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Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The seventh card of the Suit of Pentacles, the Seven of Pentacles tarot card, revolves around patience and seeing hard work and efforts pay off. In tarot reading, this card allows you to analyse your progress and decide if you are on the right track. It teaches us the value of patience and tells us that good things take time and effort.

Main Features of Seven of Pentacles

To better understand the Seven of Pentacles tarot card’s impact on readings, it is important to know its main features, such as elements, crystals, associated planets, etc. So, let us explore these features to uncover the hidden 7 of Pentacles meaning.

  • Parts of Seven of Pentacles Card- Upright and Reversed
  • Element- Earth
  • Planet- Venus
  • Zodiac Signs- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  • Yes or No Card- Yes
  • Crystal- Amethyst, Bloodstone

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Seven of Pentacles Card Symbol Meaning

In the Seven of Pentacles tarot card, we see a figure/man standing in a field. Holding a gardening hoe in his hand, the man looks at the plants growing on pentacles and thinks about their growth. In the background, we see mountains, which might hint at the challenges ahead. Overall, the scene looks peaceful, with the person patiently waiting to see the results of his hard work and efforts.

  • Seven of Pentacles: This card showcases a period of waiting and evaluating progress. The pentacles refer to patience, waiting, and analysing past efforts to find the right track.
  • Gardening Hoe: The gardening hoe shown in the picture symbolises the changes and efforts the individual will make to achieve his goals and ambitions. In other words, it represents the tools and actions necessary for growth and development.
  • Grapes/Grapevine: The greenery, aka the grapevine shown in the picture, represents the individual's hard work and efforts. This symbol revolves around abundance, luck, growth, and transformation, which the individual will soon witness.
  • Mountains: The mountains in the background represent the obstacles, challenges, or setbacks the individual may face in his journey to success. They also represent the strength and determination required to reach the desired destination.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card- Upright

The 7 of Pentacles upright card is a clear sign from the universe that all of your past efforts and hard work are soon going to pay off, and you are on the right track. In an upright position, the 7th of Pentacles teaches us how to be patient, ambitious and consistent in order to achieve what we desire. However, this does not mean that we should stop putting in efforts to achieve success, even if it seems close. In fact, it also asks us to look back and analyse the ways for improvement and emerge even better and stronger.

Seven of Pentacles AspectsSeven of Pentacles Keywords (Upright)
CareerTime for analysing progress, hard work paying off
LoveEfforts into relationship, emotional connection
HealthChanges in daily routine for good health
FinanceSlow financial growth
SpiritualityPatience towards spiritual growth

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Love

In a love tarot reading, the Seven Pentacles love card reveals that soon, you will enjoy a period of emotional connection, growth and intimacy in your relationship. The card says that you both have come a long way, and it is time to enjoy the fruits of the love, care, and efforts you invested in the past. Moreover, your relationship will soon reach a point where you both plan a future together.

Moving in together, making financial arrangements, or thinking about getting married might be on the cards. Along with this, the card comes as a green sign for couples thinking about family planning, indicating the strong chances of pregnancy. Along with the married and committed couples, the Seven of Pentacles love card opens doors to numerous possibilities ahead for singles.

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Career

The appearance of 7 of Pentacles career card usually revolves around two factors: hard work paying off and analysing progress. Starting with the hard work, the 7 Pentacles says that now is when all your labour and efforts to make your career grow will be worth it. Maybe you worked hard to get a raise or promotion at work, or maybe your goal was to double your sales and profits in business.

Whatever the situation, the Seven of Pentacles card is a blessing. But as you enjoy the fruits of your labour, don’t forget to analyse the progress made so far. Doing this will provide you with encouragement and motivation to set even a bigger goal. However, if you don’t feel satisfied with your career, this is a golden opportunity to make the most of your abilities and skillset and achieve what you deserve.

