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Moon: The Astrological Planet Of Mental and Emotional Peace

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Moon is considered as the Astrological planet of Mother (nurture and care). This astrological planet is responsible for the sensitive and motherly side of a person, but apart from that there are many other aspects of the Moon that make it an important and influential planet for astrological charts.

Interesting Facts About Astrology of Moon

  • The Moon is the central planet to many calculations and prediction methods. 
  • The Moon is considered a Feminine planet. 
  • Moon is the Lord of Cancer Zodiac Sign.
  • Moon affects the peace of mind and feminine aspect of a person. 

Mental Effects 

Moon affects all feminine and nurturing aspects in an astrological chart. Mentally, a good Moon will showcase a great imagination, fluent speaking skills, and good memory in the person. It also affects the development of a child’s faculty and good mental health. For people with a bad position of Moon in their charts, the first effect is temperamental attitude. They may also have trouble speaking their mind and expressing emotions making them feel lonely and unheard. 

Career And Personal Life

Career fields related to care and nurturing like hospital, home-care, hospitality and similar are also determined by Moon. As this astrological planet affects liquids, careers related to sea and ships are also determined by this. As Moon is feminine in nature its positive placement is considered lucky for females in their astrological chart. Moon also represents a person’s early childhood, conception and motherly or caring nature towards their kids and other family members. In men it can also show indications of a good wife and homely environment. 

Easy Methods To Appease Moon : 

  • Keep fasts on Mondays.
  • Wear silver ornaments. 
  • Offer milk to Shivling on Mondays. 
  • Place peacock feathers in the house to improve the Moon in astrological charts. 
  • Donate white clothes or rice to gain improvement in the Moon. 

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