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Don’t Date These Dangerous Men 

By November 25, 2022December 4th, 2023No Comments
Dangerous Men

When trying to win you, men can be the best gentlemen. They might show themselves to be highly affectionate, kind, and loving. However, they may change over time. You might have heard of the term “nice guys”. Nice guys are often people who portray themselves as the right person to opt for in a relationship. In addition, they might even pity themselves to make other people like them more. However, these nice guys are some of the most dangerous people and are often not as lovely as they proclaim to be. 

If you’re looking to launch yourself into a dating pool, find out if your potential partner is a nice guy or if he is pretending to be one. 

Here are the five zodiac signs men who you should avoid dating at all costs: 


Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn men are dangerous because they deeply analyse how to hurt people. These men take time to plan their next move, which often involves emotionally breaking their partner. However, Capricorn men are pretty efficient in showcasing themselves to be highly valued and lavish. Their lifestyle, expenses, mannerisms, and even profession make them look rich and charming. But you should see more than just what’s on top. Sometimes there’s a lot more going on than what you can see. These men will woo you with their wit, charm, and personality but will end up hurting you if you invest your emotions in them. These men enjoy toying with people’s feelings and find it fun to make other people upset. 

If you’re wondering why this Capricorn man is still single, they don’t believe in committing to someone. These types of people enjoy putting up a front where they portray themselves as humorous so that people fall into their trap. If you find yourself falling in love with a Capricorn man, run away as fast as you can, and don’t look back. These men will ruin your life, and it’s not worth it. 



Angry, temperamental, and ruled by Mercury, Leos are highly attached to their mothers and are huge people pleasers. Through their people-pleasing personality, they can quickly discover other people’s strengths and weaknesses. Through this knowledge, they are further able to hurt people by hitting where it hurts. Often Leo men will make comments which will hurt you gravely, and you will not be able to overcome this pain. Moreover, because of their intense desire to please their mother, they often end up hurting their partner. Leo men love to talk to their mothers regarding their love life, and they are not loyal to their partners. Most of the time, your Leo boyfriend says they love you and care for you, but it might not be accurate. 

Usually, these men pretend to be loyal to you and fake concern and love. However, it would be best if you did not trust their intentions. It is advisable to stay cautious in terms of what they say because these men are crafty with their words and intentions. Besides this, these men involve their mothers in every aspect of their relationship. Therefore, beware of these men, and stay away from their sweet words. 

Angry Man


Scorpio men fall under the planet Mars and are jealous of everybody in their life. These people are highly ambitious and don’t like other people stealing their limelight. For them, they’re the centre of the Universe, and nobody else comes to par. Likewise, they’re the same in their relationships, and you will struggle to feel important. In addition, Scorpio men believe themselves to be more critical than others, and they have no regard for other people and their problems. Also, they can hold grudges like nobody else, and they will treat you poorly if you make any minor mistake. 

However, Scorpio men build dream castles with every new person they meet. These people are eager to get married and are always looking for someone to settle down with. They often portray themselves to be highly loving, warm, and wholesome. But, they are mostly the opposite of it. At first, they will show themself to be a “nice guy”, but over time, they will show their true colours. So, you should know that when you start dating them, they’ll make up everything about themselves, and you won’t get any chance to express your emotions. So, lastly, don’t cross paths with these men. 

Jealous Man


Jupiter rules Sagittarius people, and these men are known for their hot-headedness and anger. Sagittarius men tend to lose their calm over minor things, yet they are never serious about their partner’s concerns. These men are always childlike, and they never get serious about anything. These people are not supportive as a partner, and you will never receive emotional help. These people will get angry quickly in any situation, and you will find yourself focusing on them rather than yourself or the problem at hand. Their temper is their worst quality, and they will always feel insecure and weak. 

In times of need and advice, these men will make you feel powerless and helpless because they will focus on themselves rather than on you. Their useless anger will make things very difficult for you, and you will feel trapped. This trap will make you feel worse about yourself and negatively affect your mental peace. So, when you come across any Sagittarius man, stay as far away as you can.

Anger Man


Manipulative and clever, Aquarius men are ruled by the planet Uranus and are some of the worst men to date. Aquarius men are not just dangerous but are also quite challenging to be with. When in a relationship, these men will make you feel like you’re not enough, and you will question your self-worth. These men love to manipulate their partners in ways which will benefit them emotionally. For example, these men will twist their words and sugarcoat their actions to make you feel like you’re the wrong one. 

Also, these men will use you for what you offer, and you will feel drained and empty by the end of the relationship. So stay far away from these men, and protect your mental peace at all times. 


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