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Your name is just not something people know you with. Your name can literally define your life. So can your date of birth. The Universe and all its components can be understood and worked through using numbers. Numbers are the core of understanding any concept, any idea. Hence, numerology, which is the study of how numbers can tell you more about anything, is of utmost importance is the field of predictive sciences. And this online tool can help you to find your expression number, which you will need to have a more well constructed understanding of your future.

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Expression number is the number that can give you a peek inside your head. This number determines your physical and mental constituents. It also indicates what you are supposed to do in life; the long term goal.

Most of the time, we are working toward this goal, without even realising it. Since we don’t know our final destinations, we often tend to stray from our path. That brings us unnecessary misery. So, in order to understand oneself on a much more subconscious level, one should get to know their expression number.


This Expression number calculator is an online tool that tells you how your life will turn out,based on characteristics that are unique to you only. No other external force can have an influence on your life, if you already know what to do. And this tool is created with the purpose of helping you identify your inner self and your goal in life.

Traditionally, these numerology calculations were carried out using some basic arithmetic operations. The process of getting your expression number is an easy task, but the aspect to understand its effect is to correctly interpret the number. But let’s first learn how to calculate this.

The most common way to use expression number calculators is by name. It is very simple to calculate.

  • First, take your name and following the reference of the expression number chart, assign respective numbers to each of the letters in your name.
  • Next, add all these numbers. You will get a two digit number as the result.
  • Then you have to add the two digits of the result. This will give you a digit between 1-9. That is your expression number. You can also find your expression number by the date of your birth. This is even a simpler process to follow..
  • First, add up all the digits of your birthday, in the dd/mm/yyyy format. You will get a two digit result.
  • Then you have to add up these two digits, which will give you a single digit result. That is your expression number.


Commonly, the expression number that you get will range between 1 to 9. Each of these numbers signify a special combination of features and qualities that defines you. Your expression number can tell you more about your traits and how you can use them to your advantage to move forward in life. The meaning of each expression number is:

  • Expression Number 1: You are a leader by nature, very autonomous, and unique. You have a strong interest in creativity and exploration and are also quite self-reliant, active, and confident. You like to experiment with and develop novel, untested approaches to problems.You like your individualism very much, and that contributes to your habit of being independent. You are focussed on whatever needs to be done and you strive to do things that add value to the people around you.
    Your pioneering approach and the courage to take risks makes you a suitable businessperson or entrepreneur. Also, coupled with your deep observational skills, you can also do good as a politician. You have good orator skills, which is required to make the people believe in you. All these qualities ultimately contribute to your leadership skills. But you have certain negatives too. You tend to prioritise yourself to a level where others do not matter. Also, the praises and popularity may go to your head, making you more vulnerable to committing blunders.
  • Expression Number 2: You are a very sophisticated and polite person who excels at cooperating with others. Because of your highly developed intuition, which gives you knowledge of other people's personalities and circumstances, you move cautiously and with some impact. You have good teamwork skills, and you like to involve people while making decisions.. That makes you a good partner. You will also thrive while working in anything that requires regularly communicating with different types of people.Apart from that, you mind your own business and keep your opinions to yourself. This diplomatic approach mostly works in your favour, and makes people think you are dependable.
    You are a sensitive person. This sometimes works in your favour, and sometimes against it. While a word of appreciation or goodwill can make your day, you are also very likely to be upset over a small disagreement. You tend to take things personally, which makes it hurtful to you. But at the same time, situations don’t have a very lasting effect on your mind. You have the capability to jump back fro any crisis with your determined mindset and most of the times, the crisis doesn’t even take that much of a toll on you. Another asset is your friendliness, which makes you close to even important people. At the same time, your modest outlook for yourself makes people believe more in you, as no one likes a vain person. You are very receptive to the emotions and needs of people who are close to you.
  • Expression Number 3: You are a highly upbeat, joyful, encouraging, honest, and sociable person. Your personality is so upbeat and contagious that it can influence people without you even being aware of it, and people see you as having a highly endearing spirit. Creativity is your strong point, which helps you to succeed in the fields of theatre, art, writing and related art forms. But you might not appreciate and work to polish your skills, as you like to spend more time daydreaming and doing unimportant things. You must develop your focus and concentration. The secrets to your success are these. In the arts and other fields that call for original thinking to solve issues, you have a lot of promise. You have the capacity to make imaginative leaps, offering outlandish suggestions as though they had just dropped from the sky.
    The key to a successful future, though, is dedication and hard work. Also, you always tend to underestimate yourself and thus don’t take action with the fear of failing. And to make up for that, you tend to shift and engage your attention to a new thing. This makes you overall less productive. To overcome this problem, you need to stop distracting yourself and start working on what needs to be done. And repeatedly work on it until it is upto your standards. Also, you thrive on attention and have plenty of friends and well wishers. Infact, you can sometimes charm even strangers. But when you are not the centre of attention, that tends to make you moody and frustrated. That in turn can trigger other negative reactions of yours.
  • Expression Number 4: You are a meticulous, rational person with excellent managerial and organisational skills. You can make dreams come true since you are a builder and a go-getter. You probably have a very strong sense of organisation. You are that one person who shoulders all the major responsibilities for the smooth functioning of an organisation. You are every employer’s dream come true.You are a very hands on person, who likes to learn things by doing. Combined with your organisation skills, you have the ability to make your dreams come true.
    In hindsight, you cannot thrive without having a structure. You are very strict with your schedule and usually don’t handle deviations from it very well. You may even not be able to function if you are suddenly thrown into a new situation. You are what people would describe as stubborn, in a relationship. Your loyalty is a plus point in the relationship, but you being very particular about your likes and dislikes can be a regular source of argument between you and your partner. All and all, you are a good person, but once in a while you need to see the creative and fun side of things too.
  • Expression Number 5: You are aware of the various qualities you possess that can lead to great success. However, your ability to pick and perfect a few areas to focus on will determine your level of success. You'll cover a lot of ground and encounter a variety of folks. The environment of freedom is essential for you to display your diverse talents. Almost whatever you set your mind to, you can probably do quite well. You can only manifest your talents by avoiding the illusion of security. You have unusual flexibility. Change is actually a blessing for you. You also require challenge and variety.
    You detest routine; being confined is disastrous for you. When you are restricted or kept down, you start to feel miserable. But all these detest for limits and boundaries increase the risk of you overindulging. You don’t know when to stop, and this may even lead to you having serious health hazards. Also you tend to get bored easily. This often hinders your ability to have deep and meaningful relationships. But that doesn’t mean you are not social. Lastly, you are a unique combination of being good with words,ideas and your hands. This makes your employment opportunities limitless.
  • Expression Number 6: You are likeable, compassionate, dependable, and responsible. You tend to prioritise the needs of others before your own, and you value honesty and integrity greatly. Responsibilities will occupy the majority of your life, and you might occasionally feel restricted and overburdened. You are seen as idealistic, particularly in regard to relationships, friendships, and humanity.
    You seem to have opposing tendencies that are just barely balanced. You are specially suited to handle and integrate conflicts inside yourself because of your aptitude for bringing these opposites into harmony. Because of this, you frequently find yourself playing the role of healer or counsellor, settling disputes between those with divergent viewpoints or internal issues within the self.
  • Expression Number 7: You are particularly interested in learning about religion, science, and philosophy. You have the potential to be a fantastic teacher, investigator, or philosopher since you are a very basic and steadyfast truth seeker. You are really interested in learning about science, philosophy, and even mysticism. Your pursuit of the truth is characterised by clarity and tenacity. You can excel in the fields of study, instruction, and philosophy. You must develop the ability to distinguish between illusion and reality, but you are capable of doing so.
    Your sharp mind gives you access to life's hidden secrets. Additionally, you have a great deal of perspective. The lack of comprehension or knowledge of others, many of whom do not take the pursuit of knowledge as seriously as you do, frequently astounds you. As a result, you could become judgmental of other people and even pessimistic about life in general. Your motivations grow more blurred the further apart from others you are. Once you have an understanding of people and life, individuals nearby who require your wisdom will ask you for help and advice.
  • Expression Number 8: It is your challenge and your legacy to gain control over a small area of the world. You have the power and potential to achieve great things in life. Whatever you do, you put a lot of effort into being the greatest at it and the most successful in your chosen industry. You relish difficulties and competition. You are a planner with vision who is realistic. If you're willing to practise self-discipline, which is typically an inborn talent, and continue in the face of the significant roadblocks in your way, you can have money and power. You are a vibrant person with a knack for effectiveness. You have a comprehensive understanding of the situation, are aware of the bigger issues, and are able to pool your resources to solve the issues.
    You are good at delegating tasks; it is ideal for you to let others handle the majority of the specifics. You are a superb manager of people and a superb moral authority. You have high expectations for people who work for you and frequently use direct language. At the same time, you don't think twice about rewarding the dependable and diligent worker. Since you value efficiency above everything else, you are not a particularly tolerant leader. You have the courage and persistence to go right after your objective.
  • Expression Number 9: You are a sympathetic person who is fascinated by causes or movements that aim to improve the world. You frequently exhibit extreme naivety when it comes to people or strategies. You show great compassion and work to create a society that is more kind. You're a really idealistic person. You are also a visionary with the power to sway people and lead them in the right direction. You aspire to popularity and have a deep-seated desire for the admiration and love of the masses. You are your own worst critic, which contributes to your desire for approval and your hunger for celebrity.
    When you engage in some activity that directly advances the common good, you experience the highest levels of satisfaction. You would be successful in fields like politics, law, environmental preservation, education, and medicine. You don't feel constrained by bias and have a broad perspective on humanity. You ought to be friends with people from all spheres of existence, all races, and all religions. People interest and enlighten you. You are inspired by a wide variety of people and events, which awaken qualities inside you that would otherwise be latent.


