Feng Shui and its Effects on Life

Buying a car is an enormous decision for most people. And maintaining it as brand new for the longest time possible is the ultimate goal. Therefore, every factor is very well considered, from the mileage to the seating capacity. This is done to get the best out of the purchase. And when it comes to the colour of the body is also a prime criterion for many.

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Some people take the safe way out and get neutral colours, which are easily repairable lest any damage like scratch occurs. Others like to make a statement with their car and use bright colours. But what if the car's paint has its significance, depending on the owner? That is an essential consideration for many people who believe in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is based on different principles, one of which is related to colour and its effects. Feng Shui effects are known to remove negative vibes and energies from an individual’s life and tend to make it much more positive.

Based on that, this car colour calculator is designed to help you find the car that suits your personality. A compatible car is an inseparable partner for many adventures in life. So, why not consider all possible factors to get 'the one’ for you? This Feng Shui calculator can give you an idea of how well the car will serve you and if it will be reliable in times of emergency. So, if you want to be sure of your purchase, run your options through this free online tool.

What is Feng Shui?

The ancient Chinese placing art is known as Feng Shui. Feng Shui studies how an urban environment affects one's life. It is utilised to improve the flow of Chi. Feng Shui is the art of working with things as they are to try to improve one's life by bringing it into balance and harmony with its surroundings. This is accomplished using multiple but equally significant Feng Shui principles. Feng Shui translates to 'wind' (Feng), and 'water' (Shui) is an ancient Chinese idea that connects a person's destiny to his environment. In Chinese culture, the elements of wind and water are both linked to well-being. It attempts to make sure that humans coexist peacefully with their environment.

The Chinese place a strong emphasis on Ch'i and apply it to many facets of daily life. According to Chinese philosophy, the animating life energy is known as Ch'i, which gets absorbed in the home, physical surroundings and all people. This unseen energy permeates the entire planet and can be either Yunn (good) Ch'i or Sha (negative) Ch'i. Feng Shui is the 'art of placement', allowing one to fully utilise the positive Ch'i energy to disrupt, scatter, or remove impediments in its free flow.

Sensing the balance of Yin and Yang and using a Feng Shui compass are the foundations of the entire concept. The dark, feminine, and receptive principle is known as Yin. In contrast, the light, masculine, and active principles are known as Yang. When balanced, the Yin and Yang flow endlessly into one another and can be used to design interior environments.

By bringing the energy and components of a closed area into balance, Feng Shui aids in shifting a person's state of consciousness from negativity to positivity. Rich people and poor people are treated equally following Feng Shui principles. By putting these concepts into practice and fostering harmony between the cosmos and manufactured structures, everyone can transform their life to the fullest extent possible.

What is Feng Shui Car Colour Calculator?

This online tool is a combination of Feng Shui and Chinese numerology tools. The numerology calculator for car firsts finds the Kua number, a core concept in Chinese numerology. Then, based on that, each person will have some colours attributed to them which are more effective for them, as per Feng Shui. Car colour astrology is mainly based on the individual characteristic of each colour, basically what emotions they express and develop in a person. The car colour suitable for the oe=wner depends on the Kaa number. Also, there are different aspects into which the paint is sorted based on its purpose, which the numerology calculator for cars may need to consider. Hence, selecting the colour from a proper category allotted under the Kua numbers is imperative.

InstaAstro has designed this car numerology calculator to help new and old car owners select the best option for their investment. This calculator requires one's date of birth and gender and also considers Chinese zodiac signs to narrow down the result further. This leads to an increase in the preciseness of the prediction. It also helps one to choose more easily and quickly as they are not overwhelmed with options. This tool is a must-try before taking such a significant decision in life.

How Does the Feng Shui Car Colour Calculator Work?

There are a lot of ways in which people tend to choose the lucky colour for their cars. These include car colour according to numerology along with lucky car colour according to date of birth. However, out of all, to date, the method of Feng Shui tends to be the most accurate. In order to use the calculator, you’ll need to follow the below-mentioned steps. These are as follows:

  • The calculator will require some of your details. This includes your date, month and year of birth.
  • You’ll need to enter these details in the calculator and click submit. The calculator will then present you with your results.
  • The calculator will calculate your lucky colour for car based on the principles and traditional methods of Feng Shui Calculations.

