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Queen of Wands Tarot Card

Queen of Wands tarot card meaning

The Queen of Wands meaning is about unwavering strength, passion, and creativity. This tarot card mostly relates to females, but if it has appeared in your reading and you're a man, there's a good chance that you have a strong woman who is changing you to become a better version of yourself. Moreover, you are more confident, happy, secure, and proud of yourself.

When we come to the pictorial representation of this tarot card, the Queen of Wands tarot highlights a queen sitting on a royal throne, and her expressions justify her passion for life and everything she creates. There are several symbols, such as lions, sunflowers, and even a black cat, which relate to her energy, spontaneity, vibe, and bravery. The lions stand for her go-getter attitude, strong persona, and courageous outlook. Furthermore, the sunflowers relate to her femininity, feminine agency, royalty, joy, beauty, and compassion. Finally, the black cat is the representation of the cycle of birth and rebirth. When combined, all of these aspects highlight the queen's vitality, high energy, passion and compassion, reasoning qualities, beauty, pride, and bravery.

The Queen of Wands message also indicates the Universe favouring you in your journey to start a family. So if you plan to expand your family, this is the perfect tarot card. The Queen of Wands as feelings indicate safety and security, and it also stands for safe pregnancy and happiness.

Queen of Wands tarot card Upright

A particular tarot card can have two interpretations in terms of its position. For example, the Queen of Wands means passion, joy, and enthusiasm in the Upright position. The following is the role of the Queen of Wands tarot in the elements of our lives:

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Upright Queen of Wands tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Queen of Wands meaning when Upright says that you are an individual who is passionate, determined, and motivated. Your outlook towards life is that of a warrior, and you believe that you can handle everything that comes your way. Your awareness of your inner self, capabilities, qualities, and strength helps you achieve all your dreams and goals. Like a queen, you make calculative decisions, are always aware of your surroundings, and are more objective than subjective.

In addition, you're an inspiration to all. You are well aware of how to build valuable connections which will push you towards your goal. However, you're not selfish. You know how to maintain your friendships even if those connections don't serve their purpose anymore. Your innovative ideas, and happy-go-lucky energy attracts people to you, and everyone likes having you around.

However, it would be best if you understood how and where to channel your energy. You have high hopes for life but often fall short in your actions. So, while it is good to be optimistic, it is advisable to be practical. Don't waste time building castles in your dreams; work on your plans.

Upright Queen of Wands tarot card in love

Independent, headstrong, loyal, and outgoing, you have all it takes to flourish in any relationship. Per the Queen of Wands, love reading, you are secure with yourself and do not compare yourself to others. Due to these qualities, you attract good people to yourself. These people make you feel young, happy, and energetic. In addition, you don't give weight to external opinions and views. Be it your love life or any other aspect, you're happy with yourself. For example, you don't get upset if you find someone commenting on you, your partner, or your relationship. Your mental peace is a priority for you, and you find that giving importance to random people's opinions causes issues in your personal life.

Furthermore, you're kind, compassionate, and loving towards your partner. As an individual, you bend over backwards to make your partner feel loved. Thus, you will always experience happiness and safety in your love life. Moreover, your partner, their happiness, and your happiness are essential elements for you. You feel that only your and your partner’s opinions matter, and other people don’t have a say in what you choose to do in your relationship. So, don’t let others invade your relationship or make your partner insecure. Hence, due to these qualities, you're a terrific lover!

Upright Queen of Wands tarot card in finance

The Queen of Wands yes or no card, in finances, indicates losses and problems. It is advisable for you to analyse your situation and then make any necessary decision. In addition, you're at a phase in life where you possess the quality to introspect, understand, and analyse everything objectively. You should face towards the sun and always focus on the end goal. Moreover, it is essential not to lose sight of your priorities. For example, sometimes you will have to stop yourself from spending recklessly and only focus on the necessities.

The Queen of Wands message says that you have adopted several responsibilities overwhelming you and you're not finding the right way to channel your energies. In addition, you are making some poor choices in terms of money. Unlike the Knight of Wands tarot card, you are not taking charge of your life. Focus on your plans, and don't let external aspects derail you from your purpose. Furthermore, review your finances, and make plans regarding long-term investments. The more you invest in long-term investments, the better secured your future will be.

Upright Queen of Wands tarot card in career

Our career is an essential part of our lives. An individual can singlehandedly build or break their career. So, the Queen of Wands tarot in career reading tells you that you are building a stronger and better future for yourself. Your creativity, passion, and imagination are aiding you towards your end goal, and you are feeling motivated and determined. You are receiving several opportunities to establish yourself as the leader and are taking charge of your responsibilities.

Furthermore, your current professional commitments and position make you a leader and inspiration to all. Your peers and juniors are looking up to you; likewise, you are learning much more from them. In terms of duties and responsibilities, you should sit down with yourself and spend some time analysing what you're doing and how you should proceed in the future. This will help you stay away from problems and crises, be they of any kind.

Upright Queen of Wands tarot card in health

The Queen of Wands message in a health reading brings forth a positive note and says that you will experience good health and stability. Your physical and mental health will be at its prime, and even your environment will push you up. For example, you will feel a shift in energy around you and experience happier days. Moreover, this shift will make way for positivity, secure mental health, less anxiety, and more happiness. You will possess newfound hope, allowing you to grow in unimaginable ways.

Furthermore, as we already know, this tarot card represents birth and rebirth. Thus, now is the time to focus on growing your family. You will not face any problems with conceiving or during the pregnancy. Your health will improve drastically, and you will feel a major change in yourself. Lastly, this tarot card urges you to be happy and safe. You should focus on bettering your diet, incorporating physical activity, and allowing yourself to explore your hobbies and interests. These factors will stimulate and strengthen your mental health.

