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Tarot Card Predictions effect our life?

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Tarot Card Predictions effect our life

Tarot (pronounced Ta-row), a divination system based on playing cards, has assisted man in his search for meaning by opening him up to information that cannot be directly seen. Essentially, everything is a search for something beyond our current understanding. Man’s boundless curiosity and his powers of reasoning and speculation have never been put to better use than in his pursuit of knowledge of the supernatural.

A Brief History

The origin, locale, and function of tarot cards are mysterious. Some think the Tarot came from the Book of Thoth, others from the Chinese I-Ching. Since the first full deck comes from 14th or 15th century Europe, some trace its genesis there. The most prominent and deep astrologer, such as Court de Gebelin, Papus, and Charles Barlet, openly claim that tarot cards represent the pages of the great Book of Thoth, which summarized ancient about Egyptian learning. These astrologers also claim that Tarot enfolds the secrets of the Egyptian-based Jew’s Cabbala. Tarot’s name suggests Egyptian origin. Etteilla, a Tarot expert, says the term comes from the Egyptian words “Tar” and “ro or ros,” meaning “the royal road of life.”

“The great god Ashtaroth, As-Taroth, is no other than the Indo-Tarter Tan-Tara, the tarot, the zodiac,” says J. F. Vaillant (les romes, histoire vraie des vraise bohemiens, 1857). Other sources say the Tarot and Book of Thoth’s titles come from the Egyptian word “taru,” meaning “to request response” or “to consult.”

Book Of Thoth

The Tarot Deck

78 Tarot cards are classified into:

1.The Major Arcana– 22 graphic and metaphorical cards.

2.The Minor Arcana– 56 court and numerical cards in 4 suits.

“Arcana” originates from the Latin “arcanus,” meaning closed or secret.

The major arcana, or trump suit, includes 22 cards with illustrations depicting actions, behaviour, and events. In addition, each card contains a label with a name, title, or visual description. All major arcana cards save one are numbered 1–21. The Fool is usually numbered 0. The minor arcana—Swords, Cups, Coins, and Wands—have 56 cards. Each suit has 14 cards: 10 numbered (pip) cards from Ace to Ten and four faces (court) cards: Page, Knight, Queen, King.

The major arcana depicts one’s current mental, emotional, and spiritual state in tarot card readings. However, the minor arcana shows occurrences or situations, and each suit covers a distinct life sector. For example, cups represent the questioner’s emotions and Swords his mind. Coins signify wealth and Ward his job, skills, or potential. Finally, court cards represent real persons or have the same meaning as pip cards.

Minor Arcana Card

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About Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads abound. Some spreads are ideal for replying “yes or no,” while others are difficult and take a lot of talent from the reader and patience from the questioner, but they give an in-depth examination.

The spreads below were selected for their simplicity and depth of response.

  1. The Four-Card Spread: Answers a simple question in depth. Tarot novices may utilize it. It may be used in a lengthier reading with another spread to answer supplemental questions about the questioner’s life.
  2. Celtic Cross Spread: The most common Tarot spread. The Four Card Spread is less detailed than it. The reader should read the cards collectively since they have more significance than individually.
  3. Astrological Spread: This spread is based on astrology. Twelve cards symbolize the 12 astrological houses. Each house interprets each card. Astrologers will understand this, while beginners may take longer.

The Celtic Cross Spread and Astrological Spread are combined to provide a deep insight into the questioner’s circumstances and aid decision-making.

Etteilla’s Great Figure of Destiny and Papus’s Rapid divination are other famous spreads. However, this dissertation can only analyse some Spreads and Tarot card divination methods.

Tarot Spreads

The Popularity of Tarot Reading?

Numerology and palm reading have been widely practised and accepted by Indian society for generations. However, in recent decades, tarot card reading has been more popular as a hip, alternative kind of ‘future reading,’ particularly in metropolitan centres. For example, calls to a tarot card reader for match predictions during the 2003 Cricket World Cup captured the public’s attention.

