What is the Minor Arcana

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The Minor Arcana is a deck within the traditional tarot deck. While a tarot deck is divided into two parts, the former is known as the Major Arcana, and the latter is called the Minor Arcana. On the one hand, the Major Arcana deck consists of twenty-two cards, and on the other hand, the Minor Arcana deck has fifty-six cards. These fifty-six cards are categorised into four suits of fourteen cards each. Each card symbolises a distinct meaning and is reflective of our struggles.

Moreover, these cards symbolise people's struggles, fights, challenges, learnings, and the things that might have a significant influence over them at any given point in time. Also, it is said that the cards of the Minor Arcana deck have a temporary impact and are believed to represent energy existing in our lives at the present moment. This energy is not constant and can be changed on the basis of the decisions we make, the choices we are presented with, and the changes we bring upon ourselves. In a sense, these cards are all about symbolism.

Since this deck is divided into four suits, it is believed that each suit is symbolic of the elements of the Universe. In the following paragraphs, we will further learn about the meanings of the suits, the elements they are linked to, and the intentions of the cards under each suit. Each suit has fourteen cards, out of which ten are numbered one to ten, and Ones are called the Aces. In addition to the ten cards, there are four Court cards of the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Furthermore, expert numerologists say that the numbers on the cards are indicative of their meanings, and the connections are entirely authentic and magical.

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Minor Arcana Suits

The Minor Arcana deck is divided into the following suits, and each suit is in relation to elements of the Universe: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. When compared to an ordinary cards deck, each suit is shown as a different suit from the normal playing cards' deck. Let's understand what the meanings of each of the Suits of the Minor Arcana deck are:

1. The Suit of Wands

Denoting the element Fire, the Suit of Wands consists of cards which symbolise fiery passion, desires, personal goals, the projects we wish to work on, our profession or job, our political and social interests, and most of our vital interests. For example, the Suit of Wands tells us if we are capable enough to make plans, stick to them, and see them to completion. Also, these cards highlight how we perform when faced with challenges, our level of patience, and our connection to our long-term actions and decisions. In an ordinary cards deck, the Suit of Wands is represented as the Suit of Clubs.

The Suit of Wands and their meaning

the ace of wands image
Ace of Wands
two of wands image
Two of Wands
three of wands image
Three of Wands
four of wands image
Four of Wands
five of wands image
Five of Wands
six of wands image
Six of Wands
seven of wands image
Seven of Wands
eight of wands image
Eight of Wands
nine of wands image
Nine of Wands
ten of wands image
Ten of Wands
page of wands image
Page of Wands
knight of wands image
Knight of Wands
queen of wands image
Queen of Wands
king of wands image
King of Wands

2. The Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups is associated with Water. It represents our emotions, feelings, emotional intelligence, maturity, and how we relate to not just ourselves but also the external world. The cards of Cups tell us of our personality in relation to love, romance, friendship, adventure, fun, and joy. Primarily, these cards are considered relationship cards which reflect our outlook on any relationship, how we communicate and interact with the people in our lives, and even our dynamic with our partners. The Suit of Cups is shown as the Suit of Hearts in ordinary playing cards.

The Suit of Cups and their meaning

ace of cups image
Ace of Cups
two of cups image
Two of Cups
three of cups image
Three of Cups
four of cups image
Four of Cups
five of cups image
Five of Cups
six of cups image
Six of Cups
seven of cups image
Seven of Cups
eight of cups image
Eight of Cups
nine of cups image
Nine of Cups
ten of cups image
Ten of Cups
page of cups image
Page of Cups
knight of cups image
Knight of Cups
queen of cups image
Queen of Cups
king of cups image
King of Cups

3. The Suit of Swords

Linked with the element of Air, the Suit of Swords connects our spiritual and physical realities. The aim of these cards is to sharpen our psychic senses so that we're able to interpret the situations that are coming our way, the messages of our spiritual guides, and the hints given by our angels. The meaning behind these cards is to highlight how peaceful and calm our minds can be, our capacity to live a peaceful life, and our state of mind. Unfortunately, it can be a bit tricky to understand the meanings of these cards, so you should consult tarot readers to make out their meanings. This suit is also shown as the Suit of Spades.

