides several solutions and strategies to counteract the negative consequences of every dosha. In order to ensure a joyful and lasting marriage, Hindu astrology places a lot of stress on Kundali matching by name and date of birth for marriage compatibility before a couple is married.

Nowadays, with people becoming tech-dependent, the online kundali matching tool has become handy. Through kundli matching by date of birth, people can understand their future marital life and know what is awaiting them in the near tomorrow. In addition to kundali matching by date of birth, name horoscopes are also matched between the couple.

Earlier, a household priest or another astrologer would check the Kundalis of couples who are looking for marriage. However, thanks to InstaAstro’s match kundali online tool. Determining a couple's compatibility for marriage is now simple and quick. Get your best kundli matching results today.

Factors in Kundli MatchMaking

Our online Kundali matching software has separate tables for easy visibility of all the important factors of Kundli Matching. After inputting the details of the boy and the girl asked by the free horoscope matching for marriage tool, you get to see the components described below.

1. Basic Details

After filling in the asked details in the kundali matching for marriage tool, the first table shows the basic details of the girl and the boy in two columns. These details are later compared using astrology concepts, and compatibility scores are allotted against each component. The Basic details include - Varna, Vashya, Yoni, Gan, Nadi, sign lord, sign, Nakshatra, Nakshatra lord, Charan, Yog, Karan, Tithi, Yunja, Tatva, Paya, and Ascendant.

2. Guna Milan / Ashtakoot Details

"Ashtakoot Milan" is the name of the Guna Milan or marriage score-matching procedure used in Northern India. "Ashta" denotes "Eight", and "Koota" indicates “factors". These are the 8 Kootas used in horoscope matching for marriage. Each factor is given a score for kundali matching by name and date of birth. It is based on the location of the Moon in the natal charts of the groom and bride.

Let us briefly look at all the 8 components placed under Ashtakoot details or Gun Milan by name and date of birth.

  1. Varna / Jaati: A Varna score is obtained by comparing the caste compatibility of two individuals. This component sheds light on how emotionally compatible the two are. There are four divisions of Varna to compare their understanding. They are - Brahmins (Highest), Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras (Lowest).
  2. Vashya: This component enables us to logically determine who will be more authoritative and influential during Gun Milan based on Jataka matching or Indian matchmaking by date of birth.
  3. Tara: We have 27 natal stars or Nakshatras in astrology, individually known as Tara. The compatibility between the Tara of two individuals is compared and shown in our online kundali matching.
  4. Yoni: The Yoni Koot is used to analyse the couple's level of closeness, romanticism, sexual compatibility, and shared love. There are 14 categories under it: Horse, Elephant, Sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Tiger, Hare/Deer, Monkey, Lion and Mongoose.
  5. Graha Maitri: The fifth Koot, Gruha Maitri, is utilised to determine a couple's affection and intellectual compatibility. You can't marry someone you don't get along with. This Koot has three types: Friends, Neutrality and Enemies.
  6. Gana: Astrologers use this Koot to assess two individuals’ personalities and attitudes. Based on date of birth matching, this Koot has three subcategories: Devata, Manushya, and Rakshasas.
  7. Bhakoot/Bhakut: It is used to measure the affection between potential life partners. According to the matchmaking by Kundali procedure, the couple is said to get along better if they have the same zodiac sign (match Milan). Two other groups are created from these combinations to decide the Kundli matching score.
    • Lucky (Sad Bhakoot) - 1/1, 1/7, 3/11, and 4/10
    • Unlucky (Dushta Bhakoot) - 2/12, 5/9, and 6/8
  8. Nadi: In Indian Ayurveda, "Nadi" refers to the pathways via which various energies move. After marriage, this Koot is used to ascertain the health and genetic makeup of the pair. There are 27 nakshatras in this Koot, further divided into - the Adi, Madhya, and Antya subcategories.

3. Porutham Matching / Dashakoot Details

The next table you see in the online kundali matching tool is the Dashakoot details. The Dashakoot matching is also called Porutham matching in South India. This kundli matching for marriage concept is similar to Gun Milan by name and date of birth (Ashtakoot). The only difference is that, here, 10 factors are considered to calculate marriage compatibility scores.

  1. Dina: Dina Koota's score indicates how the health and well-being of the bride and groom will be in the future. This is necessary to see the possibility of a long-life relationship in a marriage horoscope.
  2. Gana: Gana here is the same as that of the Ashtakoota. It defines the scores of the bride and groom for the attitude, character and understanding they hold towards each other.
  3. Yoni: Yoni denotes scores that compare the sexual compatibility between the bride and the groom. Scores are decided by linking their nature with the four categories in Yoni koota - Human, Birds, Animals and Reptiles.
  4. Rashi: Rashi signifies the family roots of the bride and groom based on their birth. Based on the hereditary characteristics, a compatibility score is decided in lagna kundali matching.
  5. Rasyadhipati: A Rasyadhipathi score in Dashakoota Milan, the life span of a husband is looked upon. As it will indicate how long the groom will live, it is an important factor for horoscope matching for marriage.
  6. Rajju: This Koota decides the points of happiness between two people who are going to marry. For a good match, the nakshatra of the bride and groom should be different.
  7. Vedha: Vedha indicates the degree of trouble and hurdles that the marriage of two people can face in future. An astrologer will look at the scores and decide how they can get rid of the problems.
  8. Vashya: The Vashya, similar to the Askhtakoota’s kundali matching by name and date of birth, defines how attracted the bride and the groom are towards each other. A score of ‘0’ or ‘2’ is specifically considered an inauspicious score.
  9. Mahendra: In the online kundli matching tool, Mahendra, under the Dashakoota details, indicates the number of babies expected to be born in a marriage. This Koot considers the birth of a child necessary in order to call a married life, complete.
  10. StreeDeergha: In kundali matching for marriage, StreeDeergha koota indicates the amount of wealth and prosperity the married couple will witness.

