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Introduction to Chaldean Numerology

Numerology, the science of numbers, studies all the numbers about our existence, analyses their meanings and predicts our future. In Numerology, numbers and letters play a pivotal role. There are various branches of Numerology and even more ways to make predictions according to the underlying meaning of numbers. Still, it all depends on the individual and how they choose to go about it. Similarly, Chaldean Numerology is one branch of Numerology that is considered the origin point for Numerology. This area is based on Vedic Astrology and Numerology and gives high significance to vibrations, frequencies, and energies, much like Kabbalah Numerology.

According to Chaldean Numerology, each component of the Universe has its vibrations, and every beat differs. Furthermore, vibrations attract each other, meaning that balanced frequencies and vibrations attract each other. Also, unlike vibrations that attract each other, unbalanced vibrations attract different negative frequencies.

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Chaldean Numerology Meaning

In a Chaldean Number Chart, the Numerology readings are based on the idea that all life forms are predestined, where fate and destiny are unavoidable. As per the Chaldean Chart, letters have different numerical values, which determine our future. Therefore, to make things simple, vibrations or auras, the numeral representations of our names, and our dates of birth build our fate and destiny.

If you're wondering what the meaning of Chaldean is and where this branch of Numerology came from, then we have the answer for you!

Chaldean meaning lies in its name. This numerology alphabet chart comes from Chaldea which was a small country that existed between the 10th and 6th centuries, and its people were renowned astrologers. Therefore, the Chaldean Numerology meanings are derived from the Chaldean people.

Chaldean Numerology: Friendly Numbers

In Chaldean Numerology Chart, every number has its vibration. Friendly numbers have balanced vibrations and are known for attracting each other. Chaldean Numerology Friendly Numbers are special numbers which form a similar bond with each other.

Chaldean Numerology: Unfriendly Numbers

Likewise to Friendly Numbers, Unfriendly Numbers are the numbers which are erratic and have unbalanced vibration. These numbers pull themselves towards each other.

Chaldean Number Chart

As we know by now, every letter has its numerical value, and that value is essential while making calculations in Chaldean Name Numerology.

Here is the Chaldean Numerology Alphabet Chart:


So how to calculate the Chaldean Number?

To calculate your Chaldean destiny number, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

Here are the three simple steps for deriving your Chaldean Number:

  • First, take your full name, determine the numerical value of each letter using our Chaldean Numerology Alphabet Chart, and add all the digits together.
  • Then, you'll get a sum of all the digits. This sum can be a two-digit number or a three-digit number.
  • Lastly, add the digits of the sum you have derived.
  • For example, if the sum of your names turns 58, your Chaldean Destiny Number will be 4, which is 5+8=13=1+3=4.

Chaldean Numbers Meanings

In this branch of astrology, each number has a different meaning.

Here are the numbers one through nine and their distinct meanings:

Number 1: This number focuses on the individual’s potential and capabilities.

Individuals with this number possess a personal and unique way of solving problems. These natives are good at exploring new beginnings, implementing new tasks, and being positive and non-confrontational. Although they can sometimes be self-centred, they are usually righteous and kind.

Number 2: This number is all about fierce, headstrong, and ambitious people.

People this number possess the qualities of a peacemaker. They are known to be kind, empathetic, sensitive, and protective. Although usually, these individuals are shy and introverted, they can be graceful and confident too. It is associated with the planet Moon and is said to be a very feminine number. Those with this number are said to be gentle, caring and nurturing and often have a solid connection to their emotions. They may also be susceptible and psychic. Number 2 is auspicious, and those with this number are often blessed with good fortune.

Number 3: This number stands for compromises and compatibilities.

Natives who have this number are optimistic and creative. They enjoy living, making changes, and doing things their way. They are incredibly charitable, generous and kind, which is often their negative trait, as people can quickly manipulate them. It is associated with Jupiter and is a very masculine number. Those with this number are said to be outgoing, optimistic and extroverted and often have a strong need for attention. They may also be prone to taking risks.

Number 4: This number is designed for critical thinking.

Hardworking, meticulous and detail-oriented, number 4 natives are highly practical and depend on the reality of things. They are organised and determined. Furthermore, they face challenges as they come and can handle things with strength. Although, these individuals might feel a severe lack of self-confidence, which makes them fearful of most things in life. It is associated with the planet Uranus and is a very grounded number. Those with this number are said to be practical, reliable and hardworking and often have a strong need for security. They may also be traditional and conservative.

Number 5: This number focuses on creativity.

As the number symbolises freedom and artistic discretion, the number 5 individuals are free spirits who value adventures and independence and enjoy working through things to achieve perfection. They are passionate about their tasks and are, thus, quite motivated to complete all their activities. They are people who are ever working on the life of their dreams and wish to attain stability in their life. However, they get irritated very quickly in most situations which hampers their working capabilities. It is associated with the planet Mercury. This planet is known for its quickness, speed, and agility. People with this number are often quick thinkers and good at making decisions on the fly. They're also great at multitasking and usually have a lot of energy. They often find themselves in the right place at the right time, and things seem to fall into their lap. However, if they're not careful, they can become spoiled by all this good luck. People with this number are usually well-liked by others and tend to be social butterflies. They're generally charming and easy to get along with. They enjoy being around people and typically have a large circle of friends. Generally speaking, people with this number are happy-go-lucky types who want life to the fullest. They're always up for anything and love new experiences. Life is one big adventure for them, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Number 6: This number stands for discipline and orientation.

