Soul Urge Number - Significance and Importance

With all the things happening in today's fast-paced life, it is very easy to get distracted from the dreams and goals one grew up with. They may get tempted by better opportunities or have other things to focus on that are of more importance to them. In that case, diverting from one's true purpose may make an individual feel lost in their life.

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What is Soul Urge Number?

Numerology consists of different number concepts, highlighting various aspects of life. One such idea is the Soul Urge number. It is also known as the heart's desire numbers that reveal what your heart's calling is. Your ultimate purpose in life.

Are you feeling the same? Then maybe it's time you use this online tool to figure out where you are supposed to be, as written in your destiny. The Soul Urge Number Calculator, based on numerology, looks into you and brings forth the things which matter the most to you on a subconscious level. Use InstaAstro’s Soul Urge Number calculator to calculate the Soul Urge number, Now!

It also shows a great deal about your motives, dreams and other purpose-related feelings. It also tells about your love life and how your relationship with people in general. Finally, it is also an indicator of your morals and values, which you follow daily.

The Soul Urge number also has a deep interconnection with the destiny or life path number. These two can complement each other, which will help your thoughts and actions be in the same direction. But if they are opposing in nature, your head and heart will be at constant war.

What is Soul Number Calculator?

If you are seeking answers to what your life is supposed to be like and what is your ultimate aim in life, then this is the tool for you. The Soul Urge number calculator or heart desire number calculator is a scientifically designed online tool to help people with numerology answers. This tool is based on equations derived from core numerology concepts, which is a type of predictive subject.

It can tell you a lot about your inner self that you might not understand by yourself. It sums up and presents the things you have known for your entire life but just couldn't put your finger on. It helps with getting clarity about a lot of matters.

InstaAstro's Soulnumber calculator is built in such a way that it is effortless to use. You just have to put in your full name, and you will see your number and what it means in a few moments. The Soul Urge calculator also takes other numerological considerations into factor to give you a more inclusive answer.

That will tell you how to achieve what you need to succeed. All these features are included to make the numerology interpretation as easy as possible to understand and implement in your life,

How Does the Soul Number Calculator Work?

Finding your Soulnumber or heart desire number is a straightforward task to do. It is based on name numerology, where the letters of the name tell about your life. So, the calculations are done upon numbers assigned to the letters of your character. Specifically, in the heart's desire numbers, the vowel letters present in the name are used to find the insightful number.

The reason behind taking vowel letters only is that these are soft-sounding and free-flowing letters. Since Soulnumbers are associated with innermost emotions, these letters capture their essence more accurately.

The main letters of Soul Urge numbers and their corresponding values are:







Y is an exception; its status as a vowel or consonant is usually decided by its placement with respect to the other letters.

The steps followed in this Soulnumber numerology process are:

  • First, write down your full birth name, and pick up all the vowels, even if they occur more than once.
  • Now assign values to each of them.
  • Next, add up all the numbers. You will either get a single-digit or a double-digit number.
  • If the answer is a single-digit number or 11, 22 or 33, you just need to interpret it. If not, you need to add the two numbers of the double-digit answer to get a single digit. That will be your Soul Urge number.

But if you want to save yourself from all this trouble, there is a simple way out too. It is to use InstaAstro's FREE Soulnumber calculator, which will only give you your answers within a few seconds!

  • All you need to do is enter your name in the calculator.
  • After entering your name, click submit.
  • Now within a couple of seconds, the calculator will use the above-mentioned traditional method of calculating one’s Soulnumber and then present you with your results.

What Does Each Soul Number Mean?

The Soulnumbers are interpreted to understand how a person feels about life and the people around them. A Soulnumber is a way to peek into a person's heart, the emotional decision-maker in the human body. And that can reveal a lot about how anyone will be in the future.

That makes Soulnumber a vital aspect to consider while building your relationship with someone and even while you are discovering your inner self. The meaning of each Soulnumber is as follows:

    Soul Number 1:> According to the Soulnumber 1 type, you are a natural leader due to your independence, inventiveness, and eye-catching attitude. You're a powerful presence who can command respect and attention wherever you go. It just comes easy to you because of your powerful, magnetic personality.

Your sensitive side also contributes to your thoughtfulness and responsibility. You have a good chance of success because you possess all the strong character attributes that successful people possess. Your thoughts and convictions, however, can occasionally become inflexible and immovable.

You prefer to hold onto your style and often discard other suggestions, even if the different ways are more effective. You tend to think that only you understand what is going on, and this confidence sometimes borders on arrogance. That may delay results for you, but that doesn't bother you. The Soul Urge number 1 empowers you to take risks that others would be afraid of.

People respect you and trust your judgement. Because of your intelligence, you don't get interested in everything. You're more inclined than others to conduct in-depth research on subjects. Only things in which you firmly believe can you commit.

