Importance of Mars in Astrology

What does planet Mars mean in astrology? Here’s your answer: The Planet Mars, also known as Mangal Graha in astrology, is associated with aggression, sexual desire and arrogance. It symbolises actions and drives. A strong Mars can represent a favourable outcome, and a weak Mars can represent an unfavourable outcome that can affect our career and wealth. Mars also plays a vital role in astrology in defining a person's behaviour. Fire represents Mars, and its presence in the wrong House can affect one badly because of its strong nature.

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There is a question which is raised by people often that is; Who rules mars in astrology? Aries rules planet Mars.

Significance of Mars

Mars is represented strongly in Astrology; there are characteristics of the planet Mars in astrology, it can make the personality of a person attractive, and if the position of Mars is correct, then it can lead to many positive effects on health and the future, which will help one succeed in life. People who are strong will be filled with good values and later on it will leave a great impression on people. They have adequate administration quality and can easily manage any work with their leadership skills. It will fill people with enthusiasm and energy every time, which will help them maintain balance in their personal and professional lives. When Mars is strong, a decision made by people is always firm and considered adequate; it comes in with great success and happiness. These all are characteristics of the planet Mars in astrology.

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Bad effects of Mars in Astrology

If Mars is weak, then it comes with a lot of negative effect of planet Mars in Astrology. The weak mars symptoms are as follows-

A weak Mars makes a person suffer in every aspect of the field, and that too for an extended period; if it is not treated, it comes in with a lot of digestive problems and can make a person weak from the inside. Delays in marriage are also considered to be an effect of bad marks. Inefficient metabolism can also lead to obesity. A person may only work for a short time. A person may face accidents or piles, and a person may feel demotivated at all times. There can be a presence of Mangal dosh which can affect a person overall. It may depress a person all the time and can take a wrong step, which can be life-threatening. The person cannot perform any task successfully and happily.

Mars astrology remedies

There are many ways to answer our question, ''How to strengthen weak Mars lord ''?

You can find a powerful remedy for Mars which will suit you:

  • It is advised to recite the Hanuman Mantra and worship Lord Hanuman. It is said that they help people fight away from all the problems and act as a saviour to a weak Mars.
  • Donate sweets to needy people.
  • Visit temples more often.
  • Carry a red handkerchief or wear red.
  • Chant mantras on the advice of yogis.
  • Donate copper, gold and lentils.
  • Planting neem trees, as it is said that takes away all the negativity, is also a known part of Mars mahadasha remedies.
  • It is advised to do SAMPOON MANGAL VIDHI.
  • Donating blood is said to be the best remedy to treat weak Mars.

Do these remedies help answer the question ''How to strengthen Mars''?

Characteristics of planet Mars in Astrology

We believe Mars is the most potent planet; it represents masculine power and is named after the power of god; it plays an essential role in astrology about a person's way of behaving. It is said to be the most courageous, brave and confident. There are effects of planet Mars in astrology which can be dangerous to one as it can lead to failures in one's life. People may get qualities like getting angry quickly. On the other hand, people can become surgeons, designers and famous in any field they desire to work in. Mars is favourable to Leo and Aries; it may change its position after one turns 28. Tuesday is the best day to pray and the most helpful position for Mars in the 10th House.

Mars in 1st House

Natives whose Mars is in the 1st House will face problems in the family, but they will have a perfect professional life; they are going to work on many projects, and many opportunities are going to come their way, which will help them be successful. However, they are going to face a problem in settling down which can make it difficult for them to settle down and lead a happy life. They get bored quickly, which can lead to problems in their life; despite being highly practical, they get into fights which will put them in trouble. They can maintain balance in their life after much effort, but they give up when things don't work according to them.

Mars in 2nd House

People with Mars in their 2nd house perform exceptionally well in finance and take a lot of risks; their sole aim is to earn, which can be difficult for them in the future. They face problems in relationships because of their arrogance; they get into quarrels, leading them to be unrighteous and unlawful. They are kind by nature and would fight for the justice of needy people. They prioritise themselves first because they have faced betrayals in their life. There are chances of getting into a second marriage, and they may suffer from chronic diseases related to the lungs and eyes and, if not diagnosed or treated earlier, can injure their health. It will deprive you of love in your personal life, because of your arrogant behaviour. It is advised not to eat food which can cause acidity. Follow a healthy diet, practice meditation, and chant mantras to maintain relationships.

Mars in 3rd House

People with Mars in 3rd house are experts in communication, and they love to give their opinions on any issue they feel a need to talk about; in turn people get impressed by their attitude and way of speaking. They are expressive and have a lot of energy; they never say ''no'' to any opportunity they come across. They take challenges and resolve any conflict quickly. Although they may turn into dominating people while putting their opinion, which can be conflicting and might look forceful to another person, they can do well in the financial sector if they take risks to invest in the stock. They are lucky in terms of spouses and will have a wonderful family.

