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5 Astrology Tips To Marry Your Soulmate

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Astrology Tips To Marry Soulmate

Am I marrying the right person? How can I improve my marriage Astrology? Tips for love marriage? Do you also have questions like these coming to your mind? Well Insta Astro is here to help you find answers by analyzing your and your partner’s zodiac signs to provide remedies for marriage with a desired person.

Marriage is a big decision and thus we wish and hope in every way possible for it to be with the right person to have a smooth future. An astrological analysis of both the partners should be done to avoid any future misunderstandings. Zodiacs tell us a lot about our personality. In similarity they tell us the compatibility, and also give us an insight about our future after marriage. Here are 5 Astrology Tips for marriage.

Love & Astrology

Marriage is considered to be one of the most life changing decisions that one could ever take. Therefore it requires to be taken very carefully with taking all the pros and cons under consideration as it is a lifetime commitment. Checking your and your partner’s compatibility will give you both a quick insight about your future together as a couple. 

Every Zodiac Sign has a destined match based on their elements. Most of the time similar elements go well with each other however this is not the case always as not all elements go well with each other. Some tend to form a recipe for disaster however others can guarantee love and success. Therefore the elements that go well together are:- 

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) go well with fellow Earth signs as well as Water signs. 

Air signs match well with fellow Air signs and also Fire Signs.

Water signs match well with Earth Signs.

Fire Signs are most compatible with fellow Fire Signs as well as Air signs.

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Heart In Hand

Finding Your Soulmate Using Astrology

Zodiac Signs apart from giving you insights can also help you with finding your soulmate. By analyzing your birth charts and dates we can predict if it is a good step going forward to marry. Here’s how you can find your true soulmate Astrologically:

  1. Finding your natal chart. It is the first and foremost important point in finding your soulmate as when you have it you can look up to the chart to figure out who you are most compatible with.
  2. Antecedent Connections play a vital role in the relationship as it is one of the sources of conflict or harmony and the depth of love. 
  3. Seventh House Compatibility is the most important for finding a soulmate. Once you find out your rising sun sign you can check your natal chart to find which sign you are most compatible with.
  4. Check for Sun and Moon contacts. There is a natural liking when one partner’s sun aspects the other partner’s moon.
  5. Look for a partner who’s degree of Mars and Venus is the closest to yours as they form the best of compatibility.


Important Planets And Houses For Love According To Astrology

According to astrology the main planets associated with physical relationship and marriage are 

  1. Venus: Venus rules the external reproductive organs of males and females and therefore is the ruling planet for marriage.
  2. Mars: Mars rules Lust, Aggression and Blood Circulation of a person
  3. Moon: Moon rules Emotion, Love, Imagination and alongside Mars it rules Lust 
  4. Saturn: rules usual Physical Inclination and Foreplay, also it takes under consideration Impotency
  5. Rahu: Rahu interests in Outcaste, Married Men and Women
  6. Mercury: Mercury rules Multiplicity, Flirtations, also along with Saturn Impotency

Our horoscope consists of twelve houses which in turn denotes various aspects of our life. There are three houses that are related to our marriage and love life. Them being

  1. The 5th house of our horoscope represents love and bonding within two individuals.
  2. The 7th house of our horoscope represents marital bliss and relationship happiness between two people.
  3. The 10th house of our horoscope represents our past life and its karma.

All these factors help us determine our connection with our soulmate. 

Planets And Houses

5 Astrology Tips To Marry Your Soulmate

If for you the word soulmate means someone who cares for you, loves you deeply, and nurtures the bond you share; soulmate is someone with whom you see growth and have a sense of security. Here are some combinations to have a life filled with Love, Laugh and Laughter with your partner.

  1. Having Venus or Jupiter in the 7th house alongside Venus in the 12th house brings immense happiness and pleasure in marriage.
  2. 7th house lord placed in trines gives blessed married life with tons of enjoyment.
  3. In D9, if Venus is placed in trines or in the 12th house with itself or friendly signs, it is a sign of marrying your soulmate
  4. If the 7th house lord goes to the 9th house with the 9th house lord on it, this denotes that your spouse will bring luck and enjoyment.
  5.  If the 7th house lord and Venus are placed within stable earth signs, it represents enjoyable married life.

These are some of the key points that enable a happy married life and in turn terms their partners to be soulmates.

New Married Couples Shaking Hand

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. God to worship to get married soon?

Girls to worship goddess Parvati whereas boys to worship Lord Shiva to get married. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are the emblems of eternal love.

2. Which planet is good for marriage?

Planet Venus and also Jupiter are the ruling planets for marriage and love.

3. Which Shiv mantra to use to marry desired person?

The Shiv mantra associated for marriage is ”Om Gauri Pati Mahadevay Mam Ischit Var Shigra Atishigra Prapti Artham Gaurayee Namah”. Chant this mantra for 21 consecutive days.

4. What is the importance of Venus in love marriage?

Venus governs love and marriage and it falls responsible for the success or failure of one’s marriage.

5. What house shows your soulmate?

The 7th house of horoscope is related to our soulmate and marital life.

6. Who is Pisces soulmate?

Known common soulmates for Pisces are Taurus, Virgo and Cancer.

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