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“The InstaAstro App” - an answer to millions of people who are curious about life uncertainties and the eyes who seek spiritual wellness. If you wish to get hold of the best app for astrology free, you have come to the right place. Or if you simply don’t have time to go to temples to find peace, it has plenty of options for devotees, too.

Whether you are hoping to unlock insights into your relationships, finances, career or just need some direction in this noisy and active world, India’s top astrologers and life coaches are here for you. InstaAstro is a door to exploring a varied range of online services in astrology and spirituality that you won’t have to tap into some other platform separately.

In the information provided ahead, let us give you an instant introduction and take you through the top astrology app in India. Let’s begin a journey of exploring a platform that promises mental and spiritual wellness.

1st Instant Online Astrology Consultation App In India

We are now a family of over 50 lakh customers on the InstaAstro app. This free astrology app has ensured that our loyal customers receive the most dependable astrology and life guidance available. Our expert astrologers have helped customers find mental clarity, gain insights into their existence, and manage life's challenges with greater ease and peace of mind.

Our panel of astrologers has extensive expertise in tarot reading, vastu, horoscope matching, kundli analysis, numerology, and more. Customers in India and internationally have counted on our astrologers for solutions related to love, career, finance, health, and family matters and have found great results in their lives.

Our astrologers have years of experience in their respective fields to provide just reliable and accurate guidance. Moreover, ours is a multi-lingual platform where users can get insights and answers in the language of their comfort, such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi etc. Now, feel at home with no communication barriers on the InstaAstro Astrology app.

We offer a free talk and chat option with a 100 rupee reward so customers can chat with our astrologers anytime, anywhere, to get a taste of our services. Customers also get a few minutes of free consultation to experience our astrological guidance before purchasing any plans, thus saving time and money.

astrology app Imageastrology app Image

Single App For All Your Spiritual Needs

InstaAstro, the online astrology app, also offers a variety of spiritual services aimed at helping people achieve inner peace and spiritual satisfaction. An example of this is online pujas that customers can book from home, performed by priests on their behalf. Besides, there are plenty of healing services and spiritual accessories that devotees can access at the best discounts.

Moreover, guidance from spiritual advisors and healers on spiritual matters helps customers progress on their spiritual journey and comfort their souls. InstaAstro’s innovations, like Daily Puja and E-Puja, encourage customers to build regular spiritual practices and connect with their devotional side no matter what corner of the world they may be in.

This holistic approach, hence, assists customers in overcoming obstacles, gaining clarity, and achieving healing for the mind and soul. At InstaAstro, we extremely value the hours people spend with us; hence, we make sure all devotees’ hearts craving to achieve their spiritual desires are pleased with our online features.

Download The InstaAstro App Free

InstaAstro is not just an online platform but a single station for all your astrological and spiritual requirements, whether it is getting guided by live sessions with astrologers, private calls and chats with astrologers, horoscope predictions or getting insights from various online tools.

Let us give you a thorough ride into the InstaAstro app. We will briefly explore different astrological and spiritual opportunities within this one junction, the best app for astrology free.

My Profile

Once you have signed up for this Vedic astrology app using your mobile number or email address, you must see a side panel list on the left side. Go to that, click on “My Profile”, and set up your profile on the app with basic details. These include -

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile
  • Select Gender - Male/ Female
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

These details are recommended to be filled so that astrologers whom you consult for a call or chat can quickly access your information and straightaway start your Kundli prediction and life guidance. Marking these entries saves the time you get with our astrologers, as a timer is run while you are on a call or chat with them. After this, you can explore our list of astrologers for online astrology consultation as well as go through other features on the app.

Wallet Balance

Once you have signed up, the next thing you need to do is recharge your InstaAstro e-wallet with just 1 rupee. Why? We will tell you. There is a dedicated wallet available on the InstaAstro app, and it’s an opportunity to explore this best free astrology app for Android as well as iOS. The reason we say it’s free is because once you add 1 rupee to the wallet, you get an instant 100 back.

This 100 can be further used to explore all possible options on the app and then recharge your wallet when you have kind of understood how everything works. This way, you will attend a few astrologers’ sessions and services for free before investing more in our astrological and spiritual offerings, making sure of trust and reliability. Explore the most pocket-friendly app for life guidance today!

