Astrological Remedies: An Overview

Are you facing problems in your life, or do you want to know how to remove bad luck? Astrological remedies might just be the solution for you! Astrological remedies are ways in which an individual can reduce the negative effects of malefic planets or doshas in their kundli.

Remedies often include chanting mantras, performing rituals and poojas, donating goods, and wearing gemstones or yantras. Continue reading to learn more about astrological remedies and their significance.

Significance Of Remedies In Astrology

Who does not want solutions for all the problems in their life? These astrology remedies act as solutions for the problems in an individual’s life. According to astrology, an individual’s life can be almost entirely predicted based on their kundli. This chart indicates the good and the bad in the individual’s life. In order to remove the negative effects on a person's life, people often follow these remedies. The remedies help in balancing the planets in one kundli, which can have a lot of positive effects on an individual’s life.

In Vedic astrology, the impact of planets is known to either make or break the life of an individual. Having a supportive and beneficial planet in one’s kundli ensures positive and beneficial outcomes in one’s life. However, on the other hand, if you have a malefic planet in your kundli, then there are chances that the individual has to go through a lot of hardship and struggles. In order to remove these struggles, people turn to astro remedies.

Types of Astrological Remedies

It is now time to discuss the different types of astrological remedies. In a simpler sense, there are four types of remedies. These include Vedic, Vastu Shastra, Gemstones, and Lal Kitab.

They might seem different, but they all work to provide relief to an individual. These remedies come from different backgrounds, which forms the basis of their groupings into different types. Let us understand each one of these better.

Astrological Remedies: Vedic

Vedic remedies in astrology include methods that are used to please planets, Gods, and Goddesses. These remedies are specifically designed to reduce the malefic effects of negative planets in one’s kundli. Vedic remedies are said to be the best astrological remedies to get love back.

Suppose you have a planet in a negative position in your kundli. This can give rise to problems in your life because of the position of the planet and can cause some dosha in your kundli. People often perform remedies that are suitable for the planet or the ruling deity of the planet that can help reduce the negative effects on the life of an individual.

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Astrological Remedies: Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient astrological architectural science that plays an important role in Vedic astrology. By following its principles, an individual can reduce the flow of negative energy in their surroundings.

Vastu Shastra takes directions into account and thus tells an individual the correct things to do in that direction. Using the principles of Vastu Shastra can help individuals in the form of a remedy, just like any other astro remedies; it helps provide individuals with beneficial relationships and remove negative energies and malefic effects from their lives. Vastu Shastra is commonly used as astrology remedies for money.

Astrological Remedies: Gemstones

Gemstones are one of the oldest remedies used in astrology. These colourful stones hold the power to fix your life. Wearing a gemstone or keeping it near you reduces the negative effects of malefic planets and doshas in an individual’s kundli. These gemstones majorly affect the planetary forces in an individual’s life, balancing them and resulting in positive outcomes for the individual.

Wearing a gemstone of a positive planet in an individual’s kundli can help them increase the planet's positive effects. On the other hand, wearing the gemstone can also help attract love, money, positivity, and opportunities in an individual’s life. Gemstones are considered to be quite useful as astrological remedies to attract friends.

Astrological Remedies: Lal Kitab

Many people might not be aware of the Lal Kitab, so what is Lal Kitab? Well, in astrology, Lal Kitab is a specific type of book that provides simple and easy remedies for the problems and issues in an individual’s life. It is said that Lal Kitab was written by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi.

Lal Kitab takes into consideration the Houses, Planets and Teva in an individual’s kundli. It is believed that Lal kitab divides an individual’s problems based on dosha and further provides remedies for the same. The Lal Kitab is quite famous for its easy and effective remedies. Lal Kitab remedies are said to be the best suited as astrological remedies for skin problems and astrological remedies for respect.

Ways To Perform Astrological Remedies

As we have already learned about the types of astrological remedies, it is now time to learn about how they are performed. The types of remedies mentioned above can be performed in three ways. These include Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra & Gemstones. Let us have a closer look at them and understand what they each mean.


