Nadi Astrology Explained

Nadi Astrology is also known as “ An Ancient Indian Science of Predictive Astrology”. Nadi astrology is an ancient system of astrology which relies on predictions that come from the recordings of the Nadi-siddhas. This branch of astrology believes that the three stages of time- past, present, and future, are recorded on palm leaves by Nadi-siddhas. The palm leaves were inscribed in Sanskrit, and they contain the karmic information of individuals who lived in the distant past. According to Nadi astrology, the soul of a person travels from one body to another and carries the karma of their past lives with them.

The practice of Nadi jyotish or astrology involves a Nadi astrologer reading the palm leaves to determine the karmic information of an individual and predict their future. The astrologer uses the birth details of the individual, such as their birth date, time, and place, to find the corresponding leaf in their vast collection. Once the correct leaf is found, the astrologer deciphers the Sanskrit text and interprets the information it contains.

The predictions made by Nadi shastra astrologers cover all aspects of a person's life, including their health, wealth, relationships, career, and spiritual growth. The astrologer can also provide advice on how to overcome obstacles and improve one's life.

Nadi astrology is considered to be a highly accurate form of predictive astrology and is often used in conjunction with other forms of astrology, such as Vedic astrology and Western astrology. In recent times, Nadi astrology has gained popularity around the world and is widely used in India and other countries. Many Nadi astrologers now offer their services online, making it easier for people to access their predictions and guidance.

Nadi Astrology - Significance and Importance

Nadi astrology is a form of ancient astrological system. It is mainly practised in the southern part of India. This includes Tamil nadu and neighbouring regions. There are mainly two types of Nadi jyothisham forms. The types of nadi astrology are as follows:

  • Nadi

Nadi as its prime focus on predictions of the past, present and future of an individual. Its main and prime focus lies on materialistic and worldly things that include an individual’s love life, income, job, and so on.

  • Jeeva Nadi

However, on the other hand, Jeeva Nadi has its main and prime focus on things like the Nakshatras and also Gnana and its related queries appear on the palm leaves and script is in ancient Tamil language. Some people call Jeeva Nadi as Prasanna Nadi.

In the southern part of India, Nadi reading and Nadi astrology predictions are very famous and people tend to hold great beliefs on them. The basic principle on which Nadi vidya works is that the life people have today has been already visioned and seen by ancestral monks and priests.

In Nadi astrology, the predictions are based on the thumb impressions of people. It is the right hand thumb impression for men and the left hand thumb impression for women. This is how the predictions of Nadi horoscope are made and are based on.

Nadi Astrology - Historical Overview

As we know that nadi in astrology are predictions that have been given by ancestral priests who came around to be known as Nadi-siddhas. The priests stored this information of Nadi leaves and kept them safe for the coming generations to see and understand. These scripts were said to be stored in the Thanjavur's Saraswati Mahal Library in Tamil Nadu. However, when the British came to India, after establishing their control, they laid their hands on the age-old Indian heritage and culture. This contains the aspects of monuments, wealth and even documents.

Moreover, when the British laid their hands on these Nadi scripts, they had a keen interest in them. However, due to some reasons, many Nadi scripts were burned. But on the other hand, the scripts that were left were later auctioned off by the British as their commodity in order to gain money. It is believed that these scripts were bought by the families of astrologers at the Vaitheeswaran Temple. Since then these scripts have been kept safe and are passed from generation to generation in the families of Vaitheeswaran Temple.

Nadi Astrology - Nakshatras

Mentioned below are the names of Nakshatra:

Agasathya (Agathiyar) NadiMachamuni NadiGorakhnathar NadiSattaimuni Nadi
Sundaranandar NaadiRamadevar NadiBohar NadiValmiki Nadi
Pathanjali NadiDhanvanthiri NadiPampatti NadiNandi Nadi
Thriumoolar NadiKonkanavar NadiKudambai NadiKaruvoorar Nadi
Idaikadar NadiKamalamuni Naadi

In the end, Nadi astrology is a valuable tool for gaining insight into one's past, present, and future. It is based on the ancient Indian belief that the soul carries the karma of past lives and that the future can be predicted by reading the palm leaves inscribed with the karmic information of individuals. Nadi astrology is a highly accurate form of predictive astrology and can provide guidance and advice on all aspects of life.

History And Origin of Nadi Astrology

As per popular belief, the first Nadi Astrology originated in Tamil Nadu. People say that the ancient Hindu sage "Agastya" has documented all the Nadi Shastra predictions. He was gifted with evolved consciousness and had the vision to see all the humans on Earth's past, present and future. He has penned Nadi astrology predictions in Vattezhuthu, an archaic poetic Tamil language. Initially, the storage of the written Nadi astrology predictions was in Thanjavur Saraswathi Mahal Library premises, Tamil Nadu. However, over time, some leaves got destroyed during British rule. Later, the Nadi leaves were acquired by the relatives of astrologers at Vaitheeswaran Temple and then handed on to their lineage.

How are Nadi Astrology Predictions Made?

In Nadi astrology, the predictions are on the basis of your thumb impressions (suitable for men and left for women). Through the image of one's thumb, Nadi astrologers anticipate everything about the person, their parents and the foreseeable future. It is said that each thumb impression is categorised into a particular category, and based on them, the Nadi astrology palm leaves are organised. However, for every single thumb impression, there can be different bundles of various leaves. Thus, only an expert Nadi reader can recognise them.

Once the bundle matching of the thumb impression is visible, the Nadi reader reads each leaf in a pile. A Nadi astrologer claims not to know the details of the seeker and only shares what things are written on the leaf. However, while reading the leaves, the Nadi astrologers verify the seeker's personal information such as date of birth, parents' name, etc. And in this process, the seeker is asked to confirm the details only by saying Yes or No. If all the facts get verified correctly, then the leaf and all the Nadi astrology predictions written on it are said to be of the seeker. If the leaf doesn't belong to you or is not found, then the Nadi readers seek the leading centre in Tamil Nadu to search the records.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Nadi astrology is termed to be the one of the most accurate methods of astrology. Today people do not believe something by just hearing about it or just seeing it but what they believe in are results. Thus, when we say that people have high faith and believe in Nadi Astrology, it is because this form of astrology has shown results and is termed to be the most accurate by people.
Nadi meaning in astrology is a form of astrological practice which is most prominent in the southern part of India. Moreover, Nadi astrology is based on the principle that whatever we experience today is something which is already seen by the ancestral priests.
Nadi astrology is an ancient Indian system of astrology. It is one of the most accurate and precise system of astrology. If you want to get your prediction by nadi jyotish online, then you must check out InstaAstro’s website or download the app in order to get the best and most accurate nadi astrology predictions online by the best nadi astrologer.
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Nadi shastra is basically an ancient Indian system of astrology. This system uses the method of analysing an individual’s thumb impressions in order to make predictions for their future. The basic principle on which Nadi astrology works is that the life that people are experiencing today is seen by priests much before our time. Moreover, Nadi astrology is known to be the most prominent and significant in the Southern parts of India, which mainly includes the state of Tamil Nadu.
The difference between Nadi astrology and Vedic astrology is that, Vedic astrology gives predictions by analysing the position of celestial bodies like planets, stars, earth’s axis and so on. However, on the other hand, Nadi astrology is known to make predictions based on the thumb impressions of an individual. It is said that the right hand thumb impression is used to make predictions for a male native and the left hand thumb is used to make predictions for a female native.
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