Home: Key Features Of The InstaAstro App

This is the first thing you see once you sign up for the InstaAstro Astrology app. Here, you will get to see all things astrology. That means the top astrology experts are waiting here to provide you with the needed guidance on your concerns regarding life.

  • List of Live Astrologers: First, you will see a list of live astrologers in circular profiles whose sessions are going live on the live feature of the app and the ones upcoming. You can listen to them, ask them queries and follow them back for future sessions.
  • Discount Updates: Then, you will see a list of banners where the latest offers and discounts are promoted so that you never miss out on the opportunities created just to make your experience on the app more meaningful. After all, we wish that you achieve maximum benefits out of your time on the app.
  • Your Daily Predictions: This is a free feature and one of the most popular sections of the InstaAstro astrology app. These are the online astrological tools that get updated daily. On the home screen, you will see only the most used features here, i.e. Horoscope, Daily Puja, Daily Tarot, Kundli and Panchang.
  • astroOur Astrologers are Available for Call/Chat In Private 24/7: Our Astrologers are experts in a wide range of domains under astrology. Their experience is properly mentioned with their specialisation and customer ratings. These experts deal with various astrological subjects like Horoscope prediction, Vastu, Numerology, Tarot reading, etc.

Our Astrologers

There is no point holding a corner of your room and thinking about your problems again and again when a helping hand is just a call away. Our Astrologers not just hold experience and expertise in various astrological subjects but are life coaches who can help you feel better in a world filled with challenges. And the interaction just gets better when you have different languages to choose from.

On our online astrology app, we have over 1500 astrologers to suit your needs and guidance. Whether it’s deciding the right Vastu for your home, checking universal signals using Tarot reading, exploring birth charts for future predictions in health, love, career and travel or predicting personality traits and situations using numerology, they have just the right knowledge and guidance.

Our focus on “Quality over Quantity” has made us meet some of the best astrologers in India, guiding globally. As a result, our app is serving as the best opportunity for expert astrologers to showcase their problem-solving astrological skills. As a result, they are also receiving top-class earnings for the kind of support they offer our clients.

They only charge a small fee per minute to offer you online astrology consultation, and on special discounts, you also get a few minutes free. You can choose them based on their experience, specialisation and customer ratings. Our two-way purpose is served when customers get immense satisfaction and astrologers earn well.

Live: Enjoy Live Sessions With Astrologers

Ever wish you could get an astrology reading on the go? With InstaAstro's Live feature, you can connect directly with experienced astrologers through live video sessions. See their profile, check out their credentials, and match with an astrologer who specialises in the specific area of life you want insight into.

Whether it's career, relationships, or spiritual growth, you can have a fair idea of how an astrologer would look into your birth details and provide info through this free future prediction app. You can attend their Live with other people who have already joined and ask all doubts and questions you may have in a query chat box for free.

Currently Live

Once you start a live session, you can ask questions for free about how everything works in astrology before you actually consult an expert in private. The astrologer can even draw up your chart on the spot and walk you through how the positions of the planets and stars shape your destiny. Live sessions typically last 15 to 30 minutes, so you have plenty of time to decide whether to follow them, consult them in private for chat and call, etc.

Upcoming Live

If there isn't an astrologer currently live that matches what you're looking for, check the schedule of upcoming live sessions. You can click on the “notify me” option in advance, and the app will send you a reminder before their live session goes live. Browse through the profiles of various astrologers to find one you connect with and build a basic understanding of them through their upcoming live sessions.

Store: Premium Features On The App

You've got big dreams or goals you're aiming for. But sometimes life gets in the way. We all need a little spiritual help now and then. That's where InstaAstro comes in. Their online store is stacked with spiritual experiences to supercharge your journey.

We're talking personalised astrology reports to deal with your destiny, healing rituals to spark that inner glow, gemstones and crystals to amp up your aura. And so much more. With InstaAstro's Online Store, tap into timeless traditions and rituals to lead an inspired, purposeful life.

Let us take you to know them briefly.

Online Puja

Wish to fulfil your devotional side but don’t have the time to visit temples? Or Maybe you consulted an astrologer, and you want to improve the position of a displaced planet? Do not worry, InstaAstro, the best astrology app in India, brings you Online Puja where you can book a Pandit to perform pooja ritual on video.

