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Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The seventh card in the Suit of Wands, the Seven of Wands tarot card, deals with facing difficulties with courage and determination. This card urges you to stand up for what you believe in, even if others are against you. Also known as ‘strong stance,’ the 7 of Wands tarot card reminds us that we have the strength and willpower to overcome any obstacle standing in our way.

Main Features of Seven of Wands

Before going into the details, let us look at the main features of tarot Seven of Wands, such as elements or linked planets and discover what makes this card special!

  • Parts of Seven of Wands Card- Upright and Reversed
  • Element- Fire
  • Planet- Mars
  • Zodiac Signs- Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  • Yes or No Card- Yes
  • Healing Crystals- Emerald

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Seven of Wands Card Symbol Meaning

Taking a closer look at the Seven of Batons tarot card, a person stands on a hill holding a big wand or a stick. He is defending himself from the other six wands coming at him. The person seems determined and focused as if he is ready to face the obstacle no matter how hard it is. Interestingly, the man is not wearing matching shoes. Below is the meaning and representation of each element and symbol in the appearance of the Seven of Wands tarot card:

  • Man/Figure: The person in the appearance of the 7 wands tarot card seems to be surrounded by setbacks and problems. However, even in this tough situation, he is feeling determined and is not ready to give up.
  • Shoes: The unmatched shoes the person is wearing depict the problematic situation he is currently in. The obstacles and battles have occupied his mind, leaving him unprepared with no chance to think about something else.
  • Seven Wands: The man is holding one wand in his hands while the other six are planted on the ground facing him. These wands represent his opponents or rivals. He first needs to deal with all these opponents standing in his way to move ahead.
  • Rocky Ground: The rocky hill or mountain the man seems to stand on is uneven and represents his obstacles. Standing on the top of the mountain depicts that the issues have come to his head and can no longer be taken for granted.

Seven of Wands Tarot Card- Upright

In an upright position, the Seven of Wands tarot card indicates that you are in a situation where you have achieved all your desires and dreams. Your hard work, willpower, and determination are the reasons why you have won all the battles in the past. However, with success and growth come opponents or rivals who try hard to pull you back.

So, getting the 7 of Wands upright card indicates that you are currently facing problems due to your opposition or rivals. But instead of getting affected, you have to fight back for what you deserve and have worked hard. It is your chance to take a stand for all the things you believe in.

Seven of Wands AspectsSeven of Wands Keywords (Upright)
CareerFighting with opponents
LoveExternal factors creating problems
HealthMajor health issues and concerns
FinanceLong-term financial success
SpiritualityTaking a stand for spiritual beliefs

Seven of Wands Upright Meaning in Love

When it comes to matters of the heart, the Seven of Wands love card revolves around fighting for the person you love, whether in a relationship or single. For the committed ones, the card reveals that your relationship deals with internal or external problems. Maybe your partner is throwing tantrums, blaming you for things that you are not even at fault for.

However, when talking about external factors, there may be involvement of third parties, friends, and families trying to create problems in your relationship. In either case, the 7 of Wands love card asks you to set some boundaries and fight for your relationship or the person you love.

Seven of Wands Upright Meaning in Career

The Seven of Wands career card tells you to fight and protect your current status and position in the workplace. Soon, there will be entry of some people who will try to take away all the things that you have earned from extreme hard work and effort.

However, if the thought of losing power or authority makes you restless, then there is nothing to be worried about. As long as you are confident, strong-willed, and determined, no one can take things away that are solely meant for you. But prepare yourself for the situation where you have to prove your worth and calibre to others.

Seven of Wands Upright Meaning in Health

Consider your health is not in a very good state when the 7 of Wands health card appears in a tarot reading. The card senses that the current major health issue has taken a mental toll. You tried everything for a healthier you, medical help, and necessary precautions, but nothing worked.

But don’t worry, as the appearance of the 7 of Wands health card is also a ray of hope for you. It assures that your health will improve, but it does not promise a drastic change overnight. Along with medical help and treatment, your willpower and determination will play a major role in bringing you out of this situation.

Seven of Wands Upright Meaning in Finance

Consider the appearance of 7 of Wands upright in your financial reading as a green signal from the universe. The card can sense you climbing the ladder of financial success only because of your past financial decisions or investments. Seeing your financial growth, it is obvious for the people around you to feel jealous and bitter.

But beware! The Seven of Wands upright tarot card also reveals that all of this financial blessing could be temporary. Hence, you have the potential to turn this temporary blessing into a permanent one by making wise financial decisions that will serve you in the long run. To keep enjoying this financial blessing, start good financial planning.

Seven of Wands Upright Meaning in Spirituality

The appearance of the 7 of Wands tarot card in a spiritual context gives you a chance to take a stand for your spiritual beliefs and traditions. The reason? Your own spiritual choices may become a reason for your public target. Someone around you may try to take you down just because you follow certain spiritual practices or beliefs.

So, instead of paying heed to such people, try to take a stand for the things that hold value for you, including your own morals, principles or beliefs. Remember that you only have the power to decide what suits you the best, not the people around you who are ready to question everything.

Seven of Wands Tarot Card- Reversed

When the Seven of Wands reversed card appears in a tarot reading, it hints that you are feeling overwhelmed by challenges and obstacles. You doubt yourself and struggle to stand up for what you believe in. So, in this case, the 7 Wands reversed card warns against giving in to pressure or backing down too easily.

