Relation Between House Numbers and Numerology

We all have a place where we feel happy and relaxed. Whenever we feel tired, or we feel burdened, we just wonder when we will get back to our house. A House is the only place where we feel comfortable, and it's the only place that plays an important role in defining various things in our life. What type of problems we are going to face, or the fortune we are going to get, is defined by our house number too. Every number we come across is magical as they carry some other significance.

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About House Number Astrology

Everyone has a lucky number. We all want that lucky number to be incorporated into things we buy, from cars to buying property, we choose certain times and dates according to their auspiciousness, and numerology holds a big significance in one’s life. The House Flat number means the house number. There is no difference in the number's auspiciousness. We are going to learn about the best numerology number and the best house number to live in, which will give us deep insight into how numbers play an important role in one’s life.

People believe that one must choose good house numbers for luck according to astrology. Once we are aware of our house number, we just have to derive the house number by just calculating it by these simple steps -

  1. For example, the house number is E-994 Kailash Vihar
  2. Then just add all the digits to derive the house number
  3. 9+9+4 = 22, 2+2 = 4
  4. So, the house number is 4

If your house number includes the alphabet too, then just by looking at the numerology chart, add the number 5+4 = 9

The place where we live also helps in determining our past, present, and future. The energy it carries plays a role in regulating the environment of one’s house. Whenever we buy a home, we always take the advice of a yogi who used to help us identify how fortunate that thing can be.

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Significance of House Numbers

Every house has different numbers, and they carry different importance to everyone, let’s look at the significance each number carries

House Number 1

It is known to be the most auspicious number; it is referred to as the journey of joy. This number reflects the qualities of being independent. It holds positive vibration to start something new like a business, relationship, or job. This shows the sense of unity, and the shape of numbers has the qualities of being upright, confident and self-sufficient. This number is used as an example to inspire people to achieve targets.

This house number is best suited for athletes, businessmen, independent working females, or employees. This number will bring strength to discover oneself. It brings various opportunities and opens the door to abundance and prosperity. It is advised to use red in the house as it is meant to be the lucky colour. This number is going to brighten the lives of people with light and spirituality. This house number is lucky for those who are born on dates who have sum as 1

House Number 2

House number 2 comes up with a lot of understanding and responsibility. This number brings in a lot of unity and oneness and also brings balance to the life of people. It is the signal to be happy and live with a lot of growth.

They are best suited for people who love compassion and are inclined towards bringing harmony to their relationships. They are basically for people who value their relationships more. Lucky house numbers as per date of birth for house number 1 are the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of any month.

House Number 3

It is the house of creativity and talent; it brings in a lot of opportunities for artistic people, like writers, dancers, and singers. They come up with a lot of self-expression and promote a lot of positivity through the different art they perform. This house number will fill their career with a lot of opportunities.

Moreover, it is advised to keep their house clean every time and experiment with their skills to promote ‌improvement. This house is good for accommodating joint families, which will bring a lot of positivity and will create a foundation of unity in them. This is advised to people who are passionate about their work and the skills they have. Every number divisible by 3 is considered lucky.

House Number 4

This house number is a symbol of stability and will bring luck and balance to people who are very ambitious in one’s life. This encourages inhabitants to bring up a lot of positivity and discipline in different fields of their life. This is best suited for people who want to establish their career in the field of a business-centred environment.

This is best done for people who come up with new ideas, and it is advised to keep the green colour as it will maintain balance and will fill the house with an abundance of wealth and prosperity in one’s life. Dates that are multiples of 4 are considered lucky numbers.

House Number 5

This house number is associated with spirituality and makes the mind relaxed. This is best suited for people who are looking forward to being financially stable and expecting returns in their life. Also, this is best suited for people who are creative and have hands-on interior design.

This brings a way to a successful life. These houses are best suited for people who are single and want to follow their careers diligently. It also brings hope and energy to be determined in life. People born on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month have 5 as their lucky house number as per date of birth.

House Number 6

This house number holds both negative and positive vibrations depending on what one needs. This can be a good number for the start of relationships and also can be unfortunate for people looking for financial growth. It is good for people working in the healthcare industry and will be a good house for people who want children or pets.

This house number is a symbol of a meditating environment that holds vibrations that can help one concentrate on the development of the family and help in indulging in household activities. It is advised to light up aromatherapy to maintain the calm level of the environment. It is the ideal house to raise kids. People born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th of any month have 6 as their lucky number as per date of birth.

House Number 7

House number is said to be the place that is linked with spirituality and helps one build closeness with philosophy. People living in such an environment have an inbuilt calmness in their minds because of the vibrations of the environment. This place is advised to be a good place for writers and creative mindsets people. This will help in the expansion of mindset and boost the level of positivity.

People who run ashrams. or meditation centres prefer to take a house with this number as it purifies the aura of people going through a bad day or any heartbreak. It adds colours. positive vibrations, which promotes stability. This house number is also best suited for retired people and aged people. People born on the 3rd and 17th of any month have 7 as their lucky house number as per date of birth.

