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King of Wands tarot card meaning

Relating to unbound energy, power, victory, and hope, the King of Wands tarot guide indicates success and prosperity for the individual. The King of Wands is the last tarot card of the Wands suit and is the perfect end of a suit of varied feelings, situations, and emotions. Unlike the Knight of Wands meaning, the King of Wands meaning highlights taking charge and controlling impulsive decisions. On the other hand, like the Queen of Wands, this tarot card indicates stability and working in sync with others.

The King of Wands tarot card image shows a king seated on a throne, and his aura represents his stature. His expression, attire, and vibe instil a feeling of royalty surrounding him. The symbols of lions and salamanders represent high energy, power, and fierce resolution. The king has built a fabulous kingdom, and his queen has aided him.

The last two tarot cards of the Wands suit highlight our feminine and masculine energies and urge us to take life one day at a time. In addition, these two cards are in total sync and highlight the power one possesses within themselves. On the one hand, the Queen of Wands stands for analytic thinking and calmness; on the other hand, the King of Wands stands for taking charge and launching oneself into action. There is no point in waiting; people should work for their betterment.

King of Wands tarot card Upright

Responsibilities, duties, taking charge, and being level-headed is what is said by the Upright King of Wands tarot guide. Here are its implications in the aspects of our lives:

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Upright King of Wands tarot card meaning and interpretation

When in the Upright position, the King of Wands yes or no card indicates a big yes in all aspects. For example, if you have been making plans to switch your job, or start a new business, then the King of Wands tarot guide says that you will succeed in your ventures and will be able to welcome stability and prosperity in your life. This tarot card stands for our masculine energy and drive and tells us that we have what it takes to achieve what we desire. On most days, your sheer will and determination help you achieve your desires. While people believe that you are just blessed, they do not know of the amount of hard work, effort, and toil that goes into receiving your blessings. Your manifestations have worked, but you have worked harder for them.

Your leadership qualities help you quickly achieve your goals, and people look up to you. In addition, you always know what to say or do. For example, when people come to you with their problems, you're quick to jump into action and help them. Moreover, you're calm in the most adverse of situations, and this makes you a strong and steady individual. You possess all the qualities of a king, and thus, people enjoy your company. You leave a lasting impression on people, and everyone who meets you appreciates you and your vibe.

Upright King of Wands tarot card in love

You're the type to open your heart to people and allow them into your life. You don't harbour negative feelings or grudges for anyone; even your ex-partners hold a special corner in your heart. When it comes to emotional bonds and relationships, you can expect a new person to enter your life. Per the King of Wands as feelings, you believe that no love is lost, and loving someone and being loved in return is one of the best things that could happen. In addition, you are an excellent partner in your love life. Now, moving on to your partner, they are a little reckless, unlike you. They are the storm to your calm. More often than not, their temper and aggressive nature bring chaos into your life.

However, this individual also adds glow and beauty to your existence. They make your days brighter and help you understand the true meaning of life. Furthermore, you don't mind their volatile nature. While they add enthusiasm, energy, and spontaneity to your equation, you add calmness, peace, and happiness. You have achieved great things because of your strong personality, and the same goes for your love life.

Upright King of Wands tarot card in finance

The King of Wands yes or no card in finance reading says that good things are coming your way and you are opening doors to prosperity, growth, and stability. Your understanding of your finances helps you plan things properly, and you can stay away from all sorts of financial problems or crises. In addition, you know how to balance the different aspects of your life. So, more often than not, you're not scared to take tough decisions. You believe that temporary challenging choices are necessary for long-term security and stability. For example, you may have had to cut down on your expenses, but you know that this will help you in the future.

Unlike the Queen of Wands tarot card, which says that there is no moderation in terms of finances, the King of Wands meaning says that you know when to be strict with your money and when to be lenient. Your strong virtue is your ability to balance things. You don't go overboard, and you know when to spend and when to save.

Upright King of Wands tarot card in career

The career reading of the King of Wands tarot guide says that you're at the receiving end of good things, and your life at your workplace is smooth sailing. You possess qualities which make you a great leader, and you're always ready to launch yourself as an efficient worker. Much like a king, you always wish the best for your juniors and are prepared to put forth your best ideas for the collective betterment of your team. Most of your colleagues and coworkers look up to you for your ability to maintain yourself, professionalism, calm and collected attitude, go-getter approach, and high morals

You are not vain, and don't hide your plans from others. You believe that people can only grow if they help each other. So, you tend to act as a mentor and help others achieve their goals and commitments. Moreover, your help allows people to better themselves. Thus, people respect you, appreciate your presence, and consider you an essential part of their professional life.

Upright King of Wands tarot card in health

Your health will be at its prime, but you should always be careful. While it is good to help people, adopt new responsibilities, and commit yourself to new projects and duties is good, it would be unwise to push your health to the sidelines. The Universe urges you to work on your health and keep stress at bay. It would be best to keep your professional commitments at work and not bring them into your personal life. The more you obsess over your work life, the worse your personal life will get. It is advisable for you to try and maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. In addition, don't let external factors affect your mood or calm demeanour.

The King of Wands yes or no card asks you to make some changes in your lifestyle and focus more on your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, your physical and mental health are in relation to each other, and if one deteriorates, the other is bound to get affected too. So, be careful of your choices.

