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Numerology plays a significant role in one’s life from the date we are born, it becomes easy after that to predict our future, love, family life, success, etc. There are numbers hidden in our name too, each alphabet is assigned a number which makes it easy to predict the future.

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Numerology & Its significance

They are the divine numbers, through every number we can analyze many things. Different types of numbers such as Path Numerology numbers for letters make it easy to predict how one will behave or what good and bad will happen to that person, it can predict the characteristics of the partner. If one gets a clear understanding of numerology then they can predict the influence of things on another person, numerology is given based on the alignment of the planets and our zodiac signs, During any chat with an astrologer as well the yogi asks for the birthdate of the person so that they can derive the answers of the questions asked. It has a bigger role to play in one’s life, it shows some aspects of life.

Alphabet Numerology And values

In India, there are certain numbers attached to the alphabet which are as follows -



The alphabet is arranged in a format so that each letter can be assigned a value, so this goes by starting from A as 1 and then so on. This way numbers are assigned a fixed value which becomes easy for one to know the meaning by just looking at their alphabet and the value attached to it.

Importance Of Alphabet Numbers

Alphabet numerology numbers are signals of vibrations that each number carries, this gives one a deeper understanding of numerology, and as it is easily seen in the numerology chart A, J and S are assigned values 1, B, K, and S are assigned values 2, C, L, U are assigned the value 3, D, M, V is assigned value 4, E, N, W are assigned value 5, F, O, X is assigned value 6, G, P, Y are assigned value 7, H, Q, Z is assigned value 8, I, R is assigned value 9 .The list mentioned above is abcd in numbers

How Does Numerology Work?

Our Birthdate plays a very important role as it helps us to calculate our life path number which gives us a brief description of our physical characteristics as well as our personality and who we are, they give us an overview of the difficulties we are going to face in future, so to calculate life path number we just need to be aware of our birthdate for example - October 18, 2004, which would be 1+8 +1+0 = 10, then add up the year 2+0+0+4 = 6. Then just reduce it to single digit 10+6 = 16, 1+6 = 7, which is your life path number.

ABCD Numerology

Below are all alphabets and their meanings. The importance of the Alphabet Numbers or a to z numbers varies from one to another. Each numeric letter has a different significance and imlication.

There are numerology numbers for the English alphabet or the a to z numerology number lists

A Alphabet

Individuals with the letter A are enthusiastic and determined. They can achieve their targets because of their positive attitude, they are calm and patient. They are very bold and courageous, they love to face every difficulty they face in their life, people with the letter A are known for their funny nature. They are very flexible and love to gain knowledge

B Alphabet

Individuals with the letter B are sentimental and they feel things very easily, they sometimes feel that people fail to understand them. They love to read books and travel, they are ambiverts, and they sometimes enjoy their own company. They are observed to be quite adaptable and efficient

C Alphabet

Individuals with Alphabet C are not at all shy, they add humor everywhere they go, they have expressive nature which is liked by people around them, and they trust very easily because of which they suffer too, they are quite flexible and they love to provide solutions to any problem their near ones are suffering from.

D Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet D are focused on their lives and they feel they offer support to people by listening to their problems. They get into fights easily because of their authoritative nature and inflexible attitude but they don’t get easily influenced by people. They prioritize their work over people.

E Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet E are pragmatic and achievers of what they believe in, they are filled with patience and are very smart, and can’t be fooled easily. They are sensible and are good at analyzing every perspective of a problem. They have a habit that people don’t like about them is that they are too rigid which can create a problem for them in their professional life

F Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet F are cheerful and philanthropic, they love to spend time with their families. They are gifted with the nature of being balanced in their life, they manage their personal and professional life very well.

G Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet G are sympathetic, kind, and soft-spoken, they are born with a creative mindset and have charming personalities, and they always leave an imprint of their humour wherever they go. They should start writing for websites.

H Alphabet

Individuals with Alphabet H focus on researching and they love to debate, they are quite vocal about whatever they feel bad about. They are very flexible and are quite devoted to friends and family.

I Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet I, are quite spiritual and have an optimistic view of their life, they are harmonious and patient. They are blessed with an abundance of success of wealth

J Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet J, are born counsellors and are driven by self-motivation. They very often fall into the trap of betrayal because of their nature to trust people easily, they are blessed with fame and wealth if they work hard towards their goals.

K Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet K, are sweet and quite smart. They know how to make people around them happy. Their attitude to deal with any kind of difficulty is quite inspiring for people around them. They trust their instinct rather than trusting people

L Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet L, are quite fortunate in business, they have a magnetic vibration and they are social birds. Finance is the best sector for them to work in.

M Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet M have self-governing attitudes and hold good organisational skills, they are perfect for philosophy because of their introspective nature.

N Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet N are quite disciplined and have bold personalities, they are good at debating and fighting for the right things, they take their stand even if they are alone, and they are not afraid of any problem.

O Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet O have good analytical skills, they are quite fortunate in terms of friends, and they may get into depression easily because of their overthinking habit.

P Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet P show up ideas that they want to turn into reality, they are quite determined and are blessed with success

Q Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet Q hold good opinions and keep themselves above anyone, don’t sabotage themselves even if they fail to achieve what they have planned, and keep their positive attitude alive.

R Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet R are blessed with luck and are quite spiritual, they receive a good amount of wealth in their late twenties, and their goals never allow them to lose focus in their life

S Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet S have a charismatic personality and are born with a sweet voice that is loved by people, they are quite successful in their life. They love to enjoy the company of whom they love, they love to talk and are good at playing instruments.

T Alphabet

Individuals with Alphabet T never doubt their personality, they have good vibrations and are blessed with prosperity and success, they have a lot of capabilities and talent, and they are good at imagining and writing meaningful stories.

U Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet U love their ambitions and are good at motivating people by giving them examples to lift their mood, they sometimes fail to be consistent in their work because of this they receive fewer opportunities and they sometimes lose their essence.

V Alphabet

Individuals with the Alphabet V are quite wise, they are blessed with dynamite personality and has good leadership skills, and they can manage any organization or business very well

W Alphabet

Individuals with the W Alphabet are asked for advice by people, they are quite private and have good vibrations, they are a box of entertainment, and they are good at technical things

X Alphabet

Individuals with the X Alphabet are driven by their instincts and are quite studious. They love to complete their work on time and are known for the perfection they carry. They are quite independent and artistic

Y Alphabet

Individuals with the Y Alphabet are born as commanders and they take initiative and have a hypercritical vision, they are disliked because of their arrogant behavior. They are therapists to people who feel low

Z Alphabet

Individuals with the Z Alphabet have artistic abilities and are quite visionary and have good command over communications skills and are blessed with a positive attitude, but they have weaknesses in that they are quite self-centred.

How can we get to know our Alphabet Numerology?

The Alphabet numerology is very easy to calculate, we just have to pen down the spelling of our name and then after looking at the numerology chart, write down the number under the alphabet. Add every single number even if it is repeating, and reduce them to two figures at the second last stage. For example, even if you get 11 then just add them which will give you 2 at the end as a single digit, some exceptional numbers are to be left in two figures only. As per alphabet values in numerology, every alphabet in English numerology has its own meanings and aspects.

Alphabet Numbers Numerology ( A-Z numbers )

These numbers are also similar in Vedic Numerology alphabet values. In addition, in number astrology, numbers play a major role in our lives. These numbers may vary from the abcd in numbers, in terms of their meanings and characteristics.

