Taurus Today's Horoscope (25 September 2022)



Your Taurus love interest may have minor differences with their colleagues. They may also seem distracted and preoccupied. Your friend won't listen to your assurances, even though the problem may be resolved tomorrow. Make it known that you are available if necessary and move on to something else. This may mean that your beloved will have to accept this.


You may feel like your eyes don't believe it. Now is the time to look at what's missing in today's human race. You can see clearly and trust your intuition by drinking a cup of brewed tea or beta-carotene from carrots, apricots, and cantaloupes. You might be able to help others out of an unpleasant situation.


Your mood may be a little more reserved than normal. This is perfectly fine. You should not jump at every opportunity you find. You should instead look more critically at all possibilities. You should take the time to collect facts.


You'll feel the need to share how you really feel about your new friend. Although you are prone to hiding your true emotions, today's feelings may be more powerful than the most extravagant tokens of affection.


Your daily Taurus horoscope of the day states that today you will be going on a nature hike. Being a Taurus, you have always enjoyed nature and being surrounded by nature which is why every time when you manage to find the time to go on a hike or a new nature trail, you cannot resist the call of nature and you will definitely go on one.

Lucky items for you


Teal, Green


1, 8


F, N

Tips for you

Vedic Tip

You need to start trusting the people close to you.

Tips for Singles

Your friends will always have your back.

Tips for Couples

Seek therapy along with your partner if the past affects both of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panchang is a calendar used in Vedic astrology that helps the astrologers determine auspicious dates and periods to do essential activities such as travelling, business meetings and puja etc.
Panchang means panch(five) angas and the five attributes of Panchang in Astrology are Vaar, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana.
A Tithi is the time duration and it varies as per planetary situation. It is approximately of 19 to 24 hours.