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Virat Kohli Kundli Analysis: Unveiling the secrets of his Success

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Virat Kohli

InstaAstro welcomes you to another blog where cricket meets astrology. If cricket is what fuels you, then you must know that Virat Kohli is more than just a cricketer. Can you imagine how a 34-year-old batsman has taken the cricket world by storm with just his determination, passion and fiery spirit? Seeing him on the ground hitting sixes and fours back to back, you must have wondered what makes Virat Kohli tick. What is the secret behind his unstoppable success streak? Folks, you don’t need to juggle your mind as InstaAstro has answers to your confusion. The answer may lie in the stars. Yes, you read that right. We are here to discuss today about Virat Kohli kundli analysis. 

Dubbed as ‘King Kohli’, he has cemented himself as one of the topmost cricket players in the world. From breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s record of making the fastest 10,000 runs in the ODI to hitting the fastest 20,000 runs in international runs, this man is unstoppable. So, please fasten your seat belts, as InstaAstro will take you today on an astrological adventure and will unravel the mysteries of Virat Kohli kundli and discover the reasons behind his success. 

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Virat Kohli Birth Details  

Don’t forget to grab your popcorn this is not just a typical kundali analysis. In today’s blog, we will explore the impact of his sun sign, the significance of his planetary placements and much more. He was born on 5th November 1988 and Virat Kohli birth time is 10:28 AM. 

  • Date of Birth: 5th November 1988
  • Day of Birth: Saturday 
  • Place of Birth: Delhi, India 
  • Ascendant: Sagittarius 
  • Birth Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni 
  • Rising Nakshatra: Moola 

Virat Kohli

The Virat Kohli Effect: Unpacking Virat Kohli’s Scorpio Traits! 

Virat Kohli, ex-captain of the Indian cricket team, was born on 5th November, making him a Scorpio. In other words, Virat Kohli’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. The natives of this zodiac sign are known for certain personality traits, such as passion, determination and intense focus. These qualities undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Virat Kohli’s career. 

  • Passionate and Driven 

Scorpions are brimmed with intense passion and drive; Virat Kohli is a prime example. No one can deny his passion and love for cricket. Throughout his career, Kohli has been through several setbacks, but his passion helped him overcome all the challenges that came his way, and he came out even stronger every time. 

  • Fearlessness

Scorpions are not the ones who are afraid of taking risks and facing the consequences, come what may. Instead, they are the ones who are famous for their fearlessness and their willingness to take risks. King Kohli being a true Scorpion, never shy away from taking risks. Whether it is leading his team to victory or wearing his heart on his sleeve and speaking out on social issues , his fearless attitude sets him apart from the others. 

  • Emotional Intelligence 

Do you know that the zodiac sign Scorpio tops the list of those with emotional intelligence and intuition? And being a Scorpion, Virat Kohli has these traits in abundance. With his emotional intelligence and deep understanding of the game and his teammates, he leads the team with empathy and compassion.

  • Natural Charisma and Sense of Humor 

If you think that Scorpions are all about focus, passion and determination, then you could not be more wrong. The natives of this zodiac sign are famous for their charisma, sense of humour and playful nature. But, of course, being a Virat Kohli fan, we don’t need to tell you about his sense of humour. Virat Kohli knows how to keep things fun and relaxed off the field with his light-hearted banter. Wouldn’t you agree that Kohli’s charm and personality have also helped him become a successful brand ambassador and an inspiration to millions of fans worldwide?

Virat Kohli

  • Resilience 

Being a Scorpion, Virat Kohli has honed the craft of bouncing back from setbacks. Kohli’s career has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but he always succeeds in overcoming his obstacles and has come out even stronger. His resilience has helped him deal with the pressures of being a professional cricketer, and his ability to stay focused and motivated has been instrumental in his success.

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The Virat Kohli Effect: How Virat Kohli Kundli Shapes His Leadership Skills

Folks, have you ever wondered what makes Virat such a great leader? Let’s take a closer look at Virat Kohli kundli and see how it shapes his leadership skills. 

  • Mars and Sun in Aries 

Both Mars and Sun are located in Aries in the Virat Kohli horoscope, which can bring a competitive spirit and a desire to be a leader on the field. However, Aries energy can also bring confidence, passion, and a strong sense of self, all of which are important qualities for a successful cricketer.

  • Mahabhagya Yoga

The Mahabhagya Yoga is present in Virat Kohli kundli. This yoga results from the placement of the 9th house’s ruler in the 5th house and the 5th house’s ruler in the 9th house. Saturn, the ruler of the ninth house, is positioned in the tenth house in Virat Kohli kundli, while Mars, the ruler of the fifth house, is positioned in the ninth house. The native benefits from popularity, money, and prosperity through practising this yoga.

