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Should You Consider the Zodiac Sign While Looking for a Partner?

By December 17, 2022December 4th, 2023No Comments
Kiara Advani And Siddharth Malhotra

Matching the groom’s and bride’s zodiac signs is not a foreign concept for us. We have often heard older people talk about how essential it is for one to check their compatibility with their significant other. However, the idea of dating or marrying someone just by considering their zodiac sign seems bizarre and old school. We all are guilty of searching ‘how is my life partner according to astrology? ‘Before you go on to think that this concept is for the older generation, we would like to tell you that. The fever of astrology can also be seen fanning out among Gen Z.

The wildest thing is nobody has ever questioned these claims. We all just subconsciously agreed to it. Have we not? We are sure you must have witnessed it, too, at some point in your life but did you ever contemplate why? Why are people so obsessed with having compatible zodiac signs? What is the idea behind matching these signs? In fact, what are these signs, and where did they come from? 

What does the term zodiac sign mean, and how does it help us?

To give a basic idea, the zodiac is a belt-shaped sky area that expands 8 degrees south or north of the ecliptic. Explaining it in a much simpler language, most people refer to this as stars forming different shapes in the sky. Sometimes in the shape of animals, sometimes in the shape of other things.

First, you must be aware that there are 12 zodiac signs. Each of the signs is named after a constellation the sun moved through while crossing the sky. There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology. one can determine which sign they fall under by matching their date of birth with the zodiac sign. The idea of the zodiac sign is to understand what the universe will be sending in our life according to the stars. It can also tell about the overall personality of a person according to the placements of certain planets in their chart. 

You should also know that astrology is different from astronomy. Astronomy is the study of the physics of the universe. Coming back to the topic of zodiac signs and do horoscopes really matter in relationships?

Zodiac Sign

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Understanding of zodiac sign

First, let us dive into the understanding of how you should be checking a zodiac sign. When you were born, or the moment you were born, the stars in the sky were in a specific and unique position. There are precisely 12 planets which are present in your horoscope, and each gives insight into your personality. So if you want to know about a person’s personality through zodiac signs, 

You should focus on the Big 3 in their horoscope. You might have exclaimed, “what are the big three now!” in your head. 


What are the Big 3 in the Birth Chart?

  • The sun sign
  • The rising sign/ascendant 
  • The moon sign 

The sun sign in the birth chart tells you about a person’s fundamental personality. It tells you about a person’s most dominant, noticeable and consistent traits. To make you understand it better, the sun sign basically tells you about how a person perceives the world. 

The rising sign, also often referred to as the ascendant, tells you about how a person presents themselves to the world. This ascendant sign is what people notice the first thing in you. It can also refer to the facade you show to people. The main contrast between the sun sign and rising is that while the sun sign tells you how a person perceives the world, the rising tells how the world perceives you.

Lastly, the moon sign tells you about the person’s emotional approach and how they are with their emotions. What they actually are underneath the mask they show to the world. Basically, it reveals the reality of the person. It reveals what the person really desires from his/her life and what their yearnings are.



Once you get an idea of these three signs, you will be able to completely understand and decipher whether or not the other is a good match for you or not. To do so, you will have to check in which zodiac each sign is residing. Let us take a hypothetical situation. 

Suppose your sun sign is libra, the rising sign is scorpio and the moon sign is Pisces. 

With your sun sign being in Libra, you are a natural charmer. As Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, this person is a passionate lover. The rising sign in Scorpio tells us again that you have a potent charm in your personality. A scorpion ascendant is also very adventurous and loves to take a risk. Did you know that the Scorpio ascendant is one of the strongest positioning in horoscopes?

The Moon sign in Pisces tells us that you are very emotional. You have great intuition, and you also have empathy in you. This situation tells us that this person has a desire for deep love and strong relationships. They love taking risks and love going on adventures. They also do well in the emotional realm as they are always in touch with their emotions. 

Now keeping these traits in mind, you might want to date or marry someone with signs complimenting you and not opposing you. Sure enough, you would not want to date or marry a person who does not like adventures, is not a big fan of taking risks, does not know how to be open with their emotions and is wholly numbed out to love. 

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Now to answer the original question, should you consider horoscopes while looking for a partner? Well, there is no one-word answer to this. So why, may you ask? You see, all this could support the idea of considering zodiac signs and horoscopes while looking for a partner. But there are people out there who marry their opposing characters and still lead happy lives. 

We believe it all boils down to making an effort for a relationship or for a person. While astrology can help one greatly in finding their ultimate lover, you should also be taking into account what your intuition is telling you. Intuition is a powerful tool a person can have. Do you have a person in your life with whom you want to explore the relationship or someone you want to marry? Then it is best and recommended to consult a genuine astrologer. You can talk to an astrologer with the help of the InstaAstro website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Do zodiac signs matter?

To some extent, they do matter. In reality, it comes down to what you want to believe in.

2. Do zodiac signs really matter in love, and which zodiac sign is the most romantic?

For some people, zodiac signs matter, while for others, it does not. It is a matter of personal choice. The most romantic sign is Pisces.

3. What are Chinese zodiac compatibility and Chinese zodiac matchmaking?

In the Chinese zodiac signs, it is believed that signs which are four years apart are compatible, whereas signs which are six years apart can clash.

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