Jupiter - The Expansive Planet In Astrology

Jupiter in astrology, represents expansion, growth, abundance and fortune. In a Kundli, planet Jupiter, also called the Guru Graha, indicates how a person gains knowledge, witnesses luck, and works towards progress. It is the largest planet that exists and is also related to interests in spirituality, philosophy and higher education. Let’s read more about it ahead.

Key Characteristics of Planet Jupiter

We have just got a basic understanding of the planet Jupiter. Now, let us see the key characteristics associated with this adventurous planet, Lord Jupiter in the table below.

Key CharacteristicDescription
Time Period16
Enemy PlanetsMercury, Venus and Rahu
Friendly PlanetsSun, Moon and Mars
Ruling DeityLord Brahma
Exalted and Debilitated SignCancer and Capricorn
Associated ColourYellow, Shades of Orange, Saffron

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Impact of Jupiter On Zodiac Signs

The Guru Graha in English, Jupiter influences people through the zodiac signs they are born with. Let us see what happens when Jupiter visits different rashi or zodiac signs.

Jupiter In Aries Sign

Under the influence of Jupiter, individuals born as Aries become active, energetic, independent, and confident enough to face the world. With Jupiter in Aries, you will be target-oriented and someone who always has an eye on success. With a strong Jupiter, you will also earn well and grow your financial wealth.

Jupiter In Taurus Sign

As a Taurus, Jupiter brings you willpower, discipline and a focused approach. You will be seen making practical decisions at work. As a person, you will have strong principles in life, and you will not go against them at any cost. Moreover, Jupiter in Taurus indicates tremendous success and luxury comforts.

Jupiter in Gemini Sign

In the Gemini sign, Jupiter makes a person curious and represents intelligence and great communication skills. Moreover, a strong Jupiter in Gemini makes you a multi-tasker, and you take an interest in a lot of activities and subjects. You enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others.

Jupiter In Cancer Sign

Jupiter in Cancer sign makes you a family-oriented person, and you would not stand even a small joke made against your family. You are too sensitive and protective to talk about your close ones in public. All the hard work, discipline and progress you display at the workplace are only because you want to take care of your near and dear ones.

Jupiter In Leo Sign

As a Leo sign, Jupiter brings you an attractive personality. You never disappoint with your charm; your energy is enough to convince those around you. You have great leadership qualities and enjoy when all the attention is on you. They are very kind when it comes to contributing to noble causes, like underprivileged children, orphan homes, etc.

Jupiter In Virgo Sign

As a Virgo with Jupiter, your detail-oriented personality shines. During Jupiter’s visit, your analytical mind focuses on the right things and can bring great observations into any work you do. Moreover, you are dutiful and take your responsibilities quite seriously. A person like you will perform great at work that involves sharp listening and deep research.

Jupiter In Libra Sign

As a Libra in Jupiter, your quality of being fair or promoting justice in every situation intensifies. In the presence of Jupiter, you will do anything to bring harmony, togetherness or convince a bunch of people to come to an agreement in any given case. Moreover, you highly value your friends and family at this point in time.

Jupiter In Scorpio Sign

Jupiter in Scorpio brings you a powerful and disciplined personality. Every effort that you have put-in till now into a single project will give you great results. Thereby bringing immense wealth as you slowly progress in your professional journey. Under Jupiter’s presence, your emotional and mental strength will bend success towards you.

Jupiter In Sagittarius Sign

Jupiter ruling planet of Sagittarius, enhances your adventurous spirit. Your confidence to take risks and turn to new experiences will increase to a great extent. Under the presence of Jupiter, you must listen to your curiosities as they will lead you to accomplish your goals. This, in turn, will bring you close to attaining success and wealth through unique means.

Jupiter In Capricorn Sign

Jupiter in Capricorn sign brings you discipline and encourages you to dreams and goals, which are practically possible. However, you also know that these goals are not easy to accomplish right now but will give you great results in the long term. So, you take tiny steps every day towards progress and, in turn, wealth generation.