    Soul Number 2:> You desire a lifelong commitment to someone or something. Love comes to you quickly. You have a high level of sensitivity and emotion and require society and friends and enjoy the finer things in life. You want safety and comfort, so have sophisticated taste and possess an appreciation for exotic items.

You have a strong musical talent and a love for music. You are very delicate and diplomatic. You enjoy quietly persuading people to your point of view.

You dislike using force. You must struggle against doubt and uncertainty. It would help if you gained self-assurance and the courage to speak out for what you feel to be correct. You place more faith in their emotions than in their logical thinking, and with good reason—you have a keen intuition.

While you tend to be social, there are moments when you would rather be alone. Number 2s places high importance on all types of art, as opposed to wanting monetary items. Those in positions of authority will value your sage advice.

Try to set aside some time each day to use your intuition. You can achieve this by journaling and practising meditation. It might not occur immediately. But if you trust the procedure, you'll quickly be able to access your strong intuition.

  • Soul Number 3: You have a Soul that is fresh and playful. You are a natural optimist who wants to uplift and energise everyone. You need assistance in realising that you cannot alter the course of events on your own because your instincts are highly vulnerable and easily injured. However, you can undoubtedly have an impact on people and make their day better.

You enjoy performing, and becoming renowned would make you happy inside. People will be critical of whatever you do. You must learn to accept only valid criticism and disregard the rest. That way, you can go a long way.

Those that have Souldesire number three are exceedingly imaginative. Therefore, you express yourself artistically so naturally. Menial and repetitious work isn't as inherently appealing. Your nature rejects such work if you have Soul Urge number 3. Your Soul is determined to use its unique abilities, no matter where that may go.

You may find it challenging to choose one of your many talents to develop. Procrastination, unhappiness, and even depression may result from this. You must set the ability to treat your task with discipline and consistency.

  • Soul Number 4: You pay close attention to detail and are very thorough. You enjoy analysing a problem thoroughly before applying a logical and realistic solution. You want to set a good example for others by being dependable, strong, and disciplined. You detest abrupt changes and favour everything to be in order.

You have a methodical mind, and it shows in everything you do. You can create and follow a regimen. Your life revolves around work, but you can have a tendency to overdo it; if you're not careful, you could quickly develop a workaholic personality.

You are an excellent parent and want to start a family. You might go too far in maintaining order and discipline, especially in your family.

You are naturally drawn to security and order. You are a rock for any business because of your meticulous and steady approach. You will always be there for your loved ones. You always arrive on time and have no trouble assuming additional duties.

You approach chores with the same level of precision as your work. Routines like exercise and household chores can give your day a sense of stability. They could be considered your anchor.

  • Soul Number 5: Change, discovery, and taking chances are all important themes of Soulnumber 5. You are a dynamic person if you have this number. You are passionate and full of energy. However, you could occasionally find it difficult to focus your devotion on a particular activity.

One of your biggest obstacles is channelling that energy into a specific objective. You are fantastic in social settings, and you are never monotonous. But because of your restless personality, you frequently experience life as a roller coaster.

Those with this number often start new projects but never complete them. That can be the case if you find the process more interesting than the outcome. You would be prone to often changing your career.

  • Soul Number 6: You naturally take care of others because you possess maternal instincts such as being kind, dependable, and protective. Except for love, you are incredibly responsive in every way. Although you love to love, your love is too blind.

It's simple to take advantage of you. You have to be careful and make sure they are genuinely worth it when dealing with someone like you who will go above and beyond for anyone they care about. You're generous, but you're also a perfectionist. You are both scheduled, practical, and precise, as well as idealistic, loving, and protective.

You make every effort to care for people, and you like seeing them succeed. You offer assistance even when not requested, and your gut instinct always directs you in the right direction. You have a favourable influence on people, and you like seeing the results of that influence in their lives. But, unfortunately, you prioritise everyone else's needs over your own, which causes you to disregard your own.

  • Soul Number 7: Your mind has many gifts which you appreciate and use to unlock life's secrets. You do extensive research. You look beyond what is on the surface and detest hasty conclusions or viewpoints. Although you have a theoretical mind, you prefer to build your hypotheses on scientific facts rather than engage in fantasies or idle pondering.

You enjoy solving, disassembling, and reassembling puzzles both mentally and physically. You might come off as aloof or chilly to some people. You may feel distant and maybe a little strange since you are a bit introverted. You favour discussing the specifics of a topic rather than the subjects of emotions and inner sentiments.

Feelings are something you distrust, both your own and other people's. You find the entire emotional world to be somewhat shallow and unreliable. You are so logical that you are both surprised and alarmed by the unpredictable nature of the heart. You must confide in someone your innermost thoughts.

You are taking a brave step, but the rewards will be enormous in growth and fulfilment. The further away you are from people, the higher your chance of loneliness, resentment, and a pessimistic outlook on life.

