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King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The last and final card in the Suit of Wands - the King of Wands tarot card, focuses on leadership and action. The appearance of this card in a tarot reading encourages a person to take charge and turn his dreams into reality. Along with this, the King of Wands card demands the individual to be brave and go after his goals with full passion, drive and confidence.

Main Features of King of Wands

Before going into the details, let us look at the main features of the tarot King of Wands, such as elements or linked planets and discover what makes this card special!

  • Parts of King of Wands Card- Upright and Reversed
  • Element- Fire
  • Planet- Jupiter
  • Zodiac Signs- Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  • Yes or No Card- Yes
  • Crystal- Carnelian

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King of Wands Card Symbol Meaning

Taking a closer look at the image of the King of Wands, we see the King sitting confidently on his yellow throne, holding a wand in his right hand while his other hand rests on his knee. The King is wearing a crown and a red robe with salamander and lizard patterns. Interestingly, the colours of his robe, hair and crown represent the basic colours of flames, i.e. red, yellow and orange. Below is the meaning and representation of each element in the appearance of the King of Wands tarot card:

  • Crown: The yellow-coloured crown the King wears showcases the royal status, respect and dignity he enjoys in his social circle. Along with the status and power, the crown also represents that the person is ready to take charge and knows what he is doing.
  • Robes: The red-coloured robe the King is wearing shows prestige, honour, and royalty, as well as the element of fire. This robe sets him apart from others and showcases his authority and unforgettable presence in society.
  • Wand: The wand the king is holding showcases here that the king can use his power and authority to turn his vision into reality. In the world of tarot, the wand is a symbol of innovation, creativity and action.
  • Salamander: The salamander near the king in the picture is the symbol of rebirth, transformation and passion. Its presence shows that the king is open to changes and adaptability and does not fear upcoming challenges. Instead faces it with courage, passion and confidence.
  • Lion’s Head: The lion’s head displayed in the picture shows the larger-than-life personality the king has. It symbolises strength, courage and fearlessness. The King expects loyalty and respect from the people around him and showcases his ruling and dominant personality.

King of Wands Tarot Card- Upright

In an upright position, the King of Wands tarot card revolves around masculine and fiery energies. It says that you, as a person, are creative and have the leadership skills and talent to turn all your dreams into reality. Like a true leader, you do not wait for the right opportunity; instead, you create your own ones.

Among these, you enjoy a powerful status or position in your life that helps you achieve things as per your desire. It was your past efforts and hard work that made you reach here. But along with the strong, bold and courageous nature comes the ego and rudeness that sometimes make you a difficult person to be around.

King of Wands AspectsKing of Wands Keywords (Upright)
CareerLeadership Role, Success and Inspiration
LoveConfident Partner, Stronger Bond
HealthGood Physical Energy
FinanceFinancial Stability and growth
SpiritualityHealing and Spiritual Exploration

King of Wands Upright Meaning in Love

The tarot King of Wands senses that whatever factors make a relationship healthy and happy, your relationship has all of them. Whenever this card appears in a love tarot reading, it indicates a phase of emotional growth, love, affection and fulfilment. However, the card also reveals that either you or your partner has a short temper.

This sometimes takes away all the love, emotion and happiness from your relationship. But the good news is that your charming and energetic personality makes it all, even with your efforts and love. However, if you are single, it seems that the fear of getting rejected is what is stopping you from taking a chance at love. Take your time and, let go of all the negative emotions and focus on enjoying your freedom.

King of Wands Upright Meaning in Career

On the work front, the King of Wands indicates that you, as a King, have all the power, skillset and talent to reach your career goals and ambitions. Not only this, but these factors have earned you popularity and respect in your workplace. The card also senses that you have a foolproof plan to reach your goals. This is why, career-wise, you are doing pretty well right now.

However, despite having a proper plan and talent, it is advised that you get in touch with an experienced person or a mentor at your workplace to reach your destination faster. King of Wands as a person, you are a great leader who knows exactly how to get your work done and enjoys full support from your colleagues or subordinates.

