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Mercury: Astrological Planet of Communication

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What Is Mercury

Mercury is also known as Buddha and as per its name in Hindi, it is the astrological planet responsible for intellect and communication. The person with a good position on Mercury is blessed with the ability to tackle difficult situations with ease. Mercury’s effects astrologically range from travelling to speaking in public, mathematical and calculative abilities as well as logic and imagination. There are however some intriguing facts about its origin and subsequent effect.  

Interesting Facts About Astrology Of Mercury 

  • Mercury or Buddha is said to be Moon’s son. 
  • Mercury is considered a balanced planet with both masculine and feminine balancing out. 
  • Mercury rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. 
  • Mercury is considered beneficial with Sun, Venus and Northern Lunar Node (Rahu). 
  • Mercury is considered afflicted with the Moon and Southern Lunar Node (Ketu). 
  • Mercury can be affected easily by other planets and is known to be ‘mutable’ or changeable. 
  • Mercury can also attract one to magic and occult science. 
  • Mercury rules places of travel, leisure and education; example airports, parks, libraries. 

Mental Effects

Mercury is astrologically responsible for intellect and communication, hence people with a good position on the planet are known for their smartness and good oratory skills. Such a person will have the ability to express themselves well in any situation while also understanding other people’s mental state. They will also have a great sense of humor and be described as witty. Unfavorable placement of Mercury can have debilitating effects on mental faculties. Additionally, such people may also be cunning and rogue. Weak Mercury affects a person’s psychic abilities.

Career And Personal Life 

People with good Mercury tend to do great in professions with academics or media. They can be good writers, mathematicians, skilled at languages, accounts or any such logic derived profession. They can also be good negotiators. Given that Mercury is responsible for travel, such people may get to travel quite a bit. Personally, Mercury indicates a person’s childhood and education. Mercury also sheds light on the kind of maternal relations(uncles) and sisters will one have. Interestingly, it is the ‘youngest planet’ or ‘Prince’ of the astrological system, it indicates youth in a person. Good placement of Mercury is also signified by youthful and healthy skin. In some natives it also gives a good voice. 

Easy Methods To Appease Mercury 

  • Wearing emerald or panna is favorable for appeasing Mercury. 
  • Wearing shades of green is also a good way to appease Mercury.
  • Washing new clothes before wearing them also works for improving the position of Mercury.
  • Paying respect to one’s’ feminine family and friends is important. 
  • Making donations on a Wednesday with pure intentions can also better Mercury in astrological charts. 

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