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What happens when Venus is in the 7th House?

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Venus Planet

Every planet plays a different role when they are in different houses. Venus in 7th House in navamsa chart will affects many things, like marriage, relationships, and companionship. Moreover, people also call this planet the “Goddess of Love” as it brings love, desire, and happiness into your lives. Thus, this planet in the 7th House in a person’s zodiac sign, will help them have a joyful marriage. In addition, it also leads the person to have a fantastic life partner.

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Venus in 7th House Personality

Let us have a look at the characteristics that people having Venus or Shukra in 7th house come around to have. These are as follows: 

  • People with Venus in the seventh House are beautiful, and others are attracted to their looks.
  • These people can quickly get along with anyone. They are good friends, partners and family members.
  • People with Shukra in 7th house type of people are very polite. They are surrounded by positive aura.
  • These people never tends to get into any fights with anyone. They like peace.
  • People with Sukran in 7th house are also very supportive in nature. 

Family Members

Venus in 7th House Marriage

Marriage of the native is long-lasting. They will have a supporting and loving life partner and they usually have love marriage. They are filled with passion and love for their partner. Moreover, they have a great sex life and will have all the pleasure. But sometimes, the native tends to have an affair apart from marriage. However, they both lead a good marriage if they make efforts for their marriage to work—even the person who marries the male or female. Moreover, the natives having Venus in 7th house spouse appearance comes around to be very beautiful and admirable. 


Venus in 7th House Woman

  • The females with Venus in the 7th House are beautiful and admirable.
  • People are easily hypnotized by their appealing appearance.
  • These women tend to be the best life partners. Their love and affection for their partners make them unique. Moreover, Venus in 7th house marriage for female comes around to be quite lucky for them. 
  • They always tend to respect everyone and support them also.
  • People with Sukran in 7th house have beautiful sharp eyes, long hair, and a thin body shape.
  • The natives are the best mothers.


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Venus in 7th House Navamsa Chart

The navamsa chart is distributed into nine sections. Each section depicts the position of the planets. Also, when Venus stays in the 7th House in the Navamsa chart, the consequences vary from person to person. This chart is usually used during the time of marriage. People see the chart to predict the future life of a man or woman after marriage. People come to know about the roles they need to play after marriage towards their partners. In the end, the position of this plant in the 7th House helps you get the best life partner.

Navamsa Chart

Venus in 7th House for Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio Ascendant people tend to have the best relationship with life partners. In their entire life, they will not face any financial problems. Taurus converts into the 7th House for the Scorpio Ascendant. Moreover, Scorpions are always devoted to their work. People get many options to choose for their careers. They are a little bent toward their family and life partner. These people take care of their well-being very much. They like challenges and deadlines in their work life. Also, they are the main attraction of an event or situation. They balance their lives very well.

Scorpio Ascendant

Venus in 7th House for Virgo Ascendant 

Pisces converts itself into the 7th House for Virgo Ascendant. These types of person are lucky. These people are very knowledgeable about everything. They are soft-spoken and polite. Moreover, they quickly make lots of money because of their thirst to be successful. People around them love their company. They love to meet new people. They are eager to try new activities during intimacy which gives them satisfaction. These people are more concerned about their way of living. They tend to live luxurious lives. The natives also know how to gain trust of others and make them fall for them.

Virgo Ascendant 

Venus in 7th House For Taurus Ascendant 

Scorpio is the one converted into 7th the House for Taurus Ascendant. These people are beautiful and charming. Additionally, they are also very loyal and honest. They tend to give their love to one person for the rest of their life. A male, whose Venus is in the 7th House, faces problems related to their partner’s health. Moreover, these people get respect from others because of their behavior. Yet, partners have to face some hurdles in their relationships. 

Taurus Ascendant 

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Venus in 7th House Wealth

The natives are wealthy. These people don’t have to face any obstacles related to money. Their partners bring luck into their lives and hard work pays them a significant amount of money. You can see their wealth in their way of living. These people love to spend their money on luxury items. Thus, they tend to live a luxurious life throughout.

Money Notes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Do people whose Venus is in the 7th House have a love marriage?

Yes, if the people have Venus in the 7th House in their Navamsa Chart, they tend to have a love marriage. Also, Their marriage is long-lasting.

2. What happens when Venus stays in the 7th House of Taurus Ascendant?

The life of these people is full of joy and success. Again, there is one thing they must face: their spouse’s health. On the other hand, they also have a partner who supports and loves them unconditionally.

3. What remedies can lessen Venus's negative power from your Rashi?

People need to pray to Lord Vishu. On the other hand, you can give food to the white cow daily to decrease the negative effect of Venus from your Rashi. If you can’t do this then distribute food to needy people.

4. Do males whose Venus stays in the 7th House betray their partner?

Yes, when males who do not satisfy from their partner’s love. They usually get into extramarital relationships. However, this problem can be solved if both partners put some effort into their relationship. As a result, they can have a happy marriage.

5. What does Venus in seventh house spouse appearance be like?

The natives will have a very admirable spouse. Moreover, they will also have a long-lasting and fruitful marriage. However, there are chances of external affairs but in total we can say that they will live a happy married life and enjoy all marital bliss.

6. Will the natives having Venus in Seventh house have wealth?

The natives having Venus or Shukra in 7th house will come around to be very wealthy individuals. There are a lot of ways in which wealth will flow towards such individuals. Thus, the natives will come around to be wealthy individuals.

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