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Numerology and astrology both have the significance of numbers in the lives of the natives. In Chinese numerology, the Lo Shu Grid called the Magic or Sacred Square, is a grid with three rows and three columns. Nine spaces for each number make up a birth chart grid. Native's birthdate will be fully spelt out with all blanks filled up. Chinese numerologists refer to these three-by-three magic squares as the "Lo-Shu Grid" because it mysteriously adds up to "15" when added horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

What is a Lo Shu Grid?

A LoShu Grid includes numbers that each have qualities of their own and are based on the Chinese idea of Feng Shui Numerology. In the three rows and three columns of the Lo Shu Grid, 1 to 9 numbers are arranged. The placement of the numbers is such that when any three numbers are added together—horizontally, vertically, or diagonally—the result is "15."

Numbers in Lo shu Grid, derived from the person's birthdate, represent traits and developments. Predictions for the Grid are often made using this Calculator. The results may vary even if you can compute your Lo Shu Grid values.

Types of Planes in Lo Shu Grid

In the Lo Shu Grid, there are two types of planes. These tend to be Horizontal as well as Vertical. Let us have a look at the symbolism of these planes that help us understand our Lo Shu grid calculator predictions:

Horizontal Planes

  • Mind Plane:The Mind Plane stands for a person's inborn potential for thought. It reflects memory, intelligence, analytical skills, and mental processes.
  • Spiritual or Emotional Plane: The birth chart's main horizontal line represents the emotional or soul plane. It conveys sensitivity, independence, love, a propensity for the creative arts, spiritual independence, and intuition.
  • Practical Or Physical Plane: The experimental plane is the birth chart's bottom horizontal line. This plane stands for linguistic expression, materialistic aptitude, practical aptitude, organisational aptitude, and the capacity to do manual labour.

Vertical Planes

  • The first row: It's referred to as the Thought Plane. It demonstrates a person's capacity for coming up with ideas, putting them into action, and seeing them through to completion.
  • The middle row: It supports willpower and perseverance for achievement. Therefore, it is the Will Plane.
  • The lowest row: The Action Plane demonstrates people's capacity to act on their ideas.

Method To Calculate Lo Shu Grid Numbers

Lo Shu Grid Calculator by date of birth is used to obtain desired numbers. Nevertheless, these are the steps to compute these particular numbers and know your loshu grid prediction:

  • Add your date of birth numbers first. For instance, you would choose the digits 1, 5, 1,0, 1, 9, 9, and 7 if your date of birth is October 15, 1997.
  • Then there are the conductor and driver numbers. To acquire a single digit for a driver number, add the DD from DD/MM/YYYY, 15, which is 1+5=6. You will need to add the whole date of birth to a single digit for a conductor number (D+D+M+M+Y+Y+Y), which is 1+5+1+1+9+9+7=33=3+3=6.
  • You now possess your figures. 1, 5, 1, 1, 9, 9, 7, and 6, 6 are the numbers. Lo Shu Grid must now place the numbers on your Lo Shu Grid in the appropriate places.

Lo Shu Grid Numbers & Their Significance

The main part of the Lo Shu grid is their number. Each of these numbers tends to represent different things. Let us look at these numbers and what they represent in the Lo Shu Grid calculator online. These are as follows:

The First

  • This number tends to represent career, employment, and communication.
  • The Sun is the governing lord for this number.
  • It stands for the Northern compass, the water element, and the dark blue and black colours.
  • It controls the ears and kidneys.

The Second

  • This number tends to represent relationships and love.
  • The Moon is the planet that commands this number.
  • It stands for the southwest direction, the earth element, and the colours pink, red, and white.
  • This quantity is related to abdominal health.

The Third

  • This number stands for knowledge, understanding, planning, and remembering.
  • Jupiter is the ruler of the number 3.
  • This number corresponds to the colour green, the direction East, and the colours blue and green.
  • The knees, ankles, and feet are connected to it.

The Fourth

  • This number is associated with success, prosperity, and money.
  • This number is thought to be ruled by Rahu or Uranus.
  • It stands for the South-East compass direction, the softwood element, and the red, green, blue, gold, and purple hues.
  • It represents the liver and thigh's well-being.

