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Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Wands card is the second last Minor Arcana Tarot card in the category - Wands. The meaning of the Queen of Wands signifies authority, power, social reputation and good management skills. This Minor Arcana Court card indicates that you will keep your heart strong and face challenges bravely, just like the soul of a Queen.

Main Features of Queen of Wands

Curious already? Before reading about Queen of Wands in detail, let us have a quick look at the key features of this card.

  • Parts Of Queen of Wands Card - Upright and Reversed
  • Element - Fire
  • Planet - Jupiter
  • Zodiac Signs - Leo, Sagittarius
  • Crystal - Star Sapphire, Pearl
  • A Yes or a No Card? - Yes

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Queen of Wands Symbol Meaning

The picture of the Queen of Wands tarot is quite interesting and is essential to understand the main energy it represents - confidence and leadership. Let us learn this card’s symbol meaning and the qualities of a Queen of Wands as a person.

  • Queen Sitting On The Throne: The Queen sits on her special seat called the throne, which she has newly earned. She is ready to take charge and fulfil her role as a leader with utmost care. She is confident that she will manage all work with full responsibility.
  • Lions Made on Queen’s Throne (Behind Her): The Queen’s throne or seat is decorated with the image of two lions standing in opposing directions. These lions signify the fire in your soul and the passion you carry in your heart. It indicates the quality of strength and power the Queen needs in order to run the world.
  • Sunflowers Behind the Queen and In Her Left Hand: The sunflowers behind the Queen of Wands and her left hand indicate that she has a life outside work. She has a family at home. She is not just a leader but also a symbol of fertility, joy, satisfaction, birth and rebirth.
  • Queen With A Wand On One Hand: The Queen holds a Wand in her right hand. This shows that she is fearless and can stand strong in any given situation. Her focus and clarity towards her responsibilities are clear. And she can face any challenge to protect her world.
  • A Cat Sitting At Queen’s Feet: The Cat sitting at the feet of the Queen indicates her weak side. While she is all bold and courageous to take up responsibilities, she also has her hard days where she is less energetic, and it is okay. It is okay to take a pause and rest for some time.

Queen of Wands Tarot Card - Upright

When the Queen of Wands Upright appears in a reading, it signifies a confident, determined and passionate personality in life. Queen of Wands as a person, is a natural-born leader who chases her goals and dreams with creativity and courage. The card indicates you may have her traits.

Before reading in detail about what it means to have this card in different areas of life, let us go through the table. This gives a quick overview of how the Queen of Wands tarot guide you in aspects given below.

Queen of Wands AspectsQueen of Wands Keywords (Upright)
LoveWarmth and Passion
CareerCreativity and Winning Spirit
HealthTo be Self-assured and Confident
FinanceIndependent and Determined
SpiritualityCareful Planning for Higher Knowledge

Queen of Wands Upright Meaning In Love

When the Queen of Wands Love appears Upright, it signifies a fun, adventurous partner who loves simplicity. If you're single, it indicates you'll meet someone bold, adventurous and full of positive energy. This person will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and grab life's opportunities and new experiences.

For those in a relationship, your partner will encourage you to pursue your interests and give you the motivation you need to achieve your goals and desires. With the Queen of Wands love here, you will also find passion and intimacy in your relationship. It suggests putting yourself out there by engaging in hobbies or activities that you enjoy.

Queen of Wands Upright Meaning In Career

The Queen of Wands in the Upright position is auspicious for your career. The Queen here signifies creativity, confidence and the ability to inspire others. You'll find the motivation and determination within yourself to chase a new career path or take on more responsibility in your current role.

Others will notice your charm and leadership qualities, opening up doors for progress. Your original ideas will be appreciated and help drive innovation. Use your confidence to gain that promotion you've been wanting. The Queen of Wands card encourages you to step into leadership roles and share your vision with others.

Queen of Wands Upright Meaning In Health

In health readings, the Queen of Wands tarot meaning indicates high energy, motivation and strength. You feel passionate and excited about life. However, be careful not to take on more than you can handle, as this may lead to tiredness or exhaustion. Make sure to schedule time for rest and self-care.

An active, adventurous lifestyle will keep you feeling healthy and strong. This Queen of Wands Health shows you have the willpower to achieve the best well-being. It also signifies fertility, so if you desire a child, the universe shall gift you with good news. Additionally, take a proper diet and do a ton of exercise.

Queen of Wands Upright Meaning In Finance

Financially, the Queen of Wands Upright is a positive sign. You'll find the inspiration and courage to improve your financial situation, whether through asking for a raise, finding a higher-paying job or starting a side business. Your creative and entrepreneurial spirit will open up new money-making opportunities.

Take action on your ideas, and don't let self-doubt hold you back from financial freedom and abundance. You have the confidence and determination to take a calculated risk that could give good returns. The Queen of Wands meaning also represents gaining money through work you find personally fulfilling and meaningful. Your finances are in a good, stable place.

Queen of Wands Upright Meaning In Spirituality

Spiritually, the Queen of Wands tarot signifies following your intuition and inner passion. You'll feel inspired to pursue new spiritual practices or teachings that impact your curiosity and expand your mind. Your excitement and positivity will even inspire others on their spiritual journey.

Let your creativity guide you to a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. Carefully analyse your activities and make plans on how to go about your spiritual education. Your passion is great, and you must use it wisely. You must learn some basic mantras and start doing meditation regularly as a beginner.

Queen of Wands Tarot Card - Reversed

When the Queen of Wands appears in reverse, it suggests you are of the belief that you are doing your best. And there is no problem with that. However, this also means that you might be unable to see your weaknesses as you no longer have the energy to listen and improve. You now think that you have fulfilled your duties well and must look upon yourself.

