Lunar Eclipse 2024 Date and Time in India

AspectsPenumbral Lunal Eclipse 2024Partial Lunar Eclipse 2024
Day and DateMonday, 25th March 2024September 18, 2024
Zodiac SignUnder VirgoUnder Pisces
NakshatraUnder Uttara Phalguni NakshatraUnder Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra
Lunar Eclipse Time in India10:23 AM- 03:02 PM07:43 AM- 08:46 AM
Visibility in IndiaNot visible in IndiaNot visible in India

Power of Astrology with Lunar Eclipse 2024

The eclipse season is set to begin with the Lunar Eclipse 2024! During a lunar eclipse, the Moon takes the major spotlight since the Earth comes in between and casts its shadow, resulting in complete or partial darkness. But the interesting part is that despite the blockage, the Moon still holds the power and affects an individual’s major aspects, especially their emotional aspects.

In the year 2024, two major lunar eclipse in India will be observed, one on 25 March 2024 and the other on September 18, 2024 . Astrology says that this particular astronomical event may shake things up emotionally, psychologically and physically. Tune in to know the concept of the lunar eclipse more closely, including its definition, types, effects, timings, and much more.

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Meaning and Significance of Lunar Eclipse 2024

In the world of astronomy, a lunar eclipse is an event in which the major celestial bodies, Earth, the Sun and the Moon, are perfectly aligned with each other and form a straight line. What happens next is that Earth passes through the Moon and the Sun and casts its shadow on the Moon’s surface. Since the Earth is much bigger in size, it comes in between the Moon and the Sun, blocking the sunlight and preventing it from reaching the Moon. This process creates a phenomenon known as a lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan and creates temporary darkness.

So, a sudden change in the position and the movements of these celestial bodies casts its impact on the individual and affects them physically, emotionally and mentally. Speaking of its effects, the energies of the lunar eclipses heighten emotions, encourage them to change their perspective and let go of the things that no longer serve an individual.

Types of Lunar Eclipses

Generally, a lunar eclipse happens two to five times a year. Astronomically, the event of a lunar eclipse is further divided into three categories: partial, total and penumbral lunar eclipse. Here is the complete list of the meanings and effects of different types of lunar eclipses.

  • Total Lunar Eclipse / Blood Moon Eclipse

As the name implies, during a total lunar eclipse, the Earth completely blocks the sunlight and prevents it from reaching the Moon's surface. With no light, the Moon turns into a pinkish-blue or reddish-brown colour. This is why a total lunar eclipse is also known as a blood moon lunar eclipse.

  • Partial Lunar Eclipse / Khagras Chandra Grahan

During a partial lunar eclipse, the Moon is partially covered by the Earth’s surface. Due to the partial blockage, some part of the Moon is illuminated by the sunlight. This type of lunar eclipse is also known as the Khagras Chandra Grahan.

  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse / Khanda Gras Chandra Grahan

In a penumbral lunar eclipse, instead of blocking the moon completely, the Earth only blocks a little portion of the moon. As a result, the major part of the moon gets proper sunlight and is illuminated, resulting in a penumbral lunar eclipse in Hindi, aka Khanda Gras Chandra Grahan.

Astrological Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2024

Astronomically speaking, a lunar eclipse is an event that happens when the Earth comes in between the Moon and the Sun and casts a shadow on the Moon’s surface. Interestingly, the event happening up above the sky holds the power to control our lives and shake things up emotionally, physically and mentally. So, here are the major astrological effects individuals can experience during this Lunar eclipse 2024:

  • Imbalance in Emotions

During a lunar eclipse, a sudden change in a person’s inner thoughts and feelings is normal. Thanks to the Moon, which takes charge of our emotions, it makes us either too emotional or completely balanced. However, in case of an imbalance in emotions, a person may go through mood swings.

  • A Period of Endings and Breakthroughs

The arrival of the lunar eclipse directly hints towards a period of endings and sudden breakthroughs in an individual’s life. Any relationship, whether personal or professional, gets an abrupt ending. But an unexpected breakthrough in his career makes a person intact and unaffected.

  • Sudden Decisions

Instead of tuning in with intuitions or gut feelings, the energies of the lunar eclipse encourage a person to make sudden decisions. There are chances that a person takes indecisive decisions about his professional or personal life without analysing any pros and cons.

