Significance of Subconscious Self Number

There have been moments when you question your self-confidence. What if a tool can help you know your confidence in different situations? Yes, there is a tool. Numerology has a concept called “Subconscious Self Number” that lets you know your confidence level in things you do.

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What is Subconscious Self Number?

It can be anything from talking, painting, writing, meeting new people, performing on stage, and controlling the crowd to simply your conduct at the workplace. It will help you lead a better life by letting you know your capabilities, competence, spontaneity and management skills. If you are curious, use our Numerology Subconscious Self Number calculator free and learn a little more about yourself. Our calculator shows accurate results as it is made under the surveillance of expert guidance.

The word “Subconscious” means part of the mind which is not fully aware. Keeping this term in regard, a Subconscious Self Number is made to give you insights about that part of yourself which you usually don’t pay attention to or notice. Basically, it is how well you tackle a case and your general responses to situations presented to you. Studies say it has a straight connection to your Karmic lesson chart, which motivates you.

The count of numerological values present in the letters of your name decides a Subconscious Self Number. There are nine important numerological values attached to different letters of the alphabet. You may have all nine values present in the letters of a name, which is rare. Usually, only some of the numbers or values are only visible. You will have the insufficiency or inadequacy of the qualities of the values that are missing in your name.

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How do you Calculate your Subconscious Self Number?

A Subconscious Self Number is calculated using the letters of your full name. The count of the number of numero values found in it becomes your Subconscious Self Number.

Each numero value from 1-9 is checked against each letter present in the name. The 26 letters in the alphabet are placed in 3 rows. Each row has nine letters in alphabetical order placed below the nine numbers. This helps in knowing the number attached to the letters of your name.


Let us take an example to understand better.

Suppose we want to find the Subconscious Self Number for SHIKHA AWASTHI. Mark the numero value for each letter. Now check how many are present.

In the above example, 1,2,5,8 and 9 are there. Counting them in, we get 5.

So, 5 becomes the Subconscious Self Number for SHIKHA AWASTHI.

How Does Subconscious Self Number Calculator Work?

In order to use the Subconscious self-number calculator, follow the below-mentioned steps for the same. These are as follows:

  • In order to know your Subconscious self number, fill in some details in the calculator.
  • These details include your name itself.
  • Once you have entered the detail in the calculator, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The calculator will then present you with your Subconscious self-number.

Subconscious Self Number 1 -9

Now that we know how to calculate the Subconscious Self Number, it’s time to read about what each number from 1 to 9 says regarding your strengths, abilities or confidence in general.

Number 1:

If your Subconscious Self Number is 1, you need to tighten your seat belts and start working hard on your plan of action. You are someone who doesn’t get thrilled easily. You are smart and talented, but you are not ready to take daily steps towards your goals. You often get upset if someone tries to encourage you. Your confidence will be boosted if you work on your skills.

Number 2:

With number 2, you emerge a champion in every event in your life that challenges you. You have the ability to come out of the toughest of situations. Your confidence is boosted because of your good health and physically fit appearance. Moreover, you are focused and have love and compassion in your heart, which makes you likeable to the people in your surrounding.

Number 3:

People with Subconscious Self Number 3 tend to keep too many expectations. If you have done favours to someone, it doesn’t mean that it will always be returned. Sometimes, you need to ask for it. You need to be emotionally independent. You always need someone’s shoulder to lean on and cry. It’s time to make your own shoulders strong. Stop being sensitive and be a bigger person by letting go and shifting your mind towards your goals. Otherwise, frustration may eat you up.

Number 4:

Subconscious Self Number 4 makes you a slow walker. You take time to charge up and react to responses. You take an overview of things and do not thoroughly read the details. You get disinterested in just half-cooked information and regret it later. The ' Slow and steady wins the race' concept does not apply to you. You tend to delay or postpone your plan of action and be lazy. Being slow will not benefit you in any way. As a result, you have low confidence and poor decision-making. If you don’t get active, you will always hesitate like you do and lose out on opportunities.

Number 5:

With 5, your focus and interest are compromised as you tend to get excited about multiple tasks simultaneously. You have strong adaptability. Your energy is scattered as you have too many things to focus on. But, later in life, you tend to decide to stick to a single job and attain stability. You enjoy your life with family and children only after you are stable. So, you need to learn to maintain discipline in your initial years to reduce the amount of struggle.

Number 6:

Having your subconscious self number 6, you have good listening power and you take every step carefully. You take guidance and motivation from family and friends at every move. Responsibility is your priority, and you take it very seriously. You have just the right amount of confidence, and the right kind of care from your loved ones keeps you grounded. But you need to remember not to get so indulged in helping others that you forget to pay attention to yourself.

Number 7:

A 7 in your name makes your voice reflect confidence. You know the right amount of control in situations. You lead a balanced life and tend to come out of harsh conditions successfully. But you tend to cut yourself off and spend a solitary life in those times. You have an analytical mind, and you analyse everything that is happening around you. Circumstances have made you a bit recluse; hence, you like to be alone most of the time.

Number 8:

If you have eight numero values in your name, it becomes your Subconscious Self Number. With subconscious self number 8, you have a dynamic personality. You manage well in situations that come up suddenly. Your ambitious self wants worldly rewards, and you measure your achievements with the ability to afford expensive items. However, another subconscious self number 8 meaning is that you have a realistic approach when it comes to working, as you make sure that you learn from mistakes and do not repeat them. You handle situations calmly and are very spontaneous in finding solutions.

Number 9:

9 is a wholesome Subconscious Self number. It means you have all the numerological values or numbers in your name from one to nine. That is quite interesting, as you do not miss out on any quality that these numbers represent. Your confidence, willpower, abilities, management and leadership skills, competence and everything else that is needed to face the world are taken care of. Your karma is cleared out, and you have no lessons to learn. You are aware of your potential, and you keep a check on your progress.


Your Subconscious Self Number tends to tell about the hidden aspects of your life. Understanding the meaning of these aspects can help an individual achieve a greater good. Moreover, these numbers do tell about the same qualities of the natives which they need to work on. If you wish to know your Subconscious Self number, then do use our Subconscious Self Calculator for the same. Moreover, to use more such amazing calculators, visit InstaAstro’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Subconscious Self Number is a numerological value that lets you know about your confidence as an individual.
A Subconscious Self Number is found by counting the number of numerological values in your full name.
The subconscious Self is the working of the brain, which happens without full awareness of the self. You are unaware of how you would react to a situation if it didn't happen.
If some numero numbers or values are missing from your name, you may feel inadequacy or uncertainty about a few traits.
Your Subconscious Self Number has hidden karmic lessons that you need to face in your current life. Subconscious Self Number originated from the Karmic lesson chart.
Numerology is a study and a belief in a mystical concept that relates numbers to the situations of your life.
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