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Do you know about your Lucky Colour? Colours play an integral part in our lives. They affect our emotions and moods in various ways. Every colour in the light spectrum has a different wavelength and frequency. Moreover, each colour has its energy as well. Have you ever thought that your favourite colour might not be your lucky colour? It is essential to know your lucky colour. Because wearing and being around your lucky colour brings about positive changes in your life. Here are zodiac signs and lucky colours listed just for you. Find out what different colours symbolise and your lucky colour.

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The Natural Colours and their Qualities

The natural colours are seven in number. They go by Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, and together, these are referred to as VIBGYOR. The Sunrays are made up of these seven fundamental colours only. In comparison, all other colours are formed due to the combination of 2 or more of these.


Violet: Violet symbolism, coolness in character and diversity. It can cure tuberculosis.

Indigo: It is a darker shade of blue, is also fantastic and can cure fever and bestow peace through its tranquillity.

Blue: Blue, sky blue, symbolises hope and can cure fever through its coolness.

Green: Green symbolises various positive traits like good intellect, enthusiasm, freshness and vitality. It is also remarkable and can purify the blood and cure wind-related diseases.

Yellow: Yellow indicates its characteristics like intellect, self-control, glory and social welfare. In addition, it can be an antidote for cough and heart, stomach, and heat-related ailments.

Orange: Orange stands for qualities like immunity and spiritual pursuits. In addition, it can heal heat, cough and mind related illnesses.

Red: Red is the colour and mark of love, spirituality and passion. It provides one with enthusiasm and massaging effect. It also cures coughing.

Days, Colours and their Meanings

  • Individual weekdays have their colours too, and each has its beneficial attributes.
  • Monday's colour is White, which stands for purity and sacred ceremonies. It can promote overall well-being.
  • The colours for Tuesday are Red and Brown. While the red can be said to denote sacrifice and sex, the brown represents earth.
  • Green is the colour for Wednesday, which denotes fertility, wealth and prosperity.
  • Thursday's colours are Yellow and Violet. While the former indicates enlightenment, the latter stands for creativity and shyness.
  • The colours White, Off-White, Blue and Indigo are the ones for Friday. While White embodies purity, well-being and holy ceremonies, Blue represents the nobility of character and peace, and Indigo's artistic personality, mysterious nature and occult power.
  • Saturday's colours are various like black, dark blue, violet etc. While Black and Dark Blue denote might; Violet reveals creative talents and reserved nature; and Indigo expresses interest in occult sciences and mysterious things, apart from artistic nature.
  • Orange and Pink are Sunday's colours. While the former implies mutation and a spirit of adventure, the latter denotes love.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lucky colour calculator is a medium you can use to know your lucky colour, which is very beneficial for you.
According to your zodiac sign in astrology, you can know your lucky colour.
Although all people have their favourite colour, the good luck colour is the one which reduces the ups and downs of your life and gives you the right path.
Yellow colour is considered to be the best for wealth.
Red, orange and purple colours are known as bright colours in business.
You can find your lucky colour with the help of the Lucky Colour Calculator by visiting our website, where you only have to tell your birth date and name.