Instead, you must take a deep breath and focus on finding your lost inner strength. Remember, at such tough times, it is important to trust yourself and keep pushing forward. Don’t let your setbacks or hurdles discourage you; instead, keep fighting for what matters the most to you.

Seven of Wands AspectsSeven of Wands Keywords (Reversed)
CareerTaking wrong actions for competition
LoveDenial and defensiveness in relationships
HealthInadequate medical healthcare
FinanceOverconfidence in finances
SpiritualityScandal, exploring new spiritual paths

Seven of Wands Reversed Meaning in Love

Pulling out the Seven of Wands reversed love card senses your denial. You are trying to fix the relationship that is already broken. Thanks to your defensive, stubborn nature that is making it hard for you to see the reality. Your desperate efforts to make your dull and dead relationship work have now started affecting your partner.

Seeing your current condition, your friends and family members are concerned about you and want you to accept the reality of your relationship. Another Seven of Wands meaning in love reading is that external factors are trying so hard to separate you two and break your relationship.

Seven of Wands Reversed Meaning in Career

On the professional side, the Seven of Wands in reverse position is not a good sign for your career. Someone is trying to take your position or place that you built with extreme hard work and willpower. They clearly took advantage of your negligence or lack of stamina. As a result, seeing your power and position in danger, you feel threatened or vulnerable.

To gain your power back in your hands, you might think of taking the wrong path and going against your beliefs and principles. In this situation, the 7 of Wands meaning is not to let go of the morals and principles you believe in just for the sake of competition around you.

Seven of Wands Reversed Meaning in Health

Health-wise, the Seven of Wands reversed feelings indicate hopelessness, exhaustion, and devastation. It says the current health issue you are suffering from has taken away all your strength and power to fight back. With every moment passing by, you seem to lose your strength, willpower and hope to recover.

However, at the same time, the 7 of Wands tarot card also questions the effectiveness of the medical health care treatment you received. Maybe the reason why you haven’t seen improvement is due to inadequate medical care. Therefore, the card advises you to explore other effective measures to regain your health.

Seven of Wands Reversed Meaning in Finance

If there is only one thing the 7 of Wands reversed tarot card asks you to avoid, it is none other than being overconfident in finances. This habit of yours can snatch away all the financial comfort you enjoy right now. Maybe your job with high pay is the reason behind your overconfidence, which makes you believe that making hasty financial decisions or unnecessary purchases will do you no harm.

Remember that no one has ever predicted the ups and downs in the financial world. So, it is better to consider the appearance of the tarot Seven of Wands card as a reminder to build a strong financial future for yourself via saving, emergency funds and wise investments.

Seven of Wands Reversed Meaning in Spirituality

Spiritually, the appearance of the Seven of Wands reversed card hints at two strong possibilities: scandal and fitting in new things and losing one’s identity. Talking about the first possibility, soon, the person or spiritual leader you highly respect will become a part of a huge controversy or scandal.

This scandal or controversy will cost them their name, fame and reputation in society. Moving on to the next possibility, you might soon become interested in exploring new religions or spiritual paths. There is nothing wrong with exploring new things, but losing your own identity and following the trend is wrong. So, follow other religions or spiritual paths only when you are truly interested.

Seven of Wands Yes or No Meaning

Also known as the ‘strong stance’, the 7 of Wands is all about taking a stand for the right things and facing obstacles with sheer willpower, bravery and confidence. However, in a yes or no tarot reading, its meaning and interpretation can differ based on its upright and reversed position. So, let us look at how the 7 of Wands yes or no, guides the reader in approaching a particular issue or challenge!

  • Upright: The appearance of the Seven of Wands yes or no, in an upright position is a clear sign from the universe asking you to move forward. Your calibre, confidence, and courage will get you all the opportunities you deserve and desire. All you have to do is stand by your own beliefs and principles.
  • Reversed: Interestingly, when you pull a 7 of Wands reversed yes or no, it is also a positive sign from the universe. But instead of moving forward, the card asks you to take a break and stop momentarily. The 7 of Wands yes or no reversed card says now is not the time to pursue your goals with bravery and confidence. Rather, it is an opportunity to recharge your batteries and gather all the strength and energy you need to fight all the upcoming battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

The meaning of the Seven of Wands card in a tarot reading is all about facing our problems and difficulties with sheer confidence and determination. Instead of giving up, the 7 Wands tarot card encourages us to fight back and take a stand for all the things that matter to us.
In a tarot reading, the Seven of Wands card is associated with the most energetic and active Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These zodiac signs are known for their bold and courageous personalities.
The meaning of the 7 of Wands future is that you will face obstacles and hurdles, but your willpower and bravery will be your strength all along the way. But in the reversed position, your preference will be peace over challenges. Therefore, you will want to fight all the battles in a balanced manner.
In a yes or no tarot reading, the Seven of Wands is a positive card both in upright and reversed positions, but for different reasons. In an upright position, the Seven of Wands asks to face the challenge with bravery and confidence. But in the Seven of Wands reversed yes or no, the card asks to take a break for a moment.
The 7 of Wands as a person is someone who does not need others to defend or take a stand for the right. But at the same time, these people can be a voice for the people who are unable to defend themselves.
The appearance of the 7 of Wands health card in a tarot reading is not a positive sign. The card depicts that the individual is suffering from a health disease that is affecting him physically and mentally.
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