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Remedies For Weak Planets – Navagraha

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Remedies For Weak Planets-

We all wish to live a fruitful and harmonious journey of life. One key element to be successful in maintaining your peace is to pay close attention to your Navagraha. As the name suggests, Navagraha is the 9 planets of Hindu Astrology. Navagraha is worshipped by the Hindus to overcome any hindrance and bad luck in life. The nine planets are- Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu. When your Navagraha is calm, you get to live a peaceful life. Moreover, it is beneficial for you to learn how to make planets strong. The following remedies for weak planets can help you grab maximum benefits in your life.

Remedies for weak Planets 

There are a variety of remedies for weak planets. Donating to the underprivileged, praying and praising Gods on different days of the week, maintaining a good diet and chanting all kinds of mantras are some ways to keep all your planets happy and strong. Fasting is a sacred as well as healthy remedy one for all planets. Fasting is as beneficial to your body as to your mind, soul and Navagraha. And there are many other ways you can appease your planets. 


Simple ways to strengthen Surya 

Sun is strong, dominating and has almost a parental energy to it. This dominating God is not hard to please. He listens to the heartfelt prayers of the people. If you are facing a diminishing desire to work and losing will and motivation, you should be aware of your Sun getting weaker. Surya or Sun is also Ravi. To please Ravi, you should wake up early before sunrise and pray to the rising sun while looking at him with your naked eyes. Making this your routine will give you positive energy to start your day as well. 

Simple Remedies for weak Moon

Remedies for weak planets – Moon. Moon brings out the sensitive and emotional side of you. You tend to get frequent mood swings and experience mental stress to perform any activity of the day due to the weak moon. You might have seen or heard about Chandra puja and mantras. Multiple easy remedies can help you strengthen your moon.

  • Donate and offer milk to Shivling.
  • Keep peacock feathers at home. 
  • Do not accept silver gifts or donations, it tends to weaken your moon.
  • You should chant moon mantras regularly.

Donate and offer milk

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Fix all your Mars (Mangala) problems

Fierce God, Mangala tends to affect marriages a lot. If your Mangal is upset, you will observe problems with your marital partner or if you’re single, you might not receive marriage proposals. The best cure to your Mangala ill-fixation is to worship Lord Hanuman. Besides this, you can also pray to lord Karthikeya. If you are able, you should also look into donating blood.

Lal Kitab Remedies for weak Mercury

Remedies for weak planets – Mercury. Mercury or Budha has four hands and rides on a chariot or Lion. Lal Kitab is a set of 5 books of Vedic astrology and palmistry which explains how specific positions of Navagraha in horoscopes also reflect in the lines of palms. Lal Kitab has all kinds of remedies for fixing and pleasing your planets. 

  • Panna stone or Emerald is an encouraging stone for mercury. Wearing emerald stones will help in keeping the mercury happy. 
  • Make sure to put on green clothes or pieces of jewellery. 
  • Chant Budha Mantras daily. 
  • Donate green dal and green clothes on Wednesdays as it is an auspicious day for Mercury. 

Lal Kitab

Please your Jupiter and Saturn

Remedies for weak planets – Jupiter. Jupiter (Brihaspathi) is the teacher of Gods and is constantly applauded in Rig Veda as it has the power of keeping planets in control. If you suffer from a lack of confidence, faith and concentration, this is a strong sign that your mercury is weak. People with upset mercury tend to be pessimistic, materialistic and spiritually bankrupt. Here is how you can keep Jupiter happy. 

  • Yellow is the colour associated with Jupiter. That is why adding turmeric to your cooking is beneficial. Donate yellow articles like clothes or food. Wear a yellow sapphire stone or jewellery with it.  
  • Keep your dietary habits vegetarian and worship a peepal tree.
  • Thursdays are important days for Jupiter. Worshipping and praising Lord Vishnu on Thursdays should be put in your weekly routine.
  • Chant the Guru Beej Mantra for clarity and keep a fast on Thursdays. 