Alongside special Pujas for all gods and planets, there are options for Online Puja consultancy, Special Group Puja for relationships and Kawach Consultation. In the digital day and age, where you are busy tapping on your laptops, the Online Puja service is what brings temples to wherever you are.


Do you wish to heal yourself in specific life situations using traditional healing processes? Then you must visit the Store on the InstaAstro app and try the “Healings.” Whether you wish to restore happiness in your married life, improve your financial situation, eliminate frequent distractions at work, or manage stress, we have healing for all problems.

Once you click on the “Healings” at the InstaAstro store, you may choose from the list of healings available for different life issues based on your situation or as per your need. There is Positive Aura Healing, Relationship Healing, Career Healing, Legal matters healing, Wealth Healing, Signature Analysis, and so much more.


Gemstones have been used for centuries in Vedic astrology to enhance the energy of positive planets and remedy challenging ones. At InstaAstro, you'll find a selection of authentic, certified gemstones to suit your needs. They can be further set in silver or gold as pendants, rings or bracelets.

Whether you want to boost confidence and immunity with a Red coral, attract wealth and abundance with a Yellow sapphire or find inner peace with a Blue sapphire, we have the gemstone for you. For the best results, choose a gemstone prescription based on your personal birth chart.

Theta Healing

Tired of negative thoughts and feeling low? Try Theta Healing on the InstaAstro online astrology app. It is a healing method that can help you regain confidence, unlock your creative potential and be a better performer at work. Bring your charm and focus back with Theta Healing.

Experts basically point out your emotions and inner feelings that are affecting your physical health. It involves a meditation process where you gain self-awareness, address your weak points and chant words to heal your fresh wounds and traumas.


A Kawach is a powerful protective shield that wards off negative energies and protects you from harm. InstaAstro offers Kawach services to safeguard your health, relationships, finances, and prosperity. Different Kawachs are energised through sacred Vedic rituals and mantras to activate their protective powers before being shipped to you.

Wearing an empowered Kawach can help reduce stress and obstacles in your life. You can also take advice from an astrologer on the app. They will analyse your birth chart to determine which Kawach would benefit you most based on your life's biggest challenges and weaknesses.


Rudraksha beads are considered sacred in Hinduism and are known for their powerful healing and protective properties. InstaAstro offers Rudraksha beads that have been blessed through Vedic rituals to magnify their energetic benefits. Rudrakshas can help reduce negative thoughts, balance your chakras, improve focus and bring you inner peace.

The number of 'mukhis' or grooves on the Rudraksha determines which area of your life it will benefit most. For example, a 5 mukhi Rudraksha enhances communication and intelligence, while an 8 mukhi Rudraksha promotes financial prosperity and success in business. Purchase it today and know the difference!

Kundli Matchmaking

Kundli Matchmaking is a perfect session for people who are planning to marry, whether it is love or arranged. When two people are set to tie the knot, it becomes necessary to analyse the match for the sake of the future. This matching helps decide if two people are an ideal match for each other based on their Kundlis.

When Kundli of a bride and groom are matched by experts, they try to check if two partners seeking marriage are likely to live a good life together or if there are possibilities of obstacles and problems. The 36 points or Guns are checked in both the kundlis, and based on the number of points that match, the marriage possibilities are decided.


InstaAstro, the free astrology app, also offers auspicious Bracelets in the Store. These bracelets contain beads of auspicious stones that can help you attract positive energy. In fact, crystal bracelets for good luck have been recognised as one of the most effective accessories, and our customers have also seen positive results from wearing them.

These bracelets have brought mental clarity, physical strength, emotional well-being and spiritual growth to the lives of the people. Every auspicious accessory comes with a price but at InstaAstro, items are always on a discount. You may find holy bracelets at a much better price here than anywhere else, the best astrology app.

Personalised Reports

Gain insights into living a better life with Personalised Reports. InstaAstro offers detailed reports with services like Medical Astrology and Career Report Analysis. These reports talk at length about your career, health, personal and professional lives. Our astrologers and life coaches prepare layouts on potential areas and possible treatments suited for you.

