Astrological Remedies For Better Relationships

Are you dealing with disagreements and conflicts in your relationship with different people? Have you been worried about losing your partners? Well, before that, let’s know what a relationship actually means. Is it just about being with one another? No, it’s way beyond that.

Relationships are about two people coming together with various beliefs, perspectives and opinions. Whether you’ve been staying together, dating or about to get married, we all want a relationship where there is understanding, compatibility and love between the two people.However, due to a lack of communication and understanding, many problems and unwanted situations come our way. Rather than blaming each other for issues and problems, it’s better to come together and find the right solution, which can greatly impact your relationship.Moreover, every relationship is different from one another. Not every individual is perfect, and neither are the situations, so we need to accept the flaws in our partners and try to find a suitable way out to deal with issues rather than getting rid of the relationship or finding the easy way out.

However, remember, everything has a solution, and so this issue has a solution too. We have various remedies that can improve and make your relationship stronger and better. Knowing what is lacking in your relationship and what can be done to improve it is one of the essential things you must know when you are with someone rather than going through the same issues every day and restraining yourself from facing them. Apart from common issues that cause problems in your relationship, sometimes, it can also be due to the negative planetary positioning in your horoscope. Additionally, the ‘Trayashari Mahamrityunjaya Mantra’ is one of the common mantras to balance and bring affection to all relationships.

Furthermore, here we’ll mention all the remedies, reasons and causes for clashes and problems in your relationship and how you can deal with them. Keep reading if you want your relationship to flourish and take a positive turn which can bring upbeat changes in your life.

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Astrological Remedies for Good Relationship

We’ll mention some remedies for relationship astrology that can foster your relationship and strengthen your bond. You must follow these remedies efficiently and not just for the sake of doing it.

  • Sometimes when small conversations can go to the extent that they are continuous for days, and you tend to ignore each other thus, a heated-up situation can create a huge difference between the partners. So, to finish that awkward situation and arguments, they can sit together and maintain silence for an hour every Wednesday. This can bring peace and harmony to your relationship
  • When you feel that your partner is very aggressive, because of which there is always chaos and debate among each other, you should keep camphor(Kapur) under the pillow of your partner without them getting to know about it and immediately burn it the next morning. However, this is one of the most effective astrological remedies for a good relationship
  • You can sit with your partner and chant 'ऊँ श्रीं ह्रीं पूर्ण गृहस्थ सुख सिद्धये ह्रीं श्रीं ऊँ नम:'
    this mantra everyday so that the peace is maintained at home
  • Both partners must wear two mukhi rudraksha on Monday as it’s believed that it controls the influence of the weak moon in your horoscope and strengthens your relationship from getting worse.
  • Both partners must worship together every day, and at least once a week, they must go to the temple and offer food and clothes to poor and needy people.
  • One of the remedies for removing conflict between husband and wife by providing peace of mind which can decrease the chances of fights and arguments, is by applying a tilak of turmeric and sandalwood everyday.
  • Especially on Thursdays, you must remember to light a diya made up of pure ghee, as this is the most efficacious Lal Kitab remedies for improving relationships.
  • If you feel that your partner is not supporting you, take a small amount of rice in your palm and place a small photo of that person. You can tie a knot in a white cloth and place it towards the North- West direction.
  • Honey represents the planet Venus and Mars, and thus it brings romance and excitement to your relationship. So you take a bottle of honey and insert a small passport-size photo inside the bottle and keep it towards the southwest direction to bring excitement and charm to your relationship.
  • According to Lal Kitab remedies for improving relationships, one must avoid wasting water and salt because it can have a strong effect on the Moon and Sun signs of your horoscope.
  • Always keep your home bright and vibrant. Avoid using dark and dull colours at your home. Also, remember to keep radiant lights at home. Doing this can bring sparkle to your relationship.
  • If you want to end your fight and be calm and composed, you must try this remedy. A husband should always put a vermilion (Sindoor) on his wife’s forehead, while the wife must put a tilak made of Turmeric on the husband’s forehead.
  • If you are newly married and want your relationship to flourish, you must avoid wearing black colours clothes. Instead, you must wear bright colours, if not red, you can wear pink or beige colours.
  • To keep yourself calm and relaxed, you must try to drink radish juice every day, which can control your anger and is one of the major reasons for issues in relationships. Also, if you feel that you are about to lose your temper, take a precaution. You can smell camphor (Kapur) to soothe your mind.
  • ‘Shiv Shiv Rate, sankat Kate’ is one of the powerful mantras when it comes to marriage and relationships. It’s especially chanted by sitting in front of Lord Shiva or his temples, which can be a major remedies for relationship issues. You can also chant Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap to make your relationship full of delight and pleasure.

Tips for maintaining peace at home

Have you been wondering about how to increase love in relationship astrology and peace at home? Additionally, a good relationship will only be maintained among the people staying at home when the environment of your home is stable and filled with harmony.How much ever big and beautiful home you have, what if there’s no peace and love among the family at home? Is it worth it to stay in such an environment?However, we’ll mention some of the important tips to preserve unity and charisma at your home.

