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An immensely significant branch of Numerology, Kabbalah numerology comes from Judaism. The main idea behind this area of Numerology is to focus on energies. Under this study, it is said that the Universe exists in the form of vibrations, frequencies, energies, and vibes, wherein all of us possess different energies or auras. Therefore, auras, vibes, and energies are pivotal factors in the existence of this world, and according to Kabbalah numerology, every one of us exists at different vibrations. Moreover, if you want to know your Life Path Number according to Kabbalah Numerology, then do use, InstaAstro’s Kabbalah Numerology Calculator, Now!

Moreover, Kabbalah numerology also highlights the significance of numbers in the name of the person. What this means is that numbers represent all the letters. Furthermore, calculations are based on the birth name of the individual. Therefore, in-depth reading and analysis of the person's name can help resolve obstacles and help them change their lives. Through the Kabbalah alphabet Numerology, individuals can tune their energies and be in sync with the Universe.

The Hebrew term 'Kabbalah' can be translated as the knowledge and awareness about one's mind and spirit in its literal sense. Based on the Hebrew alphabet, Kabbalah numerology is a kind of numerology. The purpose of existence and the universe are explained by numerology using specific numbers and letters. The letters of the alphabet are viewed as numerals in Kabbalah numerology. Jewish mysticism produced this numerology, which was utilised to ascertain the purpose of existence. The foundation of Kabbalah numerology is that each number has extraordinary power and a more profound significance. The Kabbalah numerology was developed as a system to unearth the secret meaning of existence, the cosmos, and everything in it.

What is the Meaning of Kabbalah Numerology?

The meaning of the Kabbalah system of Numerology is derived from Hebrew. The literal translation of Kabbalah is 'knowledge of the mind and soul'; thus, one can determine that it is an ancient and mystical system of Numerology.

The intention behind Kabbalah Numerology is to help you connect with your inner self, focus on your soul's growth, gain insight, and walk the path to self-discovery.

Differing from traditional Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology says that letters have numerical values, and each prediction is made from these numerical values.

Kabbalah Numerology Chart

In this system of numerology, each alphabet letter is designated with some numerical values. Here is the list of all letters, along with their values.

  • Letters A, J, and S correspond to the value of the number 1
  • Letters B, K, and T correspond to the value of the number 2
  • Letters C, L, and U correspond to the value of the number 3
  • Letters D, M, and V correspond to the value of the number 4
  • Letters E, N, and W correspond to the value of the number 5
  • Letters F, O, and X correspond to the value of the number 6
  • Letters G, P, and Y coordinate with the value of the number 7
  • Letters H, Q, and Z coordinate with the value of the number 8
  • Letters I and R correspond to the value of the number 9

Different Energies in Kabbalah Numerology

There are vibrational energies in the Kabbalah numbering system. These vibrations emphasise one's knowledge and comprehension of their mind and soul in various ways. There are a total of 22 vibrations, ranging from 1 to 400. The names of these energies are listed as follows - Kether, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Taphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Makuth. Each of these energies consists of twenty-two vibrations ranging from one to four hundred. Furthermore, each vibration emphasises the soul's and the mind's learnings. It is essential to clarify that these energies or vibrations exist on the metaphysical or spiritual plane, not the physical world.

The aim of Kabbalah Numerology is to focus on the existence of greater things than just what is visible to the mortal eye. Moreover, in this area of Numerology, predictions are made according to the connection between numbers and letters.

How Does the Kabbalah Numerology Calculator Work?

In order to use the Kabbalah Numerology calculator and get your number, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps for the same. These steps are as follows:

  • The calculator will require some details from you. This will include your name.
  • After entering the details in the calculator, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The calculator will then present you with your results.

How to Calculate Your Kabbalah Number based on Your Birth Name

As Numerology is the science of numbers, all numerological predictions and calculations are based on mathematics and its formulas. Similarly, some specific steps and procedures are essential while finding the Kabbalah number.

Here is what you should do to find your Kabbalah Number:

  • First, on a piece of paper, write down your full name.
  • Then by using the chart above, find the value of each letter of your name.
  • Now, add all the numerals together and get either a double-digit or a triple-digit number.
  • After this, divide this number by nine.
  • If there's a remainder, then add the number one to it. This is your Kabbalah Number.
  • For example, you made the proper calculations and got forty-two as your numerical value from your name. When divided by nine, the remainder is six. Furthermore, when you add one to it, it becomes seven, and this is your Kabbalah Number.
  • Although in some cases, there might not be a remainder. During such instances, you should add one to the remainder, which is zero, thus getting number one as your Kabbalah Number.

It is easy to determine your Kabbalah Number; all you need to do is take your full name, including your middle name, and assign numerical values to each letter following the list above. Then, add the resulting numbers. The next step is to divide the outcome by nine and then add 1 to the remaining amount. If the sum of the values of the letters in your name is exactly divisible by nine, it will leave you with the remainder of zero. Your Kabbalah number, in this instance, will therefore be 0+1=1.

