An Overview of Life Period Cycle Numbers

If you wish to know about your life period cycle in the different stages of life, enter the details in our free Life Period Cycle Calculator and see the results. This calculator will help you gain insight into the beginning and starting age of your Life Period Cycle.

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Life Cycle Numerology has many potentials to help us know about our Life Period Cycle and its associated numbers. Thus, look no further and enter your details right away!

As humans, we aim to live a whole life with maximum experiences and wish to learn new things daily. However, we often neglect the impact of numerology in our lives. Numerology studies and analyses the association between human beings and numbers. It also studies the vibrations which are connected to their lives. Thus, as an aspect of astrology, it is all about self-discovery and growth. Life cycle numerology is an exciting concept that studies numerology numbers in three life cycles. Let's have an in-depth understanding of these life cycles.

What are Life Period Cycles?

A Life Period Cycle for humans can be divided into three sections. These sections are:

The First Cycle

This is the opening era, the first and the beginning of the human life period cycle. It studies the innate nature of individuals amidst other factors in the environment. Moreover, the environment creates events that further help us discover our genuine nature. The first-period cycle numerology can be considered a challenging first cycle. This is because the cycle promotes independence, and the youth need to take this better. There are conflicts of will and questions about dependability in this cycle. The primary task of this cycle is to develop and maintain a sense of your individuality. The freedom endowed upon individuals during this stage might be too much for them to handle. Stand on your own feet and perform your tasks with dignity and grace. During this cycle, the life path numbers and the First Minor Challenge number significantly impact an individual's well-being. This cycle lasts for 30 years of an individual's life.

The Second Cycle

This cycle emerges in the middle of our lives. Both our creative and individual skills root up in this cycle and bring association, relationships and balance. The second-period cycle numerology functions and focuses on vibrations immensely. There are other mentions of a sense of security and accomplishment in the Second cycle. Moreover, there are emotions and an abundance of sensitivity in this cycle. This comes from a place of reliability and empathy. This cycle generally represents individuals who wish to discover and explore their position in the world. Individuals also tend to push their limits and experiment with boundaries in life. This is also where people might crave attention and develop a strong connection with their parents, especially the mother. The middle of the cycle allows you to build relationships, accumulate knowledge and work on your life skills. This cycle lasts for 27 years of an individual's life.

The Third Cycle

The third and final cycle uncovers the flowering and resurrection of our inner selves. During this stage or process, individuals enjoy the most freedom to express themselves and speak their minds. Self-reliance is everything to you, and you must prioritise that before anything else. This is the stage of life where you must focus on and sustain the life you have been working on. Your life could take a philosophical turn, with your work life gradually taking a backseat. Moreover, it would help if you moved on to more important things in life during this stage. Spirituality will come naturally to you, and you will find solace in religious entities. Thus, the third cycle will be inclined towards a zen-like and reflective stage of life.

How to use the Life Period Cycle Calculator?

Calculating your Life Period Cycle by yourself can take time and effort. However, you need not worry as InstaAstro's numerology life cycles calculator is the most convenient and efficient way to know about your life's three primary cycles and what stage you will enter them. Follow these steps and learn about your life cycle in a fraction of a second.

  • The online Life Period Cycle calculator allows you to enter all the necessary details in the boxes.
  • Start by mentioning your birth date, month and year.
  • Then click on 'Calculate' and see the magic unfold.
  • The calculator is as easy as it looks and will yield the most accurate results.

What are the benefits of using the Life Period Cycle Calculator?

Life is inconsistent, and we cannot be sure of every event that is bound to occur. However, with a few practical astrological tools, it becomes easier to know more about ourselves and the future. One such tool is the Life Period Cycle Calculator. This calculator does not want to alarm you, instead focuses on guiding you better and making you more informed about the stages of your life.

  • It gives us a better picture of where we can expect our lives to go and provides more clarity about the direction we're moving forward.
  • The Life Period Cycle Calculator allows individuals to think over their goals again by showing a clear reflection of the future.
  • These life cycles act as turning points in your life and indicate significant changes that might affect you.
  • It helps you find the answers to all your questions regarding a mid-life crisis and lets you understand how to get through it.
  • Moreover, through InstaAstro's Life Period Cycle Calculator, you will find out the number associated with each cycle. This will further help you predict and assess that stage better.

How does Astrology determine Health?

If you're apprehensive about your life and wish to lead a happier and healthier life, then worry no more. Astrology has permanently cemented, made its way into people's hearts, and gained their faith. Through knowing about our planets and stars, we can fight and prevent diseases that might disrupt our life cycles.

To everyone's surprise, every anatomical structure, organ and limb in our body is affected by astrological elements. The 8th (denotes death and surgery), 6th (denotes sickness), 12th (denotes subconscious mental state), and 2nd House (denotes financial stability) are the most important and must be assessed regarding health. Any malefic influence of planets on these houses can deteriorate an individual's health. Moreover, a debilitated or weak planet in a particular house can cause severe medical illnesses to its native. Thus, planets play a massive role in determining an individual's health. They determine astrological predictions corresponding to our organs and body parts. So, let's find out more about these planets.