King of Wands Upright Meaning in Health

Pulling a King of Wands in health means that you are currently in the best shape of your life with no health concerns. The card says that your energetic and active nature made it all possible. However, the King of Wands also senses that despite greater efforts for a healthy lifestyle, there is something you are not doing correctly. It says that your overexcitement towards health sometimes leads to health concerns.

You want to perform multiple healthcare regimens (body exercises, diet plans) at the same time, resulting in overexertion. In this case, the message from the tarot king wands is to pause and listen to what your body is saying. Engaging in multiple physical activities that your body doesn’t even need can sometimes attract health issues instead of improving them.

King of Wands Upright Meaning in Finance

Considered a positive card, the King of Wands says that now is a good time for your finances. Just like the King, you know how to manage your finances well. This is why you are currently enjoying a period of financial stability and living a comfortable life you have always desired. The credit should be given to your financial knowledge, past hard work and ability to handle finances that made you witness financial abundance in the present.

Not only this but the tarot King Wands reveals that soon you will receive good news regarding money, such as promotion, monetary gains or good investment returns. The only thing you need to pay attention to right now is to maintain a perfect balance between your earnings and spending.

King of Wands Upright Meaning in Spirituality

In a spiritual context, the appearance of the tarot King of Wands hints towards progress and growth. You are inclined to explore new areas or horizons when it comes to your spiritual growth. However, there is one habit of yours that is acting as a barrier to your spiritual journey, which is rushing or speeding up things. Whatever your goal or objective is, you want to achieve everything instantly.

This is exactly what the King of Wands stops you from doing. The message from the universe is to be a little patient in your spiritual journey and let every information or knowledge you receive sink in. Take your time and use your energy to enjoy the present moment of your self-discovery. You need to understand that spirituality is something you can’t achieve overnight.

King of Wands Tarot Card - Reversed

The King of Wands meaning in an upside-down or reversed position revolves around the energies of lack of confidence, strength or motivation. Either the challenges or problems you are facing currently are caused by you or the people around you. As a result, you make decisions in a hurry without thinking about their results.

If this weren’t enough, then the current situation impacts your overall behaviour and makes you a rude, moody, and selfish person. So, getting a King of Wands reversed position is a sign to take a deep breath, wait and try looking at the bigger picture. It is also a reminder to use all the fiery energy inside you into something fruitful. Also, it encourages you to deal with people in a calmer and humbler way.

King of Wands AspectsKing of Wands Keywords (Reversed)
CareerLack of direction and challenges at work
LoveControlling and bossy partner
HealthHealth problems
FinanceUnrealistic financial goals, lack of motivation
SpiritualitySpiritual Growth, Renewal and Recovery

King of Wands Reversed Meaning in Love

The King of Wands reversed love indicates that your relationship is going through a rough patch. It is either you or your partner’s behaviour that is causing problems in your relationship. Things such as not being completely honest, rudeness, fear of commitment or manipulation are making it hard for you both.

Right now, you both are not seeing this problem as your own; instead, you are pointing fingers at each other. So, in this case, the guidance from the King of Wands tarot card is to act as a team and bring back all the love, care and affection that you both once had for each other. However, another message from King of Wands reversed love tarot is to identify the red flags in your relationship, if any.

King of Wands Reversed Meaning in Career

On the professional front, the King of Wands reversed tarot card is a sign of trouble. The tarot King of Wands hints that your colleague, teammate or superior may be giving you a hard time at the workplace. Their egoistic, controlling and stubborn nature is acting as a barrier between you and your career growth. All these situations have drained your energy and have left you feeling frustrated and demotivated.

If this is not the case, the other problem stopping you from moving forward is the lack of confidence and direction. Maybe someone in your life is not being completely faithful and is guiding you wrong. In this case, the King of Wands reversed as feelings ask you to trust your own intuitions and abilities.