Jupiter In Aquarius Sign

Next is Jupiter in Aquarius. Here, Jupiter brings your curious and innovative mind to be very active. Some of you have a vision to bring about change in the world, and this will surely be fulfilled if you keep working hard in the presence of Jupiter. You are likely to follow a career path that is noble, but your family might find it unrealistic.

Jupiter In Pisces Sign

Jupiter ruling planet of Pisces, influences you to take a deep interest in spirituality and philosophy. Moreover, in the presence of Jupiter, attaining higher education will be of great importance to you. Here, you will be more compassionate towards people and empathy inside you will shine through your charitable acts.

Impact of Jupiter On Different Life Areas

Jupiter planet astrology indicates that the presence of Jupiter graha can impact different areas of life, such as marriage, love, career, health, finance, and personality. Let us see what happens in different life aspects under the influence of Lord Jupiter.

Jupiter Impact On Love

Jupiter brings togetherness and happiness in love. In a love relationship, you can expect that your lover will understand your wishes and desires. On top of it, he or she may respect your private space, assuring love that lasts. Those who are single can find someone who will understand you, calm you down and support your emotions.

Jupiter Impact On Marriage

Jupiter's strong position in a Kundli is key to a happy married life. Married couples marked by Jupiter experience mutual respect, growth, and shared responsibility. Moreover, someone who is looking for marriage will get an understanding partner, ensuring that disagreements are resolved and married life goes smoothly.

Jupiter Impact On Career

As Jupiter is the planet of good luck, one can experience immense success in their professional life in its presence. It brings great knowledge, wisdom and moral values to the natives and is an indicator of higher education. Thereby promising highly regarded career fields, particularly law, academics and consulting.

Jupiter Impact On Finance

Jupiter is the karaka of money or wealth; hence, this expansive planet promises great financial growth. It marks great business deals, high returns on long-term investments, and high-paying jobs. Moreover, if Jupiter gets strong in your horoscope, long-due loans and debts will also be cleared.

Jupiter Impact On Health

Jupiter alone is not an indicator of health, but in the presence of friendly planets, it definitely brings physical strength, fitness routine and strong gut health. However, if Jupiter is afflicted by its enemy planets like Saturn and Rahu, issues like diabetes, obesity, liver issues and memory loss can be noticed. Hence, keep an eye on your Jupiter graha.

Jupiter Impact on Personality

Jupiter characteristics astrology reveal that a person is disciplined, academic, intelligent, spiritual, and someone with high moral values. Jupiter's influence is possible if someone starts their day by worshipping a God’s idol daily and successfully doing things in routine. Such natives treat people with respect and love books on laws and politics.

Impact of Jupiter Based On Houses

Do you know that astrology can reveal the impact of Jupiter in different houses? Yes, each house in Kundli deals with different aspects of life and impacts individuals when Jupiter sits in one of the houses below:

Jupiter In Kendra Houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th)

Below is how Jupiter influences different situations in a native’s life when it sits in different Kendra houses, i.e., the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th.

  • Jupiter In First House promotes self-awareness and personal growth. It also brings positivity and confidence to a native. This, in turn, brings you closer to your goals.
  • Jupiter In Fourth House influences house, home and family life. Relocation or reconstruction of your house is indicated. Moreover, relationships with parents or kids improve.
  • Jupiter In Seventh House indicates a promising married life. You also get an understanding spouse whose support will guide you to progress.
  • Jupiter In Tenth House expands your career and public reputation. Leadership roles come your way, but beware of risky business deals. Enjoy happiness from mother, land, and vehicles.

Jupiter In Trikona Houses (1st, 5th and 9th)

Here are the Jupiter impacts on life when it meets different Trikona houses, i.e. 1st, 5th and 9th.

  • Jupiter in 1st house is covered already.
  • Jupiter In Fifth House makes a native kind and giving, especially with kids and partners. Here, natives love learning and excel in the entertainment industry.
  • Jupiter In Ninth House attracts you towards higher education, travel and connecting with foreign cultures. Relationship with father also improves.

Jupiter In Upachaya Houses (3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th)

Read about the impacts of Jupiter on different Upachaya houses, i.e., 3rd and 6th. 10th and 11th below.