House Number 8

This house number is great for beginners and can help in enjoying success after passing through various difficulties. It is a symbol of energy, and people who live in this are blessed with an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

People living in this house are blessed with utmost materialistic pleasure, and because of its authoritative power, yogis recommend it as an ideal house. It has strong vibrations. People in this house may feel difficulties initially adjusting because of their high vibrations. Later on, everything will fall into the right place.

House Number 9

This house number is known for its ‘auspicious vibrations’.It is an ideal number as it is considered to be the fortunate number that gives life with an abundance of wealth, and you will be best attracted by luck. moreover, people living in this house who have high tolerance levels bring a lot of harmony among people. Teenagers living in this house will go through a cycle of emotions.

This house attracts a lot of positive vibes and also reflects new beginnings in various fields of their life. You will have high intuitive power, which will make you achieve emotional rewards in life. People living in this house are highly sympathetic and believe in doing humanitarian work. People on the date 9,18,27 are considered to be lucky numbers.

House Number11

We regard this number as an angel number and has a high level of universal power; it gives off a lot of positive vibrations. It holds a high level of intuitive power. And psychic abilities help in purifying the aura and balancing emotions. This house number tends to attract positivity and positive vibes in an individual’s life.

Moreover, the surroundings of this house will always be filled with positive energies and vibrations. This number is regarded as a creative number as it blesses people with utmost pleasure and happiness and gives them a way to the desirable road. This number is considered to be utmost auspicious for an individual.

House Number Compatibility for Your Own House

If you want to check whether the rented flat is lucky for you? Or is the house compatible or not? There are the following steps one should consider

  1. Calculate the address of that house/flat
  2. Then, compare that number with your destiny number
  3. For example, if the house number is 7, then 7 is lucky for people with destiny numbers 1,2,4,5
  4. You can either chat with an Astrologer from InstaAstro.

Comparing our destiny number will give us a deep insight into the house and whether the place the person is going to live in will be auspicious for them. After all, home is the only place one looks forward to after every tiring day.

Few Vastu numbers are said to be luckiest in even numbers, and odd numbers are 2,4,6,8 and 3,5,7,9 are also good numbers for luck.

House Numbers According to Vastu

Let us have a look at some vastu number for house. These numbers tend to have different meanings and significance, according to Vastu. Thus, these are as follows:

  • Vastu Number 1 - It is described as a fresh start to new things and also reflects independence.
  • Vastu Number 2 - The sun should sign cancer and will bring balance in their life
  • Vastu Number 3 - This house is governed by Jupiter, and it will be beneficial for the family to bring closeness and love.
  • Vastu Number 4 - It represents the sun and brings stability and balance to the life of people. It helps to promote a healthy lifestyle, and this is best for working elites who have the desire to work hard and follow their passion for receiving a good amount of wealth.
  • Vastu Number 5 - It is said to be the ideal place for people and is counted as the luckiest number.
  • Vastu Number 6 - It is associated with Venus and is good for people having artistic vibes, like writers, painters, and musicians.
  • Vastu Number 7 - According to Vastu Shastra, this is the auspicious number and is best suited for introverts. It brings us in the right direction in the life of people.
  • Vastu Number 8 - It is a sign of wealth and brings abundance vibrations which can help in enlightenment. It brings stability to one’s life.
  • Vastu Number 9 - This house is ruled by Mars and is beneficial for people who don’t care about themselves. This can bring a lot of monetary benefits and joy into their life.

Above mentioned describes the significance of the Vastu number for the house.


House numbers help in envisioning the details of a house by knowing the benefits that house numbers will carry in the future, It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. What matters, in this case, is the luck some materialistic things bring you. For some of you, it might look like false things which don't hold any existence if you put your faith and know the history by having a conversation with a good deal of numerology Astrologer. He will help you gain positivity toward whatever you take.

In this, what matters is how much faith we instil and how appropriately we calculate the number so that we can derive the meaning of that number through numerology. Numerology works as the fastest way to know about anything we wish to know about, and also liking it Vastu, we can know what things we can omit from our life to keep track of a positive lifestyle.1,3,9,7 considered lucky house number Indian. There is a good deal of numerology lucky numbers such as 1, 9, 7, and 3. So if you are looking for answers, how to find house number or Which flat number is lucky for me? Use our House number calculator for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

House number in numerology helps in identifying the benefits that house number is going to provide us. As every number holds vibrations, which can help us identify the benefits.
According to numerology 3,6,8,9, we consider house number 38 to be lucky.
House number 6 is considered lucky because it brings a lot of love and closeness to the family, and it carries positive vibrations which can bring warmth to the family.
Flat number numerology is the same as house number numerology. We have to calculate the flat number compatibility the same way.
To find the house number, one needs to arrange every number and combine all the numbers and reduce it to a single digit, the desired result will signify the numerology number. Then through that number, we can determine the positive aspects.
No, it is not totally on the date of birth; it includes various other factors and the name, house number, etc.

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