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Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Pentacles is a positive card in tarot. This card indicates balance, ambition, and commitment. It shows that you have been dedicated and diligent. The Eight of Pentacles also expresses feelings of mastery and rewards on their way.

The qualities of this card majorly indicate work, success, consistency, and stability. Continue reading to learn more about the Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card and understand the hidden message it has for you.

Main Features of Eight of Pentacles

  • Parts Of Two of Swords Card - Upright and Reversed
  • Element - Earth
  • Planet - Mercury
  • Zodiac Signs - Virgo
  • Crystal - Amethyst & Bloodstone
  • A Yes or a No Card? - No (Upright) & Yes (Reversed)

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbol Meaning

The 8th of Pentacles card in tarot represents feelings of ambition, work, dedication and balance. Let us understand the meaning of the different symbols represented on this card. These are as follows:

  • Figure: The figure on this card works on the Pentacles. This figure represents craftsmanship. Instead of buying or being given things, he is working on making his own and then using them.
  • Figure’s Red and Blue Tunic: Some people tend to apprehend the figure’s red and blue tunic as a symbol of the mixing energies of fire and water. This results in making the suit element of earth. Others say that these colours represent the passion and desire in the figure.
  • Pentacles: The Pentacles are spread in front and back of the figure; he is also seen working on one. According to some, these Pentacles represent the past, present, and future. The Pentacles of the Pole represent our past work that is there to be admired. The Pentacles he is working on represent the present, which the figure is working on building. Lastly, the Pentacles on the ground represent the future that the figure will work in one day.

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Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card - Upright

The Eight of Pentacles card upright reflects positivity. This card denotes that you are on the way to success. Indicating hard work, commitment, and dedication, this card predicts the bright future kept ahead of na individual.

The upright tarot card tends to give individuals hope that their efforts will receive rewards. You will receive the fruits of your deeds. The hard work, discipline, and dedication you put into your work will not go unnoticed.

This card explains that the universe signals the coming benefits and opportunities in your life. Let us have a detailed understanding of the upright meaning of this card based on different aspects of an individual's life. These are as follows:

Eight of Pentacles AspectsEight of Pentacles Keywords (Upright)
LoveEfforts being rewarded
CareerWelcoming new opportunities
HealthWorking towards fitness
FinanceFinancial freedom awaits
SpiritualityOn the way to divine

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Love

If you are in a relationship, 8 of Pentacles love card bring you the rewards you have been waiting for. It suggests that all your efforts in your relationship were seen, and thus, you will be rewarded accordingly. The Eight of Pentacles tarot card also reflects that you and your partner are in a happy relationship and are working towards securing your future.

On the other hand, if you are single, then you are ready to take your first steps in love as per the 8 of Pentacles as feelings. However, you must consider your past experiences and should be cautious, as you do not want to make the same mistakes again.

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Career

The Eight of Pentacles card in your career reflects that there are new opportunities coming your way. In some cases, these new beginnings can be a sign of a job switch for the better or changes in business. Along with this, they might also indicate an important project, a promotion, or an increment coming your way. You must welcome these changes with open arms.

This card represents the coming rewards for your efforts. Along with this, the Eight of Pentacles card also reflects the qualities of hard work and dedication in you. This card also shows mastery. By this, the cards tend to reflect that you have acquired quite some knowledge about your skill and are on the way to becoming a master.

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Health

In terms of health, the Eight of Pentacles appreciates the efforts you have put towards your health. This means that the healthier choices you have made are appropriate and are going to help you in the long term. This card appreciates the discipline you have shown in the past and ensures that you will be rewarded in the future.

Along with this, the Eight of Pentacles in Health also relates to the way in which you have taken care of yourself and indicates that you must continue to do so. It is finally time for your dieting, gym, exercise, control, and everything else to get rewarded.

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Finance

The Eight of Pentacles in finance represents positive rewards coming into the life of an individual. Your efforts will bear fruits soon. The dedication and hard work you have put into building yourself and the efforts you have put into your work will reap its fruits.

The card reflects that your commitment is one of the major reasons for your success. It also says that you are getting closer to success day by day. This card brings luck and prosperity to your life and is an indication towards the coming good days.

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Spirituality

The Eight of Pentacles card in spirituality indicates that you are on the right path. Your efforts in gaining spiritual knowledge and implementing it have helped you build your personality. Moreover, this spiritual journey has helped you strengthen your inner wisdom and confidence.

Your spiritual journey has enlightened you and put you on the path that leads you to unlock new horizons within yourself. This card also reflects that it is now time to enjoy the fruits of your good deeds.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card - Reversed

The 8 of Pentacles reversed means completely different from its upright meaning. When reversed, the Eight of Pentacles relates to feelings of failure, boredom, and laziness. It also reflects actions that include a lack of effort, loss of confidence, lack of focus, and low ambition drive.

This card does not relatively talk about the future but makes you look at yourself and is a call for awakening. The meaning of this card can be interpreted as a wake-up call by people. This card majorly reflects the ills in you and is asking you to solve the issue by working on yourself. The card can be one of the warning signs from the universe.