The Suit of Swords and their meaning

ace of swords image
Ace of Swords
two of swords image
Two of Swords
three of swords image
Three of Swords
four of swords image
Four of Swords
five of swords image
Five of Swords
six of swords image
Six of Swords
seven of swords image
Seven of Swords
eight of swords image
Eight of Sword
nine of swords image
Nine of Swords
ten of swords image
Ten of Swords
page of swors image
Page of Swords
knight of swords image
Knight of Swords
queen of swords image
Queen of Swords
king of swords image
King of Swords

4. The Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles is in relation to the element of Earth, and it depicts our basic needs, the amount of wealth we might accumulate, our emotional perception of the Universe and its energy, our ability to fulfil our basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, comfort, safety, and rest. The Pentacle cards help us understand a situation, how it might be affecting us, and the ways to overcome harmful circumstances. The Suit of Pentacles is also shown as the Suit of Diamonds.

The Suit of Pentacles and their meaning

ace of pentecales image
Ace of Pentacles
tow of pentacles image
Two of Pentacles
three of pentacles image
Three of Pentacles
four of pentacles image
Four of Pentacles
five of pentacles image
Five of Pentacles
six of pentacles image
Six of Pentacles
seven of pentacles image
Seven of Pentacles
eight of pentacles image
Eight of Pentacles
nine of pentacles image
Nine of Pentacles
ten of pentacles image
Ten of Pentacles
page of pentacles image
Page of Pentacles
knight of pentacles image
Knight of Pentacles
queen of pentacles image
Queen of Pentacles
kign of pentacles image
King of Pentacles

Meanings by Numbers

  • Aces (1):The Aces symbolise new beginnings, initiative, drive, potential, determination, and skills. The message behind these cards is your opinion regarding a particular task and the efforts you put into achieving it.
  • Twos (2, II):The Twos represent balance, stability, and stable dynamics. These cards symbolise the need for strength and balance in our lives, and you cannot move forward with your plans if there is a lack of stability.
  • Threes (3, III):The Threes are all about communication, relationships, and interactions. For example, these cards represent different people's influence on various aspects of our lives, such as our emotions, reactions, careers, academics, health, finances, and much more.
  • Fours (4, IV):The Fours are a representation of resting, taking a break, and waiting before making a big step. The aim of these cards is to make you understand that to reach somewhere significant, it is essential to take breaks sometimes, contemplate on your past decisions, chalk out a plan for your future, and then move forward.
  • Fives (5, V):The Fives denote adversities, negative situations, obstacles, loss, conflict, and barriers. These cards also show you your power and how you can overcome these challenges.
  • Sixes (6, VI):The Sixes represent growth, choosing the right path, overcoming obstacles, and straying away from adverse situations. These cards urge you to leave toxic people and situations behind, keep working on yourself and know that things will change for the better sooner than later.
  • Sevens (7, VII):The Sevens teach you to have faith, cultivate belief, and know that the Universe has your back. While, at times, you may feel overburdened and exhausted, things will soon fall in place for you, and your confidence, determination, and honesty will lead you toward your goals.
  • Eights (8, VIII):The Eights are cards that represent your efforts and the changes that might come your way as a result of these efforts. These cards show you that you are the maker of your destiny, and only you can change things to build a happier and better life.
  • Nines (9, IX):The Nines are about the fruits of your efforts. You may feel like things are not on the right track, you're derailed from your purpose, and you're not receiving your due appreciation, but things are coming together for you even if you don't like what you see in the present moment.
  • Tens (10, X):The Tens are all about outcomes, results, completion, and the end of the present cycle of your life. These cards carry messages about your rewards, effects, and consequences. Moreover, if you have been consistent with your efforts, these cards will tell you how you will be able to succeed in life.

Meanings of Court Cards

  • Pages:These cards denote messages about life, new beginnings, and opportunities, and they ask you to collect information and then decide what to do about the things going on in your life.
  • Knights:The Knights are all about your movement in life, your planning in terms of how to move forward in life, and how you can attain growth.
  • Queens:These cards give out feminine energy and are related to your power, potential, and advice you might need to become better versions of yourself.
  • Kings:Authoritative and influential, the Kings cards tell you if you possess the capability to succeed in life, achieve your goals, and build a better life for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minor Arcana cards represent an energy present in a particular moment and our daily struggles.
The origin of tarot cards has been found in Buddhism and Paganism.
Twenty-two cards are in the Major Arcana and fifty-six in the Minor Arcana.
If you wish to get personalised tarot card readings, you should contact InstaAstro Tarot Readers. Your tarot reading will be done by a professional who will give you the answers you seek.
The element of the Suit of Pentacles is Earth.
Aces represent new beginnings.
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