  • Jupiter In Third House enhances communication skills and brings mental stability. You also desire to gain more knowledge about the world by travelling.
  • Jupiter In Sixth House promotes progress in professional and personal life. You are also able to win over competitors and avoid the enemy’s evil plans.
  • Jupiter In 10th house is already covered.
  • Jupiter In 11th House gives you the willpower to follow your dreams and gain wealth. Relationships with siblings also improve.

Jupiter In Moksha Houses (4th, 8th and 12th)

Next, let us see how Jupiter influences Moksha houses, i.e. 4th, 8th and 12th houses.

  • We already about Jupiter in 4th house.
  • Jupiter In Eighth House attracts an individual to explore life mysteries through the occult. You will do things in secret and gain wealth through investment, property or partner’s income.
  • Jupiter In Twelfth House leads you towards detachment. Solo activities and behind-the-scenes works appeal to you. Spiritual and creative goals nourish your soul.

Jupiter In Marakasthana Houses (2nd and 7th)

Finally, we come to the influence of Jupiter on the Marakasthana houses, i.e., the 2nd and 7th houses.

  • Jupiter In Second House indicates great financial conditions. You are likely to own a property and practice polite behaviour with others.
  • Jupiter in 7th house is already covered.

Effects of Planet Jupiter

Wondering how to know Jupiter is weak or strong in your kundli? Well, there are signs that indicate if the presence of Jupiter is negative or positive. Let us understand Jupiter’s bright side (positive placement) and the dark side (negative placement).

The Bright Side of Jupiter

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is considered the "Greater Benefic" in astrology because of its generous and optimistic nature. When Jupiter is positively placed in your birth chart, it brings good luck, abundance, and opportunity.

When one witnesses the bright side of Jupiter, you may find doors opening for you, helping you achieve your goals and dreams. Creativity flows, and life seems filled with meaning and purpose.

The Dark Side of Jupiter

Jupiter's influence can also expand the negative parts of life - the dark side. When poorly aspected, Jupiter may make you overconfident, judgmental of others, and habitual to overindulgence or excess in money spending, intoxication, etc.

When Lord Jupiter is negatively placed in a kundli, you could struggle with restlessness, impatience, and a tendency to overcommit yourself by taking on more than you can handle. Jupiter's shadow side is arrogant, greedy, and lacking in follow-through.

Powerful Yogas Formed By Planet Jupiter

The effects of Jupiter change with the kind of planets it is interacting with (aspecting and conjunction). This, in turn, leads to the formation of Yoga ( powerful arrangement of planets) in a kundli or birth chart. Let us see the top Auspicious and Inauspicious Yogas formed by Jupiter.

Auspicious Yoga Formed By Jupiter

Here are the major influences of Auspicious Yoga Jupiter forms with different planets and offers strong Jupiter benefits.

  • Laxmi Yoga: When Jupiter joins Venus, it forms Lakshmi Yoga. It blesses the native with wealth, beauty and comfort.
  • Guru Chandal Yoga: The Guru Chandal Yoga is formed between Jupiter and Mercury. It makes one intelligent, learned and philosophical.
  • Gajakesari Yoga: The Gajakesari Yoga is formed when Jupiter conjuncts the Moon. This yoga gives a cheerful and optimistic personality, wealth, and success in life.

Inauspicious Yoga Formed By Jupiter

Here are the major influences of Inauspicious Yoga that Jupiter forms with its enemy planets.

  • Kemadruma Yoga: Kemadruma Yoga occurs when Jupiter is conjunct by Rahu and Ketu. This can cause difficulties in life and a lack of support from friends or family.
  • Mangal Yoga: Jupiter with Mars forms a Guru Mangal Yoga. It makes one short-tempered, egoistic and argumentative in nature.
  • Daridra Yoga: The Daridra Yoga is formed when Jupiter is aspected or conjuncted by Saturn and Mars. This leads to poverty, misfortune and struggles.

Powerful Remedies For Planet Jupiter

Do you know how to strong Jupiter in your horoscope? Well, there are remedies that you can perform to get Lord Jupiter’s blessings.