What is the Importance of Colour in Feng Shui?

Colours represent the five elements of Feng Shui in this way: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Many think these factors regulate the flow of both positive and negative energy. As a result, they must always be in harmony to maintain a controlled environment.

Each individual has a colour in Feng Shui that is regarded as their 'success' colour. A number based on gender and date of birth determines this success colour. The so-called 'Kua' number has multiple different colour associations. Success is symbolised by one hue, excellent relationships by another, and good health or personal development by a third. The owner will have more results overall if they choose the right hue because it complements them personally. One should use personal Feng Shui to choose a colour while purchasing an automobile. They should select the 'family' colour if the car is used more for domestic purposes. The owner's Kua number is the base for selecting both colours.

According to Feng Shui, a person's energy, clarity, and capacity for action can be affected by the colour of their car. Therefore, one can assist and balance their energy by choosing the right car colour for them. Aside from the Kua number, a person should select a vehicle utilising the principle of five elements, or they can choose a car based on their Chinese Zodiac sign. It will enhance a person's Chi, and good fortune will come if they choose a colour car that corresponds to their Chinese Zodiac sign. Therefore, the most crucial element in choosing a colour for the car is one's Chi.

Understanding Feng Shui and Its Principles

Each colour in Feng Shui is associated with one of the five elements of nature. One can explain the relationship between these two as follows:

  • Fire:Fire-inspired hues are frequently associated with energising environments since they represent warmth and passion. Some of these colours are shades of orange, red, pink, and vivid yellow.
  • Water:The calmness of the water may calm the day's stress and create the ideal setting for relaxation and unwinding. Black and blue colours are connected to potential wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui.
  • Metal:Gray and white colours are prized for their capacity to create a sense of fresh cleanliness and lightness in a space. This can increase productivity and aid in better stress management.
  • Earth:Earth tones represent a solid foundation for relationships to develop and are known to promote health and stability. Earth tones like light yellow, beige, and sandy brown are frequently employed.\
  • Wood:The wood element, like earth tones, promotes growth and prosperity in a person. It is portrayed most frequently in brown and green tones.

The colours, individually, have unique traits too, which lend meaning to a setup. These are:

  • Red:Red is the hue that rules over all in Feng Shui. It is regarded as highly auspicious and is the most potent colour in Feng Shui. Its stimulant properties are well known. Red is frequently employed to safeguard and purify the energy of a place or a person. According to Feng Shui, the fire element, associated with clarity, inspiration, and visibility, represents red.
  • Orange: In Feng Shui, orange is seen as a 'social colour.' It is believed to improve communication, creativity, and connection. The hue can be a source of inspiration for those recovering from despair or abuse, which is beneficial. It is one of the vibrant colours that encourages joy. It is one of the vibrant colours that fosters happiness.
  • Gold/Yellow: Because it is energising, yellow is linked to good health. When one wants to be concentrated and excited, one should seek bright yellow things. It simultaneously encourages health, patience, and knowledge while symbolising power. Yellow can contribute to creating a pleasant environment and is the Feng Shui colour representing happiness and optimism. Although yellow promotes positive mental energy, too much can make one anxious or angry.
  • Green:Green is a cheery, lively colour that can inspire optimism. According to practitioners of Feng Shui, the colour green has the power to summon luck and fortune as well as the qi of dawn and fresh starts. Simply put, the colour green is excellent. Its advantages seem almost limitless. The shade has relaxing, therapeutic, and balancing properties. It also stands for expansion and abundance. It conveys a sense of newness and beginnings.
  • Blue:Due to its associations with honesty, communication, and calm wisdom, blue is the perfect colour for understanding/knowledge and spirituality. Typically, it symbolises youth, fresh starts, and self-assurance. It also has to do with discernment and reflection. When one wants to live a life with more peaceful clarity, one should purchase blue objects.
  • Purple:Purple is associated with affluence and grandeur. It is a colour that evokes awe and can be used to represent authority, wealth, and plenty. It also fosters adventure and spirituality. A very lucky hue, deep crimson fading into purple, denotes prosperity and power. Purple, a colour made up of fiery red and cool blue, can also signal balance and harmony.
  • Black:The total of all colours is black. As the yin side of the yin-yang symbol, it is also. Black is frequently connected to gloomy themes in many cultures. However, Feng Shui also has a more uplifting association with depth and introspection. Black also stands for serenity, knowledge, and peaceful reflection. It frequently relates to the professional element of life.
  • White:White is a blank canvas when there is no colour present. In the yin-yang symbol, it stands for the yang side. In many civilisations, white is associated with winter, which is a dormant season when the earth is resting. White also stands for completion, productivity, and mental clarity. It is also a colour of goodness and hope, making it ideal for youngsters or creative endeavours.
  • Grey:Despite being a blend of black and white, grey has a distinct meaning. Gray makes an area feel serene and relaxing. Gray comes in so many shades that it can evoke different levels of mental serenity. However, if they are left unattended, they could produce a sedating effect.
  • Brown:Despite having a somewhat dull appearance, brown is brimming with Feng Shui advantages. Since brown is associated with roots and nature, it frequently offers a calming and centring impact. It is an excellent choice since it can improve honesty and stimulate heart-to-heart conversations. It is regarded as a stable colour and inspires thoughts of safety.
  • Pink:In Feng Shui, pink is linked to love and partnership. It's a colour that inspires self-acceptance, tenderness, and relationship attraction. It is more relaxing and has more balanced energy than bright red because it has the fire of red but is tempered with the white of metal.