Before looking in-depth at what Queen Wands reversed means in different aspects of life, have an overview in the table below. This gives you a heads-up on what you can expect out of the card ahead.

Queen of Wands AspectsQueen of Wands Keywords (Reversed)
LoveTo be careful of manipulation
CareerLack of Creativity and Excitement
HealthLess Focus on Health
FinanceLack of Financial Planning
SpiritualityLess Interest in Spiritual activity

Queen of Wands Reversed Meaning In Love

The reversed Queen of Wands in a love reading can indicate feelings of jealousy, manipulation, or selfishness in your relationship. You or your partner may be prioritising your own needs over the needs of the relationship. There could also be a lack of warmth, affection, or intimacy.

Your spouse or partner may also need more personal space and may feel overburdened. The Queen Wands Reversed in Love is a reminder that you can work on your relationship as the energy of the universe has given you a hint already. Make an effort to reconnect through open communication and quality time together.

Queen of Wands Reversed Meaning In Career

If you are asking about your career, the Queen of Wands reversed suggests you may be feeling bored, restless, or uninspired in your work life. You have lost your passion and motivation and desire new challenges and opportunities. Be careful not to make any unwise decisions, like spontaneously quitting your job.

First, re-focus your energy on your current role and look for ways to enhance your creativity and passion again through new projects or responsibilities. Your motivation will return once you channel it productively. The Queen Wands Tarot card meaning suggests that you have the ability to shift your focus back to progress through constant efforts.

Queen of Wands Reversed Meaning In Health

The reversed Queen of Wands Health could point to a lack of motivation or willpower to maintain good self-care. You may be neglecting regular exercise, healthy eating, stress relief, or medical checkups. Your energetic personality and excitement for life have decreased, leaving you feeling less interested or aimless.

Moreover, people expecting a child have to be extra careful. Make an effort to re-establish good, healthy routines and reconnect with your adventurous spirit. Your motivation and strength will return. Listen to motivational talks, hear good words and practise meditation more actively.

Queen of Wands Reversed Meaning In Finance

If the Queen of Wands reversed shows up in a reading about finances, it could signify difficulty focusing your efforts or following through on new projects. You may be easily distracted by new opportunities rather than sticking to a budget or financial plan. Watch out for impulse purchases or risky financial decisions made out of boredom or restlessness.

Do not worry if you are already experiencing excess flow of money. Re-focus your energies and re-commit to responsible money management. As the Queen Wands Tarot card meaning in health has already hinted at the difficulties, you now know that you need to make a plan and also need a financial advisor.

Queen of Wands Reversed Meaning In Spirituality

In a spiritual context, the Queen of Wands reversed indicates you may be lacking passion or purpose in your spiritual journey. Your lively energy and sense of direction feel blocked. You could be doubting your intuition or feeling less interested in practices that once inspired you.

Re-focus your willpower and re-commit to the spiritual path that relates the most to you. Your motivation and sense of purpose will come back. You just have to bring your focus back to prayers and things you feel devoted to. You have to remember the influence you have had in people’s lives and try to bring it back.

Queen of Wands: Yes or No?

The Queen of Wands advice in a Yes or No spread is direct and straightforward. This one card pull will definitely help someone facing doubts and confusion. Let us see what happens when it is checked for both the Upright and Reversed positions of the card.

What appears in Queen of Wands Upright Yes or No? - Yes

What appears in Queen of Wands Reversed Yes or No? - No or Maybe

Let us try to understand this through an example. Suppose you are the manager of a company. You have taken your company to new heights with your dedication and strategies. But suddenly, the business starts to see loss, and no new strategies are helping. You are confused about what to do.

Now, a Queen of Wands Yes or No is pulled for you.

If the Card is upright, it will show you a Yes. This means that the Queen of Wands advice you to stick to your current strategy. It is going to work out soon and bring back things on the right path.

However, if the Card is reversed or upside down, it will show a No or Maybe. Here, the meaning of the Queen of Wands suggests that you need to shift to a new plan or completely change the structure of what you have built.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Queen of Wands tarot card meaning indicates passion, warmth, and energy in your relationship or love life. If upright, this queen brings a peaceful and adventurous spirit, so you can expect an active social life and spontaneous fun with your partner. But if reversed, you can prefer laziness over effort.
The Queen of Wands card, in a career spread, represents creativity, confidence and ambition. This is an excellent sign if you're looking to start a new business or advance in your current role. Whether it is upright or reversed, tap into your goal-oriented approach and pursue new opportunities for leadership or entrepreneurship.
In the reversed position, the Queen of Wands can represent insecurity, dependence on others or lack of direction. You may be struggling to tap into your confidence and personal power. This can manifest as neediness in relationships, lack of fulfilment in your work or financial struggles.
The Queen of Wands tarot guide is generally a Yes card. Upright, she signifies confidence, creativity, independence and strength. While in a Queen of Wands reversed yes or no, it appears as a No or Maybe, indicating some inner work is needed to reconnect with these qualities.
The Queen of Wands zodiac sign are Leo and Sagittarius. They are the fire signs who have the qualities of a Queen who is determined, confident and knows how to manage difficulties with mental strength. At the same time, you also have an adventurous side, which is very attractive.
The Queen of Wands meaning indicates a proud personality who has earned everything in life with their own efforts and hard work. Just like the Queen, people of such personality are independent, confident and strongly opinionated but also have warmth and care towards the people they love.
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