Queen of Wands tarot card Reversed

The Queen of Wands meaning Reversed, indicates individuality, manipulation, fear, and introverted nature. Now, here is the impact of the Queen of Wands tarot in the areas of our lives:

Reversed Queen of Wands tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Queen of Wands Reversed says that you are finally receiving all that you desire. You've worked hard for years and gained enough exposure and experience to know what's right and wrong. Your decision-making skills, empathetic nature, and connection to the inner self make you someone wise beyond your age. People love, respect, and adore you because of your personality. Moreover, you have learnt several things from experiences and are thus secure in your individuality. You believe that your experiences and learnings will protect you from making wrong decisions.

Unlike the Queen of Wands Upright, you're introverted and enjoy your company much more than spending time with others. You feel that your faith and love for yourself are enough, and there's no reason why you should have to change yourself for others. So, you stick to yourself and your ideas and always prefer to prioritise yourself.

Besides this, you're deeply connected with your soul and are always looking for ways to satisfy yourself. The Queen of Wands Reversed yes or no tarot card says you strive for personal satisfaction rather than pleasing others. Your goals are to keep yourself happy, safe, and secure and not care what others think about you. Moreover, your love for yourself surpasses your interest in others’ opinions and views.

Reversed Queen of Wands tarot card in love

In today’s world prioritising oneself is seen as a form of self-love and self-care. However, you should always remember to not do things intentionally which might come around to hurt others. The Queen of Wands Reversed love reading says that you will face the outcome of your actions and will realise that not everything results around you. Since your energy, vibration, and frequency is at a certain level, you will attract people whose energy, frequency, and vibration are also at that level. For example, you will attract other selfish people if you possess more selfish qualities. It is advisable to be confident but not self-centred. You should put forth your opinions and prioritise your needs, but you shouldn't force people to work according to you.

In addition, you should avoid letting your temper control your emotions and relationships. You often lose control and hurt people with your words. It is advisable to know your limits and not let your anger take hold of you. Moreover, your relationship is slowly deteriorating due to your and your partner's selfish nature. Your relationship is failing because you both believe you're right and are unwilling to change your opinions. It would be best to sit down, have a heartfelt conversation, and work towards your collective betterment.

Reversed Queen of Wands tarot card in finance

Your poor financial decisions and choices are causing rifts in your monetary situation. You do not possess the understanding to work in moderation and are always stuck at the extremes. For example, you're either a spendthrift or a miser, and there is no in-between. Basically, you either waste your money by buying unnecessary items, or you don't spend even when necessary. And this act of living in the extremes is hurting your situation. Furthermore, you are not good at decision-making and often make the wrong choice. When it comes to money, the Queen of Wands Reversed money reading asks you to maintain moderation and know how to use your money effectively.

While it is necessary for you to save more than you spend, sometimes it is okay to spend a little on yourself. If you have been eyeing that expensive perfume, or are waiting to grab that one classy watch, then now is the time to do so. Don't wait for life to move past you; take charge of it now. You should know when and how to control your expenses, but don't be too strict with your money.

Reversed Queen of Wands tarot card in career

The Queen of Wands career reading in the Reversed position tends to point towards a lack in your life. Mainly it tends to represent the lack of motivation and inspiration along with zero energy to get any work done. Your professional goals, projects, ideas, and plans are affected due to this lack of inspiration, and you feel that there is nothing that can steer you towards the right path. In addition, you are experiencing a worker's block, where you feel no inclination towards your work. Your dismissive and unmotivated attitude towards work is worsening your professional standing, and even your seniors are worried about you and the quality of work that you're producing.

This lack of fuel or determination is stopping you from achieving your professional goals. In addition, your equation with your colleagues has changed too. Earlier, you were always the one to motivate others with their work commitments. However, these days, you don't need to work and are also avoiding coworkers pushing you to work. This indicates that you have lost interest in your profession and are feeling quite low at your workplace.

Reversed Queen of Wands tarot card in health

In terms of health, the Queen of Wands Reversed says that you may face several health issues which will deteriorate your overall vitality. In this particular period, instability and chaos will cause much distress to your body and mind. Your mental health will spiral for the worse, your physical health will be affected too, and you will feel that a burden has been placed on you.

The only way to fight these problems is by changing your lifestyle and including better things in your daily routine. Much like the Queen of Wands Upright health reading, the Queen of Wands Reversed health reading says you should change your diet, engage in more physical activities, and focus on your hobbies. The more you focus on the positive, the better your life will be. In addition, you should engage in activities which will keep your rising stress, anxiety, and panic at bay.

How to read Queen of Wands tarot card?

People can read a Queen of Wands tarot card in two distinct ways in terms of its position. Here is the meaning of the Queen of Wands yes or no, and Queen of Wands Reversed yes or no:

Upright: Yes.

Reversed: Yes, but you will have to maintain maturity in all situations and circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Queen of Wands as feelings tells that you are emotional but know when to be firm. Your energy, determination, spiritual strength, and passion make you well-liked.
The Queen of Wands zodiac sign is Leo, and its ruling planet is the Sun. This combination makes this tarot card a powerful appearance in your tarot reading.
The Queen of Wands as a person is someone who is not fearful of change, is proud of themselves, and is ready to face whatever comes their way.
The Queen of Wands message helps people maintain authenticity and acts as a reminder of strength and stability. This tarot card brings the message of peace and prosperity.
The energy of the Queen of Wands yes or no card is positive, uplifting, and strong. The tarot card Queen of Wands helps people tap into their intrinsic energies.
The Queen of Wands tarot card symbolises our inherent inclinations, inner desires, and the things we wish to achieve. This tarot card urges people always to be aware of the results of their actions.