An example will help to understand the concept better. Suppose your full name is John Simons; then you get the values (J, O, H, N)= (1,6,8,5) and (S, I, M, O, N, S)= (1,9,4,6,5,1). Adding this would give you 1+6+8+5+1+1+9+4+6+5+1 = 47. So dividing 47 by nine leaves the remainder 2, and adding 1 to 2 gives us 3, which is your Kabbalah Number.

In the second case, let's say your name gives the value of 45, which is perfectly divisible by nine and leaves no remainder, so here we will add 1 to 0 as there is no remainder, so 1+0=1, which is your Kabbalah number.

Role of Kabbalah Numerology in Predicting the Future

There is no doubt that numerology is a potent tool. It may not only tell a lot about who you are as a person, but it can also foretell the future. Each of our numbers has its meaning. Each number has a certain magic or wisdom path in Kabbalah numerology. Everything in your life is interconnected, and even seemingly insignificant events can significantly impact how you will feel in the future. Kabbalah numerology is a method that aids in examining patterns in our life and making future predictions. The energies around us impact our behaviour, and these energies are affected by the vibrations of our thoughts.

Kabbalah numerology is a tool that enables you to view your life from a unique perspective. While it might seem a little unusual to some, it can be quite educational and even enjoyable to try. It's a fantastic way to discover more about yourself, too. Numerology in the Kabbalah is a sacred art handed down through the ages from one generation to the next. It is a system of divine knowledge that can aid your understanding of the cosmos.

Meaning of Kabbalah Numbers

In order to have a better understanding of Kabbalah Numbers, it is essential to understand their meanings first. Thus, the meaning of all Kabbalah Numbers is as follows:

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 1

Number one is the most independent and the most powerful when it is used for good. It is the digit of the warrior, the pioneer, the innovator, and the one who takes action. It is a very vivacious number and frequently represents the masculine. Number one represents the spirit, the flame that lives inside us, and the divine presence that resides within us. The Kabbalah number 1 is strong and uplifting because it represents creation and fresh starts. One is just one, but when used as a symbol, it can represent unity, independence, leadership, and the freedom to choose one's course.

It is the number that represents the desire to begin anything. Number 1 is a pioneer and the first to advance. Because they have huge aspirations, they have no reason to be fearful of anything. They are innovators in every sphere, including business, sports, the arts, and science.

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 2

The number two is a representation of connections and friendship. These numbers represent the population and community. For the world to advance, these traits must be developed and improved, which is the focus of number 2. A loving relationship that emphasises bringing out the best in each other is ideal. The concept of collaboration in achieving objectives and goals is central to the numerology of 2. The people with this number are future- and opportunity-oriented. The energy of the number two is particularly communal and refers to collaborating with others for the benefit of all. These folks value harmony and tranquillity as well.

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 3

The soul and the spirit are represented by the number three. The number three is also the number of the personality. The presence of the number three in your life suggests that you are a person of action with a strong desire to succeed. The third is the number that communicates the most. It is the mediator's number, the number that connects the higher and lower. It is the number of communication technologies and the intellectual mind. It's the number for the professor, the public speaker, and the attorney. It reflects the number of social workers and humanitarians. These people are very talented in arts and crafts and thrive in those areas.

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 4

An accountable and organised person is one of the various interpretations of Kabbalah Number 4. The Kabbalah Number 4 is the most pragmatic of all the numbers, and those who have this number are noted for their ability to restrain their emotions from accomplishing a task. The number of harmony and order is somewhat close to the real world. However, this number may indicate some stagnation in your life, and you may not be able to succeed to the greatest extent, but despite this, you still can have a happy and prosperous life if you work on yourself and your strengths.

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 5

The significance of the number five is that it represents the spirit and stands for expression and freedom. Healers and teachers frequently have the most powerful resonance with the number five. Additionally, they cherish all types of artistic expression, including music and the arts. High achievers who are continually pushing themselves to improve are those whose life path number is 5. They are well renowned for their academic endeavours and passion for philosophy and spirituality. These individuals have a high degree of empathy. When a person with a life number of 5 follows their passion and intuition, they tend to be successful, according to Kabbalah numerology.

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 6

Life path number 6 is an expression of energy and spirit. Those born with life path number 6 are deeply compassionate, caring and sensitive to others' needs. They are the most generous of all the numbers. They need to be needed. They are kind and gentle and have a strong desire to give love to others. They can be very determined to pursue what they want in life. They are good listeners and can provide the best advice to others. These individuals are creative and artistic and love expressing their feelings through music, poetry, and dance, as they are very intuitive and understand things in a flash. They are very generous and loving and often drawn to healing professions.

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 7

If your Life Path Number is 7, you have a highly developed sense of awareness and a strong sense of obligation to enlighten others. You're fascinated by human psychology and spirituality on a deeper level. You may have experienced a mystical encounter or a dream that helped you to see that there is more to reality than what the naked eye can see. You are fascinated with the supernatural and spiritual, and you might also have experiences supporting these ideas.