Numerology 6's meaning and essence are straightforward: to love and to be loved! Individuals with this number are caring, nurturing, affectionate, and kind. These people can go to any lengths to take care of the people they love, and they enjoy making others' lives better. Therefore, Numerology 6 means the most loving number. These natives are highly professional, kind, welcoming, and reliable but are often too invested in other people than themselves. This number is associated with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and relationships. People with this number in their numerology chart are natural peacemakers and are often very easy-going. They tend to be romantic and enjoy being in relationships. Number 6 is also very family-oriented, and people with this number often put their family first. They are usually homebodies who enjoy spending time with those they love. They can be very loyal and protective of their loved ones. While people with this numerology number can be very stable and balanced, they can also become overly attached to things and people. They may have difficulty letting go of things that are no longer good for them. They must learn to let go and move on when necessary.

Number 7: This number is for a wise and understanding person.

Critical and analytic thinking are the forte of number 7 individuals. These people are philosophical, introverted, wise, and knowledgeable. They enjoy sharing their wisdom with others, advising people, and working on things until perfection. However, their timid nature makes them the oddballs in a group. This number is associated with the planet Neptune, which is a planet of mystery and illusion. People with this number in their numerology chart tend to be intuitive and in touch with their emotions. They are often very reflective and spiritual. People with this numerology number often have a solid connection to the unseen world. They may be interested in astrology, psychic abilities, and energy healing. They are usually very compassionate and empathetic people. However, while people with this numerology number can be very loving and giving, they can also become withdrawn and disconnected from the world around them. They must find a balance between their inner and outer worlds.

Number 8: This number focuses on someone who is detail-oriented and hardworking.

Practical and wise, number 8 individuals are visionaries with excellent organisational skills, making them true leaders. Number 8's meaning in love is exactly like everything else about it. They are good lovers who enjoy motivating their partners, caring for their needs, and making them feel loved. However, as they are huge workaholics, number 8 people might sometimes neglect their loved ones by being mean to them. This number is associated with Saturn, the planet of discipline, hard work, and responsibility. People with this number in their numerology chart are natural leaders and are often very ambitious. They tend to be very driven and focused on achieving their goals. While people with this numerology number can be very successful, they can also become too focused on material gain and power. They must learn to balance their drive for success with other aspects of their life, such as relationships and family. People with this number often have a lot of natural talent and ability. However, they may need to work hard to develop these skills and reach their full potential.

Number 9: This number depicts aspiration, ambition and goals.

Number 9 individuals are genuine, compassionate, and selfless. These individuals are thoughtful towards other people, friendly, caring, and loving. Their selfless nature earns them much appreciation, love, and warmth. Furthermore, these people enjoy working on particular activities and focusing on tasks that make them more practical and determined. However, although they are highly affectionate, they attach firmly to people, making them overthink, which ruins their relationship. This number is associated with Mars, the planet of action, energy, and assertiveness. People with this number in their numerology chart are natural helpers and are often very compassionate. They tend to be drawn to service-oriented occupations and causes. While people with this numerology number can be very giving and caring, they can also become too focused on helping others to the detriment of their well-being. They must learn to balance their need to help others with their own needs. People with this number often have a lot of natural talent and ability. However, they may need to work hard to develop these skills and reach their full potential.

What is the relation between Chaldean Numerology and Astrology?

There is a close relationship between Chaldean Numerology and astrology. Both systems are based on the premise that everything in the Universe is composed of energy that vibrates at a particular frequency. According to Chaldean Numerology, each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding numeric value, which can be used to calculate an individual's vibration. This vibration is thought to influence every aspect of a person's life, from their relationships and career choices to their health and well-being. Similarly, astrology assigns numeric values to the planets and stars to calculate an individual's birth chart. This birth chart reveals essential information about a person's personality, strengths and weaknesses, and potential life path. By comparing the two systems, one can gain a deeper understanding of oneself and make more informed choices about where to focus one's energy.

What are the features of Chaldean Numerology?

Chaldean Numerology is an ancient form of divination used for centuries to help people understand their place in the Universe. This system is based on the belief that everything in the Universe is made up of vibrations, which can be used to predict future events. The Chaldean system is considered the starting point of algebra and largely depends on Vedic/Indian algebra. In this system, three main features are used to calculate predictions: the legal name, date of birth, and word sound. Legal representation is essential because it represents who a person is at their core. The date of birth is used to understand what forces were at play when a person was born, and the sound of the name is used to identify which vibrations a person is tuned to. By considering all of these factors, Chaldean numerologists can provide detailed readings to help people understand their destinies and make better future choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Chaldeans founded Chaldean Numerology from Chaldea, a small country in ancient Babylonia.
A Destiny Number explores what you are bound to become and do in your life. This number is related to your destiny and the things destined for you.
The idea behind Chaldean Numerology is to focus on the fact that the Universe is built on vibrations, frequencies, and energies.
Yes, different letters and numbers have varying energies, frequencies, and vibes.
The Chaldean Numerology Chart shows all the alphabets and their designated numerical values.
The personality of Numerology number 6 individuals is loving, caring, and affectionate.
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