  • Remedy to ask Jupiter favours: Perform Jupiter-related mantras and rituals, like the Guru Mantra or Brihaspati Kavacham. These help enhance Jupiter's power and channel its positive energy.
  • Jupiter remedy for students: Wear yellow crystals, such as citrine or yellow topaz. The vibrant yellow colour is connected with Jupiter's energy. Carry these with you or place them around your home.
  • Jupiter remedy for career: Donate to charities or get involved in social causes, especially those related to education, philosophy or spirituality. Jupiter rules kindness, so giving back is a great way to honour its energy.
  • Jupiter remedies at home: Spend time expanding your mind through learning or teaching. Read books on philosophy, religion or law. Take a course on a subject that interests you. Offer to mentor someone or share your knowledge in your community.
  • Jupiter remedy for love: Worship Lord Vishnu on Thursdays. Travel to places of spiritual significance, like temples, ashrams or natural wonders.
  • Remedy to improve Jupiter’s position: Eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of whole grains, nuts, and fresh produce. Staying well-fed will keep your Jupiter strong.

Mythology Behind The Birth Of Jupiter

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Brihaspati in English - Jupiter was appointed as the mentor of all Gods due to his immense wisdom. Interestingly enough, he was born when Lord Brahma was creating the universe. During that time, Lord Brahma created seven rishis to help him in his creation of the universe by procreation (giving birth to child).

The seven rishis were Vashishta, Marichi, Pulastya, Pulaha, Arti, Angiras, and Kratu. A boy named Brihaspati (Jupiter) was born to sage Angiras. He grew up learning and mastering all four Vedas. He then performed Tapasya to Lord Shiva on the banks of the Prabhasha.

Lord Shiva was pleased and granted him a significant planetary position and appointed him as the “Guru of the Devas”. Thus, Brihaspati came to be known as Guru or Lord Jupiter. Since then, he looked after the spiritual welfare of the Devas in the heavens.

Why Jupiter In Astrology Matters?

Understanding and learning about Jupiter matters in astrology as it helps you measure your potential for professional success and progress in relationships. Moreover, it allows you to know your chances of travel and going abroad. Then, what does Jupiter represent in astrology? Well, here is where the significance of Jupiter in astrology lies.

  • Connection with Body parts: Jupiter rules over the liver, fat tissue, and arterial system. Strong Jupiter indicates good health and vitality. Weak Jupiter may cause liver dysfunction or obesity.
  • Physical appearance: Jupiter represents a tall, heavy build with a broad face and forehead. Strong Jupiter blesses the native with an impressive, dignified appearance and charming smile.
  • Diseases Caused: Weak Jupiter may lead to weight gain, high blood pressure or diabetes. Deficient Jupiter can cause liver problems, atherosclerosis or hypothyroidism.
  • Profession ruled by Jupiter: Jupiter favours professions like teaching, counselling, law and finance. Strong Jupiter indicates success in careers like professor, judge, banker or consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jupiter signifies growth, intelligence and spirituality. This planet is known to be lucky for people and carries a lot of significance, and it can change a person's life overnight.
Jupiter is strong in rashis - Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter influences knowledge and gaining education for these people.
Brihaspati planet in English - Jupiter in the 10th house could bring career success or promotion. Here, Jupiter rules philosophy, higher learning, religion, and long-distance travel. When Jupiter sits in a house in your birth chart, you may find luck or opportunity in that area of life.
Jupiter astrology indicates that Jupiter expands whatever it touches. So, in your natal chart, Jupiter illuminates your optimistic, open-minded, and adventurous qualities. You have a natural ability to see the big picture in life.
Jupiter is friendly with the Sun, Moon and Mars. Any aspect and conjunction of Jupiter with these planets form auspicious yogas like Laxmi, Gajakesari, and Guru Chandal Yoga.
Adopt powerful Jupiter remedies to strengthen Jupiter’s position in your horoscope. For example, practising Guru Mantra, wearing yellow topaz gemstones, eating a well-balanced diet, etc.
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