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Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

One of the Minor Arcana cards, the Ten of Pentacles, represents family legacy, stability, and long-lasting success. This card shows that you are surrounded by love, support, and financial security. Getting this card in a tarot reading is a sign that your hard work is paying off and you are about to create a happy and fulfilling life for yourself and your loved ones.

Main Features of Ten of Pentacles

Let's start by checking out what sets the Ten of Pentacles tarot card apart! We will explore its main features, including associated planets or elements, to determine what factors make it special.

  • Parts of Ten of Pentacles Card: Upright and Reversed
  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  • Yes or No Card: Yes
  • Healing Crystals: Green Aventurine (Upright), Black Tourmaline (Reversed)

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Ten of Pentacles Card Symbol Meaning

Taking a closer look at the 10 of Pentacles tarot picture, we see an old man sitting in front of an archway (bridge). Near his legs, we see two dogs, his loyal companions. In the background afar, we see a couple standing next to each other with a kid by their side.

It seems that the old man sitting near the archway is their elderly family member. The whole scene gives a hint that the family is rich and wealthy and living in utter comfort and luxury. Below is the detailed meaning and representation of each element and symbol in the appearance of the Ten of Pentacles tarot card meaning:

  • Ten Pentacles: The ten pentacles showcased in the picture symbolise wealth and abundance, especially through family inheritance.
  • Old Man: The old man sitting in the picture is a wealthy man who has worked throughout his life. Now, in his later years, he is enjoying the fruits of his labour.
  • Child: The little kid standing near the couple seems happy and symbolises new generations, hope, new beginnings and fresh starts.
  • Dogs: Usually, dogs are the symbol of pure, true love and honesty. But here, in the picture of the Ten of Pentacles tarot card, the dogs indicate that we are on the right side of the track and doing well in life.
  • Archway: The archway's appearance in the picture symbolises change, transformation, and the opening up of new possibilities. Soon, we will come across a new path or passage that will lead us to our desired destination.
  • Man and Woman: The couple standing next to each other in the picture showcases youthfulness and zeal to build a stable future for themselves and their upcoming generations.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card- Upright

The Upright Ten of Pentacles means that you are currently in a stable and secure place, both financially and emotionally. You enjoy a strong family bond and have enough money to provide a comfortable and luxurious life for yourself and your family. This card signals long-term success and prosperity, like building a happy future for generations to come.

Whatever you have achieved so far is all because of your hard work, and you can feel nothing but pride. So, if you get the Ten of Pentacles card in a tarot reading, it encourages us to keep working hard towards our goals and cherish whatever resources we have.

Ten of Pentacles AspectsTen of Pentacles Keywords (Upright)
CareerWork stability, family business
LoveLong term happiness
HealthGood and stable health
FinanceFamily inheritance
SpiritualitySense of fulfilment

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Love

When the Ten of Pentacles card appears in an upright position, it indicates that you are in the best and happiest relationship right now. You and your partner seem to trust each other and have built a strong foundation together. Interestingly, the energies of the 10 of Pentacles love cards, such as long-term stability and security, might encourage you to take your relationship to the next level.

As a result, you both might plan to move in together, get engaged or get married soon. Married couples may think about family planning. But real luck shines for singles looking for a stable and healthy relationship. The card predicts that soon they might cross paths with someone who shares their personality.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Career

Getting Ten of Pentacles upright in your career reading means that long-term stability and success will soon knock at your door. As an Earth element, you enjoy stability and security in your work and profession. Guess what? The Ten of Pentacles reveals that either your new or current job will fulfil your desire for stability and security.

But things get a bit interesting for the people who own their businesses. The card senses that soon you might plan to start a new business with your family. If this happens, then you will turn this small business into an empire in no time. Another 10 of Pentacles meaning is serving your community and building strong professional relationships.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Health

The appearance of the Ten of Pentacles upright card in a health tarot reading revolves around long-term stability and good health. What does this mean for your health? Well, the long-term stability hints that you will enjoy a happy and healthy life with no major health concerns. But watch out!

Since the 10 of Pentacles tarot cards are all about family inheritance and hereditary, there is a strong chance that you may develop health issues running in your family. On the brighter side, this card could also be termed a ray of hope for people who are looking forward to healing and recovery.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Finance

Usually, the Ten of Pentacles card revolves around windfall and inheritance in financial matters. So, receiving a Ten of Pentacles tarot card in a financial reading means welcoming monetary gains, fortune, and financial abundance in your life, but all because of family inheritance. Either you will receive sudden financial abundance through inheritance or plan to leave financial resources for future generations.

Even though you seem to enjoy wealth currently, the Ten of Pentacles tarot guide you to use the money wisely and try to save it for the future. Therefore, setting up an emergency fund or retirement plan or automating your savings could work wonders for you financially in the future.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning in Spirituality

When the 10 of Pentacles upright appear in your spiritual reading, it can only bring a sense of fulfilment. It senses that you feel completely fulfilled in life because you have cracked the code of happiness and discovered the things that bring true peace and joy. So, getting this card in your tarot reading is a green sign to enjoy this phase as much as possible.

But beware! Spiritually, the Ten of Pentacles card also hints towards your hold and influence over your generations. So, it is an excellent time to shape your legacy and pass on your values and traditions to the next generation.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card- Reversed

The appearance of the Ten of Pentacles reversed in a tarot reading suggests some challenges or instability in family or financial matters. You may be feeling disconnected from your loved ones and having financial problems at the same time. The reason? Your unrealistic expectations or excessive attachment to materialistic things.