Mars in 4th House

People who have Mars in 4th House have extreme financial gains, they own a lot of property, and they have a strong financial sector, which will help them gain a lot of fame in the future. They have a curious and enthusiastic behaviour, which allows them to learn quickly. They are more attached to women and get moral support from them; they are bold and courageous and get a lot of support in their professional lives. The main reason they may fail is stress and anxiety. They shouldn't let fear hamper them because that would also attack them physically, and they shouldn't let ego or anger become a reason for conflict in relationships. Some strengths and weaknesses can help us know how a person in the 4th House will behave.

Mars in 5th House

People with Mars in 5tht House have a supportive nature, making them unique. They share a good bond with their family and never get into quarrels. They are calm and have unique attributes which make them loved by the most; they are not that fortunate in terms of wealth, their children have innate skills which make them unique too, and they have outstanding personalities. Their luck might not be that supportive, but they are expressive people and know how to convince anyone creatively. We advise them to balance their emotions and invest in meaningfulness that can provide them with something good.

Mars in 6th House

People with Mars in their 6th House might feel exhausted and need to work hard to get something. They put a lot of time into building what they desire; they have excellent analytical minds. However, they have a dominating behaviour, which is disliked. This attitude stops them from compromising their needs for others. However, they should listen to the advice of others and think about that again to derive meaning from the context.

Their negative trait is that they have an orthodox thinking, which can make them feel disappointed for once but later on, they will have to be open with their mindsets. If someone criticises them, they become angry, which can bring in conflicts.

Mars in 7th House

People who have Mars in their 7th house are stuck in past relationships and cannot be happy in their current relationship. However, after many hurdles, they get a good partner who understands them with all their heart, and they can connect easily because of their soul language, which conveys a lot instead of saying out much. They attain clarity in their relationship after getting into a physical connection; their sexual drive gets activated easily and may become a reason for an end of a relationship. Therefore, one needs to be careful with their relationship as it can bring many problems that hamper their mental peace.

Mars in 8th House

People who have Mars in 8th House have to undergo a lot of transformation and have to bear many consequences in terms of finance and their attitude towards life. They have quite a soothing and passionate mindset which can help to motivate people, they also have quite a creative mind, and they love to research; people like these fit into the field of psychology and scientific study. The flow of money will be good only when they work dedicatedly towards their aims and achieve goals. They listen to their gut feelings to help them be on the right track. They can sense what is good for them; they are pretty successful. In terms of relationships, they are lucky because we know them for their loyalty and transparency toward their partner. However, they suffer when their attachments get severe, and it isn't easy to come out of them. They just can't let go of people quickly.

Mars in 9th House

People in this House are blessed with the knowledge to know the difference between right and wrong; they have a strong sense of feeling that can help to connect them with others; they take part in many debates; their enthusiasm to achieve success in life plays a vital role in their life. They love being around people. They have a sexual relationship; they can quickly form good relations with people; they are humorous and are loved by people. They come up with unique ideas and have fascinating personalities. This house number is quite fortunate and can help them build a great future. However, they get rigid, which can be a negative factor and destroy their reputation in the professional sector; they see themselves first and don't like anyone raising a finger at them.

Mars in 10th House

10 th House is regarded as a house of achievements which helps one know what a person is going to do in the future. The 10th House is an indicator of power, financial success, and political position; this is the highest House of all, which can help in answering the questions. This House gives a clear picture of all our worldly requirements and what hurdles one might face while achieving them all. We see this House as a priority in terms of finance.

Mars in 11th House

This House is a symbol of friendships we are going to build with people, and this gives us insight into the problems one is going to face throughout or how easily one is going to make friends. They regard 11 as the most auspicious number, which can bring luck and wealth in life; it can also add colours to life if one remains careful in some aspects of life. Negative factors depend upon the person.

Mars in 12th House

This House symbolises losing attachments and is not considered a good house. People may not be regarded as fortunate in this House; they will lose their loved ones. They may face hard times in marriage and have chances of separation; they will be at a loss in the monetary aspects as well; they will face chronic disease which may or may not get recovered.

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Mars Enemy Planets According to Mangal astrology is Mercury. Mars is regarded as a planet full of temper, and there may be several enemies.

Mars Friendly planets are Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. These are regarded as friendly planets; and the rest come in the neutral category.


We get a piece of brief information about planet Mars or Mangal planet in English, how it works in a different house, and also how it can affect us if it remains weak; treating weak mars would require consistency towards what is advised by astrologers, all we need is to be aware of remedies and make chanting mantras our habit which can help one remain calm and peaceful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mars aspects one on the First House, the Second on the Fourth House, and the Third on eight planets.
Planet mars or mangal grah in astrology is known for its temper. Following specific Mars remedies mentioned above can help one make their Mars strong. The most potent remedy for Mars is worshipping Hanuman ji on Tuesday. In addition, you can chat with an astrologer from InstaAstro to receive specific remedies.
Mars is not always beneficial; it can protect one from diseases, but it brings in a lot of conflicts and temper.
Strong mars benefits will bring in a lot of prosperity and wealth and can make way for a bright future.
According to astrology, the element of the planet Saturn is Air. The ruling deity of Saturn happens to be Yama and the lord of this planet is Lord Shiva.
Yes, Mars is the warrior planet. This planet is known for its fiery energy and powerful influence.
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