Expression number calculators serve a manifold purpose. It can be used to test the expression number compatibility that you share with your partner. Or you can get a clearer idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you need to work on. Calculating the expression number using this calculator can help you to find events of your future, by correlating it to astrology.

There is a strong link between these expression numbers and the lucky numbers of different zodiac signs. If these two are the same for you, then congrats! Luck really favours you and you can expect good things in life. There are many other combinations too which are fruitful for achieving success in life.

That being said, you must use a reliable calculator to get to know your expression number. So why not try InstaAstro’s FREE expression number calculator. This has been used by thousands of people, who have got accurate results and have successfully applied these results for the betterment in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should add up the numbers of your date of birth. If it is a double-digit number, then add it up to make it a single-digit number. That is the expression number.
Studious, wise, informed, reflective, severe, persistent, refined, and gracious. You have a flair for analysis and a voracious thirst for discovering the solutions to life's unanswered mysteries. You are interested in learning about science, philosophy, and even mysticism.
Your expression number can tell you about various aspects of your life. It can be physical, mental, career and even your relationship. It can also tell you more about the subconscious part of yourself.
You carry yourself with an outstanding and aristocratic air. You look dignified and straight, no matter how tall you are. You have great power over the message you convey to others. Many artists, including dancers and actresses, have a 9 Personality Number. You exude charm and are graceful and charming.
11, 22 and 33 make up the three master numbers. They are called so because numerologists believe that their combined power is more than the single digit expression numbers.
The most potent number is 22, frequently appearing in the charts of doers, leaders, and visionary builders. They have the intuition of the number 11 but a more systematic approach to action, making them capable of transforming wild fantasies into concrete accomplishments.