Unlocking the Secrets of Moles in Astrology

Do you have moles in different parts of your body? Have you ever wondered why moles exist on your body or whether they could be meaningful? Moles in astrology play a major role in telling the personality traits of the individual. Personality traits depend upon the position, size and shape of the Mole. Let us understand the meaning and significance of moles in astrology and how they affect an individual’s life.

Significance of Moles In Astrology

What do moles signify? Mole astrology defines the past karma of the person, whether good or bad. It reflects the actions, personality and behaviour of the individual. Along with this, the mole on an individual’s body also tells about their personality traits and behavioural characteristics. They tend to give us insights about the life of the individual, including their behaviour, wealth and much more. The til on the body in english is known as moles. The til body has several superstitions revolving around them based on its size, shape and colour.

Circle: Positive EffectsLittle: Big ChangesBrown: Difficult Times
Square: Unpredictable BehaviourBig: Auspicious EffectsBlack: Lucky
Triangle: Unfavourable OutcomesFlat: UnluckyRed: Challenges in Life
Zig-Zag: Unlucky EffectsRound: Good FortuneGreen: Comfortable Life

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Relationship Between Moles and Astrology

How can one think that some tiny beauty spots on a person’s body can tell about their past, present and future? Mole astrology tells us that different forms of mole can tell a lot about an individual’s past, present and future. It also includes knowing the destiny of the individual.

Mole astrology is also mentioned in the Samudrika Shastra and is an ancient practice to tell the person's personality and aura just by examining the moles. Personality traits depend upon the position, size and shape of the Mole. As per the astrologers, the mole shows different positions of the planets, and the moles are developed in the womb of the mother.

Moles have been divided based on three factors: shape, size, and colour. Each of these factors tends to tell a lot of different things about an individual. Moles can differ in a number of ways. Moles have consequences and effects on a person based on their size, colour, and shape. These moles are known to know the destiny of an individual. It is believed that just like an individual’s kundli, the mole on their body does tell a lot about their life.

However, along with this, the body part on which the mole is also matters. For example, a mole on the lips is known to be lucky; however, one on the ear is not. In order to know what your moles tell about you, continue reading below.

Moles on Body Parts: What They Mean

It is now time to understand the various types of moles on body parts and their significance. The meaning of moles on different parts of your body is as follows:

Male and Female Lucky Moles

According to moles in astrology, a mole on a man's right leg, the back of his body, or the area below his lips is extremely lucky and advantageous to the locals in many ways. Love marriage moles on female body near a woman's lips, breasts, or ears are lucky. It would bring them a supportive partner, wealth, and a promising future.

Moles on the Forehead

According to moles in astrology, the forehead is one of the most evident places for moles to appear. What does the forehead mole indicate, though? Having a mole in the centre of your forehead denotes wisdom and calmness. You work hard and have a sensitive perspective on life. If you have a mole on the right side of your forehead, this indicates increased prosperity for you.

Twin Moles Meaning

More than one Mole anywhere on your body is unlucky, according to mole astrology. Dual personalities are represented by twin moles or moles next to each other. It can even suggest that you'll get married twice in some circumstances. Also, there's a likelihood that you'll continue to argue with people in your life.

Mole on Hand

The Mole on right hand, or moles triangle on the right hand, is considered lucky, and it brings intellect to the individual, whereas the Mole on left hand indicates an average life. Along with this, it is a good symbol of money and wealth. A mole on the hand represents a large social circle. Women will hold positions of power and have the skills necessary to complete any task.

Cheek Moles

According to moles in astrology, having a mole on the left cheek indicates that a person is quite introverted. Even if you become really wealthy, you will still go on spending a lot. There's an equal likelihood that having a mole on your left cheek will make you irritable. A mole on your right cheek suggests that you can have a strong personality. You will, nevertheless, be quite logical and aware of everything in life.

Unlucky Moles

The Mole on the eyelids or around the eyebrows is considered to be lucky to the natives, and they enjoy a higher level of intellect. They can be partially true when it comes to telling the fortune and future of the person. You can know a number of secrets of your inner self, which can be surprising to you, and you may also develop a sense of confidence as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per astrologers, moles around the eye region and back of the body are considered highly auspicious on the male body. Having such moles brings luck to the natives.
The astrologers have predicted that each Mole on the body is a result of our past good or bad karma. The moles on the body have specific meanings attached to them, and they tell a lot about the natives' nature.
Yes, most of the moles develop on the human body when the individual is in their mother's womb. Some of the moles are inherited by birth, whereas some occur during adolescence.
Despite being a sign of beauty in many countries, cheek mole is often considered lucky to the natives. It also denotes a kind and loving personality if the Mole is on the right side, whereas the Mole on the left cheek signifies an introverted personality.
Moles are considered to be a cherry on the cake when it comes to beauty, and there are a lot of famous personalities who have moles on their face and body, like the beauty queen Marilyn Monroe, the timeless classic heroine Rekha, all-time gorgeous Katrina Kaif and many more.
Moles, which are light-coloured like honey, are known to be lucky to the natives. They are the sign of growth and fortune in an individual’s life.
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