  • Never place a match stick near a lamp or a gas stove. These may provoke an environment of unrest and hatred among the family members.Moreover, never place a matchbox near oil, ghee, kerosene container or stove. These may always obtain heated-up situations at home
  • Every month on the day of Shukla paksha, you must place a coconut on the red Kalash (pot) and tie a red thread (Kalava) to it.Remember, before sunset, you must leave it in a flowing river which can maintain attachment among the family and bring positivity to the home.
  • You must try not to waste food, and if it happens to be left over, you can feed a street dog or a cow which can be seen near your house.
  • You must chant Gayatri Mantra every Saturday sitting under a Peepal Tree.
  • Every home has a chapati included in their meal, so you must put a pinch of salt and besan (gram flour) in the flour.
  • Take water in a copper container and put a bit of sindoor (vermilion) in it. After that, you place or offer that water to a Banyan tree.
  • Any things that are cooked at home must be offered to God first.

Remedies for better relationships with Mother-in-law

  • The 4th house of the male’s natal chart is of his mother. Therefore, the wife should worship and offer prayers to this house in the horoscope, which is believed to be one of the strong remedies for relationship issues.
  • If you are having arguments with your mother-in-law every day, you must offer the first chapati along with jaggery to the cow, which can bring affection between both.
  • To make a good relationship with mother in law, the daughter-in-law must offer the tulsi plant to Lord Krishna everyday.
  • The mantra mentioned above is one of the most powerful mantras to maintain a strong bond with your mother-in-law. You must recite this mantra at least 108 times, and you’ll notice the changes in the behaviour of your mother-in-law consequently.
  • 'Oma Ahama Nitaaraama Jaayati Baahulaa Baananaa Antaaha Dyutaa Swaahaa'
  • If your mother-in-law is harsh on you and out of anger, she bursts on you every day, which spoils the environment of the home. However, to avoid such chaos, the daughter-in-law must worship Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha to control her anger and bitterness
  • The daughter-in-law must offer honey, milk and water in a Shivling to maintain a good relationship with in-laws.
  • Always touch the feet of the elderly people at your home so that their blessings are always showered upon you.
  • To remove conflicts with in-laws, one must never keep the broom outside after sunset. In fact, one must always keep the broom at the back of the door or under the table or anything else.

Remedies for better relationships with Siblings

Conflicts among brothers, siblings, and sisters can be due to the ill effects of the Planet Mars. So to strengthen the bond between these relations, we’ll mention some remedies for relationship problems so that you can forget all the past conflicts and continue to bind together with immense love and respect for each other.

  • If there is too much disagreement between the two brothers, they must offer sweet milk to a banyan tree. Make sure both brothers must follow this remedy together.
  • If there is an argument and dispute among the brothers regarding property, both brothers must worship Lord Shiva together and offer coconut to Lord Bhairav, who is also one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva, after taking 7 rounds of coconut around your head.
  • If there is a quarrel between the siblings everyday, you must keep a tulsi plant (Holy Basil) at your home and let all the siblings offer water to the plant together.
  • All the siblings should chant the Gayatri mantra together on Tuesdays and Sundays. You must make sure that all the siblings must sit together and recite the mantra.
  • This is one of the powerful rituals to make the bond among the siblings stronger. All the siblings must sit together and perform the pooja for Subramanya Swani every Tuesday and recite the Subrmanya Ashtakam at least 11 times to get the desired results
  • The mantra mentioned below is for the overall relationship with your family members and relatives. You must recite this mantra every day along with your family members who are present at home on a daily basis.
    Om Sahanavavatu Sahanaubhunaktu Sahaviryam. Karavavahi Tejasvinavadhetamastu Mavidvinhaavahai. Om Shantih ShantihShantihi Hari Om

Frequently Asked Questions

Planet Venus, which rules the 7th house in the natal chart, is responsible for relationships because it is said to be the planet of love and affection. Also, if there is a strong positioning of planet Venus, there will be immense love and affection in the relationships.
Apart from common issues such as lack of communication and compatibility, some of the astrological issues could be due to the pitra dosha and the presence of poor positioning of planet Rahu, Ketu and Shani.
Planet Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are believed to be very disturbing and mischievous for marriage, love and any other relationships. If it comes in contact with your planet, it can cause ill effects on your relationship leading to a lot of confusion and disruption.
Kamdev Gayatri Mantra should be chanted 108 times for at least 40 days continuously to see a positive result. Moreover, it can bring harmony, charm and peace to relationships improving attachment and affection in the relationships.
Astrology includes several rituals, mantras and remedies that, according to the instructions given by the astrologers, can have a great impact on your life and relationships. There are various different remedies and mantras that can balance relationships and fetch favourable results.
Relationships are not always favourable for all. Despite putting in all the effort, you don’t tend to notice any changes in the relationship. Therefore, astrologers can be of great help and can predict what’s going wrong that’s affecting the relationship. However, InstaAstro has experts with almost more than 10 years of experience in the field of Vedic astrology who can give you preferred solutions to all your issues.
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