The Fifth

  • Under this number lies emotional and mental stability.
  • This number is ruled by the planet Mercury.
  • This number stands for the colour brown, the central direction, and the earthy colours yellow and orange.
  • The health of the inner organs is involved.

The Sixth

  • This number is lucky in terms of relationships, security, stability, and family.
  • Venus is the planet that rules this number.
  • It represents the challenging metal element, the direction of the Northwest, and the colours black and white.
  • It represents the well-being of the body's head.

The Seventh

  • This number is associated with children, inner peace, and original thought.
  • Neptune, or Ketu, is the master of this number.
  • This number represents the soft metal element, the direction of the West, and the colours white, silver, copper, and grey.
  • It mostly has to do with the condition of the mouth and lungs.

The Eighth

  • The lucky number is 8. It has to do with education, knowledge, and memory.
  • This number's lord is Saturn.
  • It stands for the North-East direction, the Earth element, and the colours blue, green, and black.
  • This figure is related to both body weight and hand health.

The Ninth

  • This lucky number is associated with success, money, reputation, and social standing.
  • The planet over this number is Mars.
  • It stands for the South, the colour red, and the fire element.
  • It emphasises the condition of the blood, eyes, and heart.

Benefits of using a Lo Shu Grid Calculator

Mentioned below are some benefits of using the Lo Shu calculator. These are as follows:

  • Using this numerology Lo Shu grid calculator, you can find out the relevant details and elements present in your Lo Shu grid calculator for marriage.
  • Lo Shu Grid Calculator for Marriage will tell you about your married life. In addition, this Lo Shu grid calculator for childbirth can also elaborate on your family life.
  • Lo Shu Grid Calculator for a government job will determine whether you are destined for a government job.
  • As children, we often dream of settling abroad. Every one of us once dreamt of living in a foreign land. Through this Lo Shu grid calculator for foreign settlement, you can know whether living abroad is in your luck!
  • The Lo Shu grid calculator for money will help you discover your chances of earning money, prosperity, and gaining fortunes. This calculator will analyse your Lo Shu Grid and give you accurate results.
  • A Lo Shu Grid prediction free helps people make necessary changes in their lives and allows them to avoid adverse effects or consequences.

Meaning Of Missing Numbers In Lo Shu Grid

We have already learnt about the significance of numbers in the Lo Shu grid. Now, let us learn the meaning of missing numbers in one’s Lo Shu Grid. Along with this, let us also look at some Lo Shu grid calculator remedies. These are as follows:

Number 1

  • These people will struggle to express their unique identities and focus more on supporting and fostering others. They will need the assistance and counsel of others to advance.
  • They are unable to communicate effectively. They will need to find some form of artistic outlet since doing so will enable them to vent their feelings in healthy ways.
  • These folks will have weak willpower; they will have to work hard to develop bravery and self-assurance.
  • They might have heart issues.


  • Keep an aquarium in the house's northeast corner.
  • Tie a red ribbon around your wrist using your right hand.
  • Pray to the Surya Yantra.

Number 2

  • They lack empathy, patience, and self-assurance. They lack intuitional strength. As a result, individuals will make errors if they disregard the calm, steady voice inside.
  • They have a chance of being irritable & hasty. They don't acknowledge their errors.
  • They might have losses, family issues, relationships, and finances. Even though they can experience difficulties during their union, they may decide against getting married.
  • The individual will experience health issues.


  • Wear pearls or crystals and keep a pair of silver Swan statues in the house.
  • Donate rice or sugar.
  • They should drink water from a silver glass to calm down.

Number 3

  • They will experience a lack of confidence and difficulty expressing themselves.
  • They have a low opinion of themselves and place little value on original thought, creativity, and self-assurance.
  • Their nature makes them extremely modest and underrates their abilities.


  • The east side of the house should include scenes of green plants because number three stands for the wood element.
  • They should wear a Tulsi mala made of five Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • These people should always respect their elders.