  • Mercury in the 9th House 

In Virat Kohli birth chart, Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication, is situated in the ninth house. This planetary placement symbolises knowledge, education, and higher learning, which aligns with Virat’s drive to improve constantly. Therefore, he can make more informed decisions on and off the pitch because of Mercury’s placement in his house.

Virat Kohli

  • Saturn in the 10th House 

Once a wise man said that success is not a bed of roses. One must face obstacles in his journey and learn to overcome them. An inspiration to young players, Virat Kohli, has also gone through ups and downs in his career, and the credit should be given to the presence of Saturn in his kundali. 

Saturn, the planet of diligence and discipline, is positioned in the 10th house of Virat Kohli astrology, which is the house of career. Long-term, this placement has helped him succeed, but it has also brought him some ups and downs in his professional life.

Saturn’s influence can be seen in Virat’s disciplined approach to the game, his focus on fitness, and his consistent performance. On the other hand, however, Saturn can provide setbacks and barriers to career advancement, which Virat encountered at the beginning of his career.

Virat Kohli Kundli Analysis: How Virat Kohli Kundli Shapes His IPL Destiny!

IPL 2023 season 16 has just begun, and as one of the most successful and celebrated cricketers of all time, Virat Kohli will surely be in the spotlight again. It is evident from the kundali that a number of combinations of planets and houses have contributed to his remarkable success on the cricket field. So, in this section of the blog, we will explore the factors in his chart that could help him shine this IPL 2023 season. 

  • Favourable placement of Saturn 

Saturn’s placement in Virat Kohli kundli is advantageous for his career since it symbolises discipline, organisation, and hard work. Furthermore, Saturn is in the ninth house, which might represent an interest in learning and information. He can use this to stay focused and determined throughout the season and make wise judgements on and off the pitch.

  • Strong presence of Mars and Jupiter 

Virat’s career and profession are represented by the 10th house in his kundali, and Jupiter and Mars’s astrological placements in his house can significantly increase his cricket success. While Mars is linked to fitness, action, and competitiveness, Jupiter stands for luck and expansion. Virat’s drive for achievement and attention will likely be strong throughout the upcoming IPL season because both planets are in the 10th house.

For instance, under the strong influence of Jupiter, King Kohli scored 84 runs on 46 balls against MI. The match between MI and RCB wasn’t all about this, though. Along with this, RCB’s star player, Virat Kohli, became the first Indian to hit 50 half-centuries in IPL history. Don’t you think that this IPL season, the stars seem to be by his side? 

  • Jupiter in Pisces transit 

Jupiter’s transit through Pisces in 2023 will be advantageous for Virat’s kundali. His career may benefit from good fortune and prospects for advancement under this transit. For instance, this IPL season he was retained for Rs.15 crore by RCB team.

Furthermore, Virat is likely to see a revival of excitement and motivation this IPL season thanks to Jupiter’s favourable influence.

Virat Kohli


The strong planetary placements and transits seen in Virat Kohli’s kundali portend well for his performance in the IPL 2023 season. He is certain to be a powerful force on the cricket pitch once more since he has a strong drive for success, discipline, intelligence, and good fortune on his side. So, as fans, let’s sit back, enjoy the show, and watch Virat Kohli shine.

This was all about Virat Kohli kundali. InstaAstro also offers a Free Kundli Generator that can help you find out which planets are strong and weak in your kundli. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Virat Kohli zodiac sign?

According to Virat Kohli kundli, his birth date is 5th November 1988, which makes him a Scorpio. People born under this zodiac sign are famous for their competitive spirit and natural charisma.

2. What is the Virat Kohli moon sign?

Virat Kohli sun sign is Scorpio, and his moon sign is Virgo. People born under the moon sign are composed and polite in nature. Also, their curiosity and intellect mind is what keeps them afloat.

3. How much is Virat Kohli's net worth?

Virat Kohli has cemented his name in the list of best batsmen in the world. As per various published reports, Virat Kohli owns 900-1000 crores of net worth. His net worth is mostly from brand endorsements and match earnings.

4. What are Virat Kohli rashi and nakshatra?

Virat Kohli was born on 5th November 1988, which makes him a Scorpio. Kohli was born under the Uttara Phalguni nakshatra. The natives born under this nakshatra are most likely to achieve success and are inclined towards material possessions.

5. What is the first century of Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli stepped into the world of cricket with the Under-15 team. However, he made his first century in Kolkata against Sri Lanka, scoring 107 runs.

6. Who is Virat Kohli married to?

Renowned Indian cricketer got hitched to Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma on December 2017. The couple was blessed with a baby girl, Vamika Kohli, in January 2021.

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