Along with this, the reversed Eight of Pentacles is also seen to be a card that denotes poor concentration with a rise in mean nature and materialistic desires. On the other hand, this card is also seen as an indication of your workaholic nature. Mentioned below is a table that includes a brief description of this card’s meaning in different aspects of your life. These are as follows:

Eight of Pentacles AspectsEight of Pentacles Keywords (Reversed)
LoveNeed to find balance in life
CareerStuck in the boring cycle
HealthAvoiding important health decision
FinanceCareless decisions
SpiritualityDistracted from the path

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Love

If you are in a relationship, then this card can mean that you have lost interest and are not putting in the same amount of effort as before. The 8 Pentacles reversed also indicate the way you and your partner’s work is affecting your personal life. This can result in the rise of feelings of boredom and irritation. The spark in the relationship seems lost. The card tells you to maintain a balance between your work and personal life. You must always remember that you will only cut the fruits of what you sow.

However, if you are single, then you have shifted yourself into a workaholic zone and are not ready to be in a relationship, as per the 8 of Pentacles reversed as feelings. It also indicates a sudden loss of confidence within you. Your overworked nature is affecting your personal life, and this is not a good sign. The card seeks to help you try to maintain a balance in your work and personal life while reducing the negligence you have towards yourself. These can be crucial steps that can help you in building your confidence once again.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Career

In terms of career, the eight of Pentacles cards are seen as bearers of boredom. This tells that you are stuck in a cycle of boredom that is continuously pointing towards the boredom you feel in your job. It indicates your lack of interest and effort at work. Along with this, your chances of success have also become low. Your low to almost no commitment at work can be the prime cause for this.

Along with this, if you are trying to get a new job, there may be chances that you may have to face a lot of rejection due to a lack of qualifications. Moreover, in some cases, you will overwork yourself. Overworking yourself can come in the way of your other interpersonal relationships and can stop you from your own growth.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Heath

In terms of health, the Eight of Pentacles card represents your extreme nature. This can indicate that you have either been taking too much care of yourself or too little. The card tells you that you are burning yourself to the core, which, in the long term, will affect your health negatively.

On the other hand, this card can also mean that you are not taking enough care of your health, which is a warning sign. You might have health issues on the way, which can cause problems. Thus, the final meaning of this card indicates finding balance in your life with an adequate amount of everything.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Finance

According to the financial meaning of the Eight of Pentacles, this card indicates your careless attitude. If you have money, you will spend it without a thought, which will, in turn, leave you penniless. It also reflects towards your overspending habits.

The card suggests you stop ignoring your financial needs and start bringing balance to your life. You should try to save some money and control your spending habits. These will be able to help you in the long term. Moreover, always remember that putting in effort is what this card stands for.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Spirituality

When we talk about the meaning of Eight of Pentacles in terms of spirituality, we can see that this card talks about emotions we have suppressed. This card indicates that you have lost the sense of wisdom and confidence within yourself. It also indicates towards a rise in materialistic and rude nature.

The card suggests that you have also suppressed the emotion of spirituality within yourself and diverted yourself towards a different path. It asks you to find balance in your life and start focusing on growth from within. Rebuilding your confidence and wisdom can be the first step in doing so.

Eight of Pentacles Yes or No Meaning

The Eight of Pentacles, also referred to as the viii of Pentacles, is a card that can help you determine the answer to a yes or no question. Let's examine this card's yes or no prediction.

Upright: When the Eight of Pentacles are pulled upright, this card tends to indicate towards ‘No’ as the desired answer to your question.

Reversed: When the Eight of Pentacles card is pulled in the reversed form, then it tends to indicate a ‘Yes’ as the answer to your question.

Let us understand this better with an example. Suppose you want to know about your relationship, so you ask the cards if you and your partner will get married. You select a card from the deck, which happens to be the Eight of Pentacles.

If the card comes in the upright form, then it probably indicates ‘No’. Many people consider this answer to be a sign from the universe. However, if you pulled the card in reversed form then the answer will come to be ‘Yes’. Here is how the yes or no predictions of the card are made.

The viii of Pentacles card is known to be the card that indicates balance. When pulled upright, it appreciates the balance you have found and maintained in your life. It also indicates the coming rewards for your efforts. However, if pulled reversed, the card suggests that you should find balance in your life. It suggests that you are on a path that is going down, and in order to pull yourself, you need to maintain a healthy balance in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 8 of Pentacles tarot card meaning signifies work, dedication, craftsmanship, commitment, effort and ambition in an individual. In upright form, it appreciates the efforts. In reversed form, it seeks the individual to work on these qualities.
When pulled upright, the Eight of Pentacles means ‘No’. However, on the other hand, when pulled reversed, this card means ‘Yes’.
The Eight of Pentacles card teaches an individual the importance of finding peace and balance. It also indicates towards the coming rewards in the native’s life. In tarot, this card is all about appreciating efforts.
When upright, the Eight of Pentacles card reflects on the coming rewards for your efforts in your relationship. However, when reversed, this card asks you to build your confidence and find balance.
Yes, the Eight of Pentacles is a positive card that indicates ambition, desire, work, effort, and balance. When facing upward, it appreciates your efforts. When facing reverse, it asks you to maintain balance in your life.
The reversed Eight of Pentacles in health suggests that an individual is putting either too much or too little effort towards their health. This card asks the individual to maintain a balance in order to avoid the negative effects in future.
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