  • Recognition and Public Attention

The period of lunar eclipse brings sudden attention and recognition to a person (mostly in a negative sense). Getting sudden fame and popularity is normal but is mainly due to a controversy or a scandal, as per astrological beliefs.

Lunar Eclipse Effects on Zodiac Signs in 2024

How the upcoming lunar eclipse affects each zodiac sign totally depends on the placement of certain planetary bodies in their birth chart. Wondering about how the negative energies of the Chandra Grahan will impact your zodiac sign? Find out by learning more about the astrological effect of lunar eclipse on your sun sign:

  • Aries (March 21- April 19)

The energies of the lunar eclipse 2024 bring all the spotlight to Aries partnerships and spirituality. Speaking of partnerships, Aries will get a bit better at handling their personal and professional relationships. Moreover, the hidden spiritual side will take the lead, making them inclined towards activities such as meditation or yoga.

  • Taurus (April 20- May 20)

For this Earth sign, the upcoming lunar eclipse of 2024 will be all about taking care of their health and social connections. So, the balanced and grounded Taurus might get interested in expanding their social circle. This may benefit them professionally, getting them new projects and opportunities to work on.

  • Gemini (May 21- June 21)

Gemini’s major focus will be towards using all their creativity to express their innermost emotions and feelings to their love interests. At the same time, social butterflies Gemini will enjoy the sudden power and authority in their personal and professional lives brought by the lunar eclipse of 2024.

  • Cancer (June 22- July 22)

Cancers will spend the lunar eclipse 2024 reflecting on their major principles and values as per the lunar eclipse and astrology predictions. Moreover, a sudden urge to bring a change into their lives will encourage them to come out of their comfort zones and do something productive and fruitful.

  • Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leo’s communication and networking skills will be at their best during the Chandra Grahan lunar eclipse in 2024. So, making new friends and professional relationships will be their major goals. However, at the same time, Leos may crave warmth and love for their close relations.

  • Virgo (August 23- September 22)

The perfectionist Virgo will be focused on making their finances game strong. The sudden motivation to bring financial stability will make Virgos analyse its financial strategies and approach and make changes. However, at the same time, the thought of comfort and luxury may confuse them.

  • Libra (September 23- October 22)

For the Air sign Libra, the period of lunar eclipse 2024 is all about strengthening their emotional bonds with their family and loved ones. Professionally, Libra might get the opportunity to work on their passion projects. But their health and overall well-being will be something that seems problematic.

  • Scorpio (October 23- November 22)

Making decisions in accordance with intuitions and gut feelings will be the mantra for Scorpios this Lunar Eclipse 2024. Not only this but their imagination and creativity will play a major role in making their decisions smart and right. But when it comes to their mental health, panic, stress, and tension may resurface.

  • Sagittarius (November 23- December 21)

Instead of spending quality time with friends and family, Sagittarius’s approach will be towards isolation. As a result, their preference will be to spend time alone with their inner thoughts and emotions. The period of isolation will encourage them to introspect and work on their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

The major spotlight will be on Capricorn’s career and profession during the Chandra Grahan lunar eclipse. There is a chance that a whole new responsibility or task will be Capricorn's priority. Thanks to their strong skillset and determination. At the same time, Capricorns must pay close attention to their mental health.

  • Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

The energies of the lunar eclipse 2024 will directly hit Aquarius’s money-making abilities. What will happen next is that Aquarius may become a bit attentive towards making their finance game strong with the help of side business or investments as per the lunar eclipse and astrology predictions.

  • Pisces (February 19- March 20)

For the Water sign Pisces, the major areas to get affected by this lunar eclipse 2024 are emotional bonds. There is a strong chance that Pisces may feel sudden mood swings or shifts in their perspective. However, this sudden change may affect the personal relationship, leading to disagreements and fights.

Lunar Eclipse 2024 Do’s and Don’ts During Sutak Period

Apart from affecting a person physically and emotionally, the adverse effects of a lunar eclipse are famous for bringing problems to an individual. It is believed that if a person performs certain activities during a lunar eclipse, he invites Chandra grahan dosha in his kundali. So, to protect yourself from the ill effects of Chandra Grahan, take a look at the following activities that you should or should not perform during the sutak period.