For example, take Medical Astrology. Here, you will find a complete report on the best medical treatments you can take for your physical illnesses, diseases, and mental health. Similarly, the Career Report Analysis will analyse your professional journey and mention the key areas and skills you can work on for a successful career.

Ancestral Healing

Next is Ancestral Healing. Sometimes, the past karma existing in your ancestral line affects you and your upcoming generation in a negative way. It can be anything from bad health, marriage issues, career blocks, etc. Now, worry not, as our experts provide a healing process that can help you get rid of ancestral debts.

People who have particularly encountered Pitra Dosh can reap the maximum benefits of this Ancestral healing. Our past karmas, our ancestors' wounds and traumas, are passed down to us in countless ways before we actually realise it. So, do not wait any longer and try our ancestral healing to remove difficult situations from your bloodline.

Video Consultation

For a more personalised experience, schedule a live video consultation with our astrologers and life coaches. During the call, they will assess your Vedic birth chart or current situation to gain insights, determine the root cause of your problems, and recommend customised solutions.

Video consultations provide an opportunity for an in-depth discussion so you can get clarification and guidance as per your unique needs. Private and confidential video consultations can help you handle challenging times and make important life decisions with confidence.

Self-love and Healing Ritual

Have you been feeling stressed or anxious lately? Want to reconnect with your inner self and find balance again? InstaAstro's self-love and healing rituals are designed to help you restore harmony in mind, body and spirit. After all, it’s only after you learn to love yourself that you are able to help others.

Our self-love and healing rituals are created to assist you in finding inner peace and strength within yourself. Services include tools that can help you gain clarity, release unhealthy attachments, and understand your soul's journey to bring self-love and healing from within.

Birth Time Rectification

Even a few minutes difference in your birth time impacts your future! Providing an accurate birth time is key to receiving a precise astrological reading. If you're unsure of your exact birth time, our expert astrologers can determine it for you through a process known as Birth Time Rectification.

By analysing major life events and providing some details about your early childhood, our astrologers can pinpoint your birth time, Moon sign, and ascendant sign to give you the most precise Kundali. They then help you with insights about your life by creating an astrologically accurate profile.

Cord Cutting

Releasing emotional bonds with a past partner can be difficult, but a Cord Cutting ritual can help you find closure. During a Cord Cutting session, experts will guide you through a process where they help you get rid of the energetic cords that bind you to your past experiences, relationships or ex.

Say goodbye to feelings of attachment so you can open your heart to new love. Our astrologers will perform a personalised cord-cutting ritual to help you break free from old relationships and patterns, allowing you to move forward with a strong mind. Dissolve these energetic ties and free yourself from unhealthy relationships today!

Past Life Regression

Has your present life been impacted by unresolved issues from a past life? Past life Regression therapy uses hypnosis to help you access your past life memories. During a session, our experts will guide you into a deep state of relaxation where you can explore your past lives in a safe space.

Moreover, exploring your past can reveal talents, skills, and interests that last a lifetime, giving you clues of connection to present life. At InstaAstro, our certified hypnotherapists are here to guide you on this journey of self-discovery in a compassionate, non-judgemental way. Take the first step to heal your past and hug your present and future.

2024 Spells & Puja

InstaAstro's 2024 astrological spells and puja service can help you achieve your goals and manifest your desires. Whether you seek love, career success, good health, or spiritual growth, we offer customised spells and rituals designed to connect with the universal energies of the coming year.

Our experienced astrologers and priests will design a personalised session suitable to your unique birth chart, taking into account the transits and astrological influences of 2024. This may include puja, mantras, yantra meditation and much more. In just a few clicks, try the features like the evil eye spell, health spell etc., inside it today and boost your journey.

2024 Vedic Predictions

Our astrologers will analyse the positions and patterns of the planets to determine how they may influence your future. But what should you do next? At InstaAstro, we provide various Vedic astrology predictions and remedies for the upcoming year 2024. Here, you will get to know rituals like New Year Spell to make your future predictions come to reality.

With our Vedic astrology predictions for 2024, you can be prepared for what lies ahead and take timely actions to make the new year your most successful and fulfilling one yet. Our experts help remove obstacles and attract positive energy to make your predictions come true!