King of Wands Reversed Meaning in Health

Health-wise, consider the appearance of the reversed King of Wands card as a warning sign. Right now, you are prioritising your work, goals and ambitions. Amidst this, it is your mental and physical health that suffers. Either it is your physical health issues or poor lifestyle choices that are causing great harm to your overall health.

This way, you have invited health issues that cannot be reversed, such as immune system problems, high levels of stress and burnout. The King of Wands advice is to take a short break and analyse how you can give equal importance to your health. If possible, then engage in activities that are good for your mental and physical health and avoid unnecessary stress or tension.

King of Wands Reversed Meaning in Finance

When it comes to the King of Wands outcome shows that either you have set unrealistic financial goals or have no financial goals at all. The King of Rods reversed card senses that you are waiting for a jackpot to hit or a miracle to happen in the finances and expect it will make you super rich. But the appearance of King of Wands in a reversed position asks you to keep all your unrealistic expectations or dreams aside.

Enough about daydreaming; now is the time to take full charge of your finances and take necessary steps to achieve financial stability. The King of Wands advises you to focus on savings, making investments, switching to a better job, or asking for a raise or promotion at work.

King of Wands Reversed Meaning in Spirituality

Spiritually, the appearance of the King of Wands reversed card hints towards a time of recovery and renewal. Considered a positive card in a spiritual setting, King of Wands asks you to pause for a while instead of chasing your dreams tirelessly. It says that being focused and working hard towards your goals is okay, but neglecting your mental health is not.

With this, the major spotlight comes on your spiritual growth and self-care. The King of Wands in spirituality teaches you that your dreams and self-care can be handled at the same time. Thus, engaging in activities that give you peace and happiness is the most important step to be taken in your spiritual growth and development.

King of Wands Yes or No Meaning

One of the most powerful and positive cards, the King of Wands, in a yes or no tarot reading, is all about strength and taking charge of the situation. However, the meaning and the interpretation of this card totally depend on the upright and reversed positions. So, let us look at how the King of Wands in a yes no tarot reading guides the reader to approach a particular issue or challenge.

  • Upright- Yes- The King of Wands yes or no, in an upright position, shows a green signal to the reader and asks him to move forward. This is because the reader feels fully confident and is prepared to take care of his current situation. Moreover, the King of Wands tarot card says that the reader has all the skills and talents to make his dreams into reality.
  • Reversed- No- If a reader pulls the King of Wands reversed yes or no card in a tarot reading, the answer is a ‘big no’. The card senses that maybe the reader is feeling underconfident and is in a confused state. His lack of confidence or confusion is stopping him from making an important decision. Instead of moving forward with the situation, he should first work on gaining some clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The very last card in the Suit of Wands, King of Wands, revolves around leadership, creativity and ambition. When this card appears in a tarot card reading, it encourages the person to take the necessary steps to reach his goals with full confidence, drive and passion.
In a yes or no tarot reading, the King of Wands is a ‘yes’ card. Getting this card in a yes/no tarot reading means that the person should do whatever it takes to reach his goals, including taking risks. His skills and confidence will help him overcome obstacles and motivate him to move forward.
In astrology, the King of Wands is associated with the fire element zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Like a true king, all these zodiac signs possess leadership, passion, ambition and drive. These qualities encourage the King of Wands zodiac sign to move forward and achieve what they have desired.
Instead of looking for inspiration and motivation in the outer world, the King of Wands advises a person to look within yourself and realise his own power and strength. It says that the person has all the abilities, skills and talents to achieve his goals. All he has to do is realise and make complete use of those abilities.
In an upright position, the King of Wands is seen as a positive card for love relationships. King of Wands love indicates that the person is currently in a strong and passionate relationship. However, in a reversed position, the individual deals with dishonesty, distrust, and disagreements in relationships.
King of Wands as a person is someone who is filled with confidence, courage and leadership qualities. These people do not have to put effort into attracting others towards them. Their strong, helpful, bold and confident personality is enough to do the charm.
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