Moles And Its Astrological Meaning

Have you ever wondered what these little spots on your face might tell about you astrologically? Well, these beauty spots are not just there to enhance your appearance, but have a hidden meaning too. In astrology, moles tell a lot about the nature of an individual and also their personality. From telling about your future and life to your behaviour, moles on your face and body can tell a lot about you. Continue reading to know more about the meaning of a mole on face.

Meaning of Different Mole on Face

Now that we have gone through the overview and significance of moles on face, let us understand what different types of mole based on different portions of the face have to say about an individual.

Mole on Top of Head

The mole on face on top of head is rarely located as it is usually hidden in the hair. But, it holds a lot of auspiciousness. It is considered a sign of good luck for both males and females.

  • For Males: A mole on top of the head suggests that they are goal-oriented and really determined to achieve them. These males also have strong speaking skills and great leadership qualities. Moreover, they have ambitions in life, and therefore you would find them at the best of their career point.
  • For Females: Females with moles on the Top of their Heads mean that they are highly independent in life and consider themselves self-sufficient. They are also very creative and have strong intuitions in life. This type of mole also indicates that they are headstrong and have the ability to fight all kinds of hurdles they can face.

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Mole on Forehead

The mole on Forehead has various insights to offer. Mostly, it represents average luck. Usually, natives have hard luck forming good bonds with family, friends and relatives. Moreover, they usually face a lack of support both at home and in the office.

  • For Males: For males, a mole on the Forehead means struggle and hard luck. They find it difficult to meet goals even when they work to their full potential.
  • For Females: The mole on forehead female indicates riches and wealth while it hints at challenges in personal life.
  • Mole on Left Side of Forehead: This hints at natives being greedy and doing mean things for personal gains.
  • Mole on Right Side of Forehead: This type of mole indicates a warm nature and a huge name in society.
  • Mole in Middle of Forehead: People with this type of mole are always in a relaxed mood. They do not lose composure even in tough situations.

Mole on Cheek

A mole on the cheek indicates positive experiences in life. However, it also tells that people are likely to witness court cases. But for the right reasons. Although such people would find it difficult to socialise and discuss ideas, they possess the ability to make a difference in society.

  • For Males: In the case of males, the mole on the cheek is a good indicator. It shows that they are hardworking and have a scholarly mindset.
  • For Females: Females with a mole on the cheek are beautiful in appearance. They are, however, introverted and therefore indulge themselves in book reading.
  • Mole on Right Cheek: A mole on right cheek female and male, is indicative of your shy nature, and you can get angry easily. Hence, such people wish to work solo rather than in a team. Also, they are likely to use money carelessly.
  • Mole on Left Cheek: The meaning of mole on left cheek female and male, is the same. They are confident speakers and have smart brains. They are also good with money management.

Mole on Chin

A mole on chin indicates that you have a sorted personal and professional life. Moreover, the person is affectionate and caring. You do not let any opportunity go out of hand if it interests you. However, you need new people in life as you get bored easily. Also, due to this reason, you are likely to have the tendency to shift jobs. All of these attributes are common in males and females.

  • Mole on Right Side of Chin: A mole on the right side of the chin indicates that the person is diplomatic and logical in nature. Along with this, it also tells that the individual has a personality that people like.
  • Mole of Left Side of Chin: A mole on the left side of the chin indicates that an individual is very straightforward in nature. Sometimes, this quality of theirs makes them be disliked by others.
  • Mole in the Centre of Chin: A mole placed in the centre of the chin suggests that the individual has good management skills, especially in terms of money. Along with this, it also tells that these individuals will have a prosperous life. This mole is considered to be luck.

Mole around Eyes

There are a lot of interesting facts about a mole on face around the Eyes. It has been broken down below into several portions around the Eyes. In fact, these insights are the same for both males and females.

  • Mole on Eyelids: A mole can be seen below and above the Eyelids. A mole above the eyelid indicates shifting homes constantly. On the other hand, a mole in the lower eyelid would mean facing stress in love relationships.
  • Mole on Eyebrows: A mole on the left eyebrow indicates a successful married life and wealth, while a mole on the right would mean struggle and hardships.
  • Mole on outer corner of the Eye: A mole on the outer corner of the Eye displays luck or bad luck in relationships and marriage. Males and females would probably get help and support from each other or the opposite gender.
  • Mole on Right Eye: A mole on the Right Eye hints at being rich and wealthy. This mole is considered to be very lucky for an individual.
  • Mole on Left Eye: A mole on the Left Eye indicates being rude and involved in adultery. This can, however, be seen as an unlucky mole on the face.

Mole on Nose

A mole on nose meaning indicates different information. But this information is common for males and females.