Numeric Number 1

People with the numeric value 1 are self-motivated and are quite confident, they are social beings. They are not liked by people because of their arrogant nature, they can adapt easily to every condition. Eager to meet new people along the way, let life push its limits to test its ability. Alphabet A, J, and S have numeric values of 1

Numeric Number 2

People with numeric value 2 have good leadership qualities, they are always in doubt which makes them fall into the trap of overthinking. They are homely type people who love to serve their families and spend a good amount of time with them, they love to travel to different places and are filled with a philosophical mindset that seeks the attention of people. They acquire anything they manifest, they love acquiring knowledge, and have a good inclination for spirituality. Alphabet B, K, and T have Numeric values of 2

Numeric Value 3

People with numeric value 3 are quite appealing and their weakness is that they have no depth. They are quite strong and focused, they are introverted but are blessed with good communication skills, and they are bodily-kinesthetic. They love to meditate because they believe that makes them calm and have quite an expressive personality. Alphabets C,l, and U have Numeric Value 3

Numeric Value 4

People with numeric value 4 have a good imagination and are blessed with abundance in life, their weakness is that they sometimes turn out to be bossy which makes people feel bad. They are highly practical and high-spirit humanitarians. They have a heightened sense of emotions and connect quickly with others, they sometimes get distracted because of this they always blame their destiny. Alphabets D, M, and K have numeric values of 4

Numeric Value 5

They are extroverts and are humorous, they love being around people and working on their own. Weakness is that they get quite anxious. They are grounded by nature because of which they are respected by people, they easily build connections with the emotions of people, and they are known because of their supportive attitude. Alphabets E, N, and W are included in the numeric value 5

Numeric Value 6

They are born counselors, they love giving advice and emotional support to people which makes them feel better, a weakness they have is a dominant personality that makes people weird when they get connected with them, they are quite sensible, optimistic, and generous. Alphabets F, O, and X are included in numeric value 6

Numeric Value 7

They are quite lucky and carry a very practical approach to life, they love to struggle and gather experience from their surroundings which makes them unique, they love to experience things from their view and then give opinions, they carry a very realistic approach towards life. They are very kind and soft-hearted people. They can be good psychologists as they have the talent to calm people down. Alphabets G, P, and Y are included in numeric value 7

Numeric Value 8

They have good command over their writing skills and have a good expressive personality which is loved by people, socialising is the god gifted skill in them. They have a sacrificing attitude to get a smile on anyone’s face and have a good sense of humor. They are born with good decision-making skills which are useful for them in any field, they are good in business and research-based work. Alphabets H, Q, and Z are included in this numeric value 8

Numeric Value 9

They have good visionary skills and their weakness is that they are quite self-centered. They share good bonds with their colleagues and are quite successful in their lives. They tend to be creative and artistic. Alphabets I and R are included in numeric value 9

Numeric Value 11

They hold a very idealistic approach towards life but they lack self-esteem because of which they might miss opportunities.

Numeric Value 22

They love to create a thing and work as a perfectionist because of this they analyze things deeply which makes them overthinkers which can leave an impact on their mental health

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Numerology plays a very significant role in astrology for defining one’s characteristics from the date we are born to numbers which the universe shows us have some indication which can be a sign of good luck or bad luck. It may give us warning about the future and also bless us with new beginnings, astrologers use numbers as the only way to predict the future. There are master numbers and also life path numbers, these numbers can be calculated by ourselves or can be seen from InstaAstro. If you want to know more about your future and love life then you chat or call an astrologer, they can give us good guidance about what opportunities you may get and describe your personality and characteristics. Read about your alphabet and number numerology above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Numerology can help you know about your past, present, and future. Alphabet numbers as per numerology or alphabet numerical value according to numerology helps people know certain secrets of their life.
One can ask questions about anything that they feel should be questioned about their life like career, finance, love, and relationships
One can improve life by selecting favourable dates and avoiding dates which are not good.
A Right Career can be chosen by destiny number as this is the only type of number which can help one choose best career.
If you are going through a positive period you will see the outcome in a positive way but if the outcome comes out to be unfavourable then the period isn’t in your favour.
Just by interpreting the date, we can know which date is unfavourable or you have started with the wrong date. In addition, numerology numbers for English letters help us assign a particular number or alphabet and then analyse our lives.
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