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Types of Numerology Number Systems and Their Interpretation

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One of astrology’s most intriguing and complicated subfields is Numerology. It enables you to make numerical forecasts and gain a deeper, more analytical understanding of the characteristics and personality you possess. This branch of astrology is older than most. Numerologists use these many types of Numerology to make predictions. It forecasts the features, qualities, and compatibility among individuals. Therefore, gaining a deeper understanding of the other person is beneficial. InstaAstro aims to help you understand the different types of Numerology, and you get a more personal reading through your Kundli.

Number Systems in Numerology

All numerologists rely on these several branches of Numerology when they make a forecast. Each piece of information is interpreted distinctively and differently by several disciplines of Numerology. It thus has intrinsic worth. Deep and complete knowledge of one’s relationship to their soul and life is also possible via these many forms of Numerology. There are four types of numerology readings based on the civilizations and sources.

Number Systems in Numerology

Pythagorean Numerology

Modern Numerology, commonly referred to as Pythagorean Numerology, begins with six total numbers. The person’s birth date determines three of these numbers, while their name determines the other three. And ideally, these six figures clearly define who people are and how they may improve their lives. It essentially unravels everything hidden in the person’s name, date, and place of birth. Pythagorean Numerology aids a person in discovering the essence of their life and its goals, from a considerable influence to a tiny one. This type of Numerology helps them determine the appropriate path. 

Pythagorean Numerology primarily stresses six raw numbers derived from a person’s name and birth date. Likewise, the following are the six cores listed in Pythagorean Numerology:

  • Life Path Number
  • Birth day Number
  • First Impression Number
  • Inner Soul Number
  • Character Number
  • Expression Number

Pythagorean Numerology

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Even though their life path numbers are compatible with those of their loved ones, people can have trouble getting along with others. The Pythagorean numbers in Numerology relate to each number’s positive and negative energy. This is understood to be what the other person would anticipate and feel about the other. Someone may assist in determining the negative energy of a person. However, some people could assist in looking for someone’s good qualities and expression because they sense that energy in them. When one learns to know another, various patterns and combinations begin to emerge, which aid the native in understanding and planning for the future appropriately.


Chaldean Numerology

Numerology’s starting point, Chaldean Numerology, is heavily influenced by Vedic/Indian Numerology. The idea that everything is made up of vibrations plays a significant role in this area of Numerology. As a result, every particle vibrates at a unique frequency. All of this also strongly draws the matching frequency. As a result, a balanced and harmonious vibration attracts other vibrations. The unbalanced ones attract more unstable and negative ones to it. 

The idea that all living forms are already decided is at the foundation of Chaldean Numerology. Furthermore, it holds that neither a person nor a force can escape fate or destiny. According to a Chaldean numerology reading, the vibrations or numbers in our legal names, combined with the day of birth, determine our fate. People having problems with bad vibes frequently change their names to change their fate and draw in positive energies. 

 A number from 1 to 9 in Chaldean Numerology denotes a letter with each letter generating either excellent or negative vibrations. As a result, many think Chaldean Numerology relies more on mathematics and makes predictions based on how names relate to each other.

chaldean numerology

Tamil Numerology

The Tamil region of southern India is where Tamil numerology, also known as Indian Numerology, originated. It comprises disconnected numerical digits where the person’s date of birth, however, determines the precise sum. Additionally, it offers information about their personality and other characteristics. The destiny number, however, is the primary determining element in Tamil numerology.

  • Tamil numerology number 1 people are cheerful and brimming with energy.
  • Tamil numerology number 2 is the destiny number of those with a lovely aura and are intelligent and content with empathy.
  • Three is a wisdom-filled Tamil numerology number for people though these individuals are positive thinkers who never allow someone to impair their intelligence.
  • People with the Tamil Numerology number 4 are frequently straightforward though they are individuals who typically like going on excursions.
  • Tamil numerology number 5 natives have a zingy disposition because of which they like lifting everyone.
  • These folks are charming, cohesive, and stable. Tamil numerology number 6 natives are kind and lovely in every way.
  • Given that Tamil numerology number 7 people are often mystical and insightful, these individuals hold mystical and metaphysical beliefs.
  • The number 8 in Tamil numerology predicts that people will have an odd and obstinate disposition but must also be quirky and individualistic with a strong competitive nature and like it.
  • People with the Tamil numerology number 9 have a solid connection to fashion and become extremely translucent and transparent image beings as a result.

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tamil numerology

Kabbalah numerology

Judaism is where Kabbalah numerology first became popular. However, mysticism places a great deal of weight on it. This sort of Numerology has an elementary theory at its core according to which, everything in our universe exists as vibrations, wavelengths, and energies. It serves as the base for existence though each human being daily contributes energy of some kind to it. The Hebrew alphabet is where these letters got their start. It assists the native in overcoming obstacles and problems in their life and transforms their bad energy into sound energy, assisting them in synchronizing with the universe.

There is a number for each letter of the alphabet. It becomes clear after decoding each alphabet that each number has its significance, relevance, and meaning. Additionally, each represents different characteristics and qualities of the person, which aids in forecasts.

Kabbalah numerology


All the various types of Numerology date back thousands of years and use information about your birthdate to provide insights into your life. Certain features, difficulties, and actual objectives are matched to specific numbers. So, Numerology may be a terrific window into who you indeed are if you’ve been unsure of where to go in life or want help understanding yourself. InstaAstro aims through this article to achieve just that, and to know more about yourself, feel free to read up on your Kundli.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Which is the older type of Numerology?

Chaldean Numerology is the oldest type of Numerology.

2. Which is the most common type of Numerology?

Pythagorean Numerology is the standard type of Numerology in the West.

3. What type of Numerology is practiced in India?

Tamil Numerology is one of the oldest forms of Numerology used in India.

4. What is the best number according to Pythagorean Numerology?

Repeating numbers such as 11 and 22 are powerful Pythagorean Numerology numbers.

5. What is the focus of Chaldean Numerology?

Chaldean Numerology focuses essentially on frequency and vibrations.

6. What is the center of Kabbalah Numerology?

Kabbalah Numerology believes that everything exists as energy and exerts vibrations.

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