Some More Features At Your Display

The InstaAstro online store is constantly growing and expanding to offer you new and exciting products and services. We are currently working on adding several new categories to the platform, i.e. Bayleaf Rituals, Crystal Healing and Chakra Healing. Stay tuned for the launch of these new categories in the coming months.

We're always working to expand our products and services to provide you with the resources you need for your spiritual and healing journey. Let us know if there are any other areas of interest you'd like to see on InstaAstro - we value your feedback!

Free: Explore Free Insights On The App

Why to worry when you have your Daily Predictions covered for free on the best astro app, InstaAstro? The next tab that you see at the bottom after Store is “Free”. Here, as mentioned earlier, you get to witness free insights into your daily life situations, auspcious timings, and so much more.


Want to know what your upcoming days, weeks and months are going to be like? Now, there is no need to separately download a horoscope app when you have InstaAstro, offering everything in one place. In fact, InstaAstro, the free future prediction app, enjoys the most customer visits on the Horoscope feature.

Our Horoscope provides future predictions about love, Career, Emotions, Health and Travel for today, weekly, monthly and yearly. When you go to this option, you may choose your zodiac sign from the circular icons provided at the top and plan your future based on the insights and tips that you see. Try the best horoscope app today!


Panchang is your Hindu Calendar for daily updates on auspicious and inauspicious timings for all the days in a particular month. This free calendar gets updated as soon as the month changes, just like you turn the pages of a paper calendar at home. You can set up your location and see the Panchang for the current day.

The Free Panchang contains suitable tithi or muhurat for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset. Next, you get details on the most auspicious and inauspicious time and then some more details on the Panchang. Noting these timings helps decide the best time for marriage, travel, the inauguration of a new home, business deals, etc.

Daily Tarot

Wish to get an instant insight into what the universe is trying to hint at you? Well, you must try the Daily Tarot. This feature speaks to your intuitions or inner calling, and it tries to tell you what might be just the right step to take in terms of relationships, career, or financial situations.

Once you click on the Daily Tarot, you will be asked to think of a question related to life and tap on the card presented on the screen. You will be displayed a Tarot card type where you need to click on “Show my reading”. Next, you get insights and tips on Love, Finance and Career.

Daily Quote

InstaAstro tries to make sure of your mental and spiritual wellness in all possible forms. With free insights and predictions, there is also a section that customers enjoy called the Daily Quote. A little motivation goes a long way, and therefore, while users explore our app features, we wish to see them pumped up.

There are five options covered under the Daily Quote on the InstaAstro astrology app. They are - Motivation, Good Morning, Happiness, Suvichar and Inspirational. You may choose to see a quote based on your mood or topic of interest. Or you just might see all at once using the “All” option. Explore this and share it with your friends for a daily boost.

Daily Puja: Connect With Your Beloved God Free

“The Daily Puja” - an innovation on the app suitable for today’s digital day and age. Now, it is possible to push the temple gongs and do aarti virtually when you have no time to visit temples. Whether you have strict schedules at the office or you are busy dealing with home affairs, this app feature works best for the devotee in you.

The Daily Puja aap is a virtual worship room where you can pray to your beloved God for free. There are Gods displayed in circular icons based on the days they are associated with. You must select the God whose aarti you wish to perform and get started. There are options to click on - Aarti, Flowers, Shankh and Music. Use it and give strength to your spiritual self today!

Free Tarot Reading: Insights And Answers You Need

The Free Tarot Reading is one of the most popular features of the app. While our tarot readers provide the best guidance when your soul needs answers, this is yet another instant feature to go for, especially when you wish to read insights on certain days. Just tap on the card that appears and experience fun with knowledge!

The Free Tarot Reading feature lets you explore all categories of Tarot-reading insights to serve your readings for all personal and professional situations in different ways. These include - the Daily Tarot, Yes/No Tarot, Past-Present-Future Reading, Love Triangle Tarot, Heart-Breaking Tarot, and Made for Each Other Tarot. A “Learn Tarot” option is also there to give you a brief overview of all Tarot cards.

Know More About You FREE

This is not it! You still have much left to explore in the free section of the app. With so many free services available, InstaAstro makes their astrology app, the most pocket-friendly and effective online platform for users.

