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Taking decisions about a career can be nerve-wracking. Because most of the time, after people dedicate their precious time, efforts and energy to something, they don't want to let go of it.

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What Is A Career Number?

The same goes for a job. One day, it isn't a good feeling to realise that you aren't meant for what you have trained for years.

There are various ways to find out more about yourself. This can include your career, your traits, your health, your relationships and even your future. One such methodology of prediction is numerology.

There are five types of core number concepts, according to numerology. Each of them, individually or in combination, is studied to understand more about you, your personality, and your future. These are:

Career Number

The life path number is perhaps the most crucial when calculating the career number. It gives an insight into a person's moral values, short and long-term goals, expectations from life and other personal traits according to career astrology. It is a way to find out the primary purpose in any person's life, what they are born to achieve. And more often than not, most people do that using their careers. These are single-digit numbers obtained by adding all the digits of your birth date. Exceptional cases are the master numbers 11, 22 and 33.

E.g., Your birthdate is 15-05-2000. Then, the sum of all numbers would be 1+5+0+5+2+0+0+0= 13 since it is a double-digit number, so 1+3=4. Hence, 4 is your life path number.

Birthday Number

This is another type of number used in life path number calculation to understand a person subconsciously. It is obtained by adding the numbers in a person's birthday, excluding the month and year. It is usually a single-digit number, excluding the master numbers. E.g., Your birthdate is 15-05-2000. Here, the date is 15, so 1+5=6. Hence, your birthday number is 6.

Expression Number

The expression number is the most accurate way to know one's strengths and weaknesses. These are critical factors to consider while talking about any job. It can also tell a lot about what drives a person and what matters to them to become a better person. It is also associated with professional goals that a person needs to set. It is achieved by summing up the values assigned to each letter of the person's name.

E.g.- Your name is KIM MEHRA. Then, following the Pythagorean system, the numerical values of each letter of your name would be:
K=2, I=9, M=4, M=4, E=5, H=8, R=9, A=1
It is now, adding these numbers up 2+9+4+4+5+8+9+1=42. Since it is a double-digit number, so 4+2=6. Hence, the expression number is 6.

Heart Desire Number

This number tells you a great deal about yourself. It can show you the mirror of what your motivations are and what your ultimate goals are. It is an excellent way to know the relationship you share with your family, friends and love interest. It tells a lot about a person's dreams and aspirations, too, both in the present and what it will be in the future. It can easily be found using the vowel letters in a person's name.

E.g.- Your name is KIM MEHRA. Then, following the Pythagorean system, the numerical values of the vowel letters of your name would be:
I=9, E=5, A=1
Now, adding these numbers up:9+5+1= 15. Since it is a double-digit, so 1+5=6, hence,6 is the heart desire number.

Personality Number

It is a good indicator of what other people think about you. In any job, first impressions last long, which can often make or break a significant step forward in your career. So you should be aware of how different people perceive you in general. This number can help with that. It is derived using the consonants in your name.

E.g.- Your name is KIM MEHRA. Then, following the Pythagorean system, the numerical values of the consonant letters of your name would be:
K=2, I=9, M=4, H=8, R=9
Now adding these numbers up, 2+9+4+8+9= 32 Since it is a double-digit number, so, 3+2=5, hence,5 is the personality number.

The career number is calculated by combining the core numbers influencing a person's professions: Life Path Number, Expression Number and Personality Number. In addition, the calculations for career numerology are done by considering the date of birth and time.

How Does The Career Calculator Work?

The career calculator vedic astrology tools are usually based upon the Life Path numerology concept. They perform specific basic algorithms related to a person's date of birth and, sometimes, to their name. These two are the essential information required in any numerology-related calculations, as they are unique to each person and can tell a lot about them. After calculating a person's core number, the job or business astrology calculator matches the occupation with compatible numerology to that core number. Then, all the jobs checked off that list are suitable for the person.

In order to use the Career number calculator, you can follow the mentioned-below steps. These are as follows:

  • The career calculator requires some information about an individual. This includes the date, month and year of birth of an individual.
  • Upon entering this information, the individual needs to click submit. Once done, you can relax.
  • The career prediction by date of birth calculator will calculate the individual’s career number using ancient methods of numerology and will present the individual with their results.

But, InstaAstro's career number calculator is designed to do more than that. Apart from the numerological aspect, this success calculator by date of birth also separately considers zodiac compatibility. This gives additional information such as a person's social skills, emotional capacity and many other intra-personal traits crucial to surviving in many fields. As we know, each zodiac sign has a lucky number, apart from its relation with the date of birth.

The career birth chart calculator factors the traits associated with the zodiac signs along with the numerological calculations. This, in turn, helps to narrow down the best of the best opportunities for the person. Also, it indicates which skill will help with which line of work, helping the individual with essential skills required in their preferred job.