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Health

Health-wise, the Seven of Coins tarot card brings in the energies of self-care, motivation and transformation. The tarot card wants you to use this time to focus on your overall health and make necessary changes. Including a healthy diet plan, setting fitness goals, and engaging in physical exercises might be on your priority list.

Remember that your overall health solely depends on your present efforts or actions. However, before you make an action plan, first listen to your body's needs and identify areas for improvement. If you have engaged in poor health habits in the past, now is the perfect time to get rid of them. It is important to stay consistent in your efforts to enjoy the Seven of Pentacles outcome in health.

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Finance

Patience, waiting, and putting effort are the keys to enjoying financial stability and security, per the Seven of Pentacles upright tarot card. It seems that you have been putting in the work to reach financial security. Now is the time to take a short break and analyse your past investments, savings and expenditures.

Ask yourself whether your past decision gave you the results as per your expectations or not. If the answer is no, then it is high time to make some adjustments in your financial strategy and planning. Success is on the horizon; all you have to do is wait a little more. Moreover, the 7 of Pentacles upright card encourages you to plan for the future and focus on your long-term financial goals.

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Spirituality

When the Seven of Pentacles shows up in spirituality, it brings the major highlight to your spiritual routine. The 7 of Pentacles as action say that if you have been helpful and sweet to others in the past, the universe will send its blessings in a different way. However, the appearance of the 7 of Pentacles as feelings card also brings in the energies of doubt and confusion.

You may feel clueless about which path to take on your spiritual journey. So, in situations like this, you are advised to reflect on your progress. Don’t forget that spiritual growth is a journey, not a race. Everything that is meant for you will reach you at the right time. You may not have reached your ultimate destination yet, but you are on the right path.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card- Reversed

The 7 Pentacles Reversed refers to the appearance of the Seven of Pentacles card in an inverted position in a tarot reading. This card is usually associated with the energies of irritation, disappointment, and frustration of not reaching certain goals and ambitions. Lack of motivation, wrong strategies or planning, or delayed results might be why the dreams are not fulfilled. So, in a tarot reading, the Seven of Pentacles reversed comes with a warning to change the approach or attitude if things don’t work as per the expectations.

Seven of Pentacles AspectsSeven of Pentacles Keywords (Reversed)
CareerNo progress, dissatisfaction with career
LoveLack of emotions, efforts in relationship
HealthHealth issues due to poor lifestyle choices
FinanceLess financial rewards than expectations
SpiritualityNo sense of motivation for spiritual growth

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Love

When it comes to the matter of the heart, the 7 of Pentacles reversed card is not a good sign. The card senses that your love relationship is currently going through a rough patch. Either you or your partner are not putting enough effort into the relationship. Maybe there is something else you both choose to focus on right now. Remember that a relationship runs smoothly with the mutual efforts of both parties.

Without giving your love, time, and effort to your relationship, you cannot expect to build a strong, happy, and healthy relationship with your partner. So, to do that, first, make your love life your topmost priority and then think of how you can make it stronger and long-lasting. In a love tarot reading, the 7 of Pentacles love reminds us to take a pause and analyse what we are doing wrong.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Career

On the professional front, the Seven of Coins tarot card is all about a stuck career and no sense of motivation to move forward. Either you are putting too much effort into career growth or no effort at all. The 7 of Pentacles career card says there are multiple reasons behind no career growth. The first reason could be your lazy attitude towards your job or business. Or maybe the fear of getting rejected or failing is what stops you from taking your career seriously.

Maybe the results you want for your career and the hard work you put in do not match at all. So, if boosting your career growth is on your priority list, you must first get rid of the negative emotions that are influencing your productivity. Another option that works best for you is to change your attitude and approach and try something new.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Health

The appearance of the 7 of Coins reversed position is not a good card for your overall health and well-being. The card says that in the past, you did not pay full attention to your health and adopted poor lifestyle choices. Now, in the present, your health seems to suffer, and you deal with major health issues and challenges. Getting the Seven of Pentacles tarot card in a health reading is a sign of encouragement to keep your health above everything.