Let us explore other popular free features on the app.


Are you searching for the best kundli app online? Well, your search is over here. InstaAstro, the holistic wellness app, covers the Kundli feature as well, and that too free. This is a free Kundli maker that provides in-depth information about all astrological factors that can influence your life, like planets, nakshatra, etc.

At the same time, it reveals your personality traits, presents birth charts, and indicates if some dosha currently impacts your day-to-day activities. It also suggests remedies and gemstones that are necessary for the kind of situation your kundli represents. Generate your Kundli today and consult our astrologers for a complete guide to your future.


Astrology has a great role in the matchmaking of two potential partners who wish to marry. InstaAstro, the best Vedic astrology app, comes with a tool called “Matchmaking”, where the possibility of a healthy marriage is checked based on the birth details of the bride and the groom.

Matchmaking becomes necessary to judge the true possibility of a marriage; otherwise, a couple can possibly face issues in their married life. If you are someone who is looking for a good matchmaking tool, go to this feature and just enter the male and female’s birth details. You shall find a detailed analysis of whether two people are a good marriage match.

Love Compatibility

Do you wish to know how compatible you are with your partner? Or simply get a love score based on astrology? InstaAstro, the top astrology app, comes up with a Love Compatibility tool where one can check the compatibility score between two people based on their zodiac signs.

The Love Compatibility lets you analyse the compatibility between you and your love interest. You just have to choose a zodiac sign for the male and female whose compatibility needs to be checked. Not only do you get the scores, but you also get an opportunity to get detailed insights, strengths, weaknesses, and ideal date tips.


Users already had the option of consulting a Vastu expert regarding ideal house direction, construction, and renovation. Adding a free Vastu tool to the app to decide on a suitable direction is an added advantage, making the user experience on the app more meaningful. Customers can now get a quick Vastu check for their homes and offices in seconds.

You just have to go to the free Vaastu feature and click on it. You will be shown different corner options for your home and office. You just need to click on the corner whose Vastu you need to correct. A live direction compass will then be shown pointing in a suitable Vastu direction. Try it today and make an ideal surrounding, free from negative energies.


When a repeated number pattern is not leaving your eyes, and you see them frequently, it is time to connect to a numerology expert. While this is true, InstaAstro brings you a free Numerology calculator that gives you life insights based on your details. This tool uses your name and date of birth to find lucky aspects about you.

Tap on the Numerology feature, enter details and click on continue. You will be revealed a Destiny number, a radical number and linked meaning for you and Name Number. Alongside, you will find several aspects that can be lucky for you, such as favourite day, colour, metal, stone, mantra, etc.

Festivals List 2024

Festivals hold a great meaning for people in India and, of course, globally. While Hindu Festivals and Tithis are some of the most looked-after events, InstaAstro takes a step ahead and provides a festival list that covers important festivals of all religions. Thus, it serves people of all faiths and cultures.

Click on the Festivals List 2024 option and explore the monthly calendar for different festivals and events happening in the world. Hence, alongside all possible spiritual offerings, you can now mark important dates using the calendar available on the app. Visit the app today and mark upcoming festivals.

Blogs: Get Astrology Information For Free

InstaAstro blogs are the heart and soul of knowledge sharing and talk about all things astrology. This just makes the process of knowing astrology more enriching and when you connect with our experts for the next time, you get more clarity on astrological aspects. Customers have called our blogs “the Gold Mine of astrology information”, thereby establishing trust in what we offer.

You will find simple to in-depth concepts about astrology, numerology, vastu and tarot on our blogs. We also cover important festivals of different religions to cater to the devotional spirit of the people. For example, upcoming festivals, mythologies, zodiac-based insights, predictions, preparing for rituals, etc.

Recommended Astrologers

Recommended Astrologers is an important section, especially for new users. Someone who is new to our app can get help from this list if he wants to explore whom to consult first. This list contains some of the most visited astrologers on the app with the best ratings and experience.

While all our 1500-plus astrologers are experts in their own subjects, this feature can help a user get started and gradually explore astrologers as per their own needs and budgets. With so much information available on the go, we make sure that quick solutions and suggestions are indicated.