Tarot Reading

Why Do People Go for Tarot Reading?

Many individuals consult tarot cards for life guidance. Tarot card readers may provide advice using 78 cards. Tarot card readings provide personalized, particular information; thus, many prefer them. The card, question, and reader’s intuition will determine each assignment. Many are curious about forecast accuracy.

a man walking on road

How accurate are Tarot card readings?

  • Tarot reading accuracy relies on your definition of “exact” and what you want to learn about yourself. Career counselling with tarot cards is a mystery. Taste the cake to enjoy it, not dispute over the ingredients.
  • Tarot card readings reveal your potential, present circumstances, and life path.
  • Readers affirm what you already know, but they frequently avoid confronting issues you are subconsciously hiding.
  • Tarot card readings rely on the reader’s skill and sincerity. Unfortunately, many market participants pretend to read tarot cards but can’t. Always go to someone who gives accurate readings and gives good advice. Any tarot card reader must be excellent. Otherwise, you’ll squander time and money.
  • Tarot cards are a compass. It provides real-time live input. Because life is in the now, and the future is dynamic, fashioned by many wheels in action.

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Fortune telling cards

Predicting future events or characterising a person using techniques not generally accepted as having a logical foundation; in other words, fortune-telling. There is evidence that various types of fortune-telling were performed in ancient China, Egypt, Chaldea, and Babylonia as early as 4000 BCE. In addition, ancient religion and medicine relied heavily on prophetic dreams and oracular pronouncements.

Numerology, playing cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, dice, fire, water, and dispersed salt are just some of the things that may be used in fortune-telling. Astrology (the interpretation of the motions of the celestial bodies as impacts on terrestrial events) is another type of divination. Finally, graphology (the study of handwriting), physiognomy (the study of facial traits), phrenology (the study of skull contours), and palmistry are all kinds of fortune-telling that rely on character analysis (the study of lines on the palm).

Fortune telling cards

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. Do Tarot Cards have an appropriate and inappropriate way of being read?

When interpreting Tarot cards, there is a “correct” approach and an “incorrect” approach. Finding hard and fast solutions is the incorrect approach. Tarot readings are not designed to provide definitive yes/any answers and should not be treated as such. The best method to interpret a Tarot reading is to consider the cards in the spread as geographical markers and forecasts for the issue at hand.

2. What should not be asked from Tarot ?

If you don’t like the Tarot’s response to your inquiry, wait to ask it again. Even if you don’t like or understand the Tarot cards, it’s important to consider them before dismissing them and moving on to other sources of information. Even though the Tarot often shows exactly what we need to know about the future, we often wish to dispute what we don’t understand out of ignorance or arrogance.

3. Is it possible to get advice from tarot cards?

To respond to your inquiry, yes, Tarot cards do provide answers. However, it doesn’t imply you’ll automatically grasp the solutions at first. You may be unable to interpret your Tarot card reading because it gives you a fresh perspective on a problem you cannot resolve with your current line of thought. Tarot card readings frequently make a lot more sense after some contemplation.

4. Can I get love advice from tarot cards?

If you’re looking for love, you may use Tarot cards to locate it. Many people who read Tarot cards do so with great skill regarding readings involving romantic relationships. In addition, an upcoming romantic shift may be hinted at or predicted by certain cards. In addition to The Lovers, other beneficial love cards in a spread are The Empress, The Two of Cups, and The Sun.

5. Is the astrology foundation for tarot cards?

There is infinite symbolism in Tarot cards, and many people are surprised to learn of their close ties to astrology. Specifically, consider the following examples: There is a Major Arcana card for each zodiac sign.

6. Do you have any idea what your future holds based on your birthday?

Even though astrology is fiction, researchers have discovered a correlation between a person’s birthdate and their future health. Numerous factors, from lifespan to career choice, are affected by a person’s birth month.

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