These people are introverted and logical thinkers by nature. They prefer being by themselves and require isolation to refuel. The inner workings of themselves and others are of great significance to them. They have a clear psychic streak and the capacity to intuitively see into people and situations. The person on the seventh life path is a stickler for detail and will stand up for what they believe in.

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 8

The number eight is related to success in terms of material possessions, achievement, and accumulation of gains. Although sometimes associated with enormous success and material wealth, it represents more than that. Additionally, the number eight represents a cycle of good karma. It may be a good time for you if the number eight shows up in your life. More wealth and material prosperity than you have ever known will come your way. You can discover that your previous relationships have fresh starts and new life. You might find that you have a fresh appreciation for life. It's a pretty good time right now. Additionally, those that have this number also have charismatic personalities.

Meaning of Kabbalah Number 9

The ultimate givers are those who have the Kabbalah number 9. They have a profound sense of generosity and compassion and dedicate their lives to fostering a more just and compassionate society. They tend to reach for their wallets first rather than withhold money from those in need. The nine energy is entirely self-sacrificing, focusing on the highest good for all parties involved. You may depend on a number 9 for a specific item, a sound investment, or an enduring connection. They will never let you down because integrity is at the centre of their energies. They quickly draw things, people, and money to them. They are thoroughly aware of how the world functions, and this insight enables them to be very realistic and down to earth.


Age-old knowledge is brought to life through the ancient school of thought known as Kabbalah numerology. By concentrating on the cyclical nature of the universe and the cyclical nature of time, Kabbalah numbers offer the key to comprehending the more profound significance of our existence. Since antiquity, wisdom teachers have stressed the importance of understanding the numbers that govern our facts. Kabbalah numerology uses ancient civilisations' knowledge because of this. With this knowledge, we may recognise the cycles that underpin our lives and humanities.

From our vantage point, that is all there is to know about Kabbalah numerology. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something from it. Browse additional articles on our website InstaAstro at your leisure, share them with your friends, and contribute to their betterment. We appreciate your reading—a good day to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kabbalah numerology is a numerological technique used to determine a person's personality and fate based on the numerical value of the letters in his name. In contrast to most other conventional systems, Kabbalah numerology is distinct because it is based on a person's name rather than their date of birth. As you can think, this is because it is believed that a person's name has a more significant impact on who they are than their date of birth.
The alphabet, in which the letters have numerical values, serves as the foundation for Kabbalah numerology. Some words have a numerical value equal to the sum of the letter values that make up the word. The Kabbalah numerology system states that each person's name corresponds to a particular number that may be calculated from the letters that make up the name. The key to a person's personality and life energy is contained in this numerical figure. Therefore, most astrologers think Kabbalah numerology is more precise than conventional numerology.
The Jewish mystical heritage of the old is known as kabbalah. One of the most used numerology calculators is based on the Kabbalah. It serves as a tool for learning about your weaknesses, assets, and soul's purpose. It is a web-based Kabbalistic calculator for calculating numbers. The Jewish mystical heritage of the old is known as kabbalah. It is simple to find a kabbalah numerology calculator by browsing the internet.
It would be best if you used the online Kabbalah calculator because it is quicker and more time efficient. Kabbalah computations go beyond straightforward mathematical operations, as You may get all the information you need with the Kabbalah calculator. However, the online Kabbalah calculator will give you everything with a few clicks and won't have you work up a sweat. You can easily calculate everything independently, but it will take time and effort. In addition, manually calculated results may contain errors that could affect the outcome for you. Therefore, if you want to save time and effort, and avoid mistakes, use an online calculator.
The Kabbalah numerology is one of the best methods for helping you understand the enigmas of your existence and how the universe works. It is an old science that explains why we are here and how you can accomplish your life's goals. Kabbalah numerology is a unique method for examining your inner self and characteristics. You control your fate, and Kabbalah numerology can help you reach your objectives. Understanding your motivations for being who you are and doing what you are helps you make better decisions. Kabbalah numerology is one such tool. In addition, you can improve your relationships with yourself and others by becoming more aware of your destiny.
Numerology is a method of predicting the future that has been used since ancient times. People use it to foresee what is coming for them and gain insight into the future. This science is currently becoming more and more well-liked by the populace. Many people are attempting to use numerology to find the complete answer. They are interested in learning what their lives' futures hold. Numerologists use a person's natal chart to decode their past and present before providing them with the whole solution. A person's numerology is analyzed, and the numerologist then counsels them on how to live a better life.
While there are many types of Numerology, here are some of the most famous ones: Tamil Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology, and Chaldean Numerology.
You can calculate your Kabbalah Number by following the steps provided to you. Read the steps, calculate your name and numerical value, and get your Kabbalah Number.
It is always advisable to get in touch with professional astrologers to help you with all your queries in terms of astrology. An astrologer will not just be able to help you with your Kabbalah Number but also with Kabbalah Numerology compatibility criteria, career, academics, and health areas.
Your Life Path Number under Kabbalah Numerology is your Kabbalah Number derived from calculating your full name.
You have to include your middle name while calculating your Kabbalah Number.
Pythagoras is the father of Numerology.
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