  • Mole on Tip of Nose: A mole on the tip of the nose indicates a witty sense of humour and impulsive decisions. But it also hints at profit-making.
  • Mole on Right Side of Nose: A mole on the right side indicates good luck and money, while a mole on the left side indicates a lack of luck and money.
  • Mole on Left Side of Nose: A mole on the left side of the nose is considered to be unlucky as it indicates unstable and problematic conditions for the native in terms of wealth.
  • Mole on Nose Bridge: A mole on the nose bridge is said to indicate some health-related issues in the life of an individual.
  • Mole Below Nose: A mole on the lower end and below the nose indicates your romantic attitude and your attractive nature.

Mole Around Mouth

A mole on face on the mouth indicates that an individual is free-spirited but also quite reserved. They might like their own company and prefer to be alone. Along with this, it also indicates that the person will have a healthy and happy married life.

  • Mole Above Mouth: A mole just above the mouth is a sign of good fortune and hints at having two babies in future. Such people are spiritual and do not get bothered about outer appearance and clothing.
  • Mole Below Mouth: A mole below the Mouth indicates longer years of living and chances of moving out of places.
  • For Males: A mole around the Mouth for Males indicates misunderstanding in married life.
  • For Females: For females, A mole around the mouth suggests discussions over various unresolved issues between them.

Mole on Ear

A mole on any part of the Ear indicates that a person is highly intelligent and has a sharp mind. It also indicates living a rich and luxurious life. However, you may not share a good bond with your parents. Especially for females, it hints at them becoming an influencer.

  • Mole on Left ear: A mole on the left ear indicates that the individual is quite emotional and intelligent in nature. Along with this, it also tells that the individual will have a long-lasting and happy marriage.
  • Mole on Right Ear: On the right ear, a mole tells that the person is quite rational in nature. They are logical and have a practical approach to life.
  • Mole on Both Ears: A mole on both ears tends to indicate that the individual is quite influential and will have a successful and happy life.

Mole on Lips

A mole on the Lips makes you a big food lover. It also indicates that a person will have a fruitful and happy life. However, there are some chances that the person will live a secluded and alone life.

  • Mole on Upper Lip: A mole on upper lip female and male, indicates that the person is very attractive and prioritises family and friends over them. But gets angry easily.
  • Mole on Lower Lip: A mole on lower lip female and male, indicates that the individuals live a scheduled life. However, it also tells that the individual is quite empathetic and emotional in nature.
  • Mole on Right Side of Lip: A mole on the right side of the lip indicates that the person is a foodie. They like exploring new things.
  • Mole on Left Side of Lip: A mole on the left side of the lip indicates that the person might have to face some health issues in their life.

Understanding Different Types of Moles

Understanding the mole on face meaning can help us know what the future holds for an individual and also about their behaviour. Usually, people have a black mole, but there are brown, red and green-coloured moles as well. Each colour tells something different about an individual. Also, a black til on face in English, known as a black mole, usually hints at the struggles and strong willpower of the individual.

Meanwhile, brown, red, and green-coloured moles indicate luck in every activity individuals become a part of. Similarly, the shape and size of moles on the face also have several significant points to explain. With respect to size, a small mole indicates that a person is lazy. The round and big mole, as well as a long mole on the face, is considered to bring good luck.

If we talk about the shape, then we have three important considerations: triangle, zigzag, and round moles. A triangle mole gives you mixed responses, i.e. good and bad conclusions. While the Zigzag mole is believed to be inauspicious, a Round-shaped mole indicates positive experiences. Thus, we can say that moles come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, and each of them means different things. Let us now look at the meaning of these moles on face of an individual and also know what it says about the person.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Mole on face means good luck if it is right in the middle of the face. On the other hand, it is an inauspicous Mole if it’s on the left. While on the right, you are lucky in love and business.
A Mole between the Eyebrows and on the Ear is considered lucky. They are indicative of immense wealth, best career life and good health. Such people are also likely to generate more money after marriage.
There are no specific 4 types of Moles as per Moleosophy or Mole Astrology. But on the basis of shape, there are 3 types of Moles - Triangular, Zig-Zag and round shaped. While the Triangular mole hints at both good and bad events. Zig-Zag is considered unlucky, while a round shape is a lucky sign.
Most moles go away with certain hormonal changes in the body. It also gets impacted by the planetary positions of different planets on the horoscope of individuals.
A Mole on the right eye of an individual indicates a good husband. The life partners of such women will have an understanding partner. They will get the support of their husbands in every step of their life.
Mole on face removal must only be done after careful discussions with your doctor and an astrologer. Depending on your health and the positions of the planets, you can come to a better conclusion.
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