Enough about what happened in the past; now, you have to put time and effort into bringing your health back to normal. To do this, you can consume healthy meals and engage in physical activities (exercise or yoga). However, at the same time, the Seven Pentacles reversed card is a bad sign for the women trying to conceive and for the people expecting their medical test results soon.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Finance

When it comes to finances, the Seven of Coins reversed card indicates a period of financial crisis and obstacles. The card senses that you are trying extremely hard to overcome these problems and reach a certain financial goal. Despite your hard work and efforts, you do not seem to be reaching even close to your destination. The problem is the current financial strategy or planning you are using right now.

Maybe a certain investment or spending you made in the past led to losses or debts. The Seven of Pentacles card reveals that using the current strategy or planning, the chances of enjoying financial stability seem minimal. The only solution for your finances is to look back and ask yourself whether the decisions made in the past were worth it. Keeping those points in mind, make a foolproof plan to overcome the current financial ups and downs and enjoy stability in the future.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Spirituality

Spiritually, the Seven of Pentacles reversed card hints at the energies of frustration, irritation, and disappointment. The card senses that you may be too focused on materialistic things right now that thinking about a spiritual journey does not seem important. On the other hand, some of you are dealing with challenges or obstacles in your spiritual journey.

The Seven of Pentacles as feelings say, there is a reason you are witnessing such roadblocks. It says that the universe has planned something even better for you, which is why the things you desire right now are not fulfilling. So, all you have to do is follow the universe's lead and adapt spiritual activities, such as meditation, yoga or journaling, to keep yourself away from negative energies.

Seven of Pentacles Yes or No Meaning

In a yes or no tarot reading, the Seven of Pentacles is seen as a positive card that teaches us the value of patience, hard work and labour to reach our destination. However, the Seven of Pentacles meaning differs based on its upright and reversed position. So, let us take a look at how the 7 of Pentacles tarot card can help you find a yes or no answer to your question.

  • Upright—Yes: Getting a 7 of Pentacles yes or no, is a positive sign that tells you that you are on the right track. The hard work and effort you put in are enough, and you must continue to do so. Remember that success does not come to you overnight. For this, you need to be calm, patient, and determined. The card says all your labour will be worth it when your desires will be fulfilled.
  • Reversed- No: Pulling a 7 of Pentacles reversed yes or no is a clear indication from the card not to move further. It says that now is not the right time for you to move forward with your situation. Instead of waiting for something positive to happen, putting in more effort and hard work is better. Along with that, look back and analyse where you went wrong and work on the areas of improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the Minor Arcana cards, the Seven of Pentacles, revolves around the energies of patience, rewards, hard work and planning. Whenever this card appears in a tarot reading, it asks the individual to take a short break, analyse his past actions and set a plan for the future.
In a yes or no tarot reading, the Seven of Pentacles is considered a positive card. The appearance of the 7 of Pentacles yes or no tarot card comes with a message that the individual is on the right path. All his hard work and efforts will pay off in the end, and he will achieve what he desires.
In a love reading, the Seven of Pentacles is seen as a positive card indicating growth and strong relationships. The Seven Pentacles love card indicates that both individuals seem interested in planning their future together. However, in the reversed position, the same card showcases some struggles and impatience in love relationships.
The upright keywords of the 7 of Pentacles are patience, rewards, careful planning and hard work. In the reversed position, the Seven of Pentacles revolves around impatience, frustration, lack of progress, and challenges.
In tarot reading, the Seven of Pentacles is associated with the Earth element zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. All these 7 of Pentacles zodiac sign possess qualities such as balance, stability and abundance.
Seven of Pentacles as a person, is someone who plans his course of actions using a careful and methodical approach. It is his hard work and patience that encourages him to work consistently towards his goals and ambitions. Despite putting a lot of effort into their goals, they still feel short in some way.
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