Exploring the Powers of Colours in Astrology

Have you ever wondered why certain colours instantly uplift your mood and make you feel fresh and positive? Well, that’s the power of colours! Besides changing our moods, colours are responsible for bringing good luck to us. Our lucky colour calculator acts as a bridge between you and your good luck and fortune. All you have to do is enter your birth details. Our FREE lucky calculator as per date of birth, will reveal which colours will turn luck by your side and attract new opportunities and success.

Lucky Colour Calculator

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What is a Lucky Colour Calculator?

A Lucky Colour Calculator is a tool designed by our astrology experts to help you find your lucky colour based on your astrological profile. By including these lucky colours in your life, you can attract positive vibes and even remove negative events. These colours have proven to be highly beneficial in helping individuals achieve their desires.

For example, if your lucky color is violet or red, keeping these colours around you may help turn situations in your favour. If you're curious about which colour will bring you good luck, use our calculator based on your date of birth.

How Does The Lucky Colour Calculator Work?

Picking up the right or perfect colours can help you achieve your desires and goals without any unwanted obstacles. What’s more interesting than that is that you can always be surrounded by positive energies by knowing your lucky colour. Follow the simple instructions for using our lucky colour calculator below to attract only the good and positive things you deserve!

  • Using our lucky colour calculator by date of birth is super simple and easy. All you have to do is enter your basic information, such as full name and date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY).
  • Before hitting the calculate button, make sure the details you have entered are correct.
  • Click the ‘calculate’ button to discover what colours are lucky for you as per the color astrology.
  • In just a fraction of a second, our lucky colour calculator will reveal your lucky colour. Now, it is your turn to incorporate your lucky colour into your surroundings to make good luck your good friend.

How Astrology Determines Your Lucky Colours?

Even the slightest movement or shift in planets can influence our lives and bring major changes. Well, in astrology, not only the planets aren’t only responsible for bringing ups and downs in your life. Like planets, certain colours hold the power to change the outcomes of your life and send opportunities or challenges your way.

All you have to do is understand the vibrations and energies associated with the colours and find out what colour goes along with your astrological profile, such as zodiac sign, ruling planet, etc.

Lucky Colour for Each Astrological Planet

One of the most important factors in choosing the lucky colour according to date of birth is the ruling planet. Below is the complete list of the lucky colours associated with each planet in astrology.

  • Sun (Surya): The king of all planets, aka the Sun in astrology, is associated with energies, royalty, power, authority and core identity. So, as per colour astrology, red, orange and yellow are the ones that are considered lucky for the planet Sun since they are vibrant, fiery and bold.
  • Moon (Chandra): Light colours such as white, blue, and silver are associated with the planet of emotions, the Moon. Wearing these light colours helps balance an individual’s emotions and inner feelings and makes them calm and peaceful.
  • Mars (Mangal): For the bold, strong and fierce planet, Mars's colours, such as red and orange, are perfect since its energies also align with the overall characteristics of Mars. The colours red and orange are believed to intensify the energies of passion, boldness and courage among individuals who wear them.
  • Mercury (Buddha): In astrology, Mercury is the planet known for communication and intellect. To enhance these qualities, one must wear green or lighter shades of green and blue. It is believed that wearing or using these colours not only enhances communication but also brings harmony and hope.
  • Jupiter (Guru): The planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter is associated with the bright and soothing colour yellow. According to the colour astrology, the lucky colour for Jupiter, yellow, brings positivity, growth and happiness and enhances a person’s decision-making skills.
  • Venus (Shukra): Venus, also known as the planet of love and beauty, is associated with soothing and soft colours that bring in the energies of harmony, love, and balance. So, individuals with the ruling planet Venus must choose or use colours such as pink, blue or white as per lucky colour astrology.
  • Saturn (Shani): The planet of karma, discipline, and structure is associated with the colours blue and black. The colour black is associated with the energies of power, strength, and discipline. So, wearing the lucky colour of Saturn can help individuals fight obstacles while enjoying power and strength.
  • Rahu: The North Node of the Moon, Rahu is associated with mysterious and intense energies. In this regard, the lucky colours for Rahu will be dark shades of blue, violet and grey. As per lucky colour astrology, all these colours try to balance the negative energies associated with the planet.
  • Ketu: Also known as the ‘South Node of the Moon’, the planet Ketu is famous for bringing malefic effects into the lives of individuals. However, one can lessen these ill effects and balance out the placement of Ketu in his horoscope by wearing lucky colours such as grey or brown.

Lucky Colour for Each Zodiac Sign

Let us have a look at the lucky colours for each zodiac sign and how they affect the life of the native. These lucky colour according to rashi, are as follows:

  • Lucky Colour for Aries: Aries individuals are known for their fiery, active, lively personalities. Thus, the lucky colour for Aries should be no other than red. Why? As per colour astrology, red is associated with passion and spirit. Wearing the birth lucky colour red would enhance Aries's lively and energetic personality and make them passionate.
  • Lucky Colour for Taurus: People born under the zodiac sign Taurus are the calmest and most composed individuals. No matter what happens, Taurus always try to stay grounded and balanced. Thus, choosing the lucky colour for Taurus, White will help them live a more balanced, calm, and peaceful life.
  • Lucky Colour for Gemini: Of all the twelve zodiac signs, Gemini is the most highly expressive, communicated and social zodiac. Gemini’s presence in any social setting can brighten the vibe and environment. Just like Gemini’s personality, the colours white and yellow brighten up lives and attract happiness, peace and intellect.
  • Lucky Colour for Cancer: Born with compassion, Cancer individuals never feel shy about helping those in need. In this case, the lucky colour for Cancer is white or shades of white. As per colour astrology, Cancer's lucky colour brings an emotional balance to their lives as well as elegance and purity.
  • Lucky Colour for Leo: People born under this zodiac sign are natural-born leaders and try hard to be the centre of attention. The lucky colours for Leo are Orange and yellow, which encourages them to be creative and work hard towards their goals.
  • Lucky Colour for Virgo: If being practical and analytical were a task, Virgos would have done it with perfection. Blue and Green are considered the lucky colour for Virgo because they bring in the energies of intelligence and elegance. Using these colours often would help them gain perfection and stay grounded at the same time.
  • Lucky Colour for Libra: Libra individuals value aesthetics, beauty, and balance more than anything. Therefore, choosing the colour pink or shades of pink makes the atmosphere peaceful, balanced and harmonious. In this respect, the lucky colour for Libra must be pink, without a doubt.
  • Lucky Colour for Scorpio: The natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign are very stubborn. Thus, the lucky colour for Scorpio is Brown. This colour is associated with a nurturing and caring attitude.
  • Lucky Colour for Sagittarius: Meet the most positive, cheerful and funniest zodiac sign- Sagittarius. Interestingly, all the colours orange, yellow and purple work in favour of this zodiac sign. Why? According to color astrology, all these birth lucky colour for Sagittarius attracts an adventurous and freedom-loving spirit, giving a unique touch to Sagittarius’s personality.
  • Lucky Colour for Capricorn: Capricorn zodiac sign natives are famous for their hard-working abilities and determination. Thus, the color astrology suggests the lucky colours for Capricorn should be purple and green. The colour purple will make them courageous and confident, while the colour enhances their chances of success and growth.
  • Lucky Colour for Aquarius: Known as the water bearers, Aquarians are always engaged in making progress through their innovative and creative ideas. Color astrology suggests that blue and green will be the best birth lucky colours for Aquarius. This is because both these colours will push Aquarians towards freedom and innovation.
  • Lucky Colour for Pisces: Words such as dreamy, intuitive and sensitive define the personality of a Pisces individual perfectly. Therefore, blue and shades of blue will be considered lucky and auspicious for this zodiac sign. This is because the colour blue enhances imagination and intuition, as per color astrology.
  • The natives of the Pisces zodiac sign are known to be very sensitive individuals. Thus, the lucky colour for Pisces today comes around to be black. This colour tends to represent confidence and authority.

Lucky Colour for Each Day of the Week

Introducing another important factor to choose your lucky colour: day. Did you know that each weak day has its own colour and is associated with certain vibrations and benefits? Choosing the lucky colours the right way can even bring some good luck for the day. Here are the specific colours linked to specific days as per color astrology:

  • Lucky Colour for Monday: Monday is associated with the colour white, which symbolises calm, peace and purity. Using or incorporating this colour on Mondays can have a calming or soothing effect on individuals since it represents peace and harmony.
  • Lucky Colour for Tuesday: As per lucky colour astrology, Tuesday is associated with the colours red and brown. The colour red revolves around romance, passion and sacrifice, while brown is all about balance, groundedness and warmth.
  • Lucky Colour for Wednesday: Wednesday is associated with the colour green, symbolising fertility, wealth, and prosperity. As per colour astrology, green is known for its soothing qualities and is also linked to new beginnings and growth.
  • Lucky Colour for Thursday: For Thursday, the lucky colours should be yellow and violet. According to color astrology, yellow brings all sorts of positive vibes and the colour violet brings royalty and creativity in power. Using these colours on Thursday can bring power and positivity to an individual’s life.
  • Lucky Colour for Friday: The lucky colours for Friday are none other than White and Blue. On one hand, white provides purity and calmness and blue gives artistic expression and mystery. Mixing these colours together can help an individual to make an impactful or influential personality, among others.
  • Lucky Colour for Saturday: Instead of lighter tones, the lucky for Saturdays should be a bit darker such as back, blue and violet. All these dark colours are associated with confidence, elegance and authority. Using or wearing these colours on Saturdays can help an individual enjoy a certain power or authority in life.
  • Lucky Colour for Sunday: Colour astrology believes that the best colours for Sunday are orange and pink. The answer lies in their associated energies and vibrations. The colour orange brings adventure, confidence and positivity. While on the other hand, the soothing colour pink represents love and is associated with playfulness.

Disclaimer: Our lucky colour calculator provides general predictions based on the individual's birth details. However, these predictions are subject to change according to planetary movements and shifts. To get more reliable and personalised predictions, please consult with our astrologers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aries individuals are known for their energetic, lively and fiery personalities because of their ruling planet Mars. In this case, the lucky colour for Aries should be red as a colour astrology. Red enhances the energies of passion and enthusiasm.
Like in vedic astrology, the planets are associated with certain energies and vibrations; colour astrology believes that colours also contain positive and negative vibrations. Associating the energies of planets and colours together can help individuals enhance their luck and chances of success.
As per colour astrology, the colours gold and green are associated with good luck and abundance. These colours are believed to remove obstacles and restore balance in life along with bringing good luck, success and prosperity.
Colours such as red, gold, blue, and green are considered lucky and auspicious for businesses. Business owners can use these colours to attract money, growth, and abundance. In addition to attracting success, all these colours bring positive vibrations and prevent the inflow of negative energy into the business.
There are several ways you can learn about your lucky colour. As per colour astrology, you can choose your lucky colour based on your ruling planet or zodiac sign, or you can even know your lucky colour as per date of birth. To do this, you need to use a lucky colour calculator online.
Choosing the right and lucky colours can all make a difference and can be very beneficial for you. As per colour astrology, certain vibrations of colours can help you attract growth, abundance and favourable outcomes in life.