So, the next time you wonder which career is best for me or want to know job prediction by date of birth free, look into this multi-dimensional free job calculator that operates by date of birth. This will give you your answer and tell you how to actualise that dream of being the best at your job.

Job Prediction By Date Of Birth

Have you ever wondered about getting to know what job you will get based on your date of birth? Well, it is true. An individual can get to know a lot using their date of birth. Similarly, they can also get career by date of birth and time. As we already know, it tells us about the behavioural characteristics and personality traits of a person but also tells us about the type of career they will have. The branch of astrology that tends to deal with an individual’s job and career comes around to be known as career astrology.

There are special numbers associated with your date of birth that will help you in determining your career. As the predictions tell us about your career, they also give a peek into the type and level of job you will have. Moreover, as these Career Calculator test predictions are based on your date of birth thus, they come around to be highly accurate career prediction.

How Can I Find My Career Number?

Are you also wondering about “How To Know My Future Career By Date Of Birth or How to know my future career by Date of Birth?”. Well, search no more. Career number primarily depends on the Life Path number, as most factors are covered under this number's calculation. It is one of the most straightforward numerology calculations to perform.

Traditionally, it was done following the given step:

  • First, write down the date of birth in the dd/mm/yyyy format.
  • Next, add up all these digits to form a double-digit number. If the result is 11, 22 or 33, then no need for further calculations, as these are called master numbers. They have predictions related to them.
  • If another is a double-digit number, then add these two digits. Then a single digit between 1-9 would be obtained. That is the life path number.

Humans are prone to make mistakes. So why not use the foolproof method? Numerology career calculators or career by date of birth calculators are the sure-shot way of getting the most accurate predictions for your future in any professional sector.

Career Number - Meaning and Significance

The interpretation of numbers is the most crucial part of career numerology. The best career, according to the date of birth, depends on many factors. Some of the essential characteristics of each life path number are listed below:

Career Number 1

People having this life path number are endowed with excellent earning potential from birth. They are brave, aspirational people who put forth a lot of effort to succeed. Their boldness and imaginative perspectives aid them in prospering. They should stay away from their common tendencies of overconfidence, rage, and impulsivity if they want to continue growing.

These individuals are excellent photographers. Additionally, those with job life path number 1 can also excel as graphic designers. Also, they might benefit significantly from the entertainment industries. Leadership objectives can also be best from them together with it. The sectors devoted to the protocol will also be appropriate for people with number 1 careers because they prefer to work in law and order.

Best options: Administrative services, Public relations, Politician, Business person, Army Major, Principal, Director etc.

Career Number 2

People with the Career Number 2 will be fully capable of establishing themselves as successful medical professionals, nurses, and even physiotherapists. Additionally, they possess the ability to communicate their understanding effectively. And with this aid, they will also succeed as a teacher. This particular number is seen as feminine.

This number will give them a resilient mindset and a genuine sense of survival. They are also diplomatic in their thinking. These people's nature will drive them into the fashion and sailing industries. They may be fantastic writers and matchmakers. They will have all kinds of abilities to be a great politician with the help of this number.

Best options: Media, Travel Industry, Marketing, Diplomat, Engineering, Merchant etc.

Career Number 3

Individuals with life path number 3 are one of the most creative, adaptive, and compromising. These individuals know when and how to act with others and are great commanders because of their solution-oriented minds. Any profession which allows them to explore their creative side and gives them an opportunity to expand their network, or pursue their passion, is a good fit for them. However, these people may often find themselves in the trap of illegal or criminal activities which will affect them negatively.

Those who belong to this group enjoy doing their work regularly. They might experience a strong inclination toward creative industries, such as writing, filmmaking, and art. The third number will give an individual a significant attraction to the sectors of marketing, public relations, and even advertising. This also directs their attention toward the media sphere. The media industries of journalism and broadcasting may help them succeed professionally. Any science discipline may be chosen as a career.

Best options: Teaching, Philosopher, Administration, Charter account, Creativity-based jobs.

Career Number 4

The number 4 life path plays a huge role in terms of money, and thus individuals bearing this number will succeed in their chosen profession or life path. Their skills, networks, knowledge, and capabilities make them one of a kind. Because of these aspects, they are great at their jobs and are people who work hard every day to achieve all their dreams, and aspirations. Although, they often fall short of accepting constructive criticism.

They do a lot of stuff that has to do with money. The fourth life path personality type makes excellent bankers and accountants. They also had success providing financial consulting. They have the persona that enables them to live a disciplined life and obtain a more fantastic future. These individuals will also excel as athletes and engineers. Additionally, tax-related tasks also serve them well.

