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Meaning of Arm Moles in Astrology

Have you ever imagined that your moles also have a story to tell? Moles are believed to be like your birthmarks that have carried some implications of your past life to your current Karma and living. In fact, your moles are astrologically related to the universe. That is why we have a branch in Vedic Science called Moles astrology or Moleosophy. The human body is astrologically sectioned into various areas with respect to moles. And then, each area with a mole has been explained. One astrological section of them is Mole on Arms.

Moles on Arms have different inferences to offer about an individual’s personality traits, luck, education, finances, career, love and marriage. The inferences help them make good decisions for themselves in future. Astronomers and astrologers took some planetary references, looked over birth charts of different people, pondered over zodiacs and observed patterns that corresponded with different positions of moles on the human body. Just imagine how cool it is!

Moles have an astrological history, and yet not everyone knows about it. No worries, Vedic texts have made it easy for the common people by giving elaborative insights about each and every portion of the body containing moles. Also, to know about your personal life through Moles and other concepts of astrology on a personal chat, connect to InstaAstro today.

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Significance of Moles on Arm

Moles on Arms holds great significance in providing information regarding a person’s personality traits as well as how he or she is likely to behave in future in a particular situation. This is an important insight as it will help a person be aware of his future actions and be careful about them. Moreover, it is believed that the moles on your Arms are present in a certain manner based on the position of the planets in your horoscope.

Therefore, it becomes an important point in astrology as your moles on Arms find an association with the cosmos. Moreover, it also has the ability to foretell about your future career prospects and the wealth status of your family.

Furthermore, Moles on Arms inferences also change with the change in shape, size and colour. While shape and size may indicate the nature of a person, colour may hint at the luck of the mole. People don’t have an idea that these black marks on the Arms are not to be neglected; rather, if you tend to visit astrology, you will know a varied number of implications it can have. It can also reveal some points on the health front as well. Your nature, personality traits, health aspects and career possibilities all are important factors that shape your life.

Hence, there is nothing left as such that Moles on Arms cannot talk about. Also, Moles on Arms have a lot to do with your Karma or deeds, not only from the current life but also from the past life. And the meaning of each of these moles changes with changes in climate, situations and experiences.

For example, if a certain occasion is around the corner, you can get details on the probable scenario related to it from the Moles on your Arms. Hence, Moles on Arms are a significant concept in Moleosophy, and people must explore it further.

Types of Mole on Arms

Moles in different areas of Arms have different life patterns to reveal to us. Moreover, it tells us about different traits of humans as well. Let us explore and see what each mole on Arms has to say.

  • Mole on Left Arm

The mole on the left Arm indicates that the person desires to excel in their career and desires to live a rich life, but despite putting in the effort, they mostly manage to live an average life.

For Males: A mole on the left Arm for males would indicate that they are great leaders and know how to be responsible.

For Females: A mole on the left Arm for females indicates their independence and their desire to have a say in society. Also, they love their family.

  • Mole on Right Arm

Moles on the right Arm indicate a person’s intellect and reveal that they have smart brains and are highly intelligent. However, they are very grounded and do not carry any superior feelings or egos about them.

For Males: If males have a mole on their right Arms, it hints at their disciplined attitude and how serious they are for their career.

For Females: Females with a mole on their right Arm hints at their determination and hard work to achieve success.

  • Mole on Back of Arm

A mole on the back of the Arm indicates success and working at top-level positions. It also indicates that a person is polite and keeps their manners in check.

For Males: Males with moles on the back of the Arm are well groomed, and people easily get attracted towards them.

For Females: Females with a mole on the back of the Arm are usually leading a successful personal as well as professional life. As kids, they tend to be very studious.

  • Mole on Upper Arm

People with a mole on upper Arm meaning tend to be very ambitious and someone with strong willpower. However, they often get aggressive when it comes to work and take impulsive decisions under pressure.

For Males: A mole on Upper Arm for males indicates their successful career graph. They are indicated at gathering wealth throughout their life. Hence, it is an auspicious mole for them.

For Females: A mole on the female upper Arm is seen to be a symbol of courage and determination to stand tall fighting all odds in life. However, they may face some tension in married life.

  • Mole on Left Forearm

A mole on the left Forearm hints at the business intelligence of a person. They are best suited to carrying a business as they are likely to crack a lot of deals and expect a successful career graph in this field. It also highlights that the person is very creative and can also go for the Arts field, particularly journalism or writing

For Males: For males, a mole on the left Forearm shows that they are very artistic and have high emotional stability.

For Females: For females, a mole on the left Forearm shows that they are highly determined and are goal oriented. However, they can deeply indulge themselves in emotional aspects.

  • Mole on Right Forearm

The inference that we get from the moles on the right Forearm is common for both males and females. It indicates they are strong perseverance to reach their goals and fulfil all their desires in life. It also indicates that they are financially stable and are careful of their wealth earned out of honest hard work.

  • Mole on Left elbow

A mole on the left elbow indicates that a person is very helpful and can be seen doing humanitarian work. They are mostly in professions related to social causes. Also, they are highly intuitive and emotionally sensitive. For both males and females, it hints that they are highly adaptable in life and have an adjusting nature. They also have innovative ideas to solve any problem that comes their way. They take up challenges very seriously and, therefore, often take impulsive decisions in life.

  • Mole on Right Elbow

A mole on the right Elbow is considered lucky and auspicious. It indicates prosperity and success at work as well as at home. They are indicative of receiving great fortunes in life. They are already academically inclined, and they would use this and make successful careers that would provide them with fame, recognition and humongous wealth.

For Males: Males with moles on the right Elbow are workaholics. For them, work comes first and then family.

For Females: Females with moles on the right Elbow are some of the most hardworking women in the world. Even as a homemaker, they manage their family chores in the best possible way.


Mole on Arms lets us know a lot of insights about how an individual is. Right from his personality traits to the experiences of his future life, everything is hinted at and revealed to the natives. Also, planetary position impacts are also one of the reasons why certain moles appear on different areas of the Arms. Therefore, Moles on Arms play a significant role in shaping our lives from an astrological perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per astrology, the Mole on my Arm is a good sign. It has a lot of luck to offer to the natives in terms of wealth, health, luxury and personal life. It even indicates good academic life for students. Hence, one does not have to worry about a Mole on the Arm.
Having 10 to 40 moles on your Arms is normal until you age. Although Moles on Arms are mostly an indication of good fortune, it has health risks involved. You must look out for Mole removal treatment if it concerns your health.
Moles on the Arms have important astrological significance. It indicates good marriage life, good career life, reformed family relationships and a lot of money and luxury.
A Mole on the Right Arm means that the person is of a giving nature. He or she has no ego in heart and is very grounded even after achieving a lot of fame and recognition. Such people are also intellectually strong.
A Mole on the Forearm means that the person has high morals in life. People find them pleasing and polite. They have a good nature and keep their manners in check.
The Shape of the Moles on Arms indicates varied behaviours of individuals. For example, a zig-zag-shaped Mole on any of the Arms would mean an unlucky circumstance, while a round-shaped Mole is believed to be auspicious.
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