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Have you ever imagined that letters tell a story? It does. Numerology, the study of cosmic numbers, has concepts that associate humans with the names they were given at the time of birth. According to traditional mystic books, the first letter of your first name has the most significant role in drawing information about your character formation.

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It is called the 'Cornerstone letter', which is attached to a numerological value stated in letter number numerology. That numerological value or number is called the 'Cornerstone Number'. It lays the foundation for your general approach towards life. Check out our Cornerstone Number Calculator and learn interesting keywords associated with your personality traits.

Cornerstone Number is the first letter numerology that reveals your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, attitude and behaviour. A Cornerstone Numerology Calculator calculates your Cornerstone score or number and displays associated attributes. Firstly, the alphabetical ranking of the Cornerstone letter is checked, and then the rank is reduced to a single digit. Let us take an example.

Suppose your name is Suresh Chandra. We can see that S is the first letter of your first name. That means S is your Cornerstone letter. According to the alphabetical ranking, S is the 19th letter.

“19” is a two-digit number. The two digits can be summed. We get 10 as the answer. Further reducing 10, we get 1.

Hence, the Cornerstone number of Suresh Chandra is 1. Now, you will be displayed traits that correspond to your Cornerstone number.

Characteristics of Each Cornerstone Letter

Are you also wondering what numbers mean in letters? Now that you know your Cornerstone number, let us look at what each Cornerstone letter associated with a Cornerstone number represents. You will be seeing certain personality traits that become someone’s characteristics if his/her name starts with their letter. Let us see them one by one.

Cornerstone letter- A

People with the cornerstone letter A are very brave and have a strong determination to achieve their goals. They are independent and have great leadership skills, which help them face the world with amusing logical ability and an analytical mind.

Cornerstone letter- B

People with cornerstone letter B are team-oriented and bring fruitful results with cooperation and collaboration. They are very sensitive toward their loved ones and can go to any limit for them. They also take their work very personally and get greedy once they take the taste of success.

Cornerstone letter- C

People with the cornerstone letter C are an inspiration to others. They get appreciated for their approach towards life. They maintain a good balance between their personal and professional life. They are very creative and come up with ideas with spontaneity.

Cornerstone letter -D

People with the cornerstone letter D love to take on challenges in their professional life. They have a hunger to win or emerge victorious in any task that they take on. They are hardworking and good decision-makers. Their team always benefits from their leadership skills.

Cornerstone letter- E

People with the cornerstone letter E are sharp-minded and well-read. They can imagine scenarios of a problem statement and accordingly suggest solutions. But they do not know how to handle a situation and behave confused. They often tend to doubt what they suggest, and people often have trust issues with them. They need to believe in them.

Cornerstone letter- F

People with the cornerstone letter F are very responsible towards their work, family and friends. They have motherly instincts and are very caring too. They tend to take revenge when angry but are less courageous to take the initiative or start a new task.

Cornerstone letter- G

People with the cornerstone letter G are sensible and handle situations with maturity. They encourage new ideas and like to learn new things. They have an analytical mind, and their solutions are backed by strong research.

Cornerstone letter- H

People with the cornerstone letter H are business minded and wish to afford everything they touch. They take each step in life with the intent of the business. You have a practical approach towards life. They are nature-loving and keep a check on cleanliness.

Cornerstone letter- I

People with the cornerstone letter I have an idealistic approach toward life. They carry compassion in their hearts and are inclined toward social work. They have pure and kind hearts. They tend to think deeply about any topic or event in life. They are modern and fashionable.

Cornerstone letter- J

People with the cornerstone letter J are goal-oriented. They are always excited towards work and are very hardworking. They are physically active and have a strong focus on life. They are self-dependent and self-made. They often tend to over-prepare themselves, which leads to delays.

Cornerstone letter- K

People with the cornerstone letter K balance their personal and professional life well. They depend on intuition and are inclined towards spirituality. They tend to keep their aims and aspirations a secret so that when they succeed, they can surprise people.