Best options: Architecture, Farming, Chef, a job in the field of Technology, Composer etc.

Career Number 5

With Career Number 5, people develop a strong interest in outdoor activities. They are multi-talented and intelligent professionals. They can succeed in a variety of occupations. Their career begins in the area of advertising. They also deal with high-risk transactions and antique stuff. These people can make quick money in high-risk occupations since they are risk-takers, but failure is also dangerous.

These people may share an intense passion for the world of gambling. Although there is a significant risk, there is also a chance that number 5 will assist the financial situation to prosper.

Best options: Writing, Marketing, CEO, Management posts etc.

Career Number 6

People with Career Number 6 are trustworthy and well-respected. They show love and compassion to their family, friends, and the general public. Family-centred, original, hip, peaceful, kind, and angels to their friends and relatives. Additionally, calm, creative, and empathetic people should choose artistic careers. Additionally, they prosper in food-related industries, such as restaurants, food processing, agriculture, food goods, etc.

They are full of sensibility. It will also have an impact on careers. They have the option of choosing teaching as a profession. They also enjoy working with all individuals and have devoted their lives to assisting others. They participate in projects involving real estate and land as well. Number 6's may easily blend in with any group of individuals and gain popularity.

Best options: Hospitality, Entertainment, Commerce, Law etc.

Career Number 7

This is a scientific and analytical number that might display dreams to a person. The ability to count makes one intelligent. People with Career Number 7 particularly enjoy science-based subjects, such as mathematics, or anything that calls for analytical thinking, like computer programming. They might submit patents or develop many fresh concepts to spur change. Those with life path number 7 are very active.

They possess the determination required to maximise their opportunities. They need to develop self-control if they want to attract a terrific career. Additionally, they ought to strive to adopt a little more optimism. Frequently, their gloomy outlook constricts them and prevents them from reaching their full potential. These people's ability to dream big and having the talent to make those dreams come true is one of their greatest strengths.

Best options: Research, Photography, Farming, Electrical engineering etc.

Career Number 8

Despite not having access to every luxury when they are born, those with Life path number 8 can alter that with the correct viewpoint. Their way of living will determine how prosperous they are. If they have a positive outlook, they will be successful. While initially, they will have to work hard and strive to carve out a niche for themselves.

They will, however, gain from their labour of love. These people work for more powerful people. They enjoy starting businesses and making money off of them. Additionally, these individuals have the talent to excel as leaders in the military, in advocacy, etc. They prefer to live with ambition and purpose. Therefore, those with career Life path number 8 should consider a career in law enforcement.

Best options: Banking sector, law, organiser etc.

Career Number 9

The lucky and good number nine can attain success and success. The person in question is capable of building a successful profession. Still, they must plan carefully and have the perseverance to carry out any ideas. They must comprehend that even the best ideas require time to develop. Their enthusiasm and lack of fear will produce positive outcomes.

Additionally, they are compassionate and possess excellent attraction skills. The best professional option for these individuals would involve the law. These people enjoy establishing the culture in society because they have a great sense of success. They could therefore be excellent managers of major corporations and organisations.

Best options: Military, politics, diplomacy etc.


The career number in numerology holds a lot of significance. This is because the number tends to tell an individual a lot about their career. In today’s world, with an individual’s career having such great importance, it becomes crucial to know the career number of an individual. These numbers tend to give insights into an individual’s career and future. So, if you are excited to know about your career number, then do use InstaAstro’s Career Number Calculator for the same. Moreover, if you want to use many more such fun calculators, then visit InstaAstro’s site to use more such fun calculators.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the life path numbers are suitable for the career. But the different numbers are good for other lines of the profession. So the number good for you depends on which job you want to pursue.
You can use a career number calculator for the best results. But if you want to do it yourself, add all the digits in your birthday, written in the dd/mm/yyyy format. After you get a double-digit result, except 11, 22 and 33, add those two numbers together. You will finally get your career path number. Then, it would help if you took it to a numerologist to interpret it correctly.
The easiest way to know that is to use a career calculator. These calculators help you find your true calling based on your numerology predictions. These calculations are made based on your date of birth and name.
Numerology observes the pattern, which is indicative of the past. It tells what has worked out repeatedly and what is destined to fail. It applies several permutations and combinations to understand which pattern suits you the most. It then tells you what you want to know based on that. For example, it can answer questions about your career, like how far you will progress with your promotions, where your work will take you, etc.
The predictions made here by our calculator come around to be highly accurate. The reason for this is that the calculator does not work on the principles of assumptions and random selection. However, on the other hand, it takes under consideration your date of birth and thus presents you with your results.
If you want to know about your future career, then you can use our career calculator for the same. All you need to do is fill in your details which include your date of birth and then just relax. The calculator will present you with your results.
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