Refer And Earn

For the loyalty and trust that customers show in us, we have kept a “Refer and Earn” feature for them. Here, customers can earn 400 rupees in their e-wallet by referring the InstaAstro astrology app to friends, family and other people on their contact list. This is another way of creating value exchange with the clients apart from online interaction with astrologers.

Just invite your contacts using the shareable link provided in this section. As soon as they download the app, enter your referral code and do the recharge, you get an instant 400/- for each recharge. Refer and Earn is a promise we make to the customers to provide the best astrological guidance and spiritual offerings.

Further Options For Better Assistance

We have options on the side panel of the InstaAstro in case you need assistance or wish to monitor your activities. Following are the options you can avail for more support and interaction on the app.

  • Order History: Through this section, you can monitor the number of calls/chats with the astrologer along with the duration spent, your orders from the store, the gifts you have sent and the live calls you have attended.
  • Customer Support: In case you encounter any issues while using the app, the customer support team is available 24/7. The team will assist you and make your experience on the app easy through call, email or WhatsApp.
  • Send Feedback: Customer is the king for InstaAstro. We work day and night to provide customers with the best astrological and spiritual experience on the app. Therefore, we welcome your constant feedback and wish to serve you best.
  • My Followings: Through this option, a user can keep a check on the astrologers they followed during the live sessions. They can further refer to this if they wish to consult them for a call/chat in private.
  • Astrologer Assistance: There are times when users wish to talk to a particular astrologer they consulted for a piece of quick advice, doubts about using the astrological tools, etc. In such cases, their calls or chats are listed in the Astrologer assistance option.

Exclusive Offer For First-Time Users!!!

InstaAstro values every customer that connects with the app. For every new user who installs the app on the advice, there are special offers and discounts available exclusively for them.

  • Insta Daily Pass: This is a subscription plan of Rs 99 per five days. Under this offer, users get 5 minutes of free daily chat with astrologers. This is equal to getting astrologers’ sessions worth 1000/- @99. Subscribe today!
  • 5 Rupee Call For 5 Minutes: New users can talk to the top 5 astrologers for 5 rupees per minute, regardless of their current charges. This offer ends once the user has attended a chat or a call with this offer.
  • Pay 1 and Get 100: A new user can recharge their wallet with 1 rupee and get 100 in return. Use this to explore online astrology consultation further.
  • First International Call/Chat Free: International customers get their first call or chat with an astrologer for free, considering the high cost of international charges.

Get InstaPoints Using InstaAstro App Features

Now, earn loyalty points for your time on the app. These are called InstaPoints that will keep showing as you gradually explore certain features on the app. Let us see how it works.

  • Collect InstaPoints by regularly checking Horoscope (50 points), Daily Tarot (30 points) and Panchang (10 points).
  • There are milestone points stated as 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000, 15000, and 25000. By achieving them one by one, you win extra discount coupons to redeem.
  • Once the coupons are offered, claim them and generate a coupon code.
  • Now, recharge your InstaAstro wallet using a coupon code and enjoy the features of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the app from the Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. Sign up to the app for free using your mobile number or email id. Next, recharge your wallet with 1 rupee to get a 100 rupee reward for exploring talk/chat with astrologers online for free.
The InstaAstro astrology app is a one-stop station for all your astrological and spiritual needs. While you get to attend free live sessions with astrologers and private chats/calls with experts, you also get to look in-depth through various astrological tools. You also get to see features like Online Puja, Daily Puja, etc.
The Daily Puja is a feature on the InstaAstro app that offers free virtual worship rooms for users. This is made keeping in mind the busy lives of people and modern lifestyle. Now, if you are not free to go to temples, you can perform aarti for your beloved God using Daily Puja online.
Yes. There are so many features on the InstaAstro astrology app that users can access free of cost. In the bottom portion of the app, you can find a “Free” section where you can find all the free astrological insights and spiritual tools that one can use on the app.
Yes. The InstaAstro app makes sure that a user can look into their daily activities on the app. This way, they may go back to the astrologers they once chatted with and also reorder purchased items from their online store.
InstaPoints are loyalty points offered to the app users on regularly checking Horoscope, Panchang and Daily Tarot. This loyalty program contains milestone points that users can achieve and get discount coupons to recharge their e-wallet for free.

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