Cornerstone letter- L

People with the cornerstone letter L are overthinkers due to their lack of self-esteem. They need to respect themselves in order to boost their self-confidence. They have a great sense of humour and easily attract a laugh to the people they are comfortable with.

Cornerstone letter- M

People with the cornerstone letter M take their work very seriously, and they often become aggressive to get a perfect output. The natives tend to come around as Workaholic individuals. They are loyal towards their loved ones and are very emotional in their personal life.

Cornerstone letter- N

People with the cornerstone letter N have a creative mindset and strong intuitions. They have good communication skills and tend to work for financial stability early in life. They wish to give all the comforts to their family members.

Cornerstone letter- O

People with the cornerstone letter O are very focused and are constantly putting effort into reaching their targets. They are made out of strong morals and have kind hearts throughout their life. They are emotional and often then tend to put their hearts into work instead of their minds.

Cornerstone letter- P

People with the cornerstone letter P talk a lot. They are funny and have strong wit and humour. They also have a spiritual side and tend to be philosophical in life. They are trustworthy and great life partners to have. They are sensitive but focused.

Cornerstone letter- Q

People with the cornerstone letter Q tend to live in their own thoughts and are often found sitting alone in a corner. They are spiritually included and fascinated by mystical books. They have good imaginative power, which they can utilise in work situations.

Cornerstone letter- R

People with the cornerstone letter R are workaholics and very hardworking. They have anger issues which can spoil their already-made world. If they learn to manage their anger, only the right things will happen in their lives.

Cornerstone letter- S

People with the cornerstone letter S are liked by everybody for their genuine nature. They do not pretend. This quality of their tends to help the native gain popularity in their social circle. They are independent and love freedom, and therefore, they tend to become ambitious.

Cornerstone letter- T

People with the cornerstone letter T are mentally strong and can uplift any work project that faces major ups and downs. They tend to follow a systematic approach so that any task is fulfilled peacefully. They have a helpful nature and are organised.

Cornerstone letter- U

People with the cornerstone letter U are disorganised and notorious. They tend to find shortcuts and short tricks to reach somewhere in less time. Some people might also call them Lazy in some aspects. This may affect you getting success. But they are hardworking.

Cornerstone letter- V

People with the cornerstone letter V are genuine and loved by everyone. They have strong memory power and are sharp-minded. They are also great manipulators and are good with words. These qualities of the native, when combined, tend to make them get anything that they want in their life.

Cornerstone letter- W

People with the cornerstone letter W are impulsive and take decisions based on their intuitions. They are charming and great life partners. They become egoistic due to quick recognition. The natives, however, tend to be liked by their peers as they like being in the good books of their peers.

Cornerstone letter- X

People with the cornerstone letter X are hardworking but undisciplined. They remain at an average state due to it. They are greedy and often go to dangerous lengths to achieve something. The natives do anything and everything in their power to get something that they truly want or desire.

Cornerstone letter- Y

People with the cornerstone letter Y are rich and classy. They are usually business people who love freedom and tend to make money continuously. The natives also come around to have a great taste in luxurious items

Cornerstone letter- Z

People with the cornerstone letter Z are kind-hearted and friendly. They have strong determination and positivity to achieve their goals. These people are goal-oriented individuals. Moreover, they often tend to push their limits in order to achieve things that they have set their eye for.


Cornerstone Numbers tend to be very informative for an individual. They tend to tell about the personality traits and also about the characteristics of an individual according to achievement number numerology. Moreover, they also tend to give insights into the life of the individual. So, if you want to know your Cornerstone number, use our Cornerstone numerology calculator by name. Moreover, to use more such fun calculators, visit InstaAstro’s website for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

A numerological number is assigned to every numerological letter.
The cornerstone numerology calculator by name indicates your general characteristic or behaviour.
The cornerstone numerology calculator by date of birth is associated with the name given to the natives during birth.
A cornerstone number is a numerological value associated with the first letter of your name.
The first letter of your name given at the time of birth is called the Cornerstone letter.
It is a belief in mystic activities that correlates numbers with events that happen in your life.
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