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What elements in your birth chart could lead to an “Extra marital affair”?

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Extra Marital Affair

Getting married is one of the most passionate and promising acts of love. We associate seven or saat pheras with saat janam (rebirths) in India. We still believe that if two people get married, that’s been done for the other seven upcoming lives. But at times living with our partner despite how much we love them isn’t easy. There are deep, dark and dirty secrets about your partner having extra marital affairs. These secret relations of spouse could be because of their weakening nakshatras or malefic elements in their birth charts. InstaAstro is here to answer all your questions related to what elements in a person’s birth chart could lead to an extra marital affair.

Planetary effect on birth chart for an extra marital affair

It’s all in the stars! Yes, if you want to know how you got on the wrong foot and stepped into an extra marital affair. Any secrets related to extra marital astrology could be your planet’s fault. Then you should consult an astrologer. If you are still looking for a genuine astrologer, go to the online website of Insta Astro and make your choice without hesitation. So, now let’s begin with the planets first!

1. Mercury

Mercury is the planet of conversation and always knows how to break the ice. As a result, if these people are in a flirtatious kind of mood, they will sway you away. Moreover, the planet blesses its natives with exquisite looks. So, it works like a charm on the other person. Suppose they are not satisfied with their current committed relationship and feel stuck. Then they might find ways to feel alive again finally.


2. Mars

Mars is a planet of desire and sexuality. It provides the natives with high sexual energy. This planet in your birth chart often leads to having more than one sexual partner. But these energies are also controlled through various mantra jaaps and meditation regularly.

3. Venus

Venus is the planet of beauty and love. It over showers the natives with beautiful features and a heart filled with affection. It is also said that Venus people become more attractive as they grow old. They are excellent listeners and healers of all the other zodiacs, but there are certain things they also want to share at times. If they are not entirely comfortable speaking their heart out to their partners, they could get involved in an extramarital affair.


4. Rahu

Rahu is the most malefic planet. It creates confusion, fear, anxiety and cheating. However, it could be on a momentary basis on your birth chart. But during that also, it will make your life a living hell. This planet is known to clog your decision-making and lead you to create trouble for yourself. Even if you are in a happy marriage, a strong Rahu could create doubt in your mind and make you go outside your marriage to have an extra marital affair.

5. Moon

Although the Moon is directly related to tranquillity and poise in your life, if the planetary position of the Moon is weak, then it could lead to opposite results in your life. For example, you could have fights and arguments over menial things with everyone. Even in your marriage, you would find ways to break the bond and indulge in some secret affair.


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Houses leading to an extra marital affair

Like these mentioned planets, there is a particular set of houses too, which might lead you into a secretive affair. Extramarital affair meaning are actually hidden in the opacity of these specific houses in your birth chart. Read till the end to know all the details about each malicious house.

1. Third house

The Third House is all about the mind and its functioning. It could clearly lead you to the top of your game and make you fall down badly. This house gives you the courage to go as per your will without caring about the consequences. If in a malefic state, it could destroy your marriage.

Extramarital affair

2. Fifth House

The Fifth House is all about getting romantic relationships. This house determines what kind of person you will date, marry, or feel close to. Moreover, reading could tell whether you are most likely to cheat your partner. Unfortunately, this house is also responsible for hurting you by expecting too much from your partner. As a result, you may punish them by going for an extra marital affair.

3. Seventh House

The Seventh House governs the functioning and desires related to your sexual organs. So, a strong seventh house in your birth chart could mean having too many sexual desires. In this case, you might not find the idea of one single partner for a lifetime too appealing. So, breaking the social norm could lead to an affair or a sexual fling.

Extra Marital Affair

4. Ninth House

The Ninth House is all about being loyal and faithful to your partner. No matter if you are in a committed relationship or marriage, you will give 200 %. But if the house is afflicted, then the entire scenario is drastically changed. You may be afraid of being in a committed relationship. Moreover, if you are in one, you are already finding ways to slip out of it secretly.

5. Eleventh House

The Eleventh House is majorly all about procuring something in life. Moreover, this house is least likely to put you in a secret affair. So 11th house extra marital affair is an exception in which if there are other provoking factors like a strong Rahu, then there’s a possibility of it happening.

secret affair

6. Twelfth House

The twelfth house is all about seeking sexual pleasure. It associates with the sexual positions you might love. Moreover, it defines how far you could go to achieve that orgasm in the first place. So, if you are not happy with your sex life, that is directly going to affect your relationship. You will seek someone who could satiate your sexual hunger; this could lead you into multiple sex affairs at one time.

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You can handle all the astrological information. However, in case of any confusion, feel free to contact our InstaAstro astrologers. They are happy to help you with everything. Moreover, you could join our live sessions on Instagram for free and put up your queries over there. They would also talk about remedies to solve any extra marital affairs of the spouse or any troubling situation in your marriage. Finally, visit the official website for all the updates.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. What does an extra marital affair means?

When someone is making sexual relationships with people outside of their marriage, then it is called an extra marital affair.

2. What are the remedies for husband extra marital affairs?

The easiest thing you could do is to light a cube of camphor in your bedroom. Camphor has its medicinal and Vedic properties.

3. Where could I find genuine astrological help?

InstaAstro offers you genuine and experienced astrologers who will give you detailed answers to your every need.

4. Could I suspect an extra marital affair from a cusp person's birth chart?

Yes, reading these factors and aspects of having an extra marital affair as per your birth chart could easily be detected even for a cusp person.

5. Do remedies for extra marital affairs change with the position of other subordinate planets?

Not majorly, there could be a slight change in the day on which you could perform the totka or remedy for it, but the process remains quite the same.

6. What would be the benefits of extra marital affairs?

As such, there are no benefits, but if it turns down something i.e. more life-threatening.

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