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Venus: Astrological Planet of Love and Luxury

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Venus Planet

Venus is also known as the Planet of Love in astrology. This planet is known to be the planet that rules the love aspect of an individual’s life. However, Venus also tends to look over other aspects of life, which includes the health and finances of a person as well. In astrology, there are 9 planets which are placed in 12 houses of an individual’s kundli. The placement of these planets tends to decide if the individual will lead a comfortable and luxurious life or if they will have to suffer.

As planet Venus looks over the aspects of love and relationships in one’s life, a strong Venus can make one get lucky in love. However, on the other hand, a weak Venus can make an individual have a struggle and problematic love life. Let us now explore more about the planet Venus in astrology and how it affects the life of an individual. 

About Venus 

Venus, or Shukra in Hindi, is the astrological planet ruling all the finer things in one’s life. Whether it be the lifestyle one chooses, the kind of high-paying job one wants, or the loving partner one desires, this is the planet to appease. Venus governs the flow of abundance or the lack thereof, making it a planet responsible for material comforts.

It is also the planet which rules talents like musicians, dancers and other creative artists. Seeing the major effects this planet has on one’s life in the earthly or material world. Knowing about it helps improve its positive effects. 

Interesting Facts About Astrology Of Venus

  • Venus is a feminine planet. 
  • Venus rules the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. 
  • Venus rules the ‘Heart Chakra’ or Anahata’.
  • Venus is said to be the son of Rishi Bhrigu as per Vedic Astrology. 
  • Venus or Shukra is also considered the teacher of Asuras. 
  • Venus is the one that determines ‘Fame And Wealth’ for artists. 
  • Venus is responsible for good family life and relationships with partner/s. 
  • Venus is considered positive with Saturn, Mercury and Rahu.
  • Venus is considered to be hampering with Moon, Sun and Mars
  • Venus rules places of artistic and worldly pleasure like art galleries, theatres and amusement parks. 

Mental Effects

Venus is responsible for feelings of love and relationship. Mentally it is responsible for self-love and nurturing one’s own talents. It also governs a person’s relationship with their material world. How secure or insecure they feel about their material gains is ruled by this planet. People with a good placement of Venus will not be overtly materialistic. They will be social and kind.

They will have good friends and great relationships. Consequently, a hampered Venus position can lead to a person becoming too caught up in materialistic pursuits, prone to domestic violence, constantly in need of money and causing trouble with friends over financial issues. 

Career And Personal Life 

Venus placement spells magic for the ones in any kind of artistic venture. People who pursue and gain fame through artistic talents have a strong placement of Venus. It encourages politeness and is also good for people who want to be negotiators or facilitators. This planet also governs looks; hence such people have pleasing looks and demeanor, making them great models and TV hosts.

It is also the planet which inspires creativity and expression hence professions like fashion, design, and media come under its influence. Such people are also easily impressed by expensive things in life and are swayed by luxurious cars, expensive homes and gifts. Personally, Venus affects married life and relationships. In men, the placement of Venus shows how beautiful their wife would be and how the married life will take its course. A bad placement of Venus can lead to anxiety in personal life and financial issues in the professional life with less chance of growth and a lack of new opportunities. 

Easy Methods to Appease Venus

  • Wearing shining white as well as shades of pink is considered good for appeasing Venus. 
  • Respecting one’s partner is considered a great way to support Venus. 
  • Developing and immersing oneself in any artistic activity such as singing, dancing, sketching, and such improves one’s Venus effects.
  • Worshipping the Divine Feminine (Goddess Lakshmi or Devi Durga or little girls) can help with improving Venus in the charts. 
  • Wearing white diamonds in platinum or zircon in silver can also help with the astrological effects of Venus. 

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There you have it, folks! This was all about Planet Venus in astrology. The planet Venus is known as the planet of Love in astrology as it rules river the aspects of Love, sexual desire and spouse in an individual’s life. Having a strong Venus is known to bless the individual with prosperity and luck in the love aspect of an individual’s life. However, on the other hand, a weak Venus can affect the relations an individual has with their family and spouse in a negative way.

However, there are a lot of ways in which one can reduce these negative impacts of Venus in one’s kundli. To know more, you can talk to expert astrologers on InstaAstro’s website. The astrologers there will help you find solutions and answers to all your problems and questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Who is the ruling Lord of planet Venus?

The ruling deity or Lord of the planet Venus is Goddess Lakshmi.

2. How long is Venus mahadasha for?

The mahadasha of Venus is known to be a period of 20 years. During Venus Mahadasha, an individual gains love beauty, compassion, luxuries, and enjoyment in their life.

3. In which signs is Venus strong?

The zodiac signs in which Venus is considered strong include the Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. It is also known as Venus owns these two zodiac signs.

4. In which house Venus is weak?

In Vedic astrology, Venus is considered weak when placed in the 6th, 12th and 8th house of an individual’s kundli.

5. Which house is considered strong for Venus?

The house that is considered to be the most auspicious for the placement of Venus includes the 7th house of an individual’s kundli.

6. What does Venus represent in astrology?

In astrology, the planet Venus is known to represent the relations an individual will have with their spouse and partner. Moreover, it also tends to represent values, finances and material possessions

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