How To Check Kundali Scores For Marriage

The astrologer determines a final score for the Kundali matching in English or Hindi after the Ashtakoota as well as the Dashakoota procedure. The maximum mark in horoscope matching for marriage is 36/36. Check your free horoscope matching for marriage today.

Following are the criteria for deciding the scores of lagna kundali matching for marriage. Below the Ashtakoota and Dashakoota table, the score for the potential bride and groom is indicated in the online kundli matching tool.

  • Under 18 points - Marriage is often not advised for them. There are no possibilities of a successful match here, according to marriage astrology.
  • 18 to 24 points - There is an astrology couple match and opportunities for a stable marriage.
  • 24 to 32 points - This is a good combination, and marriage is always advised.
  • 32 to 36 points - It's a match made in heaven, and finding a better match is impossible!

Manglik Dosha

Next, in the online Kundli Milan tool, you will see one of the most important features in marriage astrology - Manglik Dosha. This factor can make or break a marriage. Astrology places a lot of importance on Manglik Dosh as it is related to the God of Wars, Mars.

Manglik Dosha is closely related to marriage in Hinduism. If Mars appears in a person's chart in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth positions, that person is said to have Manglik Dosha. It is typically encouraged that a Manglik person marry a Manglik since doing otherwise will have a negative impact on their marriage. Our online marriage matching tool carefully takes care of this condition before generating any report.

In horoscope matching for marriage, if a person with a Manglik dosh marries a non-manglik, it indicates many difficulties and sufferings. The future spouse is often left behind, even when a Mangli (Manglik) marries a non-Manglik. Therefore, according to astrology, matching a Manglik to another Manglik is appropriate. Doing so ends the Manglik Dosh for both parties. Using our online Kundli Milan tool, check for this important factor today.

How to Get a Free Kundli Matching Service?

"How can I get my Kundli for free?" If you are one of the people who wish to get the best Kundli matching from top astrologers in India, then you are at the right place. InstaAstro provides a FREE Kundli Milan report and our astrologer's most valued matchmaking service. Our astrologers will review your online Kundali matching process, and we assure you that you will receive only the most accurate results.

The InstaAstro Kundli matching Compatibility Calculator provides a trustworthy analysis of your marriage horoscope. This Online Patrika matching is started by entering crucial details into the tool, such as date of birth, name, time of birth, etc. This way, before getting married, the bride and groom participate in Kundli matching by name and date of birth, and their compatibility is tested. Our online marriage matching tool is highly reliable and built by professionals who prioritise your well-being just like their own!

Kundali matching by name and date of birth will help you determine if the boy/girl in your life is your best match. It is a good way to analyse your relationship before a long-term commitment like marriage. Furthermore, it will help you understand the problems you may encounter in a relationship, the remedies, and how to make your partner content and happy. Thus, horoscope matching for marriage is an effective way of understanding which factors play a major role in your marital life. Just log into our app/website with your and your partner's basic details and see what the stars say about your relationship with your partner with free Kundli Milan details.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to marriage, Kundli matching for horoscope matching is crucial. Individuals can know if they are compatible with their potential partner through Kundali Matching by name and date of birth. Hindu marriages also find a designated day and auspicious timing.
Kundli matchmaking provides the most accurate analysis of planets between 2 people so that they can check if they are in harmony. Matchmaking Kundali or Tewa matching is also affected by factors like Guna Milan, Mangal Dosh and Navamsa chart.
‘Ashtakoot Milan’ is the name of the Guna Milan procedure used in Northern India. In Sanskrit, ‘Ashta’ denotes ‘Eight’, and ‘Koota’ indicates ‘Elements’. The basis for Guna Milan is the location of the Moon in the natal charts of the groom and bride, called lagna kundali matching.
Manglik Dosha can cause marital issues, such as conflicts due to anger, lack of compatibility between the two people, and even unstable power dynamics. When a Manglik marries someone who is not Manglik, the Non-Manglik individual is often dominated and overpowered.
Marriage bliss is predicted by an elevated Venus, Venus with a positive, or Venus with Jupiter. The seventh lord of the Navamsa, the seventh lord in Kendra, and Jupiter are favourable for marriage. Even Jupiter's aspect on the seventh house contributes to a good union.
In Indian Ayurveda, 'Nadi' refers to the pathways via which various energies move. Nadi Koot is used to determine whether the couple are genuinely compatible with each other or not based on their Nakshatras.
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