Number 4

  • They become lost in their thoughts, fail to do tasks on schedule, and lose all sense of direction. They prefer to keep things chaotic and lack bravery, tolerance, and common sense.
  • Needs more wealth. Struggle more from 42 to 48 years of age.
  • They can have stomach-related health issues.
  • They fall short in terms of specifics.


  • The wearer must wear a Tulsi mala with five Mukhi Rudrakshas and perform Nariyal daan because the number four stands for the Wood element.
  • They should favour using wooden goods like tables, glasses, and bamboo grafts.
  • Keep South-East landscapes lush with vegetation.

Number 5

  • There will be a financial loss. Failure to communicate effectively. Bankruptcy, loans, and poor luck up until the age of 34.
  • Life will be filled with many challenges. Can't do business properly.
  • Lack of curiosity, courage, and reputation, dislike of social gatherings. They require ongoing encouragement from others.
  • Setting objectives is difficult for those who lack the number 5 and lack motivation and variety.


  • You can surround yourself with things that come from the ground but are not metallic to make up for the absence of the number 5.
  • Using quartz crystals as a "cure" is very beneficial.
  • The middle of the house shouldn't have any electric appliances.

Number 6

  • The individual will experience issues with money, marriage, and family. The joy of family disappears as they start acting carelessly.
  • They get nothing quickly and have to work very hard.
  • They make an effort to keep their emotions a secret. Relationship issues arise for these people unless they learn how to be more open and accessible.
  • They are cash-strapped (wealth). They will struggle with finance and law, lack a taste for good things, and have a strict disposition.


  • A "cure" could also include metal coins.
  • They should wear a watch or bracelet with a golden chain.
  • Keep the six-rod 11" long golden wind chimes in the Northwest.

Number 7

  • They will live a chaotic life. They exhibit confusion and fear.
  • Their interest in spiritual or metaphysical topics is negligible to nonexistent. They do not regard the emotions of others.
  • They struggle with independence & self-confidence.
  • Issues with having Less likely to produce a male kid, children almost always have female offspring.


  • Since the number seven stands for the metal element, the wearer ought to wear a watch or bracelet with a silver chain.
  • Keep a silver chime with seven 11" long rods hanging in the west.
  • They should dress in bright colours like white, light blue, and light green.

Number 8

  • Number 8 tends to represent declining wealth and decision-making authority.
  • They are inadequate in managing their financial affairs. They could be very trusting or excessively reckless, which might cause them to lose money.
  • Life has many ups and downs. They are unmotivated and abandon projects half-finished.
  • Nothing will be good; there will always be issues with society, the household, and finances.


  • They should respect people in labour or from lower social classes.
  • On Saturdays, they should refrain from eating non-vegetarian fare and instead fast.
  • They are inadequate in managing their monetary affairs. They may be highly reckless or overly trusting, which can have a negative financial impact.

Number 9

  • Disregard others' needs, show insensitivity to them, and show little concern for their feelings.
  • They are unmotivated and abandon projects half-finished.
  • They act without thinking first and are pretty impulsive.
  • Place fire-related images and preserve red blub in the South.


  • Go to the Hanuman temple.
  • Wear a red thread or a wristband.
  • Nothing will be good; there will always be issues with society, the household, and finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Lo Shu Grid includes numbers that each have qualities of their own and are based on the Chinese idea of Feng Shui Numerology. These numbers tend to provide insights into the life of an individual.
The Mind Plane stands for a person's inborn potential for thought. It reflects one's memory, intelligence, analytical skills, and mental processes.
China had a river called the Hwang-Ho that frequently flooded. One day, while walking by the river, he noticed a tortoiseshell floating in the water. The 3*3 grids were etched on the shell. The ideal 3x3 square became the Lu Shu or Lo Shu Grid.
The different types of vertical rows are as follows:
  • first row
  • middle row
  • lowest row
The first number in the Lo Shu Grid represents career, employment, and communication. The Sun is the governing lord of this number.
The ninth number in the Lo Shu Grid is associated with those aspects mentioned above. Moreover, the 9 number is also related to money. Having this number in your grid makes you have great wealth and attain success.
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