  • Sun: The Sun represents soul, power, and authority and provides individuals with the energy and willpower to sustain and power through challenges in life. It governs the head and right eye in men and the left in women. Moreover, it also controls the stomach and heart and is responsible for fever, sinus and migraine.
  • Moon: The Moon is the governor of our inner world. From our emotions to our thoughts, it controls everything. It is representative of our deepest feelings and desires. Moon governs our lungs, brain, the left eye in men and the right in women. Since it involves our emotions, it impacts our bodily fluids, insomnia and asthma. In alignment with Saturn, the Moon can become the cause of acute diabetes, coughing and vomiting.
  • Mars: Ruling over the first and eighth house, Mars is the planet of action, desire and energy. It rules over all our animal instincts and drives aggression and survival. This planet influences our blood, blood clotting, gall bladder, chest and nose.
  • Mercury: The planet Mercury signifies intellect, communication skills and friendship. It is a significant determinant of most of our personality traits. This governs the nervous system and impacts our skin and face. Moreover, it can also cause thyroid in women.
  • Jupiter: The planet of wisdom, Jupiter is the soul of astrology. It represents luck, optimism and success. It influences the kidneys, Liver, and pancreas of an individual. Moreover, weak or debilitated Mercury becomes the cause of a fatty liver, tumours and excessive fat gains.
  • Venus: An auspicious planet, Venus symbolises love, romance, marital happiness, art and beauty. It directly impacts an individual's throat, face and cheeks. Venus controls urinary diseases and ovarian cysts in women. An extremely weak Venus can become the cause of impotence.
  • Saturn: The planet Saturn is all about power, authority and moral obligations. It is also known as the fruit bearer of karma. This planet controls our bones, muscles, hair, and legs. Any malefic movement from this planet can lead to gastric issues and arthritis.
  • Rahu: One of the nodal planets, Rahu represents mischief, obsession and materialism. Its primary focus is on material wealth. This planet is mischievous and can cause breathing problems, cancer, ulcers, etc.
  • Ketu: The other nodal planet, Ketu, is considered both malefic and beneficial. The planet also drives its natives to spirituality. It accounts for various mysterious diseases. And this also causes stomach pain, physical weakness etc. tends to weaken an individual's immune system.

Other than this, there are Chakras, which indicate various qualities of an individual based on their ruling planets. Keeping those in check will lead to a longer and more fulfilling life. The seven chakras are:

  • Muladhara (Root Chakra): This Chakra is known to be based at the end or root of your spine. The position of this Chakra is near an individual’s tailbone. The root chakra is responsible for indiscipline, insecurity, physical problems like joint pain and other mental health issues.
  • Svadhishthana (Sacral Chakra): This Chakra is known to be located right below an individual’s Belly Button. This chakra is responsible for spiritual health, luck, justice, dishonesty and passion. The chakra controls diabetes and other hormonal issues.
  • Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra): This Chakra is known to be located near an individual’s naval. The chakra represents courage, responsibility and willpower. It controls the metabolism, digestive system, mental disorders and pancreatic issues.
  • Anahata (Heart chakra): This Chakra is said to be located in the middle of an individual’s chest. This chakra serves as a centre of love and empathy. It can influence menstrual irregularity and kidney issues.
  • Vishuddha (Throat Chakra): The placement of this Chakra is said to be in the middle of an individual’s throat. Responsible for communication and self-expression, the debilitation of the throat chakra leads to abdomen issues, skin problems, and insomnia and controls the nervous system.
  • Ajna (Third Eye Chakra): This chakra is said to be located between the eyes of an individual. The placement of this chakra is right above the start of the nose. The sixth primary chakra signifies the subconscious mind. It influences the spine, gallbladder, sleep disorders, blood pressure and eyesight.
  • Meditation Sahasrara (the Crown Chakra): Lastly, this Chakra is placed at the top of an individual’s head. The last chakra is responsible for reproductivity, motherhood, emotions and the nervous system. It governs problems like paralysis, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.


If you are looking to unlock some hidden secrets and aspects of your life, then do use our Life Period Cycle Calculator now! Moreover, to gain knowledge about such insightful tools, speak to India's best astrologers at InstaAstro and learn more about your love life, job, career and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

The life cycle number consists of the numerology numbers that depict our life and represent the three significant life periods. The first cycle lasts for 30 years, the second last for 27 years, and the third cycle lasts until the end of your life.
Calculating your life cycle number is now a few clicks away! With InstaAstro's FREE Life Period Cycle Calculator, you can calculate your life cycle number for every stage. First, enter all the details and then click on 'Calculate'. You will then be directed to your Life Period Cycle in three different cycles and know the number associated with each.
Like a sun sign, the life path number helps you reveal your strengths and weaknesses, personal identity, talents, and weaknesses. It also allows you to know about your ambitions and inspirations in life. The life path number makes you aware of the tone of your experiences and finds reasons behind the occurrence of past, present and future events.
InstaAstro's FREE Life Period Cycle Calculator gives accurate results based on your birth date, month, and year. Based on these, you will find the duration of your first, second and third life period cycle. Moreover, the calculator will also help you find the number associated with each cycle.
Also known as the goal or reality number, the power number in numerology reflects all the energy you have and helps you build your career. This also helps you accomplish your goals in life and lets you make a difference in the world. This number also assists you in finding satisfaction in life. You must first know your birth path number to calculate the power number.
The Life Period Cycle number tends to tell an individual some aspects of their life that can sometimes be hidden gems for them. Thus, it is very useful for an individual.
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