Remedies for weak planets- Saturn. If you feel oddly restless or depressed, then the chances of your Shani being upset are high. Saturn or Shani is a powerful God who holds a lot of control over one’s Navagraha and humans tend to fear him. The first step to appease your Shani is to clear up all your unwanted clutter. Offering mustard oil and sesame seeds to Lord Shani while doing good karma is one of the best ways to keep him happy. Remember to chant Hanuman Chalisa at least once a day. 

How to make venus strong (Lal Kitab Remedies)

Venus or Sukra is the teacher of the Demons. He is depicted with four hands and rides on a chariot pulled by 8 horses. Some of the crucial materials which his hands hold are a staff, a rosary, a vessel of gold and the fourth hand is held in a mudra. If your eyesight is getting weaker or the slowness of your face diminishing, you need to work on pleasing your venus. A worsening financial situation is another sign of a weak Venus. Here is how to improve Venus

  • Donating is a noble cause. White materials like sandalwood, rice, clothes, flowers, silver, ghee, curd, sugar, etc. should be donated to a girl to please Lord Sukra. 
  • As white colour is very important to Lord Venus, wearing White-coloured clothes helps in making your venus strong. 
  • Cleanliness is the key to improving Venus. You should bathe in water that has added cardamom to it. 
  • Reciting Beej Venus will calm your angry Venus. 

Rice in Hand

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Easy ways to please your Rahu and Ketu

When someone feels troubled, they tend to blame their Rahu and Ketu the most. They are the most notorious among the lot. Do not panic. Pleasing both planets is not as difficult as it seems. Look into some remedies for weak planets. In, Hindu Astrology Rahu represents mischief and misconduct. There are effortless solutions to fix your Rahu. 

  • You should make it a habit to pray to Durga Mata wholeheartedly.
  • Donating black sesame seeds or black blankets to the poor will help you please Rahu. There are other commodities in association with Rahu like garlic which can also be donated. 

Ketu is mischievous and brings trouble when he’s weak. Just like Rahu, it is also part of an asura or demon. He has the tail of a serpent attached to his body. He is in depiction riding a vulture. 

  • You might have heard that Ketu resides in dogs. Providing food and treating them with respect will help you improve your Ketu. 
  • Worship to Lord Ganesha. Chanting mantras for Lord Ganesha will appease your Ketu. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):


1. Is there one remedy to please all planets?

Fasting is one remedy for all the planets. By fasting or eating less or consciously eating, we consume less negative and foul energy which results in easing up the Navagraha. Different days of the week are dedicated to different planets. Fasting is one of the best remedies for weak planets. Through fasting, you can attain contentment and purity. According to the days of the week, fast on Sundays for Sun and Moon, Tuesdays for Mars, Wednesdays for Mercury, Thursdays for Jupiter, Fridays for Venus, and Saturdays for Venus. You can even fast for other important Hindu days like Navratri, Mahashivratri, Purnima, Amavasya, etc.

2. What does Lal Kitab teach us?

Lal Kitab is the Vedic book of Hindu Astrology and Palmistry. It is a set of 5 books. You can find all sorts of remedies and techniques to please your Navagraha in it. You can get one for yourself if you have an inclination toward studying Astro-palmistry.

3. Are Rahu and Ketu always evil?

Both these planets are considered the most notorious planets. They are both part demons. One has the tail of a serpent and the other has the head of it. This does not mean that they are always evil. There are many ways to keep them happy and make your life peaceful.

4. Who is Brihaspathi? How to please him?

Brihaspathi is also Jupiter. It is the planet of luck and it brings growth with it. However, it is extremely important to keep your Jupiter pleased because it also helps in controlling Rahu. Some simple remedies include wearing yellow pieces of clothing or jewellery which has beautiful yellow sapphire stone. You should also pray to the peepal tree and Lord Vishnu.

5. Are there any Lal Kitab remedies for weak Mercury?

Lal Kitab teaches us to chant Budha Mantras daily to strengthen weak Mercury. Wear or keep a Panna stone with you all the time.

6. What to donate to appease Venus?

The colour white is in association with and likable by Venus. Hence donating white coloured materials and wearing white clothes pleases Venus. Additionally, Venus also prefers cleanliness, so cleaning up and clearing all the junk around you also keeps Venus happy.


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