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Understanding The Soul Urge Number 3 In Numerology

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Understanding The Soul Urge Number 3 In Numerology

Do you know what the soul urge number in numerology indicates? Every individual has their own specific soul urge numbers that reveal what their heart desires. Each Number in astrology and numerology has a great significance, which, according to it, represents natives’ traits, personalities, likes and dislikes. So, here we’ll be discussing about the Soul Urge Number 3, its meaning and significance.

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Meaning and Symbolism of Soul Urge Number 3 

The word Soul Urge means Heart’s desire”. It has a strong connection with what your heart desires and wants. It is all about the things your heart has been craving, which can be your dreams, hopes, and expectations. 

The Soul Urge Number 3 is a number that has been particularly taken out of your name, and the letter has been converted into numbers. The Number 3 soul urge indicates individuals’ interests that they can show through their talents such as music, arts, dance, and creativity. 

Soul Urge Number 3 in Numerology 

The Numerological Soul Urge Number 3 reveals a lot about individuals’ personalities and self-discipline. If you have a soul urge Number 3, this is what you need to shift your focus towards. 

1. Stands Out from the crowd: The creative and artistic talent of individuals with numerology soul urge 3 amazes people. They have a strong urge to always express their creativity through their talent for playing with art, music, and words. 

2. The urge to help people: The influence of Soul Urge Number 3 makes the natives humble and sympathetic in nature. They go out of their way to help people who are less fortunate. They use their talents and capabilities to lend a helping hand. 

3. Extrovert Nature: The soul urge 3 desires always to be surrounded by people. They love socialising and feel alive when they have people around to appreciate their talents and creativity. 

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How do I find out my Soul Urge Number? 

For people who are unaware of their Soul Urge Number, here’s a small instruction on how you can find out your Soul Urge number. 

To find your soul urge number in numerology, you need to convert the vowels in your name into numbers. The vowels are A, E, I, O, and U. After that, you add up these numbers and reduce them to a single digit. Most importantly, in numerology, the word Y is also considered a vowel


Vowels  Number Assigned 


A 1


E 3


I 5










For Example: 

Let’s take the name Garima Singh so that when all the vowels in this name are calculated, the single number will be reduced to 3. 

Garima Singh 



Significance of Soul Urge Number 3 

The significance of Soul Urge Number 3 explains the importance of this number in terms of spirituality, relationship, career and personality traits. 

1. Importance of Number 3 in Spirituality 

The importance of Soul Number 3 in terms of spirituality makes individuals achieve peace of mind by fulfilling what their soul desires. The spiritual power that comes through this number allows the natives to live an authentic life. They make sure that whatever they show through words and emotions, they are honest and true to themselves. 

2. How Soul Urge Number 3 affect Personality? 

In a world where people are busy struggling to accept and love themselves, individuals with Soul Urge Number 3 complete the gap. They are always kind, affectionate and forgiving with people. They keep no place for grudges and hatred, but instead, they always try to make connections with people. They love being around people, sharing emotions and appreciating talents. 

3. Role of Soul Urge Number 3 in Relationships 

People with a Soul Number of 3 can be a source of good luck for their partner. Their creativity and ability to create a beautiful relationship journey make them well-suited for long-term relationships. Both partners will always feel the desire to grow and build together, and they never let the spark between them die down. Instead, it becomes even brighter with each passing day.

4. Impact of Soul Urge Number 3 in Career 

Being at the centre stage and expressing their creativity is all that clearly explains the career goals of Soul Urge 3. They are people who want to express themselves through their words and actions. However, career options that include public speaking, artistic and strong imagination are greatly shaped for individuals with Soul Urge Number 3. They ensure they maintain a mutual enjoyment for themselves and their colleagues.

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Tips for Individuals with Soul Urge Number 3 

A small piece of advice for people who have Soul Urge Number 3 in their chart. Follow these tips for beneficial results.

  • Everyone knows that you are compassionate and loving, but sometimes, you must also try to shift attention towards your own self. 
  • Sometimes, try to give yourself time and allow yourself to relax and be free from everything else. 
  • Try expressing yourself openly and not just through poetry and music. It’s ok to feel anxious and overwhelmed at the beginning. 
  • Try not to prioritise others over yourself and your own needs and desires.
  • You may prefer to work independently, but there are times when working under someone can provide valuable opportunities for learning and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Soul Urge Number 3?

The Soul Urge number is a numerological digit that has great significance in numerology. Every individual has their own soul urge number through which they attempt to do what their heart desires.

2. How do I know if my soul urge number is 3?

To know what your soul number is, all you need to do is convert the letters of your name that include vowels in number. After that, all the digits must be calculated and summed up to one single digit.

3. How is the personality of soul number 3?

Individuals with Soul Urge Number 3 have a very calm and composed personality. They have a good sense of humour and the ability to socialise with people easily. They are great at understanding and comforting people, which makes them sympathetic in nature.

4. Is Soul Urge Number 3 healthy for relationships?

People with Soul Urge 3 tend to have healthy and long-lasting relationships due to their understanding and calm personality. They maintain a spark in their relationship that keeps both people alive and satisfied.

5. How is the career for Soul Urge Number 3?

Creativity, exceptional talent, and skills are all because of the favourable influence of numerology soul urge 3. They excel in their career because they know exactly what suits them best. They are great at finding out their interest and making firm decisions in life.

6. How do I use Soul Number 3 in my life?

To use it in your life, you should try expressing yourself through art, music, or writing. You could also seek out social circumstances that allow you to connect with others and share your ideas.

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