Tantra, also called Tan in Hindi, is the way that suggests the use of one’s body. Tantras are usually classified as rituals or practices performed by an individual. These are said to remove the negative energies and impacts of planets in a person's life.

Tantras are performed by awakening one’s soul. To do so, one must use one's body (Tan). Thus, the awakening of one’s soul by using one's body is known as tantra. These ritual practices are said to be very effective and powerful. These are said to be performed as astro remedies for success in life.


Mantras are one of the best ways to please a planet and reduce its negative effects. Mantras are phrases and hymns that are said to produce vibrations that cleanse an individual’s surroundings. It is believed that by chanting mantras, an individual can engage themselves with the energy of a specific planet.

Mantras also help meditate and ward off the evil eye. Thus, they can also be considered astrological remedies for mental peace. Sometimes, using tantras, gemstones, etc., is not considered beneficial in reducing a planet's negative effects. In such a case, mantras are said to be the best and most effective remedies.

Yantra and Gemstone

Astrological yantras are plates with designs that balance the energies near an individual. They also help to please Gods and Goddesses and receive their blessings. Yantras have patterns and designs on them, which are usually geometric. These patterns are said to have spiritual connections that help people attain the blessings of the divine.

Gemstones are associated with spirituality. They are said to elevate an individual from the negative and malefic effects of their kundli. Wearing gemstones is said to be beneficial for an individual as it doubles the effects of positive planets and reduces the effects of negative ones. Yantras are most commonly used as astrological remedies for career growth, money and finance issues, health and peace in one’s life.

5 Key Points To Remember While Performing Astrological Remedies

While astrological remedies are a great way in which people can change their lives and fate, there are some things that people need to take into consideration while performing these astrological remedies. These are as follows:

  1. According to astrology, Venus is the planet that governs love and relationships. By worshipping Venus, you can attract more love and respect. You can wear a Diamond or a White Sapphire, chant Venus mantras, or perform rituals dedicated to Venus. These are also considered valuable astrological remedies to get love back.
  2. Certain gemstones are said to attract love and respect, such as Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond. It is believed that wearing these stones can enhance your aura and attract positive energy, which in turn can help you gain love and respect.
  3. The 7th house in the astrological chart represents love and relationships. This house can affect your love life if it is weak or afflicted. You can perform remedies for the 7th house, such as wearing a 7 Mukhi Rudraksha, performing puja for Lord Shiva, or chanting mantras for the 7th house.
  4. The Sun represents respect and authority, and by offering water to the Sun, you can gain more respect in your life. You can do this by waking up early in the morning, facing the Sun, and offering water while chanting mantras. These astrological remedies for respect only work when you are devoted to the God of Sun, Sooraj Devta.
  5. Display symbols of friendship in your home or office, such as a picture of two friends or a statue of the god Mercury, who is associated with communication and socialising.

For example, if you start performing some powerful astrological remedies for concentration in studies, you need to do it yourself and at the same time as the astrologer. Along with this, you cannot expect instant results. Thus, in order to get some beneficial results, you must be consistent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One remedy considered auspicious for all planets is sitting in sunlight, having dinner before sunset, chanting the Surya mantra, and eating in and with copper utensils.
Yes, astrological remedies are said to work wonders in an individual’s life and reduce the malefic effects of planets.
Some effective remedies for health include chanting Sri Vishnu Sahastranama and the Dhanvantri Ashtottara daily, along with chanting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra and donating red cloth.
In order to attract more luck, you can perform some astrological remedies. These include eating paan before leaving your house and offering water with jaggery, turmeric akshata and yellow flowers to the rising Sun in a copper vessel.
Some of the most effective astrological remedies include offering water to the Sun, not eating after sunset, observing fasts and chanting mantras.
Lal kitab remedies are said to be quite accurate and beneficial for an individual. The major reason for the popularity of Lal Kitab remedies is their easy and effective nature. The majority of Lal kitab remedies involve restrictions in eating and drinking, along with providing donations.
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