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What Does Love Marriage Mean According to your Sun Sign?

By December 9, 2022December 4th, 2023No Comments

Love is the eternal expression of the Universe. But still, it isn’t easy to find your compatible fit for life. But you might be lucky enough to marry the person of your choice. According to ancient astrology, even gods had love marriages. So even whom you will marry and when is all predestined through your stars. So there is still a lot that your Zodiac could reveal for you regarding love marriage meaning with compatible zodiacs. 

1. Aries 

Mars, being the parent planet of Aries, brings a lot of passion and energy. These qualities make them go to extremes in everything. If they are in love, they are the most passionate lovers, and if they hate you, then you can’t have the worst enemy. It’s better to calm them down because you could never win an argument. After all, they have a high temperament. However, Aries is also known to be vibrant and free-spirited.

People with this sign find easy compatibility with Leo or Sagittarius. Lover marriage is on the chart for this Zodiac. After marriage, the couple will also find a balance to cope with the differences and make it all work.  

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2. Taurus

A Taurean Zodiac is associated with the element Earth, making them grounded as Venus is ruling them, the planet of immense love and beauty. So, they are blessed with graceful features and loving hearts too. They draw a lot of attraction from the opposite sex, so finding a partner isn’t tricky. But, is love marriage good for them? The answer would be yes.

Moreover, they are loyal, respectful, and protective of their partners when in a loving relationship. Otherwise, they could quickly get out of one. Finally, their compatibility matches the best with Virgo or Capricorn. Of course, married life isn’t smooth sailing, but they have all the stars in their favor.

3. Gemini

Mercury, the fastest-moving planet, governs people in this Zodiac. So if you see a Gemini, don’t get overwhelmed with their never-ending energy. They are very outspoken about their emotions and thoughts. They expect their partners to have absolute transparency if they are in a committed relationship. One thing which might surprise you about a Gemini is that they are mature when needed. So, they would compromise for their relationship’s sake but to the proper extent. The zodiacs who would make a great partners for them are Libra or Aquarius. Love marriage would work perfectly for these pairs. 

4. Cancer

Cancer, a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon, is very emotional. They are very generous, loving, and caring people you will ever meet. A Cancerian could easily fall in love and do everything they could to make it work. Love is always around the corner for them because they are urged to find it. According to astrology, love marriage benefits for a Cancerian could be achieved with a Scorpio or Pisces.  

5. Leo

This Sun governed Zodiac is known for its outstanding and confident personality. Even in a relationship, they are meant to be the dominating ones. Due to the fire element, their energies are always high. Similarly, they expect their partners to always be excited and adventurous within the relationship. Sometimes this could lead to an argument, but they won’t be the ones making it up to you.

Aries or Sagittarius is the most balancing and compatible sun sign, which could balance out this fire sign. They will have several downfalls in love marriage, but if their love is true, things will eventually turn out well.   


6. Virgo

They are associated with the planet of intellect and communication, Mercury, which makes Virgo very strong-minded and critical at times. Moreover, this Earth sign also wants his lover to possess a solid and intellectual personality. However, this makes it even more difficult for them to find a perfect match because they have high standards. This Zodiac usually goes for love marriage. Is love good or bad for Virgo? With a Taurus or Capricorn, it would be fantastic. 

7. Libra

Controlled by the planet Venus, it is most likely to have similar qualities to a Taurus. But the core element for this Zodiac is water. Venus makes it crave eternal love, and water allows it to mold its emotional ability with any situation. They are the people who will not easily fall in love, but when they do, they are head over heels for their partners. Also, they are very graceful in the reincarnation of their parent planet. But inner beauty is what would make them fall for a person. Zodiacs like Gemini and Aquarius could be their perfect partners.

8. Scorpio

For any Scorpion, love marriage is absolutely on the charts because they are the most romantic and “silly in love” partners you could get. Mars, being their parent planet, makes them passionate beings. So be it anything if they put their heart into it, they will make it work. So is love marriage terrible or suitable for them? A Scorpio paired with a Cancer or Pisces is what can make a love marriage work for this sun sign. 

9. Sagittarius

A Jupiter-governed Sagittarius is the most compassionate and beautiful being you will ever meet. A person’s inner beauty usually attracts them. In a relationship, their elemental power allows them to be kind and understanding to their partners. Their compatible partners would be Aries and Leo.

10. Capricorn

Saturn, the planet of passion and authority, rules over this earth sign. A Capricorn is responsible, ambitious, and independent. They are terrible at showing their emotions and feelings. Moreover, they expect their partners to be intellectual and passionate too. Is love marriage good for the Capricorn sun sign? This Zodiac conveys their love to the other person, which might finish off all their chances of marrying them. However, their compatible partners would be Taurus or Virgo.

11. Aquarius

Governed by Saturn, an Aquarius is passionate as well as logical when it comes to love. They could be head over heels in love with their partner and not listen to them if they are being impractical. They are independent and ask their partners to respect their privacy. Being courageous and intelligent allows them to have strong beliefs of their own. A Gemini or Libra would make a happy couple with this water sign. A love marriage would be a good one for an Aquarius.

12. Pisces 

Pisces are known to be the most emotional zodiac sign out of all the 12. This cardinal sign is ruled by Jupiter, which also makes it intelligent and humble to others. They respect their partners and expect the same from them. So why is love marriage better for a Pisces? They believe in loving unconditionally, making them perfect lovers for zodiacs like Cancer or Scorpio, as they know how to make their partners happy, so their marriages are usually exciting.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs):

1. What would be the benefits of love marriage for water signs?

Water signs are known for their calm and understanding nature. They will always make their partners feel respected and needed. However, when it comes to love, they are the most passionate signs and stay true to their commitments.

2. What advantages of a love marriage over arranged one?

As per ancient folklore, even gods preferred love over arranged marriages. Lover marriages allow you to know your partners in advance. It lowers your expectations too. Moreover, it breaks social barriers.

3. Love marriage benefits in astrology?

Astrology believes in making your pair with the best match available. Acknowledging your kundli stars and other celestial positions allows the astrologer to find you a compatible fit.

4. Which zodiac has a high chance of having a love marriage?

The zodiac sign that has high chance of having a love marriage are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius zodiac sign.

5. Will Pisces Natives have a love marriage?

Pisces natives are known to be extremely emotional and sensitive beings. These are known to be in search of love. Thus, we can say that the natives of the Pisces zodiac sign are known to have a high chance of love marriage.

6. Which planet is good for love marriage?

The planet that is known to be good for love marriage is Venus. Venus is known to be the planet of love i astrology. Thus, it is the planet that rules the aspect of love in an individual’s life as well. Having a strong Venus also indicates love marriage.

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