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Effects and Remedies to Solve Out Pitra Dosh in Your Kundali

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Pitra Dosha

At some point in our life, we all have heard about Pitra Dosha. However, do you know what it is about, or is Pitra dosh real? In a general sense, Pitra dosha tends to be one of the most dangerous doshas in an individual’s kundli. The effects of Pitra dosha do not stay in one domain but tend to affect almost all aspects of an individual’s life. Pitru dosha is something that many people fear. However, all this is just half knowledge about this dosha. And as it is said, half knowledge of something is more dangerous than no knowledge.

Thus, in this blog, we will look at all the aspects of Pitra dosha and uncover its secrets. From its cause to effects, this blog has all you need to know about Pitru dosha.


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What is Pitra Dosha?

The term pitra dosh meaning lies in its name itself. Pitra means father. It is associated with the person’s previous birth. Moreover, it occurs when a person committed a sin in the previous life. Popular belief says that this dosh is related to vandalizing a temple, cutting off a peepal tree, and changing the family priest. In Hindu Vedic astrology sun is karaka for father. So, if the sun is placed in 9th or 9th house afflicted by natural malefic or Lagna malefic. Rahu conjunction with the 9th lord, will be considered pitra dosha sometimes. Moreover, a person affected by Pitra dosh in kundali faces lots of difficulties in his or her life.

Thus, let’s read the content and find out what are the most common pitra dosha types, their effects on human beings, and measures to overcome them by Pitra Dosha Calculator. Finally, let us also find out how Pitra Dosha Calculator helps in achieving all this!

Check Your Pitru Dosha with Our Online Free Pitru Dosha calculator

Pitra Dosha Types

Yes, you read it right. Pitra dosha has types as well. Well, majorly, these are three major types. These types depend on the type of sin and karma that the person has. Let us have a deeper look at the types of Pitra dosha. These are as follows:

There are three types of Pitra Dosha (Pithru Dosham).

  • The curse of the departed souls on their own family if the family members fail to adhere to the basic requirement of doing yearly rituals for their ancestors.
  • The Curse of the outsiders/unknown or known entity who were affected by your living/departed ancestors.
  • Failure to look after the aged people and leaving them to fend for themselves.

Pitra Dosh Effects

We now have gained knowledge about what is Pitru dosha and what are its types. Now, it is time to look at the effects it has on an individual’s life. Pitru dosha is known to be one of the most dangerous Dosha in an individual’s Kundli. Now let us see its effects on an individual’s life. These are as follows: 

  • It could delay the marriage.
  • It could cause problems in married life.
  • There can be unsuccessful or failed marriages in the same family.
  • There could be more bachelors in the same family.
  • It could forbid the conceiving of children.
  • Also, it could lead to miscarriages during the conceiving.
  • There could be a physically and mentally disabled person.
  • There could be unnatural deaths.
  • There could be robbery, fire, or accidents in the house.

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How to find out Pitra Dosha (Pithru Dosham) through the Horoscope?

Are you also wondering about how to check pitra dosh in Kundali? Well, if you want to know whether you have Pitru dosha or not, then you can follow the steps mentioned below. Or you can just cut out all this hassle and trouble and talk to an astrologer. Moreover, you can also use the Pitru dosha Calculator present on InstaAstro’s site. All you need to do is enter some details about yourself in the calculator, and it will check if you have Pitru dosha in your kundli or not.  These are as follows: 

  • The presence of the Sun, descending Moon, Mars, Raghu, Mercury, and Kethu in the 5th house indicates the Pithru dosham (Pitra Dosha).
  • Weakens the 5th house lord.
  • The 5th house lord either shows association with malefic planets or stays in a malefic house.
  • The presence of debilitated planets in the 5th house.
  • Weakens the 5th house lord at the Navamsa chart.
  • The traversing of the 5th house lord in the Star of a malefic planet or traversing in the 22nd star/88 division from the birth Star.
  • The 5th house lord is getting affected by Thithi Sunyam.
  • Association of 5th house lord with Raghu/Kethu in any house.

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Pitra Dosha Remedies

If the above-mentioned effects of Pitru dosha scare you, then worry no more. InstaAstro here presents you with some very effective remedies for Pitru Dosha. These remedies are provided by our astrologer. These are as follows:

  • Read Aditya Hrudayam, Ravi Graha Shanti, or Shani Graha Shanti Strotas.
  • You will be satisfied if you do Pinddaan, worship, and Tarpana on the date of death of manes in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwini month with sesame, couch grass, flowers, raw rice, and Ganga water or pure water. After that, offer food, clothes, fruits, and donations to the Brahmins to pacify your manes.
  • According to the Pitra Dosha Calculator, If the person worships the Peepal tree, then the Pitra will be removed. Moreover, if he offers Kheer to his manes on the day of Somvati Amavasya, then Pitra Dosha will be removed. Furthermore, you can also offer food and clothes to Brahmins on every Amavasya to reduce the negativity of Pitra Dosha.
  • On every Amavasya, put Kheer in the ash of cow dung cake, recall your manes in the south direction and apologize for your mistakes and the Karmas. Thus, it is one of the beneficial remedies.
  • Give respect to your father and other senior members of the family and take their blessings to strengthen the position of the Sun.
  • Stand on a mat and look at the Sun during Sunrise, chant the Gayatri Mantra to strengthen the position of the Sun in your horoscope.

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Pitra Dosha Mantra

The chanting of mantras is considered to be very auspicious in Hinduism. Most of the negative influences and effects in an individual’s life tend to be reduced by chanting mantras. Moreover, Pitra Dosha in an individual’s kundli can be solved by chanting the special Pitra Dosha Mantra. This mantra is as follows:

“Om Pitrabhyah devatabhyah mahayogibhyech cha,
Namah sawaha swadhyaye cha nityamev namah.”

“ॐ पितृभ्यां देवताभ्यां महायोगिभ्यश्च च,
नमः सवाहा स्वाध्याये च नित्यमेव नमः”

If you are facing any sort of issues associated with pitra dosha, then talk to online astrologers from India and get the right advice to overcome the ill effects of this dosha. Moreover, to get the right guidance, you needn’t visit an astrologer personally. Therefore, you can get the best advice for Pitra dosh nivaran remedies sitting at home. Remember that reciting mantras properly is important to make a big difference regarding Pitra Dosha. So, visit online astro website channels and chat with professional astrologers who can help you resolve all issues amicably.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to remove pitra dosh?

There are some remedies that can help in reducing the effects of Pitra dosh and can also remove it. These include donating food grains along with observing fasta. Moreover, an individual can also worship a peepal tree to reduce Pitra Dosha effects.

2. Mention some celebrities with pitra dosh?

Some celebrities with Pirta Dosha include Rajiv Gandhi, Harshad Mehta, Indra Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and Ishmit Singh.

3. How many types of Pitra Dosha are there?

Majorly there are only three types of Pitra Dosh. However, some people tend to consider 14 types of pitra dosh.

4. What are the pitra dosh symptoms or effects on an individual's life?

Pitru dosha is considered to be a malefic dosha in an individual’s kundli. The effects of this dosha include delays in marriage along with problems in married life. Moreover, it can also cause problems in having children.

5. Mention some pitra dosh remedies for marriage?

Some remedies for reducing the negative effect of Pitra dosha include worshipping the peepal tree. Along with this, an individual can also chant pitru dosh mantras.

6. Is there any pitru dosha pooja?

Yes, there is a special puja performed to help reduce the negative effects of Pitru dosha in an individual’s life. If you have Pitru dosha in your kundli, then you can perform this puja.

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