  • Donating essential items such as food( wheat, rice, ghee) or clothes to the needy the day after the lunar eclipse is considered beneficial for the individuals.
  • Once the lunar eclipse is over, the individuals are advised to take a bath and sprinkle gangajal in their homes for purification. This is because the day of the lunar eclipse is associated with bad and negative energies. Doing this simple step will cleanse any negative energy present in the house.
  • During the Chandra Grahan lunar eclipse, one must prevent any moon ray from entering the house. This could be done by covering the house's main door and windows with window coverings such as curtains, drapes, shades or blinds.
  • This specific step revolves around pregnant women, which says to keep a dry coconut in their laps during the sutak period. This is done to protect the unborn baby from the negative and harmful energies emitted during the Chandra Grahan. Once the Grahan is over, the coconut should be immersed in the river or any flowing water.
  • To get the blessings of the Lord Moon (Chandra Devta), chanting holy mantras or scriptures such as Mahamrityujanya Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa or Vishnu Sahastranama is considered the best.


  • Individuals should avoid using sharp objects such as knives, cutters, blades or scissors during the sutak period. Not only this, but pregnant women should also stay away from such objects for the safety of their unborn babies.
  • Travelling or going outside during the time of the Chandra Grahan lunar eclipse should be avoided. This is because while going out, people may get in touch with the harmful rays of the moon. Moreover, people should avoid looking directly at the moon during the lunar eclipse for their eye protection.
  • People should also refrain from starting or performing any auspicious activities during the sutak period. The negative and evil energies of the lunar eclipse might create obstacles in the work and prevent it from being completed.
  • Avoid eating, drinking or cooking food during a lunar eclipse. As per astrological beliefs, the harmful rays emitted by the Moon contaminate the food and make it unhealthy for the individual.

Astrological Remedies for Lunar Eclipse 2024

Is there any way through which one can save himself from the negative effects of the Lunar Eclipse 2024 and enjoy only the good vibes? The answer is astrological remedies! Even though the arrival of the Lunar eclipse brings a sudden shake in a person’s emotions and feelings, following these simple and effective remedies can keep away health issues, stress or hardships in life.

  • For financial abundance and unexpected gains in income, one must donate white things (a colour associated with Chandra Graha), rice, milk, curd, ghee or even white-coloured clothes.
  • People suffering from the ill effects of Chandra Grahan dosha must donate any silver object in their birth chart on the day of the Lunar Eclipse 2024. It is believed that performing this simple remedy balances the ill effects of Chandra Grahan and blesses them with success.
  • Individuals seeking success and growth in their career or business must donate a lock on the day of the Chandra Grahan lunar eclipse. However, before this, they must leave the lock in the moonlight and then donate the lock to a nearby temple the very next day. Doing this will remove career obstacles and bless individuals with immense success.
  • If a person is dealing with severe health issues, then performing a Rog Nivrana Puja in a Blood Moon eclipse (total lunar eclipse) will provide relief and promote good health.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, as per astrological beliefs, pregnant women must avoid sleeping during a lunar eclipse. These beliefs even claim that sleeping during the Chandra Grahan could be harmful to the unborn child.
No. People should avoid eating during the lunar eclipse. Not only this, but they are advised not to cook food. This is because of the high chance of the cooked food getting contaminated or tainted.
The next lunar eclipse will be observed on March 25, 2024(Penumbral lunar eclipse) and the other on September 18, 2024 (Partial lunar eclipse). However, neither of these lunar eclipses will be visible in India.
As such, there is no rule that pregnant women cannot use mobile phones during lunar eclipse. However, the harmful radiation the mobile phone emits is dangerous for the unborn child. So, to be cautious, pregnant women should avoid using phones during lunar eclipse.
A total of two lunar eclipses will be observed this year. The first lunar eclipse will be observed on March 25, 2024(Penumbral Lunar eclipse) and the second on 18 September 2024(Partial lunar eclipse).
The maximum lunar eclipse duration can last up to 45 minutes to 1 hour. One of the longest-duration lunar eclipses will be observed in the year 2669, as per astronomical predictions. The duration of this lunar eclipse is expected to be around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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