  • Soul Number 8: Your drive and counselling skills can help you advance professionally and become an excellent mentor. When constructing and producing the best version of yourself, your heart is set on it. You hold yourself in high regard, demand the best, and demand that things go your way.

You are motivated to work hard since you have much to accomplish via success and achievements. It is not selfish to strive for financial success since you also want to improve the lives of others around you. You want to use it for the benefit of others rather than keeping it all to yourself.

You will learn numerous life lessons, some of which are more difficult than others. For example, people with Souldrive number 8 frequently deal with strict authorities. Remember that this is the lesson life has decided to teach you rather than holding onto resentment.

You should also remember that not everyone is a follower, so avoid acting selfishly in ways that can offend others. To advance, you require other people.

  • Soul Number 9: Knowing that you have improved humanity's situation gives you the most fulfilment. You hold the highest standards of ideals. You're all for details and work to create an imaginary world, to improve everyone's situation in life, and to achieve personal perfection. You've been studying human nature all of your life.

Although you have excellent intuition, your capacity for character judgement is average. You are also a little naive, possibly believing that everyone shares your ideals. You wish you had the means to swiftly end other people's suffering—financial, physical, or emotional. You have a sharp mind and a wealth of knowledge.

It can be challenging to work toward your ambitious goals while still appreciating the good you are doing in the world. You do, however, have a propensity to ignore your demands. If all of your attention is on the crowd, you'll come across as aloof and remote.

You're susceptible to moodiness and criticism. You have high standards for both yourself and other people. When your expectations aren't met, this can make you quite angry.

  • Soul Number 11: The first master number, 11s are profoundly creative and thrive when analytics and art are balanced. Your Soul embodies the traits of 1's ( drive) and 2's ( love). You've been through a lot in your life, and that's what's made you the compassionate, admirable leader you are today. You're sympathetic and friendly enough to get along with anyone.

Try not to question yourself, although it could be difficult for you to see your skill. You frequently lose your sparkle because you can't decide whether you want to be in action or in the shadows. The rest will flow naturally if you let your true self shine.

Your Soul is telling you to act boldly and with confidence. You are an empathetic individual who can sense other people's emotions. You have a creative spirit, and your presence makes everything better, so these qualities make people seek you out for guidance and to mediate conflicts. People with Soulnumber 11 are passionate about their spiritual development.

  • Soul Number 22: You want to see the world alter drastically. You have a good vision and work to create the future you want. You have a particular way of looking at things; this viewpoint motivates and inspires people to work toward their objectives.

While being realistic, you have enormous dreams. When you're around, people feel comfortable and secure. As a result, you are naturally an excellent manager, leader, and organiser. When you assist others, and your assistance for them comes to pass, your life's mission will be fully realised.

You have the intellect, sensibility, and creativity that power like that would imply. But, it's not an easy road you've chosen. It would help if you had time to grow, and it's doubtful that you'll start achieving your goals before you've reached a particular degree of maturity.

  • Soul Number 33: You are a domestic person. You put a lot of effort into making your family and house secure and cosy because you adore them. Your happiness—and occasionally your unhappiness—is mainly derived from your love for your family and friends. You have such a strong desire to help others that you frequently neglect your needs in favour of theirs.

You must experience gratitude for your kindness and concern. You want to be aware of your importance and are incredibly forgiving and giving. Somehow, you can look past a person's worst flaws and see enough good in them to keep the relationship going. Your kindness, patience, and empathy occasionally border on sentimentality.

You naturally can provide counselling and healing. You have a remarkable ability to listen, and you have compassion and empathy. You can understand a person's predicament on a sympathetic and empathetic level.

Being properly informed will be your biggest obstacle as a counsellor so that you can offer more than just a sympathetic ear or shoulder. You might not, however, be very confident in your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find your Soulnumber using InstaAstro's Soulnumber calculator. It has an algorithm to calculate the heart's desired number from your name within a few seconds. So easy to use, this tool is a great way to understand what Soulnumerology says about you.
A Soulnumber there is an emotionally mature person. They know how to control their heart and mind and rarely get dejected. In addition, they are very talented and have a special gift for performing arts and other creative fields.
The master number 11 is the old souls, as they are empathetic people who have worldly wisdom even at a very young age. They know themselves inside out and learn how to listen to their subconscious. This makes them excellent communicators.
9's are the people who want the world to be a happy place. The true idealist, in every sense, can be naive at times when it comes to assuming what people think about their ideas. But overall, they are the most generous and kind-hearted people.
They are born leaders. Intellectually charged, they have a hard time finding anything that excites them. They are the type to go to the depth of things before commenting on them. But in a social setup, they are very charming and warm people who interact with all sorts of people.
8's are the ambitious sort of individual. They care for materialistic valuables and the standing of power in society. They are risk-takers willing to undertake extensive work to achieve what they want.
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