According to Feng Shui, the success and family colour for each Kua number is listed as follows:

  • Kua Number 1
    Success Colour: Green, Purple
    Family Colour: Red, Purple, Burgundy
  • Kua Number 2
    Success Colour: Yellow, Brown, Beige
    Family Colour: Silver, Gold, White
  • Kua Number 3
    Success Colour: Red, Pink, Burgundy
    Family Colour: Green
  • Kua Number 4
    Success Colour: Blue, Black, Purple
    Family Colour: Dark Green, Brown
  • Kua Number 5
    Success Colour: Yellow, Brown, Beige
    Family Colour: Gray, Silver, Gold, White
  • Kua Number 6
    Success Colour: Gray, Silver, White
    Family Colour: Yellow, Brown, Beige
  • Kua Number 7
    Success Colour: Gold, Silver, White
    Family Colour: Yellow, Brown, Beige
  • Kua Number 8
    Success Colour: Yellow, Brown, Beige
    Family Colour: Gold, Silver, Gray, White
  • Kua Number 9
    Success Colour: Dark Green, Brown
    Family Colour: Blue, Black, Purple

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the lucky colour of the car for yourself, you first need to know your Kua number. That you can easily find out using InstaAstro's vehicle numerology calculator. As a result, in this tool, alongside your Kua number, you will get the best colours for different aspects of your life. Now, based on the purpose of the car, you can easily pick up the lucky colour for it. Similarly, you can also choose a random vehicle colour according to your Rashi.
Feng Shui promotes harmony between a person and their surroundings. So your car colour should complement you and support your personality's weaker parts. To know which colour highlights what aspect of yours, you first need to get an idea of each colour associated with your Kua number.
According to car Feng Shui, red stands for inspiration and clarity of thoughts. Also, it is considered to be one of the most effective colours. A person with a car of this colour will immediately feel an increase in their social standing and luck. More people will take more notice of them, earning them better prospects.
Maintenance is one of the primary ways to attract good things for the car and the owner. Repainting it from time to time and decorating its interiors following Vastu and Feng Shui can help immensely. The Feng Shui for the vehicle also includes what colour it should be off. So one way to bring good luck to any car is to consider repainting it with Feng Shui compatible colours with its owner's Kua number.
According to Chinese astrology, red is associated with prosperity and a streak of luck. So having this colour in one's surroundings and getting things in this colour may help to boost the happy incidents in one's daily life.
Green is associated with fertility and abundance. This indirectly translates to a prosperous life for anyone. Therefore, one can say that Chinese Feng Shui proposes green as the colour of life satisfaction.
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