King of Wands tarot card Reversed

The King of Wands Reversed meaning highlights controlling behaviour, anger issues, dominating nature, and rudeness. The following is the role of the King of Wands Reversed yes or no tarot card in the factors of our lives:

Reversed King of Wands tarot card meaning and interpretation

The King of Wands Reversed talks about demotivation, disinterest, insincerity, problems, and low confidence. This position of the tarot card indicates introverted behaviour in some cases and arrogance in others. It may be the case that you have stopped caring about your life and are slowly rejecting everything. Moreover, everyone is worried about you and the sudden changes in your personality and demeanour. You're failing as a leader these days, and every aspect of your life is affected because of it. You're acting like a defeated king and are feeling that there is no point in you taking charge anymore.

You're gatekeeping or hiding your plans from your colleagues or loved ones; because of this, everyone feels you're selfish and self-absorbed. Furthermore, your behaviour is giving rise to conflicts and chaos. You have become increasingly arrogant, self-centred, and overconfident. You think that you don't need anyone and that everyone is just a burden upon you. However, that's not the case. Your ego is making you believe that you're better than everyone. Therefore, it is advisable for you to allow others to flourish.

The King of Wands Reversed yes or no card requests you to change yourself and not prioritise your ego. It is advisable for you to let others flourish and help people. The Reversed position of the King of Wands represents the opposite of the King of Wands Upright. Where the Upright King of Wands described your helpful nature and kingly behaviour, the King of Wands Reversed stands for selfishness and the lack of trust in the people around you.

Reversed King of Wands tarot card in love

When Reversed, the King of Wands as feelings indicates an overbearing partner or someone worsening your life and making you question your faith in love. This individual is not meant for you; you should try to get out of this relationship. Moreover, this individual is highly manipulative and calculative. Their words hurt, their actions are upsetting, and they are never apologetic. Their aggressive, arrogant, and problematic approach to love makes you angry, and most of the time, you feel frustrated or anxious. In addition, this person's behaviour is affecting you quite adversely, and your relationship problems are increasing day by day.

On the other hand, if such a person does not exist in your life, then there are chances that you're this person or are on your path to becoming this person. Therefore, it would be wise for you to review your actions, understand what you're doing wrong, and introspect. You don't necessarily mean to hurt the people around you, but your approach towards them is wrong. Even when you wish to help someone, you end up hurting them. So, don't be overbearing and give people the space they require and need.

Reversed King of Wands tarot card in finance

Your financial problems are increasing day by day, and you are waiting for a sign that things will improve. However, the most prominent sign is right in front of you; all you have to do is look in the mirror. You're the only one who can relieve you of your money problems. The more you wait for a saviour, the worse your situation will get. So, don't waste time by waiting and take responsibility for your actions and choices in terms of your money. The King of Wands Reversed yes or no card in finance reading indicates a period of turbulence and challenges

Furthermore, don't wait for someone to pity you and then offer their help. If you need guidance or support, then ask for it. Hold conversations with your loved ones or other experienced people who know more than you, and take their advice into account.

You will have to take some tough steps to improve your financial condition. For example, you may have to switch jobs or look for alternative sources of income which will allow you to strengthen your current money situation. Moreover, take active steps toward bettering your financial condition.

Reversed King of Wands tarot card in career

The career reading of the King of Wands Reversed says that your professional life is linked to your finances. Therefore, your quest to find a new job will be challenging. Due to your uninterested outlook towards life, lack of leadership qualities and motivation, and laziness, you will find it challenging to lead a successful professional life. In addition, opportunities will keep passing you until the day you actively grab them. Currently, you're letting life move past you, and are not doing anything for yourself, much less anyone else.

Furthermore, your decisions and choices are becoming increasingly weak, and your approach to work is deteriorating. As mentioned earlier, you believe that your juniors or coworkers are not as good as you. However, you're wrong, and they deserve your respect and appreciation. Don't be a terrible leader; instead, be a person who motivates and helps people.

Reversed King of Wands tarot card in health

The King of Wands meaning in health talks about an increase in stress, anxiety, and panic. You feel your kingdom collapsing around you, and you're unable to do anything for yourself. You keep trying to push yourself to do better but to no avail. On the other hand, you could have also filled your plate more than it has space for. This means that you may have overburdened yourself with more and more responsibilities, which are ruining your peace and stability. As a result, there are chances that your health will deteriorate to the point of serious illnesses, and you may even be bound to your bed.

To avoid falling sick frequently, or worsening your health condition, start prioritising your needs, and stop over-exerting yourself. In addition, make some profound changes in your lifestyle, diet, and routine. For example, start including more nutrients, proteins, and helpful factors in your diet; engage in physical activities or Yoga; and even make time for meditation. Furthermore, you should fix your routine and stop compromising your health.

How to read King of Wands tarot card?

One can read a tarot card in the Upright or the Reversed position. So, here is the King of Wands meaning when Upright and Reversed:

Upright: Yes.

Reversed: Yes, but don’t be too prideful.

Frequently Asked Questions

The King of Wands tarot guide is related to the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The ruling planet of this tarot card is Jupiter and Mars.
The King of Wands as a person is headstrong, loyal, and a leader. As an individual, you know how to achieve all that you want from life. Your desire to grow makes you an influential person.
The King of Wands as feelings says that you find it difficult to express yourself. Your anger and shaky temperament make you an unpredictable person. However, you're loyal to your core.
The King of Wands message urges you to find inspiration wherever you go and always be on your quest to improve.
The King of Wands health reading indicates stability, vitality, and high energy. Moreover, this tarot card asks you to keep your composure and focus on bettering your mental and physical health.
The King of Wands is a positive and powerful tarot card. It asks you to stay strong and not lose sight of your goals.
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