The temporary joy of worldly things is disrupting your current peace and harmony. So, getting the 10 of Pentacles reversed reminds you to pay attention to the problems arising in your finances and familial life. Finding solutions to your current issues with care and patience, you have the potential to restore peace and harmony in your life.

Ten of Pentacles AspectsTen of Pentacles Keywords (Reversed)
CareerUnstable career, bankruptcy
LoveConflicts in relationship
HealthSudden health issues due to hereditary
FinanceFinancial chaos and negligence
SpiritualityBreaking ties from old spiritual practices

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Love

Things such as romance, passion, care, and understanding are no longer part of your love life. Credit should be given to the upside-down appearance of the 10 of Pentacles love card, which strongly suggests a rough patch in your relationship. The major reason you and your partner do not see eye to eye is finances.

Either one of you is too focused on materialistic wealth, or your financial principles do not match, causing problems. The 10 of Pentacles love card also warns you to sort out the current issues in your love life through open and honest communication. Otherwise, if you continue to ignore them, your relationship could worsen, and you may eventually separate.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Career

The appearance of the 10 of Pentacles card upside down in your career, reading tags along energies such as danger, instability, and dissolution. If you run your own business, the Ten of Pentacles card predicts a difficult phase. You are struggling very hard to sustain your business and are on the verge of bankruptcy or dissolution.

Even for working professionals, the 10 of Pentacles reversed card predicts an unsafe environment for job security. So, if you are looking for long-term stability in your current job, you are going to be disappointed. A better option for you will be to look for employment opportunities that promise growth as well as stability.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Health

When the Ten of Pentacles reversed card shows up, it could not be a good sign for your health. The card hints that either you are experiencing sudden shifts in your health or are about to very soon. But the sole reason you are suffering from sudden health concerns is not your poor lifestyle choices but instead your own genetics.

The blame should be given to the Ten of Pentacles tarot card that shows up in your tarot reading, indicating health issues related to genetics or inheritance. So, in this case, the very first thing you must do is check your family health history and find out about the running health issues.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Finance

Getting a Ten of Pentacles reversed card in a financial reading is no less than the calm before the storm. The card senses your negligence regarding your finances, such as carelessly spending your hard-earned money on unnecessary things, poor financial management, or obsession with materialistic things. The result? You are dealing with financial loss, debts, loans and insolvency.

In worst-case scenarios, you may have to deal with inheritance-related disputes with your family or struggle to make ends meet. So, consider the appearance of the Ten of Pentacles card as a wake-up call and learn to take your finances seriously. Establish a stable financial foundation by making smart choices and cutting unnecessary expenses.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning in Spirituality

Spiritually, the appearance of the 10 of Pentacles reversed card comes with a big revelation. It says that there is something that is acting as a barrier between you and your spiritual growth. In some cases, it could be your selfishness that is not letting you see what your main goal is.

In other cases, it is your hunger and greed to gain worldly things that have made concepts such as spirituality, self-reflection and introspection seem unimportant to you. Another 10 of Pentacles meaning in the spiritual world is you breaking ties with old, conventional spiritual practices and starting a new journey of exploration and discovering your own spiritual path.

Ten of Pentacles Yes or No Meaning

In a yes-or-no tarot reading, the Ten of Pentacles revolves around comfort, financial abundance, and long-term happiness. However, the Ten of Pentacles meaning can change based on its upright and reversed position. So, let us look at how the Ten of Pentacles tarot guide you to find a yes or no answer to your query.

  • Upright: Yes: Getting a 10 of Pentacles yes or no, in an upright position is nothing but positive. The card senses that you have been working extremely hard to turn all your wishes into reality for quite some time. Guess what? The appearance of the 10 of Pentacles in an upright position is a sign that good things are just around the corner. Soon, the universe will bless you with all the good things you deserve and have worked hard for so long.
  • Reversed: No: Getting a Ten of Pentacles yes or no card in a reverse position means slowing down and thinking for a moment. Your excessive obsession with others' approval and validation for even little things is the main reason you must stop for now and look at what you are doing wrong. Instead of caring about what others think of you, try valuing yourself and your desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ten of Pentacles meaning in tarot card reading, is about enjoying familial peace, harmony and generational success. The card hints that all your past consistent efforts are about to pay off, and you will no longer be in the phase of struggle. Soon, there will be a time of happiness and financial comfort.
In a yes or no tarot reading, the appearance of the Ten of Pentacles card is considered auspicious. With a positive message, the 10 of Pentacles yes or no card says that all your desires and wishes will be fulfilled, and you will witness what financial abundance looks like.
Pulling out the Ten of Pentacles card comes with advice in a tarot reading. It asks you to learn to manage your finances to enjoy financial abundance in the long run. The X of Pentacles card also asks you to count the blessings the universe serves you with.
The 10 of Pentacles tarot cards in love relationships talk about long-term happiness and family approval. Your relationship looks strong from both an emotional and financial point of view. Soon, you both may plan on taking your relationship to the next level.
The X of Pentacles tarot card is associated with the Earth element. Zodiac signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn fall under the category of the Ten of Pentacles tarot guide and possess qualities such as stability, balance and abundance.
In a tarot reading, the 10 of Pentacles as feelings revolve around stability and comfort. So, getting this card means that you are enjoying comfort, stability and commitment in every major aspect of your life.
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